BlackBerry Messenger Issues Today? Seems That Way

By Bla1ze on 20 Feb 2010 01:34 pm EST
BlackBerry Messenger Issues Today? Seems That Way

We certainly wouldn't say there is an outage but the forums are quickly filling up with users indicating they're having issues with their BlackBerry Messenger. Be it delayed or not getting send and receive confirmations something is up today. Some folks on Twitter are also reporting slower then normal emails in addition to BlackBerry Messenger issues so, how's things working for you all? Drop some comments and let us know if you're having any issues today.

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BlackBerry Messenger Issues Today? Seems That Way



yeah, it's true, some time in the last 24 hours or so, all my messenger messages took forever to deliver, it would give me that darn clock for a while until it would send. i thought maybe it was a BIS error. i figured sooner or later i'd see a post about it online. and i guess this is it.

Mine was messing up last night, from about 8PM to sometime after midnight. I could send bbms but not receive them, but everything seems fine now.

BBM down AGAIN? well I'm on Verizon Storm 2.. but I'm only having issues when I BBM Tmobile users ... in Miami, FL

alright not again. I'm thinking this is messing with the BIS because I try and go on myspace and it says unauthorized IP via broswer. And the myspace app isn't working either, maybe just that site is down? Or something but could be like last time where bbm was messing with us.

Erie, PA - haven't noticed any BBM issues but Facebook has been giving the old "communication lost" message.

Just sent out two BBM messages to two different recipients and both went through, with a one minute delay.

No issues today, but last night into early morning there were some delays, but it's all good today.. On Rogers, Toronto.

Illinois ATT user. Phone and SMS only since Friday afternoon. NO browser, e-mail, bbm, facebook, google apps. Basically an annoying paper weight today....

I was having issues last night, thought it was me and kept doing battery pulls but no luck. Seems to be workin ok now?!
On sprint BIS, North America.

Starting noticing problems around 7 last night. I was sending messages, and got a D for delivered, but only about every other message was actually delivered to the end user. Today it's been fine though.

Oh, and I'm on a BES

I'm presently in the Virginia area and mines is working ok. Nothing outside of version .57 being jacked up and my contacts not always restoring.

For the past 3 days! Keeps saying "No Blackberry Internet Service Available", slow bbms, even my twitter application is slow or will only refresh every 15 minutes (like it gets stuck). Emails aren't coming through or sending. 5 seconds away from throwing it @ a wall! ---Central Texas

I'm on VZW and BIS in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Not having any problems with BBM, Email or other data.

Hopefully these isolated issues don't start spreading.

Omaha, NE - haven't noticed any issues here. BBM working like a charm, web is just as lovely as ever. No qualms.

No emails and no bbm while in 3G with AT&T. But if I'm connected to WiFi, everything is good.
Ran the diagnostic test, it shows that PIN-to-PIN connection is bad but still have BIS connection. Strange...
May be RIM is OK but AT&T is down?

Not sure what is up, had a few emails this morning ok, then stopped getting all data at around 9-10am. Just logged into a Wi-fi network and got a deluge of messages, BBM, email, etc. On At&t in Jersey, been from South Jersey this morning to Central-North Jersey now, no BerryWeather or data till just now. Have to call them and question once i am finished this job

The only data I can get is through the wap browser on T-Mobile in Indianapolis. I called T-Mo earlier today and they said there were BIS outages, but not here, however I had the same problems that were being reported in the outages.

My wife's AT&T 9700 and my Verizon 8330 both are having trouble with BBM and continuous "Can't connect to Facebook server" messages.

I feel I might jinx myself but nope I haven't had any problems at all. And it's possible it might be tmobile users because they're always having problems. I'm Verizon and I been good so far today ;-)

My BIS was down for about 6 hours last night in Portland, OR on ATT.

Seriously. This is ridiculous. I'm about 1 more failure away from selling my Bold 9000 and I just got it back in August and moving onto a Droid phone or iPhone...and I really like my BB...when it works. Get your shit together Blackberry, its honestly embarrassing when main product is a service and it craps out sporadically, in different regions, randomly throughout the years, sometimes affecting entire countries.

Having problems posting comments to Facebook. Getting communications errors when refreshing my stream. Bold 9700 T-Mobile

Nothing to report today on MTS Mobility, but last night after 20:00 BBM was acting a little slow.

***I think everyone is just super sensitive about the slightest performance issue these days. It's a friggin miracle with all the people with BB's and the network load that the system is as stable as it is. Just a thought!***

When I connect to my home wi-fi, everything is good. When I connect only 3G verizon wireless network. both message and build browser are not work, also app world is not work now. Dallas, TX, verizon storm 2 9550

Seriously, the BBM outage can't be anywhere as bad as the Facebook for Blackberry application. Also, BBM seems fine w/ exception for T-Mobile Blackberry Messenger contacts who have message confirmations of 'delivered' and 'received' indicators being fouled up? Who is to blame? RIM or T-Mob???

My Bell 9700 and Telus Storm1 are up perfectly fine. My Rogers 9700 has been down since 6:15 pm EST Friday. BBM messages delivered to others (No D indication on my side) but none received. Can't browse internet, no e-mailing, no facebook, no IM apps. Strange how some Rogers BB's have no problems, some have the same issues as mine.

was having problems, receiving emails, and notification last night, but i think everything is up and running like normal, today.

We seem to be having BES issues as well, no one is getting their email and BBM messages are taking forever to get sent.

I am on sprint with a tour 9630 and I have been having slow internetz all morning and bbm is working slow when working at all.

major random outage yesterday. no bbm/no email on my at&t 9700. 3 at&t techs(?) and 2 bb techs later, i have bbm, and 1 of 2 email accounts. bb said it "seemed" to be happening a lot yesterday - just random, not specific model or carrier. great.

im a long time blackberry user and i just cant handel it anymore. bbm works sometimes, it delays a lot, and i can go on forever. facebook is another app that never works, im hoping RIM gets their act together soon.

Roaming on ATT. earlier in the week bbm and facebook only works with wifi on. Then it started to work normal. Yesterday and today, especially today, no bbm, no email, no browser, everything is super lagging. I'm so addicted, and I want it working again. Nothing works. I'm already to far, I need this working haha.
I hope soon.

I am a T-Mobile user with a 8900 and I have been having issues since about 11am yesterday. Once in a while a message will be sent and/or received. Emails are being delayed in being sent, facebook doesn't work right. The only thing working is text messaging and the phone.

Since about 7:00 MST last might, I have been getting "A connection cannot be established to the .... server" no matter which program I try to run. (This is after several minutes of waiting.) When I switch to Wi-Fi, the programs runs as expected and very quickly.

This is still true at 1:04 PM MST.

Having loads of problems today. One minute is working fine and next not working at all. Very fustrating. Hopefully fixed soon.

some messages won't send right away and they take maybe 10 minutes to send. Then sometimes I will send a few messages in a row and then they all send out of order.

Rogers in GTA
Wife's 9700 is fine, my 9700 only has phone & SMS
Rogers BB Tech confirms intermittent data issues reported...

9630 Tour on Sprint. Still not working for me. It sends alright and shows the 'D' but I never receive anything when he responds. I tried a reboot and that didn't help either. Blackberry is turning into the Toyota of the smartphone world except no one dies when your BBM client isn't working.

yesterday at like 12:00 pm i tried to check the medal standings for the Olympics at CTV mobile but it wasn't working. all my internet is down and still is. it only works on wifi for me. i cant browse or get emails unless im on wifi. im on rogers in Canada on a curve 8900 :(

I'm on Sprint w/ the Tour and mine seems to be sporadically slow. I don't BBM many people but they always seem slow when sending to my girlfriend who is (was until today) on a local regional carrier called Centennial. We'll see how it works now that she's on AT&T. The other person I message a lot is a customer from my store who I switched from Centennial to AT&T, messages to her seem to go through normally (read:very quickly).

Turn on Wifi, and for some reason everything works. Bbm is fast and swift. I'm not sure why. Well for now this might be a quick fix.

Atlanta, GA. Bold 9700, AT&T. Connected to BES can send but not receive. Switched to WIFI and everything is working.

STL - Only able to send a recieve calls/texts, all data is down on my storm 2, but both of my employees are able to use all features just fine. Wiped and reinstalled OS, registered HRT, SB, etc. Still nothing. RIM customer service says that it is an issue off and on across all carriers

In ATL, GA, on AT&T BIS with a Bold 9000...been having problems for a couple of days. Phone/SMS OK and can send emails. No data apps working, no internet and not receiving emails. Spent over an hour on phone Thursday with AT&T BlackBerry Specialist who never found a problem, but got it working again by removing the data and messaging plans from the account and adding them back. Worked fine after that until this morning and now the same thing is happening. Have not called them today. Might wait this one out. Pretty damn tired of these recurring problems.

As others have stated, everything seems to be working via Wi-Fi.

I posted earlier and said that there wasn't any issues here on rogers, but i'm noticing that the messages are going through but some of them are appearing to not be delivered! I spoke with the people on the other ends, and they said that they are getting the messages- it must be something with the confirmations!

ATT in Minneapolis BBM, Bolt, Blackberry Browser, Facebook all time out...everything works fine when connected to WIFI. Any app that needs to get data off the network doesnt work. It's really blows

I don't know if this is related, but I have a JVM Error 545 on my phone. Seems like it's nuked and the last thing I was doing was sending BBM messages...

My Tour is working great over here on global email plan. BBM and email to and from the states is almost instantaneous. Damn near better than back in San Diego. Go figure.

Been having weird problems yesterday and today. Im on Verizon.

BBM's not going in or out. When I would get one from someone, It would show up double as if there were two of that person.

My BIS only works on Wi-Fi. I am out all day and can't send or receive on 3G. Walk in the house and connect and all my BIS messages come through. Been like this since 8pm or so last night.

I'm on Rogers Wireless in Mississauga, ON.

Delays on e-mails and internet service, sometimes I had edge instead of EDGE or 3G without the Blackberry logo (which means not logged into the blackberry service). Weird all day...

Mine has been slow delivering BBMs for almost 2 days. Very annoying, but good to know its not my phone i guess. Telus NFLD Canada.

As i mentioned above, my BBM, emails, mms, sms all else is working on point today no issues here. hope it doesnt affect us soon lol

I am with Bell Canada, I have a friend with Telus Canada both using the same network we are both having a lot of trouble with BB messenger. Messages not sending or having a sent confirmation but no message received.

No data e-mail, internet service, MMS seems to be working fine on my 8350i Sprint/Nextel service here in Panorama City, CA.

no browser activity on storm 2. No internet access. wifi works. BBM message to a friend worked....Boston MA

I've been getting no BIS since this morning, and I'm still having problems. I live in Trinidad W.I. and my service provider is Bmobile

I have been experiencing one problem so far with my Blackberry Messenger. The only complaint I have is during a conversation when I am typing, the text disappears and I lose track of where and what it is I am typing. I end up having to close the message box for me to see my txt again (if that makes sense). Please solve the issue if at all possible, thank you very much.

No issues today or within the last week from Everett, Wa tmobile to Everett, Wa VZW or to NYC sprint

Having small delays up to one minute of messages just giving the clock prior to the delivery confirmation. I work nights so when I woke up naturally I had about 6 emails not sure if they were delayed or not. Of course I have been noticing a delay since I did a device switch a few days ago, wonder if it is related?

Im on ATT and from about 9am central time: NO incoming data. No incoming BB messenger data. Seems i can send a message and other person receives but I see NO indications and no messages back.

Personal email goes out.. nothing comes back. Been like this all day.

sms of course works fine

I was having a bit of delay issues with BBM and some Facebook issues as well, I think it's still ongoing...

Storm 9550, Nova Scotia, Canada - Telus

On AT&T with 3G 9700 and having uber slow BBM and Email, but when on wifi everthing seems normal, and numerous apps that use the Internet seem to not function normally

i just called up rogers support line and there's a message saying they have identified a problem and some customers may not be able to send and/or receive emails, pin, text messages, browse, etc.

it started to happen to me around 12PM (Pacific TIme)in vancouver, b.c.
it works fine at home though when i'm connected to wi-fi, my emails, pin will come in. when i'm on the road or away from wi-fi, it wont work. i thought it was my phone and it was driving me nuts bcoz i have two bb bold 2, the other one works perfectly. :(

Hey guys whats up, I had this problem with my blackberry as well. I work for Verizon and had 2 customers come in with the same issue. My own and the 2 customers devices are 2 curve 2's 8530 and mine which is a storm2. Got on the phone with blackberry teir 2 tech support. This issue apparently must be fixed through them. and it is mainly happening to blackberrys with wifi built in. in my store every one else has a tour and a curve or a storm1 which has no wifi and they dont have the issue. Tech support via blackberry says its an issue via their system as a data hold up or that they are not synced with the device. They have to reset it have an analyst reset the server for each member that has that issue. they have you pull the battery and then host routing table and everything starts comin through. they have u send pin tests to their test blackberrys and they send em back. Go ahead and call the tech support for your company to have them route you to blackberry tech support.

There are lots of people affected. RIM must be working on some kind of fix for this without having to call in. And not all devices with WiFi are affected. 2 devices: one 8900 and one 9000. Both on the same network (Rogers) and both have WiFi. The 8900 is having problems and the 9000 has no problems.

Actually I did read it and I wasn't disagreeing with what you said. In fact, I repeated what you said and gave an example.

Yes, I got this issue also,
I have been sending a lot of Chat, but just Several chat got delivered notifcation

Like 10 line conversation, I just Got 5 with Delivered Notification,
I need To resend the other Conver' for getting delivered notification

thanks so much

My messenger, email, & browser haven't been working all day while I was out. Once I retuned home to my wifi everything started to work again. So something is definitely going on here...

I'm on telkomsel indonesia, also got some random issues (bbm not received or delayed) in the past two days. Emails was not affected though. Batt pull, HRT, send service book didn't help at all.

Connected to WIFI.. ALL good.

On cell network however :NO incoming data. No incoming BB messenger data. Seems i can send a message and other person receives but I see NO indications and no messages back.

Personal email goes out.. nothing comes back.

I had the same issue on mine and the 2 customers i helped. I could send a pin, bbm, an email, and any other outgoing data. but when i tried to use the browser to receive data or any other data feature to receive it wouldnt come through and time out.

Called Rogers after a friend in Alberta had problems yesterday, and now I'm having problems on my 9700 in Ontario... Rogers told me that they were having BIS issues for the past 36hrs, and they're "working on correcting the issue in a timely manner" but... "cannot give an estimated fix time" at the time I called (1830hrs EST).... Everything requiring data services are messed, unless you use WiFi then it works around BIS. Hopefully they get it back up soon... I'm starting withdrawl...

Omaha NE, Verizon 9550 - left the house twice today, gone for 3 hours this morning and about 2 hours tonight, and no data services at all while away from my WiFi network. Outage here still ongoing as of 7:30pm.

No noticeable probs with BBM nor fact things seem to be going a lot faster today than normal, even without the use of 3G!

yeah i have the storm 2 9550 with verizon and my bbm and internet doesnt work unless im at home and have my wifi on... my wife has the same phone and she also has the same problem.. im really getting mad bcuz i use my phone for personal and buisness.. so if anyone knows how long this is going to be for please hit me up..
thank you .
jersey city, new jersey.

My Storm 2 is not working on 3G network..only my home Wifi network. DOES ANY ONE HAVE THE NUMBER TO BLACKBERRY TIER 2 TECH SUPPORT?

call verizon tech support and have them try to trouble shoot the problem which they wont get anywhere. have them connect you to blackberry tech support asap. I called in and had a rep transfer me right away. best bet is if they start to ask questions hang up and call again. use a land line to call cust care enter ur number and option 3 then option 4 then option 1, enter your password or last 4 of your social and go from there.

I'm a user from singapore on singtel network and I seem to be having troule getting my messages across to someone in australia on the three network. Items are sent but there's no "D" for some of my messages. Also, some of the messages that were marked "R" were never sent or delayed. This is disappointing. Got my first BB in september last year because of the raving reviews I heard about it. However, it hasn't met up to my expectations with the number of BIS outages and even BBM issues. RIM should really stop new product development and concentrate on trying to keep their old customers happy. Its not that hard to figure out that if existing customers aren't happy, you won't be getting new customers, is it?

I'm on Bell Mob Canada and I have had issues with BBM since mid yesterday. I actually did a wipe handheld on my wife's device thinking it was her phone... >.< Whoops. Still not working right, very delayed response

when r they gonna fix this... my storm 2 only works if im on WiFi... this is gettin out of hand does any one know whem it will be up n working normaly ...

I receive my ringtone but cant open it to use it...hmmm??? BUt, if i forward the messege to my husbands Eris Droid he can save it and resend it to me...hmmm? I used to be able to email the ringtone from Crackberry...received it in my email open and save...not now...HELP!

I feel handicapped thanks to this outage.....No internet unless on WiFi, can get sms, but no BBM, facebook, AIM, or email on my At&t 9700

Bell Mobility in Toronto. on a bold 9000.

NO BIS. No service books. Lost my BBM, bbmaps and all email services..

the only thing that works is WIFI, voice and text.

I'm on Verizon in Minneapolis, and have a friend on Rogers in Ontario and we used bbm together all day without problems. I did a bit of browser and twitter and everything's been fine.

I started having issues last night. I have no internet or BBM at all unless I am contacted by wifi. I can send BBMs but can not receive them. I have called Sprint and they told me that there is nothing they can do. I just have to sit and wait. They are working hard to fix the problem. They need to fix the problem soon. I use BBM more then texting or calling.

My contacts have gone missing. I don't use the Blackberry Messenger, so I have nothing to report regarding this.

I can't seem to gain access to any web page..or msn...I can send BBMs but I can't receive them...the only time any of this works is if I have access to Wi-Fi.

I noticed at 1300 est that I have nothing besides phone and text unless I am on a Wifi network. Anyone have a clue why or what is going on? Anyone else on Verizon having this problem?

T-mobile with unlimited everything plan on AT&T unlocked phone and self unlocked for UMA.
Ausitn, Texas, 78747


Started getting "n:n=1=1" texts, with every email, common issue when changing phones but i didnt change phones.

02-20-10: MSN, yahoo, fuze messanger, instamapper, BB app world, wouldnt connect, broswer worked fine(this is why i was so confused all day at work...)

Sent tests emails to myself but didn't get them
Now, at home i saw i recieved ALL my emails. but my phone states they didnt even send.
Also my GPS was tracked even though my phone claims data is not being sent.

I keep getting an alart to upgrade to a "new version" of the OS, which i already have, if i tell it YES, then after 5mins it times out.
THE ONLY DATA service that appears to be fine is the built in broswer.

If connected via WiFi all emails come in, GPS says it sending, app world and all other apps work.

Tmobile tech support was new and was using google while trying to talk, was funny. Couldn't say one thing without losing track...
In the end i just said "so its not just me..." and she said "ya...." i told her thats cool no big deal and i hung up.

Been on BBM with my daugther in NYC and cousin in LA for last several hours, no problems at all. I in H-town on a 9530. Carrier VZW

My data has been really slow all day, I wasn't getting facebook updates until I got back to my house with Wi-Fi, and I suddenly got like 10 from all day long.

Just tested with BBM, it sent out within seconds but not sure if the other party able to receive it. Ubertwitter was acting slow, browser response takes time to load the page and MSN not stable, it showed I'm online but others see me offline, right after I sent a testing message it goes off straight away, connected back now but doesn't seem to be stable.

I'm not having any problems except I've never been able to upload pics to facebook from my BB. A friend of mine is having problems with his BBM and all of his internet. BBM messages can be sent, but he doesn't get the D or the R, but the person he is sending it to gets it, and he can't receive any messages. None of his internet is working at all.
He thinks his phone is the Curve 8250 and it's with Rogers in Toronto, ON.

Thanks for any help

I'm not having problems with mine except I have never been able to upload pics to facebook. A friend of mine is having problems with his though. His BBM isn't working. He can send messages and other people get them, but he doesn't show the D or R on his end, and he can't receive BBM messages. None of his internet is working at all. Tried the battery pull and it did nothing.
He has the curve, and thinks the model is 8250. With Rogers in Toronto, ON.

Thanks for any help.

I noticed around noon hawaii time yesterday (Friday 19 FEB 2010) that I couldn't use any data services. Today with testing I fould I can send data but not receive. Can send BB messages and e-mail and can't use the web browser. pulling the battery doesn't help. T-mobile support is unable to help and doesn't show any problems on the network. The t-mobile web pages still work.

My phone is an unlocked AT&T Curve 8900 running on the T-Mobile network. I have my APN settings set to use wap.cingular and changing to the t-mobile APN doesn't resolve the issue.

SMS still works fortunately.

Any idea what's going on all of a sudden? I can't see any settings specific to receiving data.

My message said it was delivered but it was a question which I seeking an answer. It said it was delivered but no response. I even called but no answer oh wait that's being ignored.....

since yesterday(saturday afternoon)up til today some of the bbm msg undelivered-here in Indonesia

since yesterday(saturday afternoon)up til today some of the bbm msg undelivered-here in Indonesia

So I figuredout my issue, no service books!
It appears (after talking to my Verizon Rep about why my enterprise users are hosed) that the sending and receiving of Service Books appears to be the issue.

Confirmed on my device, I only see the two WIFI service books, and nothing else. Verizon tries to resend and they get nothing...I can resend from the BIS page for my personal email but it never shows up...

Ugh.. It seems the problem is all over the world. I'm at Jakarta, Indonesia using Indosat, and yes, I'm having a trouble with the BBM. Even if I use my wifi, the problem is still there. Oh well, I hope it'll end soon.

im in Singapore with StarHub and my BB has been having this trouble since almost 24 hours ago..
but lucky PIN message still there to save the day...

I had no bbm, email or internet through most of Feb 20th. No service on 3G, Edge or WiFi. Finally called Rogers tech support and service resumed properly after they resent service books.

I'm in Canada on Bell, and have been having problems with BBM for about a week now. Slow delivery, slow receipts, doesn't show delivered/received confirmations....just over all slow as hell!

At least for me, AT&T BIS on 3G is still not working on my Bold 9000. No data on any app. No email. No service books received. I put it back on wi-fi and everything works fine...even received the service books.

I am really sick of these BlackBerry problems. I don't know if the problems are with RIM or AT&T or a combination of both. Either is unacceptable.

At least by reading CrackBerry I know I am not the only one having problems. And this post on CrackBerry is the only place I have seen any mention of this latest outage/problem.

I guess part of my day will be spent on the phone with AT&T trying to get some answers and a resolution.

Verizon BIS in TX is still not working.
I can't receive any message and can't use the browser.
Problem is still there..

My Tour is on Bell Mobility EVDO and has had no problems whatsoever however my wife is on the new HSPA network and her phone has been out of action since yesterday. I spent over an hour on the phone with Bell this morning after trying everything I could think of last night. Right now she has some of the service books on her device but it looks like the BlackBerry servers are refusing to send most of them and consequently she has almost no data services. Oddly enough the browser is usable but for the most part the device thinks it has no BIS connection, no maps, no messenger, no e-mail.

AT&T data still not working this am. Out since yesterday afternoon. At least when I'm home with a wifi connection I can get data. Otherwise it's only voice and texts.

Kinda makes the damn thing NOT so mobile if it only works at home while teathered to the wifi connection.

Illinois location: Same as yesterday... how long does it take?

BB Bold (ver 4.6) through AT&T in Northern Cal; Data services (internet, enterprise email, BBM) have all been out since @ 1pm PT Saturday, 2/20; It is now 8am Sunday. Still out. My son said his 9700 is fine. My Phone service works fine. I have full 3G bars. I rebooted several times; pulled sim card; redid the Enterprise Activation; No go. Everything works fine through Wi-fi. My tech support desk said they heard nothing about BB/RIM outages...which isn't surprising. Luckily there's Crackberry!

How is it possible that the response is they know nothing... oh. What was I thinking.

Seriously? Most of the country is not working for 24 hours and they dont know?!!?!?!?!?.

I wonder, is there a big mountain of undelivered messages and emails somewhere? a big room where, when it fills up the alarm goes off?


Mine went down around 12pm or so (Pacific Time) and i didnt get it back until around 7-8pm. i had to call rogers 3x. they told me oh yeah, network is back up and all good. all you do is reset your phone, do a battery pull.

after a battery pull, nothing still.
so i had to call back and the guy asked me to pull out my
battery and wait for him to reset my account. so he did the reset, waited a while and then asked me to put battery back in. after i put battery back in, i get messages that my emails are now registered blah blah blah and my phone is now registered. took another 15 mins or so before everything went back to normal.

i should also mention that when i was having the problems, i kept getting "not connected" under BIS when i look. i thought my phone was busted. :(

if your BB is not working. i suggest you call your carrier and see if they have some kind of message recorded.
once the system is back up, try the battery pull. if that dont work you probably have to call them again like i did and have them reset your account for you and all will be ok again. goodluck! :)

I just called AT&T back; Their systems are "down" and they can only provide general info. Their website says that too.
Geez...there's no help anywhere....

That figures, I had everything yesterday, today not so much. Only wifi access. South jersey area / Sprint/Nextel

with rogers here..... i can send msgs and theyre getting to ppl, but i cant RECEIVE any.... strange! However, I noticed this problem stopped once i connected to wifi.
any one else??

I might be right there with you guys. I can't, for the life of me, figure out why RIM cant get their act together. What happens at Sprint on 3-1?

Nothing special with Sprint.
When RIM had the 2 outages in December I called Sprint and requested they move my annual upgrade so I could dump RIM sooner rather than later.
My business gets busy in the Spring so it was imperative I get far away from RIM by April.
All my email goes through GMail so I could care less about the PUSH email RIM boogeyman. I'm covered.

Ok --- I thought things were working.....
In Bakersfield, Ca - here is what is going on... Like everyone else... slow service in the AM - to NO service in the evening. Checked this AM, still nothing, asked the wife to check hers... it worked !

So --- her AT&T 8520 / Edge - internet works fine.
My AT&T 9700 on 3G, no internet, turned off 3G - Edge only... still NO internet !

So still calling No Joy in b-town.

In Los Angeles, AT&T.

No data connection except through wifi since sometime on Saturday (or maybe Friday?).

My wife and I both have Bold 9000. Same issue on both phones. Data only works over wifi.

AT&T tried to help, passed me to RIM. On the phone with RIM for 30 minutes to no avail. Now on hold 15 minutes for a senior tech at RIM.

I saw it super slow when I was BBM a friend at the bar last night....said her text sent... and it said my text I sent before was only Delivered, not Read....


Called ATT yesterday afternoon and early today. Media Net (internet via ATT) works as well as wifi. ATT tech confirmed sporatic outage yesterday and as of 8:49am this morning. The tech said it'll be another few hours.

BBM has been screwing up royally for me the past weekend here and started on Friday. Allot of the same issues people are posting. Mine are not delivering and when they do seem to get through, it takes at least 20 - 30min for them to be delivered. Email hasn't been the greatest and that is crappy because mine are set to IMAP with my company exchange so they are always pretty instant. Now there are substantial delays.

I'm a very patient person but the amount of issues surrounding BBM reliability and email (which is RIM's baby) is making me very uneasy over the past year. I understand upgrades out scheduled outages from time to time but this??
Come on man!!!! Not impressed and questioning allot.


Out since noon on saturday. No internet, bbm, aim, facebook, but surprisingly Pandora and VZ Navigator work.

Everything works with wifi on.

Called tech support and they are aware of it and can't take anymore service tickets. Tried reprogramming, battery pull, and re-registering with no luck.

BBM was acting up here in Toronto on Rogers BIS yesterday for me. Noticed delayed email in the morning and then BBM's in the afternoon not being received properly or delayed. Very strange.

Nothing works on my blackberry. No internet, bbm, facebook.
Been this way since 2/19.
North East Ohio- Verizon

I was having issues last night. My brother and i were not getting each others messages. We deleted each other, and then it would never reconfirm us as contacts. It was extremely annoying. It's fine now though.

Only phone and SMS working since yesterday morning (2/21/10) at least that's when I first noticed the issue.
I called T-mobile like 5 hours ago and rep confirmed that there's a "Global Outage" but she couldn't give me ETA on the fix.

Location: Northern VA
Carrier: T-Mobile

One of the reasons I left BlackBerry was because of these constant outages over the course of three years. I finally got sick of it. God I'm glad I don't have to deal with that crap anymore. They've obviously sold more blackberries than their BIS servers can handle and they obviously cannot afford to properly upgrade their infrastructure given this has been going on for three years now. It's nice being always connected again without worrying about some kind of outage stopping my ability to communicate properly.

ive been having this problem for almost the entire time ive owned my blackberry, 5 months or so now, and it will take sometimes half a day just to send a bbm. i'm through sasktel.

Sprint network in Chattanooga Tn hasn't missed a beat. Still have BBM BIS SMS and gps and Iheartradio working smoothly.

I'm on the Sprint network and I have had no outages or issues with BBM BIS internet all weekend. Didn't know it was an issue until I logged on crackberry. (Chicago area)

Very annoying but if you have contacts in messenger and those contacts send sms message the same message appears in the messenger app, this means you get the same message twice.

I'm on Movistar network Colombia, I have a bb 9700 and since yesterday noon I have no bbm and emails only when the WiFi is On, called Movistar and they have no idea.

yeah, I am on Claro Dominican Republic. Reading the forums i know wath the problem is, but they dont have any idea and dont know how to sole this. this is frustrating

SMS seems to be the only thing working properly
BB browser is intermittent and slow at best
Opera Mini seems to working fairly well, although slow
Google Maps is still not downloading maps
Google Sync won't connect
Mail sends, but I am not receiving on BB
BB Messenger-sent messages, but have receive no responses


[UPDATE: 1856 CST - Finally had mail download, BB messenger seems to be working; GMaps and GSync working, BB browser still intermittent, but better]

So my husband and I go to a party last night.A real fun party. Rock Band, Jacuzzi, lots of adult drinks there. All the fun party stuff. We leave at about
2-am. We are almost home, about 8 miles away when I receive a bbm from the hostess of the party that says, "We are doing cake at 9:00, you guys almost here". And I'm thinking, what? Yes, everyone was still in the jacuzzi, in the rain when we left and still lots to drink. So, I thought well, maybe they are expecting us to drop off the kids and come back. So of course we return to the party to find all of them still in the jacuzzi and laughing there asses off, because that messages was sent at 8:30 pm, not 2:15 am.

So YES, there is definitely an issue with BBM.

That is some Funny Shit! We just have to laugh it off.

Despite other comments made by other BB users, I rarely have an issue with BBM. I find it very dependable most of the time. I have ATT, Bold and live in California. I use BBM as my primary way to send and receive messages. I have 25 BBM contacts and it works well for all of us.

The only difference between a text and a bbm is that, you would never know if a text was not received because you do not have the ability to see whether is was even D or R. So to say it's not reliable, is unfair to RIM.

It's completely fair to RIM to call BBM unreliable!!! It's one thing to be accepting of issues and entirely another to try and excuse this kind of half assed nonsense.

I went thru it for THREE YEARS, and I can safely say that BBM, along with everything that depends on BB's servers, is unreliable. That's what you call something that you cannot depend on. When I had my BB's I always had to wonder if I was getting my emails the way I was supposed to. It sucked.

I'm sorry, but most folks want a service that is better than, as you put it, "dependable most of the time".

att is the only carrier that doesn't allow a delivery check for sms, when i unlocked my bold and moved to tmobile, my 9000 downloaded tmobiles service books that enabled a delivery "D" for all SMS, not "R" for read, because that doesn't exist, but i think pretty much all other carriers allow you to see that it was delivered.

My storm is doing fine. My friends 8900 on T-Mobile has been on the fritz since yesterday ~10 AM pacific. Issues are still ongoing, but the wifi trick seems to work. As an added wrinkle, I'm their only messenger contact that hasn't been able to be reached. her other T-Mobile contacts have been able to use bbm just fine.
Perhaps that means it also depends on what devices/carriers the messages are being sent to? Just my $0.02...

My storm is doing fine. My friends 8900 on T-Mobile has been on the fritz since yesterday ~10 AM pacific. Issues are still ongoing, but the wifi trick seems to work. As an added wrinkle, I'm their only messenger contact that hasn't been able to be reached. her other T-Mobile contacts have been able to use bbm just fine.
Perhaps that means it also depends on what devices/carriers the messages are being sent to? Just my $0.02...

So bummed, I had to use an Iphone to do foursquare check-ins in Santa Cruz yesterday AND check crackberry if there was outage. I'm also dealing with two craigslist buyers and I have no access to my e-mails. I can deal with the sh*tty browser, but when I have to use my gf's Iphone to see if there's a BIS outage that's just heinous.

Why is the only site that has said anything about this?? On day #3 with no BBM or internet unless I am connected to wifi. I am not happy at all. What's the point of having a blackberry and paying for the services if the only place you can use it is at home.

Just wanted to let everyone know that the issue has been finally resolved. I called ATT and the tech had me take the battery off to then put it back in. Messages started coming in. So get on it. Mine started coming in around 5:15pm

Looking more interesting at this point! Very f***in tired of BB outages every month! You know things are bad when my ATT browser is loading faster than the BB browser!!! Very frustrating!!!

After 2 long days of outage, it seems that BBM, IM, and Internet are all working again with my T-mobile Blackberry Curve. Thanks god!

5pm Pacific time; Finally OTA works....Internet/Intranet, email, BBM, Enterprise Msgr. AT&T service;

What I seem to be having a problem with is when a person sends me a message on messenger it also shows up in my "text" box, NOT "messages" but "text" I must have a setting set up wrong can anyone help ?

Mine is doing something similar. When I receive a text message from someone who I also have on my BBM it goes to both. Matter in fact it was doing that right before I lost BBM and internet on Friday.

Still having problems with outage with At&t in Texas. It started last night at around 7pm and still now working.

Rogers, in Ontario at least, seems to be fixed. Friend in Alberta reports BIS is fine out there. Reset my Service Book and everything works fine again!!!