BlackBerry Messenger for iPhone coming April 26th? Not really

By Bla1ze on 30 Mar 2011 12:39 pm EDT
BlackBerry Messenger for iPhone coming April 26th? Not really

By now, you've no doubt heard the rumors of BlackBerry Messenger arriving on iOS come April 26. The issue was raised in the forums while many people have stated they'd love to see it happen -- in this case, it's just simply not true. As you all can tell by looking at the posts from yesterday we never made mention of it despite the forums and our poor email inboxes filling up with tips of the news. Having taken the time to reach out to RIM we can confirm the following:

RIM did not hold a conference in Toronto this week and Jim Balsillie did not speak at any event in Toronto this week.

As much as some would like to see BlackBerry Messenger span across different OS platforms, it's just not happening yet. Not to say it couldn't some day but April 26th is not the time. We couldn't in good faith, post such a rumor without being able to confirm it or at the very least have good reason to believe it to be true. This is common across all of our posts, if we're not posting something that appears to be popping up everywhere else, we have good reason for it. As it turns out, this one -- is complete BS.

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BlackBerry Messenger for iPhone coming April 26th? Not really


Besides.. if RIM was going to announce something like this, why the hell would they do it on April 26th? They'd do it at BlackBerry World which kicks off May 3rd!

they pull a fast one on ya. it makes all the sense in the world to release it to other platforms. BBM can be the standard platform for all instant communication. what do they gain by being exclusive???

RIM tried to call apple websites about it to let them know they were wrong, but couldnt get thru cos of dropped calls :)

I think this could be a shreud business move for RIM. Offer a "lite" version available to Android and iOS users for a "fee" while still maintaining a competitive advantage to having it on BB proprietary hardware. If they start selling individual licences at say $10 a pop they could be sitting on a small gold mine. Although could RIM servers handle such a massive increase in traffic?

Its hard enough to get people to pay $1.99 for an app on most platforms, including Blackberry users. RIM nor anyone else for that matter, would get anyone on another platform to pay $10 just to text people that can text for free with other apps, just because they own a Blackberry.

While it would be nice to still be able to be apart of the BBM groups and contact a few of my BB friends through their native app, I'm still in contact with them through plain old SMS, Yahoo and G-Talk.

hahahahha ur lying hardcore to ur self. U will be the first guy to buy this app as soon as its avail for whatever OS ur running! LIAR! lol

Wow. Not everyone's lives revolve around bbm. Also, with pingchat doing a decent job of group convos and liveprofile looking as sleek as it is, a "less than adequate" bbm experience will not win anyone over.

You're lying to yourself if you seriously think a lot of apple and droid fanboi's are going to pay $10 for blackberry messenger....jailbroken iphones will be filesharing it for free, and I don't know too many apple or droid user that will admit something from RIM is better than what they can already get from their "superior" app stores, much less pay for it

How exactly would that work? You could file share the application itself but then you run the problem of actually communicating with RIM servers. You would have to get a PIN somewhere so I think you would have to subscribe someway to use BBM and not just download the app and start using it.

Yea, true...I was just thinking application itself, still though, no apple users are going to pay $10 for a PIN to use bbm, and now that you present it like that, seems like there would possibly be a monthly charge for the PIN subscription! Its all speculation at this point, maybe this potential "lite" version won't utilize a pin at all, maybe the phone number will be the pin....who know's, it just doesn't make sense for them to make it cross platform, I just can't see apple or android users paying for it when there's free messaging app's out there, although not as great as bbm, they work sufficiently when needed

Hey Kevin, thanks for confirming facts before printing a rumour like other sites.
That's what give CrackBerry the cred it has. :)

LiveProfile is a game changer here. I downloaded the beta that came out for BlackBerry last week and it is fast and very close to the BBM experience. It is cross platform and it's support staff has been very responsive to user requests.

BBM needs to go cross platform to stay relevant. I think LiveProfile has over half a million new users since going live for BB last week.

why make it available to iOS. It's a crap OS and when the sheeple realise it they will jump ship in droves. In the meantime why give BBM to any other OS.
BBM is better than the best any other OS has to offer.
RIM should in no way make this available cross platform to idiotic OS's like the iOS.
Let the iHerd live their closed lives.

BlackBerry Messenger at least in its current form ****cannot run on the iPhone**** or on any phone from any other manufacturer.

BBM makes use of BlackBerry infrastructure to "push" data to the device. So far as I know you have to have a BlackBerry to receive that pushed data. If you ran your iPhone hardware with a BlackBerry OS I guess it might be possible.

The applications claiming to be like BBM in fact use "polling" and not true "push".

They can look BBM like but are not supplied by the likes of Google and Apple (which would make sense right?), because they consume masses of battery power.

I hope I'm wrong, but I can't see BBM going to any other platform, the only reason I moved to Berry from Apple was for BBM, I have a Torch, the phone is below average in performance compared to iPhone and Android.

Support from RIM and App writers sometimes seems almost non existent if you live outside the USA, I cant remember owning any other phone where so many apps are only available if you live in the USA or are using a USA carrier.

If BBM became available to other operating systems, I personally think it could spell the end for RIM as many non business users would leave Blackberry for a phone and OS which is quicker, better supported with thousands more apps available.

Blackberry should just get off their high horse and allow KIK to run on Blackberry phones then we wouldnt need BBM

Why would RIM want BBM on other OS or platforms. BBM is RIM's baby. And come on now let's be realistic you wouldn't give up your baby to some stranger now would you. BBM is the best I.M. app out right now & it will only get better with time. Me myself is running BBM 6.0 right now & I love it. It's so fast & super responsive. All the other I.M. apps out here are carbon copy second rate rip offs. That was my 2 cents.

RIM Couldn't bring bbm to iphone and android if they wanted too , people forget that bbm is secure and encrypted and runs on the blackberry network , look at iphone and and android , open source software that is jailbroken and rooted regularly by hackers.

Blackberry OS's are going in the opposite direction of those two , to further protects and secure their OS , they could have easily built a opensource O.S and made millions selling apps , but their security is the cornerstone of their business , offering bbm on iphone and blackberry would send blackberry stocks into the shitter.

The only way bbm ever sees iphone or android is if

A. the blackberry encryption key is hacked and they do it in a last ditch effort to save whats left of the company

B. they build the new iphone and android OS's to their specifications.