BlackBerry Messenger gets updated for older devices - Brings BBM Voice to OS5

By James Richardson on 11 Mar 2013 09:38 am EDT

Good news today for BlackBerry 5/6/7 users - BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) has received a wee update to version and it brings BBM Voice to OS5 users. That may well be an old OS now, but I still see so many people around London talking and texting on their BlackBerry Curve 8520's.

In addition, BlackBerry ID is also integrated to ensure a simple transition when switching from one BlackBerry to another. Just remember that if you are going to be using BBM Voice for the first time make sure you either have a data plan with a reasonable allowance or be on WiFi.

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BlackBerry Messenger gets updated for older devices - Brings BBM Voice to OS5


It is my belief, BBM Voice only works over Wi-Fi on OS5/6/7. On BB10, you can use both mobile data or Wi-Fi connectivity...

I used BBM voice over the Rogers network today with another z10 that was on fido, and the call quality was AMAZING! Way better than any call I've ever made in my life, I was actually pretty shocked.

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Thanks for the update but I just checked my BlackBerry World and this update is not yet available to me. I'm in the US and my carrier is AT&T, I'm still using my Bold 9900 until the Q10 is released.. Maybe AT&T is holding it back??

On my 9810 I had to launch the BB World app and then refresh the list of apps that are installed under the My World app list (press the BlackBerry icon and find the refresh list option). Wait a few seconds until the list updates and refreshes. You "should" find that BBM will have an update available afterwards. Mine was 5MB.

Gave up my Bold 9000 on OS 5 for the z10, but good to see BlackBerry remembering their customers on older OS versions.

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BBM seems to have broken updating from version 6 to 7 on my os5 device.
It does not load up and is just sat on a blank setup style page when it was syncing with my BBID.

Reviews of BBM for today seem to show other users having the same problem.

Upgrade this morning on my BB9930 and now i can't find the BBM icon. I even tried going through messages then composing a BBM but that option isn't even there anymore. A universal search for "BBM" or "Blackberry Messenger" comes up empty yet on the Applications list in setup and My World in Blackberry World its there! I'm a die-hard Blackberry user since the days of my Blackberry 7700, but these sort of things are really starting to get on my nerves.

Yes nightwingcm, I had the same problem too. I went into Options / Device / Application Management and deleted BBM. Then I went to BB World and reinstalled it. Stupid? Yes. Especially since my Torch 9850 doesn't even need the update.

WTF!!!! I just updated the app on my 9900, restarted my phone and bbm icon and app is gone! I cant reinstall it either. I've done a hard reset on my phone 3 times already and no luck ! So mad at BB right now

Wow, I guess no one reads the other posts before they post this problem. I answered the question earlier this morning.

Hell ..yeahh So many people all around the World (including me) still using their BlackBerry Gemini 8520. I put 35 themes and 30 games on it (including Asphalt 6, Nova, Modern Combat 2, and more). Its still working fine since 2009 and I was lucky. Now, my lucky continued with this BBM updated! I have enjoy using it and I won't sell it eventhough I bought the new ones, Z10. That's my First Love..

Hi there. I have a Curve 8520 in India. I tried upgrading to new BBM version, but it says, "Not available for your device" ? Can anyone inform why so? I thought this applies to OS 5 on Curve 8520 as well ? Are we supposed to wait for more time before it is available for INDIA or is it something else ? Someone pls explain.

When will bbm voice be available on bb z10? It shows bbm is not available for this device on the app world.. pls help

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