BlackBerry EVERYTHING on the Fritz??! Data Service Issues Being Reported by Users

By Kevin Michaluk on 22 Dec 2009 03:46 pm EST
BlackBerry Messenger Outage?

* FINAL UPDATE: Things are back to normal. RIM Statment to follow.

* Update 1: OK, preliminary word coming in is that it's a partial outage affecting North American carriers: BlackBerry Messenger and things like the web browser and apps that use a data connection. Email seems ok though. And it seems not all carriers and not all subscribers are affected. I sure am though.. was in the middle of making a video on the new crackberry launcher when data quit. lol. *

* Update 2: BlackBerry data is no more. No emails, no web browsing, no BlackBerry messenger for it's North American users. Estimated time for a fix to come through is 3 hrs to a day, yes..a day.


* Update 4: It seems that upgrading to the newest version of BlackBerry Messenger ( may help resolve some of the BBM issues. So if you can manage to get it loaded up, you might have some life again. Man this night has been frak'd. 

* Update 5: Here is the current Google Search Results for "BlackBerry"... it makes for some additional fun reading to kill the time. Maybe we should all just go to bed now... and hopefully by morning this nightmare will be over. On the silver lining side... we set a new forum record tonight for users online. Yay outage! lol. Bad joke. This sucks. BlackBerry is also the #1 trending topic on twitter tonight! BlackBerry email update below.

Lots of reports have been coming in over the past hour of BlackBerry Messenger service being on the fritz. You'll sometimes get a check mark on a sent message, but not the D or the R signifying that the message has been delivered and read. Some users seem to be unaffected. For others, some of the messages are getting through and others are not (as shown above - Adam received two of the six messages I sent, yet I have yet to receive confirmation of him actually reading them). We're starting to get reports from some people that it's coming back up for them... let's see how this goes. You can follow the forum threads below and use the comments to this post to stay on top of it!

AT&T Email... this should hold pretty true cross carriers:

Valued Customer,

This e-mail is to provide an update to a network problem that MAY affect your Mobile Service.

Trouble Ticket: TT000012693195
Severity: 1-High
Description of Issue: Degradation of RIM Blackberry services
Location of Issue: All Regions; All Markets and surrounding areas
Start Time: Dec 22 2009 04:30 PM PST
Symptoms you MAY experience: RIM Blackberry BES/BIS users may be unable to send/receive messages or may have difficulty connecting to the network.
End Time: Unknown

UPDATE: RIM is performing emergency maintenance on the RIM network which is expected to take 6-8 hours. During the maintenance little or no traffic is expected to pass. Next update will be sent after 6 AM.

Technicians are working towards resolution as quickly as possible. We are sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause. Thank you for your patience as we work towards resolving this issue. If you have any questions, please contact Mobility Enterprise Customer Maintenance Center at 888-334-3787+PIN for more information.

Use pursuant to Company instructions

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BlackBerry EVERYTHING on the Fritz??! Data Service Issues Being Reported by Users



Screw being calm! Second outage in less than 2 weeks! We don't pay top dollar to get a second rate service! We're not using pay-to-go on BOOST. Everyone has the right to bitch and complain right now!! GET YOUR $H*T TOGETHR RIM!

Maybe its a comspiracy, could it be that the machines are finally rising up against us or could it be some foreign country or Al-qaida knocking the system off line. First its our blackberries then next its .... Or perhaps it solar activity and 2012 is coming early.

i have to agree we dont pay $25-$40 a month for a blackberry service so that when we need it for personal or business use it doesnt work!! i cant imagine all the business being lost because of peoples outages today.

Rogers in Toronto has problems with BBM, browser, Facebook, etc. Been having problems since 2pm ET.

3rd party apps like Poynt, Urbanspoon, Flycast, and are working fine though.

i'm in arkansas and we are down on the data service with t-mobile bbm,browser,my space,facebook,opera browser none of it is working...and t-mobile said there is no time it will be working just hurry up and wait...

i have been having problem with the bis for 2 month's and they just got me back up and then this happen's...the bis just had a cascade failure across the table...see if rim would have listen to me 2 month ago this wouldn't have happen...but they kept telling me it wasn't there server but it was....the BIS HAS PMS ROTFLMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. and like a women we have to wait for it too want to work again...rotflmfaoooooooo

We are NOT all getting email. I am not - for a few hours now. Or PIN, BBM, etc. Only thing working is text.

I noticed this last night around 11 pm PST. Just like BlackberryJazz said for Telus, it's working intermittently on Bell too

Where is it?
I've been with BB for 6 months and I am fed up.
I would like to see how many outages there have been in 2009.


I'm so sick of this it's shear stupidity. The Opera browser still works when it goes down so how about you detach us from your bis servers blackberry (RIM) put us to our own carriers!!!. RIM get your stuff together before we all leave you in the dust!

It has been a while since I had this sort of issue with BBM...takes me back to the days of the first leaked BBM5...:-/

same with AT&T in Los Angeles. Wasnt able to get google maps to work.... and needed to get somewhere :/ Internet and Email still worked... didnt try bbm

on Bell Canada here... just updated/restored my device and no BBM or Browser Service Books available.

on Bell Canada here... just updated/restored my device and no BBM or Browser Service Books available.

Too bad I cant use the Blackberry Messenger at the Rockefeller XMas tree in midtown NYC. The busiest place in the world and my messenger isnt working :(

Browser working just fine...but ive sent 3 BBMs one to a Telus customer in Canada, and the others to TMO customers in Georgia, none of the msgs will deliver...i gutess bbm down in Statesboro, GA for AT&T

the new bbm sucks...since the .56 update my bbm uninstalled itself randomly which is annoying and now this

Verizon in NC, almost no data. I got an email, and point took a while but it got movie listings. Nothing else is working.

Yup, BIS issues here in Canada on Rogers and Bell. Some messages are squeeking through (although most aren't), but no D or R on the messages that do.

I've had the issue with the "D" and "R" not showing up on BBM .56 since last week (in CA), yet my friends seem to get my messages (in NY) and when they write, I get their messages. Weird. Fas as I know, BIS is ok today and BBM...well, I sent something this a.m. and it went through.

email seems to be a little delayed (reminds me of why i got rid of my mytouch!!) other than that browser, bbms, and everything else working fine in chicago.

BBM down in Atlanta on Tmobile. Can't get Facebook updates or Twitter updates. SMS seems to be working. Should we budget for an outage a week now?

BBM is down in Chicago with AT&T. I think email is down too. Twice in a matter of days. Anyone have any idea what the problem really is?

Oh Brother! Its down in Minneapolis/St.paul as well. Just when im in an important chat, the BB goes on the down and out!

Was trying to play with PIN messages and couldn't figure out why they were stalling, and especially why I wasn't getting them. I'm on T-Mobile in PA, FWIW.

I just switched back to BlackBerry after having a 3GS since launch. In the two months I've had my 9700, it seems like every other week RIM is having some kind of outage. This is really getting annoying...

Ridiculous. I might be taking my Storm 2 back to the store. RIM isn't exactly giving me warm and fuzzy feelings anymore with this crap.

T-Mobile in the Phoenix, Arizona area is dead as well, I'm barely able to get data to load, and PIN/BBM messages are not sending.

i wont be to hard on RIM

but damnnn...i was wondering what was up with my Beejive...usually i sign on with the quickness

This is only the second outage that has affected me in the year of 2009. I've been a BB user for about 3-4 years now. A lot of the outages sometimes have to do with the carrier, not RIM. Hell, the majority of my friends are T-MOBILE users and they are always in an outage, again not RIM related but rather carrier related.

Network: AT&T
Location: Boston, MA
BBM Status: Not functioning
BIS Status: Not functioning
BIS Email: Functioning with delay

This better get fixed and not happen again, or else, I will leave the BlackBerry platform! ... ok, maybe.

On Tmo if u unclick ur "mobile network" and just keep "wifi" checked at least ur browswer will work, if u use it thru UMA.

seem to be getting a bit of that on orange uk but its mainly them not updating the r and d but i normally get a tiny bit of lag with that some time

Totally down. So bunk I was in the middle of putting the 230 OS on my stepdads tour right will this happened. Good times trying to resend host tables 60 times and 100 battery pulls trying to get browser and bbm back. Hi five, huge thumbs up.

... also down and out (mostly).

Receiving email, and can use the browser (hit and miss). But Messaging apps are down for the count (BBM, Yahoo, MSN), as are SocialScope, Viigo, Facebook. Pretty well all "data" apps.

Facebook, app world, and BBM not working on BB Storm 2 in Tempe, Arizona (Verizon) however AP news is working and so is Poynt weird

I am having browser problems wont connect to the internet but i still receive emails.. T-mobile service

So yes I am affected by this outage at the moment in Southern CA near LA, but to a bunch of you talking about leaving BB and talking all this crap is retarted, yes it is annoying....very annoying! and yes we wish it wouldnt happen. But guess what get over it. Because you know every single one of you who is talking about leaving and all this junk will be the first to state how awesome BB and RIM is when they come out with awesome stuff (which is way more often than these outages). So come on just chill out and be patient, technology is a crazy and complex thing be glad that we even have the ability and resources to have BBs. Sorry for ranting but geezzzzz. Everything will be ok!

The roll over and take it mentality is exactly why nothing gets fixed.
In the 6 months I have had a BB this is at least the 6th time for an outage.
If I had a bunch of sheep for clients I wouldn't do anything to address the issues either.
People need to get loud about this to their carrier and RIM. The carrier has no control over RIM but they will get sick of wasting man hours to field complaints, that you can bet on.

I do agree that it needs fixing and that they need to take it more seriously than then do but what my rant was about was how there are many people who will never be happy, this will get fixed then there will be something else they arent happy about, and also some peoples change in mood its like "oh RIM your the best thanks for the new BBM, then this and they are like "oh RIM you suck why did i choose you, its like come on instead of going back and forth all the time just weigh your options and then choose either BB or something else. Thats all I was really saying. Trust me I def agree that this needs to be adressed and stop happening so much.

while the service may be intermittantly down and I'm not a blackberry basher- I'm really getting tired of seeing the service I pay for go down. Granted- the phone still works and thats the core function of the device- but still its aggrivating as all hell.

I agree, it is very aggrivating and it gets old, but like you said the phone still works. Glad to see someone else find a positive thing out of this instead of 10000% bashing.

this sucks. why the hell does something seem to go wrong every couple of days?? my iPhone never gave me this many issues as my BlackBerry has been doing.

everything is all messed on tmobile in uber twitter is messed up my beejive facebook,my bbm, email is soooo screwed up its not even funny

i'm on vzw
delayed email (sending or atleast trying to upload a picture during this process) bbm checks but i was getting people to send me messages kind of (one vzw the other tmo) asking me why i wasn't responding and my browser seems to work fine (espn and others)....but yeah this is annoying

after two days of trying to revive my 9630 from a white screen "reload software: 552" message without doing a complete wipe, i finally gave up a little while ago and reloaded the OS. I called verizon to have them push my service packages being that my browser, app world, bbm, etc, are not loaded on my phone and the lady at verizon tells me there is an "outage on the blackberry servers and they haven't been given a estimated time as to when it will be back up." MY LUCK!

No BBM or browser for at least an hour, e-mail working though. I agree this is starting to get inconvenient. I was trying to update my phone's OS during the last BIS outage and couldn't for the life of me figure out why I couldn't get my e-mail set up.

why is it that all of a sudden BIS is having problems with these things. i hope they fix all of this because nearly all of my apps are down and all my IM apps are down and i use those apps all the time. to BIS or who ever owns the service, "Get To Work!!!"

I'm on a BES server, which is working fine for the emails, but BBM, google talk, and web browser are not working.

Yep, I am having problems too in So Cali. Contacts are not getting my messages and some of their display pictures are blank :( hope this gets fixed quick.

BBM down on the MTS Mobility Network in Manitoba, Canada.

But then again MTS is a neutered network anyway. ;-)

I have not been using BBM so I can't report about that. However, on my browser crackberry hasn't been able to pull up for about 2 hours and is just beginning to work again only it is going extremely slow. I can pull up other sites just fine.

I'm in the Philippines on the SMART network. My BBM has been acting up since yesterday (almost 24 hours ago)

if this happens a few more times I'm jumping ship...hopefully Android/Google come out with a decent phone (the nexus one looks a bit flimsy)

No BIS in toronto on Rogers... was on the bus, trying to fire up my browser and use BBM... then nothing... thought it was my phone lol. Craackberry to the rescue again.. what a relief!

I have been using EDGE since my first BB, and now mythird storm 9530. I was also on the bus (trying to load crackberry actually) on the launcher - but didnt launch. So I went to Opera and that too was laggy (So I ruled out the browser - and even EDGE can run faster than it was). I gave up and listened to music untill I got home.

Glad to know somethings down and its not my phone.

Here here to Crackberry to the rescue!


i'm on t-mobile and my bbm is out and my net is in and out.. and from what t-mobile said today the blackberry internet service is still out...the e-mail is out also...

I'm on AT&T on the East Coast - resent service books (twice), registered on the network, battery pulls; no bbms, no PIN messages, no web browser, nothing but voice and SMS.

RIM is on the naughty list this year....

In panama city PANAMA, BBM is out on all 4 carriers (claro, Digicel, Movistar and cable and wireless).

My BBM hasn't been working for a good 3 hours now. Ubertwitter, BOLT & E-mail seem unaffected though. 2:50pm

ok here in arkansas usa the internet is in and out and bbm is just not working....t-mobile said it was out and they didn't know when it would be back up....that just suck's.

My wife and I were affected by the problem all the way over here and Japan.
What is funny is that she is a newbie and is learning something new everyday. Yesterdays lesson: The importance of the battery pull :)

Seems to be affecting any Blackberry made data apps I have (IE Facebook, AIM).. None of my Blackberry data apps work, but browser is fine and NON-Blackberry apps like TwiXtreme is working fine.. .. most weird.. Do All Blackberry Apps work off their own server?

I am die hard Blackberry Lover, but I have had enough.....I work for VZW and half of my coworkers have already defected over....I never thought I would ever condsider leaving but I am just unhappy about too many things, the frequent outages, dumb trackball on my Tour, which isnt working so I am using my old Curve, the slow browser.....the list goes on, the only thing that was kinda keeping me was BBM, but now that doesnt work half the time. Sigh....I even considered doing both an Android and BB, but its just not worth it...So, I have a upgrade and an open line and as soon as I see what other phones come out for VZW with the Android OS, I am gonna make my decision and be out. I will miss my BB, but I think I will be happier overall.

6 months with BB and I am done.
The bright spot is hopefully in 6 months a newer Android will be available on Sprint.

Funny that we can all download the lastest update from the app store but we cant even use it LOL Down all day here in NYC on ATT

Far too many issues with service outages recently (e-mail, internet, bbm). I'm sure our carrier's aren't to blame for this but I do agree with others; we pay far too much monthly for issues that seem to be occurring more and more frequently recently.

While I don't see myself leaving BlackBerry anytime soon, it is very disappointing and I'm sure everyone is beginning to see flaws in RIM's infrastructure more and more.

Becoming tired of hearing excuses for the outages as well. Get to work RIM...FIX THEM.

Bbm is still down for Toronto networks (FIDO, BELL, ROGERS TELUS). Also of note for new download for new bbm i had to keep pausing and resuming it to continue the download. Its currently locked at 2968 k out 3058 k. I am hesitant to install it as even BBM world has been buggy and dont know if this new BBM update will help things at all. So until the matter is resolved i wont upgrade to .57

Nothing is perfect, Cable TV goes down, Power goes off, Highways have accidents and BIS goes offline...look on the brightside tax season is only a few months away!

Same problem for me here in NYC, on T-Mobile, and a few of my friends have the same, they are on Sprint.

I don't think its anything with the carriers though, just BB servers.

BlackBerries hit by third major outage - updated 05:35 pm EST, Tue December 22, 2009
BlackBerry users this afternoon have reported another outage affecting the smartphone platform's BlackBerry Information Service. The failures appear broader than the primarily mail-related delays from just last week and now also affect web browsing, BlackBerry Messenger and third-party apps that use Internet access. RIM has been contacted by Electronista for commentary but hasn't yet had the opportunity to respond.

The issue represents the third such failure within weeks and comes just as RIM is counting on continued strong sales to buffer itself against competition from the iPhone, which may come close to or match BlackBerry sales based on some analyst estimates.

RIM's system has previously drawn criticism for its heavily centralized nature that passes many messages and some other data through its own servers. The technique is key to the BlackBerry's push e-mail delivery but has resulted in numerous outages, particularly for individual users that don't have a BlackBerry Enterprise Server. Most competitors, like Android and iPhone, have service-independent push that usually depends on the using widespread standards like IMAP to deliver mail at near real-time.

BBM on Big Red has been off line here in the L.A. area since about 11 AM PST. Everything else appears to be OK

I have no connectivity to anything now. Started acting up a few hours with BBM as reported, and now I can't even load Google in the browser.

my phone has been randomly rebooting, so i decided to wipe, reinstall os, now the bis is down. i picked the perfect time to fix my phone. no service books, hosting, browser. awesome

Just replaced my Storm due to camera failure. Got home and used desktop manager to retore old info onto new phone. Tried to log into my app world and failed. Tried to download BBM, and failed. Tried to log onto the internet, Failed....Failed Failed Failed... Now I have nothing to do except tel my story. Booooo.... Oh and to make things worse now everyone is texting me "Why are you ignoring me"... What the heck is going on?

YES!!!!!!! :( i was dying at work without bbm and internet. I called verizon and yes they confirmed it. over 50 percent of blackberries are down

I don't know why exactly but App World is working and I'm downloading BBM .57 right now..weird, I guess it doesn't run on BIS.

The service is very bad right now. I managed to get email but not send any tonight. BBM simply not working.

BBM down in NYC, email is pretty slow and even blackberry App world won't work for me :(

Oh RIM, you got us crackberry addicts going crazy! we should get something free besides an updated BBM with unnoticeable changes.

Just got my NEW 9700 yesterday, and am already having issues. GPS doesn't acquire quickly, and now it takes forever for google maps to acquire location, etc., etc., etc.

Now with the news of the outage, would this effect the mapping of google, and any gps issues? I'm a little bummed out by this, since my 8900 worked like a charm, and was looking for the 3g speed upgrade really...

Thanks in advance guys...


If the outage is effecting the internet connection as it is in some places, then yes google maps will not work either.

It least you made me feel a LITTLE better, I was ready to go back to my 8900, and say "the heck" with 3G BB... I also use the MT3G for secondary line, and it's LIGHTNING fast compared to my 8900, & 9700...

I'll wait it out until tomorrow to see if it gets better, other wise BB lost another customer to Android...Nexus One, here I come...

I've been using BB for 10 years now, and it's the first time, I'm looking elsewhere, BUT NEVER iPhone...

Thanks again...

People are really jumping ship cause of a BBM outage??

I don't even use BBM and don't know anyone else with a BB that does. Seems just like SMS to me, and at least everyone has SMS, not tied to BB.

Please enlighten me if I've missed something, but my BB does a lot cooler stuff than IM.... Definitely not a reason to abandon BB......

BBM is great but I agree with you. Big f-ing deal if it's down for a few hours. Obviously they're trying to launch something new and it didn't go as planned. If RIM didn't do any upgrades, people will whine and complain and when RIM works on an upgrade and has a problem, people whine and complain. Some people just don't understand how complicated this type of implimentation really is.

BBM, browser, email, google talk all down. Started at about 11:00AM PST and still SOL at 4:00PM PST. Texting works. Woo hoo?

I honestly thought I was losing my mind!!! I have been down for about 3 hours, I'm with Bell Mobility and there is serious outages here. You can take my browser, you can take my MSN, but don't take my BBM :(

This is the second time in how many days?

Gah, I hope it's fixed soon.

not sure if this is relevant but one of my followers on tumblr is having mobile issues also...
"I have samsung. and Globe Telecom (Philippines) And I search on Twitter that they’re having problems with the same company."

she doesn't have a BB and is unable to send texts....maybe this is bigger than just RIM. I've noticed a few other strange things, FB is being extremely gay/straight(as to not offend anyone) even though that's nothing new. I also notice when signing onto aim from a pc that I only had 3 buddies online, all of which were using pcs at the moment...I'm going to keep on researching this. (I'm such a geek!)

BBM is having issues on sprint in Colorado, but its working fine here in Europe (Netherlands)..

aren't some responses a bit over the top? Yeah its down, yeah that sucks, but there are worse happening in the world.

It will be up in a few hours.

How about I promise to deliver groceries to your door everyday and then only show up 5 out of 7 days and then I bill you for 7 days. Is that ok with you?

Food is first a need and email/bis aint..Your not going to die when its down for a few hours. FYI I would go to the grocerie store and get the groceries and not pay for the days I wasn't getting it. Or in this case go to a pc and read ur email ffs

But you missed my point. Yeah it sucks, but its not the end of the world. Computer systems have errors and network failures. that will never stop. I guess your the type of person that just looks for something to freak out about. The same type of person I get on the phone on a day like this that starts yelling when I tell them their plane is not flying due to severe snow, that the airport is closed and that then demands us to set up a private jet and otherwise threatens to sue me. (I work for KLM royal dutch airlines fyi)

I seriously wonder who is the mindless sheep.

My girls lives 10000 miles away and our BB is our life line. We just accept and move on

Thank you so much to this site for making me feel better.
I thought I messed up my phone..relieved to hear that its an outage and I'm not the only one experiencing this.. Bell mobility is affected.. Almost went to a store to get a new one!! Best site..

been getting it for a couple of days contact sends a message and as soon as i reply i get a contact is unreachable message, and nothing else and find out messages get delivered bout 4 hours later with no tick, d or r showing, so fking frustrating

my phone has been randomly rebooting, so i decided to wipe, reinstall os, now the bis is down. i picked the perfect time to fix my phone. no service books, hosting, browser. awe

My BBM was working this morning but hasn't been for a few hours. My BFF in NJ also said hers isn't working. We both have Sprint.

@Ruskastud.....its not just the IM for me....its a combination of many of these things are the main reason I have a BB....and even when it is working, still can be a lil better in some areas...however, I use BBM more than anything else, and now that its not working, I cant reach a lot of contacts due to only having their pin. And I had already made my mind up before today, this just makes it a lil easier to give up my BB