BlackBerry Messenger coming to Android and iOS?!

By Adam Zeis on 3 Mar 2011 10:01 am EST

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It looks like the wait may finally be over. BGR is reporting that RIM may finally be making it's BlackBerry Messenger service (BBM) available to both Android and iOS devices. This is a huge step (be it good or bad) for RIM that will leave non-BlackBerry users rejoicing. Sources state that the service may require a one-time or recurring fee and will be a stripped down version of what BlackBerry users know and love. Other platform devices may not be able to send files, images or location information. With plenty of other cross-platform messengers like Kik floating around, BBM is the obvious choice for a unviersal messenger. Back in November we asked if you thought BBM on other platforms was a good idea. Over 23,000 voted and 56% said they thought it would be a good thing, while only 38% said the contrary. The Android version is said to launch before the years end, but not much other information is known for now. You can be sure we'll see what we can find out.

Source: BGR

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BlackBerry Messenger coming to Android and iOS?!


RIM should release it for approx a year... Get millions of driods and iPhone users mega addicted... Then yank it and say "you want some more of that? Come and get it... On a BlackBerry"

I highly doubt this will happen simply because if RIM was going to do something like this, then why did they not put a native BBM app on the PlayBook? The reason is they didn't want to put it on the PlayBook because if you want BBM, you have to buy a BlackBerry Smartphone. Now if they did release BBM to everyone, Whatsapp, Kik, and all others will disappear and BBM will rule. Perhaps they will have ads on the non-BB version if this even happens.

No they do not. The commenter is referring to the fact that you need a BB smartphone synced to tablet to use BBM. From what we know, the playbook will not have a separate pin but rather uses the synced pin from the BlackBerry. Who knows this news might mean anyone can connect their smartphone to the tablet.

There's no reason to own a Blackberry now. BBM on a better device such as Android or iOS means RIM is gonna die off. RIM is just so late on EVERYTHING

Although to many of us bbm is crucial I still believe that for me blackberry is needed even if I don't use bbm; so I don't think that because bbm is going to other platforms blackberry is going to die as if bbm is what makes or brakes the awesome blackberry platform and service ! Just saying ;)

I have mixed feelings about this. For the most part I hate it. The only good thing is that my droid head friends will be able to talk to me on a superior messaging service and I can get rid of that ping chat crap. I am afraid that more BB users may jump ship now that they will be able to access BBM on droid.

I can't believe this is really happening.... If it happens I know a lot of friends who'll leave BB for iPhone. People who are using BB only coz of the BBM.

RIM just shot itself in the foot by opening up BBM to others. Why would anyone buy a BlackBerry now?..Nosedive in sales coming soon. RIM JUST GAVE LOYAL USERS A GIANT MIDDLE FINGER!

I totally agree with this.

I have a had feeling about this one now.
I think is this a really bad idea.

Security is the most obvious answer.

If this turns out to be true it will be good for everyone because it will force RIM to innovate with their devices if they want to stay in the consumer market. They will still have the corporate world locked up for years to come based on their far superior security features.

Naw. Sounds like they have a revenue stream in mind that would most likely offset and device attrition.

Rim's doing a lot of neat things right now - I like their strategic roadmap. I don't think you'll see much of a decline in RIM over the next couple years, but I think there's some room for major improvement once they get some of their ducks in a row.

To me this says RIM is pretty confident about their coming phones. I don't mean the OS 6.1 phones I mean the QNX ones.

I'm still not sure I think it's a good move, just saying RIM must be pretty confident to do this..... or maybe just accepting reality that alternatives are they and holding BBM captive is only hurting it's use.

RIM already gave me the middle finger by getting my hyped up about my first bb, s1, then making a total piece of crap. Then they followed that up with the s2... I only had a BB for bbm and work email. Work email is now available for other platforms and it looks like bbm might be too.

Makes my android even more valuable to me. I was a loyal bb user for 2.5 years and only just switched to an android... now I feel I have been wasting my life carrying around that dinosaur.

I can guarantee you that it will NOT offer the same full BBM experience and/or will cost something, which means more revenu for RIM.

If you figured it out, these businessman at RIM can to. So get a grip, kids. Over-reacting much?

BBM is the only advantage RIM has in the smartphone market. Why give it up other than RIM is setting itself up to be taken over by Google. They already plan to have Android apps running on the PlayBook. RIM is toast without a merger! Better start thinking of a new design/logo for the website ... or should I say!!

well maybe that is the trade off for letting them use the android up, they give up bbm. . . . just a thought that was pointed out on the android website.

I'm sure they would have some sort of connection to route through the BIS servers for BBM. Just not sure if they ding the carrier or the user. Based on how many people love bbm and say its the only reason they regret leaving bb, I'm thinking they charge users a monthly or yearly fee. Think how much it would save the user from text message plans...

How's the PIN gonna work?

For BB, PIN is tied to a device.

Is iOs and android going to be a sign up system for a PIN? If so, that's gonna suck for spam/phishing.


I am concerned about spam/phishing too. Thats why I stay away from facebook. Just because I like you does not mean I want to be contacted by all of your friends. BBM currently is a secure communication to MY family and friends. I am all for the open source of Android but I chose Blackberry for the added security. RIM please don't lower your standards if you do open this up to other OS's.

I will more than likely jump ship... BBM is the only thing that keeps me addicted. Sorry RIM if you do this you will lose. Even if it is a "stripped down" version...

Remember though it may be limited as far as features like were use to with BBM. Will non Blackberry users want to pay to use it?

BBM is a major reason im with BB. That may be good for others. I'm not changing for a slimmed down version .

bad news. i don't like the idea of this at all. i see a lot of blackberry users jumping ship over this one... its a shame too because the product line getting ready to come out seems pretty top notch... if users can get the bbm feature on an "easier to use" platform, you bet they'll go running... tsk, tsk RIM.. tsk, tsk.

I'm super disappointed. I wonder if RIM's servers will be able to handle all that load since they already go out from time to time with just BB users on there.

Or what about webOS? Seems that these two are either left out or will be and after thought. I can't blame RIM for waiting to see if there are enough users for either to bother to develop it though.

Blackberry would lose BIG TIME if they allowed this to happen.... I know so many people with a Blackberry SOLELY BECAUSE of BBM! If they allow other platforms to get BBM, they will lose so many customers.... probably myself included since T-Mobile is slacking on getting a touchscreen/keyboard Blackberry.... #ImJustSaying

I'm sure RIM did their due diligence on this. They're not going to do it with reckless abandon that'll negatively affect their market share. That's why the cross-platform version will have limited functionality. If you want full functionality, you gotta buy a BlackBerry.

This could be a cash cow for RIM, that's why it's on the table.

Maybe google asked for a trade... BBM for Androids app market? Don't forget... If BlackBerry's get all those wonderful apps... It evens the playing field a fair bit...

Finally an intelligent reply!
That one time fee to iOs & Android users could make up a chunk of profits their losing with selling less handhelds. I just pray RIM crunched their numbers right and realize that BBM has a huge positive impact on their sales.

Time will tell.


Opening to Android application and opening up audience with BBM onto other platforms sounds like a positive move.

Let's just wait and see :)

I do think this is a very bad move... While I do like Blackberries, if an iPhone or an Android phone had BBM I might easier change to a platform with more apps and better user interface. Maybe when QNX arrives and it runs Android apps and it's a pretty superior platform that will make sense, but not before.... Also, I wonder how will they implement the PIN requirements on another platform...

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure RIM is working on it, but I'm pretty sure they will never release it unless they do run into some crisis etc. And if they do, expect a monthly fee for it, as we all BB users pay for it as well....

"Also, I wonder how will they implement the PIN requirements on another platform..."

They can use the same communication protocols as kik and pingchat and incorporate that with PIN# somehow my guess

I hope this is not true, BBM is made exclusively for BlackBerry Users only!, not for Others!
THIS IS BAD!! XD!!, VERY BADx100000000!!

Edit: This is not true, BBM Requires PIN which Android and apple doesnt

how is this possible? if other phones do get this messaging service then how is it gonna be called "BLACKBERRY" messaging if other devices have this app to?

yeah their going to have to call it..."Messenger"? which would be dumb. or "All Around Messenger" which would look dumb AAM sounds like Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting. lol

but seriously. this is stupid.

When the masses won't conform for BB users. No matter what we say or do the Companies that make apps for android and apple won't bend and make apps compatiable for our beloved blackberries then why should we make BBM available to all?

Can't hurt
they get a taste of BBM,
type up a storm, then realize they need a keyboard and get hooked on a RIM device

maybe blackberry could force the other os'es to force rovio to give us angry birds

a fully functioning angry birds v a bbm lite =D

maybe blackberry could force the other os'es to force rovio to give us angry birds

a fully functioning angry birds v a bbm lite =D

I love this. Yes "love", my biggest beef with all smart phones is exclusiveness. I hate saying to people like in the wow guild I'm in here's my bbm but only blackberry users can talk via bbm. I like talking to other people. This will mean my bbm guild group will grow to 8 :P. I really love this :3

Bad step, the kids on my school are only buying the blackberry for bb messenger. if iPhone and Android are getting it too............ less sales.

I missed bbm the most when I made my switch to droids last year. This can be done, I don't know maybe not using pin but phone number or wtv just like whatsapp. Look forward to this.

Again, this tells me RIM is confident in their phones going forward. Look at it this way. If QNX is just as fast and zippy as Android and you have a choice of phone from Blackberry or Motorola or Samsung which are you going to choose? For me it's easy Blackberries have a better build quality if there is no difference I'll take a blackberry. The assumption of all above is that Android phones are better than blackberries other than BBM, but this doesn't have to be true, It's not written in stone.

I'd love for them to be able to make some money off of this setup. Maybe make ad supported free versions with limited features for all other OS's and paid versions (not subscriptions, I hate subscriptions) that have no ads and offer some more advanced features like groups, calendar events, and maybe (if possible) files.

now what is an advantage of bb phone to others
what will they do to keep phone custome stayr with their phone

i dont think rim realise how much money they'll loose selling there devices from making bbm cross platform, everyone i know has there blackberry mainly for the blackberry messenger but now its being moved to other devices there no need for a blackberry anymore, guess il be getting rid of mine soon.

Obviously RIM has something up their sleeve that they're confident on letting BBM go. They wouldn't allow this if there wasn't some type of blockbuster QNX fleet of phones coming out that would put them back in the smartphone race. It's a game of chess that they just took a big risk on. I can't wait to see what happens next.

this move is going to shutdown rims whole company and turn it into a messaging app, no one will buy blackberry devices anymore and people will only pay for a bbm app instead.

Ok, it has to be said. They are not that dumb. This is a multibillion dollar company that has greater growth than just about every other company on earth and your statement basically says the whole company hangs on BBM and they are throwing that away. Get serious.

I really wouldn't be surprised if Google buys RIMM, this coupled with andriod support on the Playbook. Smells like something brewing. IDK, maybe I'm over analyzing this!

As a BB fan we lose something that is very unique to our device but in the real world use case I find it useful that I can now connect with someone using BBM regardless of their device.

This will be huge advertising for Blackberry though! Think of all these iPhone/Android users that will be using a blackberry product everyday, maybe they will think of going with a blackberry when it's time for a new phone if they are happy with BBM.

RIM must be quite confident in their upcoming products to go ahead with this. I think it is risky but it's something that needed to be done eventually.

When I first used a Apple/Mac product it was iTunes on my Windows, it worked well and then thought I would give a Macbook a try. (I ended up hating it and am currently running windows 7 on it but hopefully RIM can do better)

It will be interesting to see how this pans out. Best of luck RIM & BlackBerry with all your tough decisions.

So RIM might release BBM to Android and IOS .. what good can come from this ? more users no, more money? no - losing market share ? yes because people won't need a blackberry any more since they can have their other devices and a free messenger app. This does not travel well for me... I don't know about you but this is just a IM app there are many IM apps out there what is so different besides knowing when someone receives the message.

I can understand the right to protect their intellectual property and fend off such rivals as KIK .. but you are degrading the brand by doing this .. In my personal opinion this is not a good idea. But hey its not my company and I don't call the shots .. but as a educated user I feel this is in error - Its better to ban KIK and push the trademark than to give up and offer it to other platforms. You don't win the war by giving your hook away, If you are betting the quality of the device is enough to keep people, other manufactures can build quality devices as well. I am not seeing the angle of power or prosperity or maintaining current user base or improving the user base experience for this one..

People forget Rim used to offer their push email to other platforms, and probably still do, via Blackberry Connect software. If it brings them cash why not.

I know nothing about running a business but this just doesn't sound like a good plan. This will not make people want to buy a Blackberry if this is what their hoping will happen. I'm sure it will be a money maker but some things should remain exclusive and have RIM keep that mystique of having something everyone wants... What other features would they tie down in hopes that someone would buy a Blackberry.... Sending pictures? The point of BBM is instant messaging, so if they can do that, then that's all the person cares about.

Is this a bridge between BB's and other smartPhones...???
now all those iPhone (dumb) user and androids punks can enjoy BBM...

Is it a paid service or free... for BB users its paid.....

Its a double edged sword. If other phones get it they may want to come to Blackberry. Blackberry users may want to try the other versions. I doubt it will happen and I will believe it when I see it

i couldnt care either way if it happens.. i dont miss bbm at all. so many features on the iphone and i Love BiteSMS. its a more done up version of BBM. so if it comes out for cross platform great if not oh well. nice for bb users to not have 2 chat clients. i have just BiteSMS. does everything i need and more.

I’m a long time BB user and I have mixed feelings about this one, MAYBE just MAYBE BB is working on a new messaging software that will leave BBM in the dust.

Honestly, i think this is kinda stupid. RIM is going to probably lose money unless they charge a monthly fee for the people using it on diff OS's than BB.
and it could take away from their phone sales if you think about it. cause if a person that has had a blackberry and they love BBM breaks their phone or can get a new phone they will just jump over to an Apple or a Droid cause they will be able to use their BBM, and get all the apps and stuff that the other phones provide. so in my opinion BlackBerry shouldn't do it. cause its like....makes BlackBerry's EXCLUSIVE cause we have our own Messenger.
and if every phone company starts swapping what makes their phones special. i'm going to develop a phone that has all the stuff that makes the iPhone, Droid(s), and BB's unique wrapped up into one phone. then i'll be a genius! :)

I left my iphone 4 to go back to blackberry because of bbm. If this post is legit and android gets a dumb version of bbm. Adios bbm, hello atrix 4g

sweet! die hard blackberry fans would not jump ship, but current blackberry users that like BBM and dislike almost everything would definitely do it.

if RIM does this right (charge for the service, but not directly to users, rather operators) they will get huge money.

I'm guessing it would be a monthly charge through the carrier, because that unique pin may be assigned when you sign up. I hope to god it aint a onetime fee since the original and intended users have to pay. But if they do RIM would deeply shoot them selves in the foot thus giving Android and iPhone users another reason not why Blackberries isn't worth it. Also losing its only unique and well known feature. If they go through with this, ill be dissapointed with RIM.

Does anyone not see how pathetic Blackberries have become? That the ONLY two things keeping people with them is the email and BBM.. Like seriously, I'd never go back to a BB, I don't even miss BBM but I think this is a great idea!

People need to get over themselves and see that blackberries just aren't up to par with other smart phones..

ETA: Most of the people protesting and being unhappy with RIM's idea of giving everyone BBM.. Do you people have shares with RIM or something...? Why do YOU care if people aren't using blacberries?? It doesn't have anything to do with any one of you... Seriously, get a grip and see that blackberries are a pathetic excuse for a smartphone compared to everything else out there.. I was in love with my blackberry for atleast 3 years, I got the Atrix and feel like I've wasted my time with a blackberry

i totally agree with you. i cant wait for the day bbm is launched to other platforms then goodbye BLACKBERRY!

to me, it's a bad idea....but somehow i feel RIM has a trick up their sleeve, if the rumor is true....i mean, RIM acquired a couple companies recently, they are up to something....RIM isnt a powerhouse for nothing...

I believe that BB is seeing many people turn away from BB's onto Android or iOS phones, and a good way for them to keep those people in the BB grip is by offering them the BBM service. I don't see it as a bad thing really. Commercially, its a good strategy in the life cycle of the product.

On the other hand, I would like to see BB migrate their BBM service into an all integrated messaging service on BB phones, so that you can login to gtalk, msn messenger, facebook, whatsapp, aim, yahoo messenger and of course bbm all at once. This way, it would be a better user experience for people only having one messaging system that englobes all mayor messaging systems into a single, nice looking UI.

I see why RIM is doing this and I think it's a great idea. RIM is confident in the QNX OS they will be releasing. It will run android apps and they can give BBM to Android users. The hardware will come but the QNX OS will be a more user friendly then OS6 and have the ability to run both Android Apps and Blackberry Apps.
Here's where BBM comes into play. If they can pick up some of the data costs of all the BBM messages going through their servers. Opening up and having users pay a nominal fee lets say $10 to have the BBM app plus a portion of the data costs. There is a lot more money in software then hardware.

I will probably get an android handset this year but could see myself possibly returning when QNX is released with better phones. RIM is on the right path just frustrating how long it seems to take. I guess I will find out really how good QNX is when playbook is released next month.
Google makes money off of Android and they don't even build a phone. ( besides the Samsung google phone )

I just don't know how they will put BBM on Android/IOS devices with it linked to your PIN and going through BIS/BES currently. I am sure they will calculate the revenue stream if this "rumour" is true. I LOVE BBM.

Bbm is not the only thing that makes a blackberry worthwhile and the claims that this will lead to a mass exodus just seem fairly silly even before you take into account the noticeably improved specs on the new os6.1 devices that catch them up to all but the highest end dualcore stuff from other companies and the odds are that they aren't going to release this until after those new devices launch either.

Well considering BBM is the main thing holding people to Blackberry and not moving to another device, not sure if this is the wisest decision... Fortunately enough I am very familiar with Blackberry and I don't like change but I can't say that for the rest of my friends who I am trying to talk into staying a fellow Crackberry addict... lol

As a former medium user of BBM, I thought I was going to miss BBM moving to an iPhone. However with multiplatform "always on" applications such as whatsapp, liveprofile I don't miss BBM one bit. BBM was cool for a hot minute, but the time has passed and now multiplatform free or close to free messaging platforms are the way to go.

Adios RIM, you will be bought out in two years.

"LoverFace" (nice name by the way! LoL) Your comment is just ignorant. Not everyone wants a "toy phone" professionals need a phone that gets things done quick. We don't need a gaming device. I have several friends with androids and iPhones. I even own an iPod touch. I would still pick a BB over any of them. Good Battery life, a very nice keyboard, durability, and quick easy messaging and data transfer (that goes through instantly), that's what I and most other professionals need. The only thing I have ever seen android users use their phones for is games, stupid gag apps and video. And they always seem to have their phones on the charger...I can't have that.

I don't like this move. BBM is one of the key features that makes having a BlackBerry special. By doing this, it takes away from that.

Anyone consider that they may be doing this in exchange for getting Android apps on Blackberry devices? Look at the fact it will be on Android first and iOS sometime later. Maybe there will be an Android BBM app for the playbook. That's why there isn't one on there currently. You will have the option to connect with your Berry BBM or use the standalone. Now you have the consumer and the biz folks covered. Biz folks connect with their BB device and the consumers who wish to do so also. Everyone else uses the Android BBM app. Then we will have a fight over hardware. Maybe they will be ready to fight on the hardware front sooner than we think.

I like how all kinds of folks are saying this is a bad move. You know how many people already on other devices inquire about using BBM on their device? A LOT, A WHOLE LOT. If they make this a paid app, how is it a bad move? Those diehard BB fans keep the BB and those who want another device can get BBM too at a cost. That's extra $$$ (from those who never were on your platform and don't intend to be) or money you keep even if folks leave your platform.

As a current Blackberry subscriber, how can this hurt me? It gives me more options. I can BBM more people or if I decide I like an Android or iPhone, I can switch. No harm to me but more options.

If RIMM blows it and ruins the company, Apple or Google might buy the company and run it better.

I can't lose.

Depends on how this is implemented. If it's as simple to register for this with an email address. I can see BBM being corrupted with spamming. I understand going for the money grab this represents for RIM, but at what cost? Hopefully not the ruining of BBM.

I disagree with bbm going on other phone platforms. bbm is RIM's, and they should keep it that way. Apple and Androids should make thier own official messengers. When you think of BlackBerry you think of bbm. If you want bbm get a BlackBerry! Blackberry all the way!

I think RIM saw two options:

(1) Keep BBM a BB-only service while other apps like Kik, LiveProfile, WhatsApp, etc. got stronger in the IM marketplace.

- or -

(2) Go cross-platform to completely dominate the IM marketplace with BBM, which is arguably far superior to all other IM apps.

BBM is RIM's number one retention tool for personal BB users. I cannot imagine RIM willingly giving up their strongest selling point to personal users, unless they are just trying to make the best of a worsening situation by trying to get out in front of it.

Their lawsuit against Kik may or may not have merit, and they may or may not win it, but it is inevitable that other IM apps will catch up to BBM or at least become very competitive with it.

Fanboys will be fanboys, all platforms have them -- I won't waste time addressing that crowd. "Sure, anyone who likes [non-fanboy brand/device] more than [fanboy brand/device] is a traitor!!!" Blablabla... Grow up.

I've owned two BBs, one Android OS phone and an iPhone. They all have their strengths and weaknesses. I loved my 9530 and 9550 but when BB scrapped the 9570, I decided to try the HTC Droid Incredible and then the Verizon iPhone 4. I am a "home-office" type personal user that also sometimes uses my smartphone for small-business type needs, modeerate use of mapping/navigation apps, with a couple of games loaded on there in case I get stuck somewhere with time to kill and don't feel like reading.

I missed BBM for a little while but then I got over it. For me, a good browser was more important, I don't need corporate strength security and my personal e-mail accounts push just fine.

I have to say, BB does a lot of things first rate, but producing updated, competitive handsets for the personal user is not one of their strengths. I ran all the latest leaked OSs, hybrids, etc. and the speed, stability and battery life on the DInc and ViP4 don't leave me missing all those battery pulls and hours of updating OSs.





I think this is a natural move for RIM. I wouldnt be suprised to see them offer BES Applications for the other platforms as well. RIM is getting thier lunch handed to them on the hardware front. Might as well leverage what you do best.

I don know if it would run on android or iphone.. But Mike Lazaridis.. I would like to tell u that more than 100000 pieces of blackberry are sold in city like Nagpur who have population of 250000.. That means bout 45%.. And der are many cities like dis in dis world.. Don u wanna earn more than this fer ur KIDS.. Fukin sellin ur HARD WORK to GOOGLE..??

That will be Rim's second biggest mistake for the year. The first biggest mistake is releasing the Playbook so late. There will be less reasons to buy a blackberry if RIM does such a dumb thing. Thats' like saying I am finish with the mobile device industry, so here, have my business for free.

My girlfriend and most of my friends have a BB, hence BBMessenger..

I had an old Nokia phone, and i wanted to upgrade badly.

Having bought an iPod Touch i had a chance to try out hundreds of apps. I fell in love with iOS and bought a MacBook as a thank you. Ever since, i have not looked back, bye Windows!

Recently i bought my 1st smartphone: BlackBerry Bold 9650 :) After all, i needed to stay in touch with everyone.

But now that i see this happening.. i am quite unsure i will stay will BB. For me, the Apps and the browsing experience are at the top of my list (and a physical keyboard)..

If only there was an iPhone with a physical keyboard.

BBM is the only reason I still use a Blackberry I have wanting to switch to a Android or iOS but i need BBM and I know a lot of people who would switch if they offered BBM

I'm thinking it would have a similar UI as the text messaging feature for BlackBerry Messenger. I was already using BlackBerry Messenger to chat with friends through BlackBerry Messenger by inviting them as a text message buddy. The only difference was that I was not able to see if the message was delivered or read, and I was not able to send files through the BlackBerry server. Any attachment I sent was submitted through the carrier in MMS mode. Still it gave me the ability to chat with BBM and non-BBM friends within the same app. It's the fastest way to select and send a text to someone in my opinion. If they do have a version for Android and iPhone it will most likely have the same limitations. Therefore, only BB to BB would reap the full benefits of a true BBM experience.

i cant help but think if this is true it will mark the beginning of the end for blackberry. As a college student, almost all the people i know with blackberries bought them FOR BBM! if rim gives everyone bbm many people will no longer have a reason to purchase a blackberry. i feel this could only hurt them. i for one love blackberry, dont plan on switching even if bbm is made available else ware, but when looking at the people i know with blackberries, i am in the minority

Rim may be planning on doing this to make extra revenue for the research and development of future QNX devices. We hopefully are going to see QNX devices within 2 years.

Rim has a strong standing of people who want a blackberry because they like to use a blackberry.

The main reasons I stick with blackberry is the great keyboard (I currently have 9700) and the awesome battery life (I sometimes get 5 days on one charge and I use my phone a lot).

Bring on the Bold touch I say.

I have a 9700 as well, I use it a substantial amount, but nothing insane. Maybe a few hours texting/bbming, couple surfing the web. And I am lucky if I get a day and a half out of a charge. Don't get me wrong. Ill take a day and a half. But I'm sorry, 5 days from 1 charge while you are using your phone "a lot".... Gotta call bullshit on that one.

If you use it on 2G only your battery life will double. If you are always in a strong network and/or you don't move much ie stay on the same cell tower you'll gain another day or so.
It is possible.

I think this comes down to the faith you have in the company to not make bad decisions. I think most of you are looking at this as if this is a standalone decision and not connected to another decisions. There is the BBM Social Platform that RIM has announced and there is also the fact that they are allowing admins to use BES with Android & iOS.

With the BBM Social Platform, having bbm on other platforms make sense because limiting it to their OS will not attract new customers because non-BB people think of it as just an IM. They will obviously leave the full bbm experience for the BB but giving the other platform users a taste of what BB users always had. Letting them know exactly what Kik, Whatsapp and Pingchat have been copying.

With granting Android & iOS access to the BES servers, allowing them access to BBM makes sense. What if they limit the BBM to only Android and iOS devices that are attached to the BES servers?

I have read several people complain about RIM making only safe decisions and never taking gambles so how can you think that RIM is making this decision without really thinking about the consequences of this decision.

I may be wrong but I think that people should wait until RIM confirms or denies this RUMOR and if it is confirmed, what the details are because it is quite obvious that we don't know what their plan for this is. But my opinion is that is linked to either a previous announcement/decision or an upcoming one.

Whilst reading some comments about that RIM are confident about their future QNX devices. That would be in the future and not at the moment, because other devices would be improving as well.

About BBM being on IOS and Android, I don't think this is a good move and I'm struggling to see how is this going to work, whilst I maybe wrong but I hope that by doing this RIM won't lose customers.

1. BBM was always PIN based, how are those other devices be obtaining a PIN? They may have a way but I don't see it.
2. Android and IOS have potentially better phones against RIM, wouldn't opening up BBM seems to be like giving your opponents your Ace card?

But then again, I believe they know what they're doing however if they did already have QNX running and it supported other platforms, then this BBM saga makes awhole lot more sense.

When I first saw this blog, I was like, WTF... I have mixed feelings whether RIM would go through with this myself. There are large possibilities that a lot of BlackBerry users will change over to iOS and Android devices if they are able to have BBM, even if it would be a stripped down version. Though, others do have a point that if iOS and Android users want more functionality, they'd have to move over to RIM. Saying that, I personally send a lot of files using BBM to most of my contacts so even if other platforms able to run BBM, I would probably most likely stay with RIM...
To conclude, I really hope RIM don't release it's BlackBerry Messenger to the other platforms. I mean, read the name: "BlackBerry" Messenger.

there's much more to a blackberry phone than bbm. firstly i've not used a more comprehensive and efficient push mail service. next i've not experienced a better hardware keyboard. i've also not used a phone that has a better battery life than a bb, keeping the usage constant. i can keep my 3G on all day, surf the web, text, call, bbm, email, play some games, listen to music and sitll have juice left before i sleep. on the contrary, my friends on iphone and android frequently turn off their 3G to conserve battery power, stop playing games, limit browsing, stop listening to music and all sorts just to have battery power to last the day. and that's the main thing that's keeping me to bb. i've considerd getting a desire HD or HD7..but i just can't live with the battery life.

It makes sense. With talk about the PlayBook and BlackBerry phones being able to run android apps. Maybe Google said if you want access to the Google Marketplace, then we want in on some BBM action.
I think its a good move.

i don't think this is a good idea. the bbm feature is just about the ONLY thing that's keeping some blackberry users stuck on blackberry.. y give it away? it seems dumb and greedy.. so what if there are similar applications in existence, its NOT bbm so who cares? y give away an exclusive feature? I CAN HONESTLY SAY I WOULD GET THE ANDROID OR IPHONE IF I COULD STILL HAVE BBM!! it is what it is...

For the sake of RIM, its a bad decision!! People use blackberry because of the blackberry messenger!! Most people prefer android becauise its opensource. So I predict a shift from blackberry to android.

This, will be either good or bad news. As a BB user view, I would say it's pretty bad! they(RIM) will lose the main "APP" for the BB which obviously says : BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) if they shared the BBM app it will be like CPM (Cross-Platform Messenger) and it will be less exclusive for BB! In Android User point of view, I think it's a good idea! since I have a Galaxy Series (Samsung) Android device, I always think how to Chat with my BBM (Friends and Family) users when I was with my Galaxy instead of my 8520. So I'll say that RIM needs a little bit more THINKING process of making this :)

So if BBM is made available for Android and iOS and not the PlayBook, I will be very disappointed. Even if it were only the stripped down version of BBM that "may" be available for the other platforms and having the (confirmed) option of synchronizing your BB to it to have your BBM through there.

It just seems like an intended handicap to leave out BBM from PlayBook, but allow it on Android and iOS. Sadly enough, I might even pay for it, depending on the price.

I was actually planning on getting 3 PlayBooks if they had BBM native (one for me, my wife and my mother-whom doesn't have a BB). As it stands now, I'm going to just get one.
(I posted this in the IOU-but meant to post it here)

Why is everyone so negative about this ? First they criticize RIM for not keeping up! Then they criticize RIM for trying to do the best for the blackberry brand and Co.; then they hold blackberry usage to one thing , bbm ! How ridicolous is that ! To all of you who will go away to android I give you freedom to leave ! Go ! Because you're only held back by one app! So you're paying money and keeping a phone that you hate for one app ? Who is the crazy ones here ? RIM or you? So you mean to tell me you hang around because of one app? Think about it ! RIM will do what is best for RIM and they just didn't come up from nowhere overnight. Apple takes risk ! Nokia is taking Risk by switching to Microsoft platform ! Isn't that a big risk ! What about apple opening the doors to promote bbm to its loyal users , its that not a risk for apple or android to let blackberry in and promote itself ? RIM has made mistakes with some of its devices but which company has not ? Has apple been perfect with the iphone ? Or google with the Nexus or Nokia or Palm ? Who dominates security and push ? Apple ! Come on people speak ! RIM knows what its doing because as a company they constantly have to look to the future and plan and stategize . Let the simple thinking banish ! If you want to leave leave then ! This is Crackberry for users and abusers and if we love blackberry is because we're loyal to its brand even though its just a phone ! this is our past time as tech interested people to be loyal to the so called under dog ! So what ! We're here to stay until we decide to leave if that what's comes to our hearts but this putting down RIM is for people who are miserable ! switch to another device and don't sell yourselves short because of one app! Move on and let true addicts be addicts for blackberry ! All I have read about this rumor or acccurate rumor is the beating of RIM and a true loyal fan of blackberry would never speak like that ! Case close .

If this actually happen it'll be the worst thing RIM ever did.
Simple as that.
They'll lose one of their most attracting factors to competition and will lose tons of customers (I know for fact a LOT of people who only carry BlackBerry because of BBM).
RIM is digging its grave and it's jumping in it.

i think this a bad idea, i tihnk blackberry will loose alot of customers, bbm is like thier hook to customers. people turn to blackberry because of its security and bbm and others ughhhh

One of the best things on blackberry is the bbm and the best keyboard on the cell phone market. And now they are going to give away bbm? Omg! I'm finally going to be able to throw my blackberry away and buy a good phone like the iphone and be able to enjoy the bbm.

I have been around asking my friends about this idea and they are really exited because they are going to be able to buy a phone from this ages ( dual core, more memory, and toons of really good graphics apps)

I hope that rim is prepare to start loosing a few percent of customers.

I think we should just wait and hear..
RIM knows what will happen if they do.. maybe they're on something good instead..

Hi all

I’m an android user (xperia play)

the only good thing that’s on bb is BBM so why not share share it I mean I would pay £5 a month like you guy's do for the service but not a cut down one.

I have a lot of friends that love there bb's and it would be cool to ping and message them on BBM just think of the extra revenue this could bring in for rim and how much money they could then put into a new bb that’s actually good

but if they don’t release doesn’t that mean they have a monopoly

and any way what wrong with sharing only good thing can come of sharing

This would be a dumb move. You don't see Apple offering up FaceTime to BB or Android. BTW Google may need the takeover now after losing out on the Nortel patents.

If this actually happens im selling my BlackBerry! The only reason i stay with BlackBerry is the fact it's the only company with bbm, without bbm there is basically nothing going for blackberry phones