BlackBerry Messenger 6 features list leaked?!

By Bla1ze on 25 Jan 2011 02:03 pm EST

Back when Research In Motion announced their BBM Social Platform most folks were wondering what, exactly that meant for BlackBerry Messenger and how we use it today. At the time of the announcement, it never really meant much at all. But now that we have the BlackBerry PlayBook on the way and a new 6.1 OS some of the intended uses for the BBM Social Platform are coming to light. That is, if you want to play to the rumor mill. Below is a list of features said to be a part of BlackBerry Messenger 6.0:

  • The ability to play games and use your BBM user name as your gamer name
  • Cross chats between users over BBM (and it looks like you and the other parties playing don’t have to be on each other friends list)
  • Also, when we complete tasks on these new games our status will change to show what task we completed (sounds like its similar to the “show what i am listening to tab” and will probably have an option to share with your BBM contacts or hide it from your contacts)
  • It also seems like on BBM6, BBM groups will be able to handle more members
  • The new BBM6 will be supported on all devices running OS 5+ (at least for now)
  • Looks like a mobile game developer company by the name of “Gamemachi” is working on game(s) for this new BBM6 platform.
Sounds pretty awesome right? We're not going to heavily invest a lot of thought into these rumors as of yet since there is not much else to really go on. But, we do know RIM has the BBM Social Platform arriving. We do know some of the stuff mentioned herein is part of what they were hoping to achieve with the BBM Social Platform. Aside from that, we're not so sure all of which you listed above is based on things that are really going to happen or if they just based on things that some folks would like to see happen. Needless to say if some of it doesn't pan out, don't be to upset.

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*First.........can't wait


It'll be a godsend if this works out, but rumors will be rumors.


Try to work on improving this cr@ppy OS and the backward hardware first.
Gosh, I don't know why I still own a BB.


I'm with NightSniper on this one... BB OS6 is a step back in UI design from the original OS's, and I'd like to see it improved before they focus on a new chat app. The Torch is the catalyst that's causing me to yearn for a droid... I've been a BB Fanboy since my 6280 -- I hope they don't let me down :-(

Fix the stupid message slide out thing that doesn't support all the apps. Fix the little navigational bugs that make you open the wrong e-mail even though you have the right e-mail highlighted. Fix the graphical glitches when switching between panes. Then let's talk BBM.


And it's stuff like this that makes these rumors so hard to understand. How can all of that be put into BBM when so much of what is already in BBM doesn't work as it is now? No new OS is magically going to fix things if the core base of what exists remains the same as what it was previously.


My BBM works fine... Sure it isn't user error?!


a way to block broadcast messages is whats really needed


+1. Especially those annoying "send this to all your contact or you will be banned from BBM" or "BBM will be shutting down if you don't send this to all your contacts".


There's something sweet coming from me when these BBM APIs are available ;-)


You've been to quiet lately. Keep those apps coming!


I really hope it includes bigger file transfers, easier way to request high resolution photos that they send you (currently you only get a thumbnail) and hopefully they will make it easier to use BBM as a PTT platform.


BBM as PTT... Amazing idea! Let's hope so


You can already do this in a way, you can set your bbm to automatically accept voice notes then when somebody sends you a voice note, after you listen to it you get the option to reply and so on, you can have a conversation like that and unlike PTT, you can listen to a voice note many times(if you can't make somebody out the first time)

the brother

When will this mysterious BBM 6 show up as a beta thingy in BBBZ? Get it out already.


i don't use games on my phone so to me these are a pointless features!


+1...I never play games on my phone. Since my very first OS upgrade I removed all games. I'd like to see some other social stuff like voice chat & not voicenotes....and while they're at look ahead at integrating video chats when the devices can handle it. One thing I def want is to be able to send bigger file types, thats a big deal for me


I agree, I'm not a fan of playing games on the BB (at least until the OS is updated). I really hope BBM doesn't fall into the same trap as MSN/Live Messenger did, Live Messenger has slowly regressed in messaging appeal as it becomes more and more "social".


So it seems like the rumored features are really mostly game related. Is that necessary for BBM to be great? I don't think so.


I wanna see video chat through bbm on the playbook....kinda like msn messenger...that would be cool


you would think that they would include in the features list the capability to connect with the playbook


Games dont impress me one bit, but I look forward to an updated BBM, hopefully larger file downloads.


I would like to see a feature that would allow users to log out of BBM, just like every other IM program out there.


Sounds promising......if only it were released sooner than later....


Not much of a BB gamer at all but I am curious to see what the update is all about.


What i need to see on that list is groups bigger than 30! :)


GAMES on a Business phone? no way... BlackBerry's are the new wannabe bbToy


please RIM put an option to block broadcast messages! i keep getting chain letters and jokes from my contacts


wish they would spend time getting up to date with the market like adroid and apple do :/ starting to make me want to ditch my blackberry because everythings so dated.

and another issue, why would we need a gaming app for bbm when blackberrys games are just aweful and always will be? :/


I agree with the majority of the posters. RIM needs to get a better OS before they talk anything else. Some new BBM alone won't be enough for me to come back to BlackBerry. I never really used it, anyway.


Black berry games suck...and this wont happen for another year

rim blows


how about fixing bbm problems such as
not everyone reciveing the broadcast message when you have more than 100 contacts
statues and display pictures not changing instant
and how about adding new useful features like blocking any broadcast message ?


I'm so ready for cross chat!


I would like to see location based chat rooms, either regional, city or block wide chat rooms.


I would like to suggest some ideas things to be added in Blackberry Messenger:

- Add more emoticons =)
- While we are using the font we use it, people can read it in the same font like me.
- Be able to add 100 participants in BBM Group
- Font customize with own colors chosen
- Each members in BBM have their little information such as birthday, status relation: single, married; occupation
- Ping! contact with sound not just only vibrate
- Inside BBM chatting, we can put backgrounds what we want and colorful font self customize

Thank You


i just got the beta they open it back for the public so if you want head over theer and sign up and download


where you sign up for the beta?,please let me know