BlackBerry Messenger 6.0 coming soon with loads of new features

By Adam Zeis on 14 Feb 2011 03:31 pm EST

Carrying on with the great RIM news flowing out of MWC today we have word that BlackBerry Messenger 6.0 is on the way. While it won't get too much of an overhaul on the UI side, there will be a bunch of great new features that will better integrate BBM with other apps on your device. You will be able to interact with other users in games, media players, ebook readers and much more. From within the app you can send a chat invite to other users and then chat with them via BBM through the app. From the looks of it you'll be able to send much larger files (think images and audio) over BBM now as well. Developers will be able to get at the new goods in March, and if all goes as planned the new version should see a rollout to all users some time around May.


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BlackBerry Messenger 6.0 coming soon with loads of new features


I'm thinking we might see some of these new blackberries roll out in May at BBW in conjunction with this new BBM to go with it.

Sounds good. I look forward to the update. Social media is Every where now & Rim has got to make more apps social media friendly. I can connect with the social network through a whole host of applications on my iPhone & some (Shazam for example) I have on my Torch & don't try the option to share tags to Facebook etc.

BUT in RIMs defence since I've started using 6.0 & gradually started to get used to the features, I'm absolutely loving the social feed application & have found myself using it so much (especially since übertwitter started having problems sharing tweets with facebook) & I've been introduced to RSS Feeds which I've obviously slept on for some time now, so this feature has proved they do recognise the importance of the Social Network.

Any word on BBM being multi-platform so all the millions of users who are moving off BB and moving to iOs and Android can still use BBM?

I don't know one person who's bought a new BB and most of my BB contacts are long gone.

I was actually curious about the same thing. I'm forced into the Android Platform via work and I don't think it would be a bad idea for them to start considering cross platform for BBM. I would absolutely carry a Blackberry if I had the choice but since I really can't choose here I am with Android. Of course there would be a lot to figure out with cross platform development but it may be worth looking into.

Rim needs new public speakers .. ones who can speak .. and hold a mic at the same time lol

- new BBM 6 sounds great though :)!

I agree, this guy was so boring and nervous. Hire a better speaker or send this guy for some training on engaging his audience.

Would be perfect to bring this out on a new phone.

RIM seems to have NO ONE in the company that is a powerful public speaker,

it is like they just go out and grab the most articulate Engineer and throw him on stage,

RIM needs to higher a team of 3 or 4 PR people, These people should be knowledgeable in RIM technology, but also strong charismatic public speakers, they should undergo extensive training from the Engineers RIM uses to currently speak, so they can address moderate questions, but really this is RIM's Ace in the hole, and this guy seems like he is as excited about a new BBM, and the new API's as he would be about selecting his socks in the morning

This has to be one of the worst presentations ive ever seen from a company! Stage Fright???? Common RIM you gotta be kidding!

Haha I was thinking of the same thing when I saw this video. I actually think everyone at RIM who did a playbook presentation so far have been great but this guy representing BBM has got to be a joke.

This has nothing to do with stage fright because it's usually the result of coming with an prepared speech. He's reading off his notes in a low tone and skimming off it as if he didn't know anything about the topic. Looks like someone didn't do his homework.

He should be behind a desk programming BBM instead of being on stage representing. Such an embarrassment at a very important event.

Better is better. BBM has always out-shined the other messengers, if they can make it better, well, come on! Gotta love those trolls. Just for fun I searched the android site for messages about BB. Not one BB user was trolling there. Its an issue of class, one finds ones level eventually.

RIM PLEASE give us a way to block broadcast messages. They are used for chain letters, jokes and the like. PRETTY PLEASE!

YEES, RIM should give the option for a Block list of broadcast messages, some contacts are very annoying.

All I know is i'm happy with all the news I've been hearing from MWC11! BBM 6.0 sounds like a good step in the right direction for developers as well as the end users. Sounds like BBM is about to get whole lot more social! I think it well help bring more users together assuming that you'd be able to play games and interact with other users thru those apps via BBM. If you're only able to interact with your existing contacts, I feel like that would defeat some of the purpose of all this upcoming intergration (BBM 6.0)

On this guy's defense I'm pretty sure this isn't a real keynote event. It is like one of those Apple Genius Bar "shows" where they demo how to do so-and-so. It's just one of those little things, and as a public speaker it's pretty nerve-racking to try to speak to a crowd that isn't even listening to you.

Yes I did find him boring to listen to, but he was probably shaking as he was speaking. I'd like to see one of the crackberry readers flaming him speak about that same subject in the same conditions.

I would KILL for the opportunity to be a spokes man, I do impromptu presentations for clients, and the public all the time, with far less material prepared, and then I give training seminars to dealer networks with presentations and the like,
It doesn't matter if you have a crowd or a single person, you give a presentation with feeling and conviction, you direct the presentation to those who are listening, and try and catch they eye of a passer by and hope they stop to enjoy the presentation.

The Show circuit is the most fun way to do presentations since they usually last less than 30min, AND you get to do them multiple times improving each time, this presentation felt it had a lack of rehearsal, And lack of training, the presenter was knowledgeable on the subject, just not able to deliver it with conviction.

Yeah sure bring it RIM! But if it's OS6 Devices only, I might had enough with RIM since they screwed it up by not give the ability for 8500's a major upgrade less than a year

I feel that BBM definitely earns himself a good upgrade. Of course cursor missing is an issue but other than that, BBM must be upgraded to ensure that it has enough abiloity to compete with the rest.

Sorry. That was a terrible speech. I agree with others here. Data model...integrate...facilitate. Wish I was there because I would have had a great game of BS bingo.

"if all goes as planned the new version should see a rollout to all users some time around May"

Am I the only person that feels like thats to far in the future? Why make an announcement like that in Feb, then make everyone wait 3 months

I honestly couldn't make it through the whole video. I was too sleepy and the guy was so boring.

BBM 6 sounds way cool though. All we need now are some games worthy of this new technology. It would be totally awesome if something like this could support multiplayer action.

Your BBM account links to Need for Speed. Another user can see your screen name in the online users screen, and sends you an invite to race. That would be wicked!!!!!

BBM is the best and no one can get me to give up Blackberry Torch at this time. I will carry 2 phones first before doing that ... oh wait ... I already carry 2 Blackberry phones! OH WELL ... Keep it coming RIM!