BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 Video: How to Add New Contacts by Scanning the Barcode

By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Jul 2009 12:04 pm EDT

The recent leak of BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 to the interwebs has created a ton of mayhem (good mayhem!) in the CrackBerry forums. Seriously, you'd almost think it was an OS leak in the early days of Storm's launch. In this previous article we covered some of the new features that are to be found in BlackBerry Messenger 5.0, which of course at the time of this writing has not yet been officially released.

One of the coolest new features is definitely the ability to add contacts via the barcode scanner. Within BlackBerry Messenger, you can now generate a unique barcode (visual representation of your device PIN) which people can then scan using the camera of their device. No more hunting for PINs and trying to type them out (which is a pain in the butt to try and do while out for an evening of socializing... which is when a lot of PIN exchanges happen these days). In the video above our theme-developing friend Wayne from WJDDesigns has put together a little walk through. With the implementation of the barcode, you have the ability to "post your barcode" and make it easy for people to add you from anywhere... like in the CrackBerry forums for example. Thanks for the vid Wayne!

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BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 Video: How to Add New Contacts by Scanning the Barcode


I was wondering why everyone has barcodes as their avatar pictures. Makes sense now!

That's an awesome feature though and seems to work really well.

for the theme search in the app store for WJD Designs or on the forums...its called "Win7" by WJD Designs or simply go to

A friend of mine told me an easier and faster way to write the pin especially in social settings when its just a pain to do it the other way....Just type in MYPIN and then click space. Your pin should automatically show up!

It's still more difficult this way. If you type in MYPIN, it only shows what your pin number is, the other person has to manually enter it in, or you have to ask for their phone number or email address and then send it to them, they have to copy and paste it into BBM. Now, all they have to do is bring up their barcode, and you can scan it with your phone, side by side.... Takes a number of steps out of the equation.

Now, instead of going to "Edit My Info", vocalizing your PIN, and having your new friend go to "Add Contact" and having to hit 8 buttons... you can just choose the barcode option (no fewer button presses compared to getting to the respective manual entry screens) and then phone-hump!

Well worth the effort they must have spent on this. Why is there no effective UPC barcode scanner tool for product searching via Froogle or the like? Oh that's right, they were busy creating an excuse for you to phone-hump.

Now the question becomes, who will be first to write a true barcode scanning program for old fashioned barcodes now that it has been proved it can be done.

I believe someone is working ( has finished? ) an app like this. You can scan a barcode while you're at a store and it's supposed to go online to see how much most places sell the item for so you can see if you're getting ripped off, or if you can go to another store to get a better deal...

If you don't know your PIN, you can always type


in any text field followed by a space. Et voilà, your PIN will magically appear and can be copied and pasted into an email or chat session.

Oh, it looks like someone else already shared this information. My bad.

I think I added you to BB earlier wayne. I wanted to see how truly blocked your barcode was =P I guess my Curve was still able to scan it. lol

only thing is.. it seems a tad easier to just type mypin from phone in a sense. depending on. not everyone even has a barcode yet, so. but hey i guess when they all do get them this'll be perfect

How many steps you save or don't save! It's still pretty cool! I mean come on a BerryBar Code Scanner on your BlackBerry that's just sweet!

HI everybody

I received a strange e-mail for "BBMADMIN"...........ask a friend of mine, a "Silicon Valley" guy told me it's a illegal generated email, it does not come from BlackBerry....... look at this and tell me if you received one also

Thank you for using BlackBerry Messenger. To help prevent unauthorized use of this email address, we need to confirm its ownership. Please turn on your BlackBerry and allow it to receive this email. The email will be automatically processed by BlackBerry Messenger. Please do not delete this email.

If you do not use BlackBerry Messenger, you can ignore this email.

Thank you,
BlackBerry Messenger Team



Received: from mailrouter01.mgmt.etr.on.blackberry ( [])
Whois Record

OrgName: Research In Motion Inc.
OrgID: RIM-9
Address: 295 Phillip Street
City: Waterloo
StateProv: ON
PostalCode: N2L-3W8
Country: CA

NetRange: -

there is a section under your user info that gets populated with your email accounts for password recovery.

And who is this "Silicon Valley" person you speak of? And they clearly don't understand how Blackberry works.. The EXACT same type of email gets sent when you add (or someone adds you) to BBM..

hey.. on that video.. under your contacts.. how did you get rid of the "invite contact" thing under contacts? and how do you change the font and color and such?