BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 Stress Test Update

By Kevin Michaluk on 9 Oct 2009 05:38 pm EDT
BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 Update

* If you missed part one of our BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 Stress Test, be sure to check it out or this post won't make much sense! *

Yup, there's a limit! Though I still can't say what the exact "max #" of contacts is. This message finally popped up when I hit 8007 open Requests, 1388 actual approved Contacts, 616 Pending contacts, and 317 active Chats (see screencap below) and then tried to approve another request. However, it seems I can delete a pending contact (some of these seem to have gone into limbo) and approve a an active request and that will increase the number of approved contacts by one before getting the message again. So potentially if I delete all the pending contacts and keep approving requests I **think** I should hit around 2000 approved contacts before it caps out. But at least we know there is a max limit and it appears to be based on a combination of these different states of contacts (between pending, requests and contacts it's over 10,000 "names" active within the app). I'm gonna keep with it. Still need to test out the wireless backup with that many contacts and try broadcasting a message to everyone! It's been a bit of a trying experience but and there's still a video to come that'll show off some of what's been going on. 

BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 Stress Test update

HUGE thank you goes out to everybody who has participated in this little stress experiment so far. I was hoping I'd be able to approve everyone onto my list, but it appears that likely won't be the case. So please don't take offense if your request message is left hanging. I'm not sure this Bold will ever be the same after this, so I may have to put it into retirement (replace it with a White 9000 or Bold 9700?!). It's definitely a history making device. Stay tuned for a final update! 

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BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 Stress Test Update


I'm sad that I will likely be one of your many pending requests which must be deleted.

Oh well. I'll gladly accept the new BlackBerry Bold 9700 as a consolation gift!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well, would that be a stress test only for BBM contacts.. how about BBM group contacts? how many people can be in a group? - NEW TEST!

What if we setup chain groups? Would that work? Have 2000+ people post at the same time? Would it be like flushing all dorm toilets at the same time? I know, evil. But it would be interesting to see...

Finally, I "won" something! I'm one of the 1388 approved contacts...Now, if I could just get Kevin to respond..............

hehe... BBM/the device have become VERY slow to use. i'm going to try and get the contacts # a bit higher still then will try broadcasting a message to everyone. stay tuned.

Haha, I'm one of them who have been approved by you and in a matter of fact, I sent you a message shortly after you approved me last night. The message is still in a "delivered" status. Let's wait and see if your device will allow you to broadcast a message after you approve rest of the requests. ;)

How do you get the "set alert" option back on this, or can you? the one that alerts you when someone has read your message??

This was such a fun experiment on my end.. I love seeing what a BB can do and pushing it to it's limits. We should try it with other Blackberry's with different memory, etc.

I Second the notion... I was also thinking different hardware might react differently... I suspect that the max # will be similar, but how the device function at that max point could vary.

Didnt think i would make it on but surprise surprise. I wanna see how that huge broadcast is gonna work out

sad to hear you'll be retiring your bold :(
I'm still rockin' mine with OS 5.0.0238 and it seems like a whole new device! I can uderstand wanting to use that trackpad on the 9700 and it becoming a new "daily driver". If I had the dough to cough up for the 9700 I'd jump ship in a heart beat, too!

Thanks for keeping all of the CrackBerry Nation up to date!

I'm one of the multitude in the pending category - I'm really kind of amazed that it handled as many requests as it did....

don't be offended. when you see the video you'll see how the device has slowed to a crawl.. can't really use it for anything never mind chatting. it's been a patience game. 

That's insane! I thought I was doing some "clearing memory" when I deleted old chats, I guess that wasn't necessary.

If you're retiring the Tour, I'd be glad to put it to good use. Put it out to pasture with a purpose, so to speak. :)

Not accepted. This is what happened when you only check every 2 hours instead of every 1. :(

hey kevin, did you select `auto save contact changes` in the backup options as this would slow it down big time too i reckons, would be interesting to see if that part of BBM could do its job what with all the pressure your putting on it.
just dont send that broadcast message till your not roaming!!

Was hoping that I'd be one of the approved since I did it around the time you posted. Even though I'm curious if my name goes lower on the list as the list gets bigger and bigger since I was close to one of the first?

Whew!:) I made the list to , LOL and sounds like he is going to add some more(if possible) So dont give up just yet if you havent beeen accepted yet I'd hold out til hes not adding any more for sure.

great experiment!
i'm amazed about what u guys at crackberry do everyday to keep us informed on apps, OS leaks, and even BBM limits!
Keep up the good work, if u wanna retire ur bold i suggest u keep it in a glass box as an award, it really is a history making device ;)

That poor BB Bold... i think u should put it in a glass case and frame it.... poor thing....

Now i hold by Bold with pride knowing that it has been taking to the limits... Go KEVIN!!!

For some unexplained reason, I was excited to see how this stress test went. I love it what Kevin does to test stuff out like this! I'm sooo glad to have came and joined the CB family!!

I discovered today that BBM groups in allow for multi-directional group chat. I setup my employees in a group, and got my own mini user forum. Now, if Kevin added everyone he could into one group, and we all agreed to post a message at the same time... Kinda like flushing all toilets in a dorm at the same time. I wonder if it would work...


I have to say, Kevin you should be working for RIM! To do this insane test, you should be a part of them. It was a great idea, I must say. I didn't get approved because I was late in the game, so I'll just delete the request.
I didn't upgrade to 5.0 yet and I've noticed there is big delay with my messages going through to anyone who has updated to 5.0. I did a battery pull and it's still the same. I think the BBM server is going to crash. LOL

I'm going to keep testing my old BBM to my friends who are using the new BBM and see if it continues to give me problems.

Too Bad | wasn't clicked on.....
Good to know the limits of BBM. But didn't RIM know the answer to the question?

Anyway, I love investigative journalism....way to go.

Hey Kevin,
It was an honor to be apart of this test and damn that is a lot of contacts.. Now we all know the limit of the bold, let's hope the Bold 2 *9700* can hold more lol!


The one BlackBerry group invitation must be ours! Only 7 members there, guys with good knowledge. Named after the official BlackBerry Forum, myBlackBerry.

Hope you atleast confirm that Kevin!

I kept checking back to see where this would go, wonderful test and thanks!
I come to this site everyday looking for new/dropped OS and info in general. I would like to send out a big Thank - You to everyone on the forums you have helped me so much over the months. :)

Nice job, Kevin! You added me "Julio tC". Thanks again. Let's see how broadcasting a message to ALL would do.

You can probably try to create a group with everyone as "vzwcttech" stated above lol. That'd be interesting.

I recently downloaded the BBM 5.0 to my storm NO problem. However, I have been trying for days to load It to my wife’s Pearl 8130 o/s v. 4.5 and have not been successful. I have tried from App World and by sending a link to her phone, neither has been successful. The software is 2mb and she has 8.5 available can anyone please provide me with a solution??? While the software will download, it only installs partially it will then stop stating that there is a lack of memory, again she has 8.5mb available. Please advise.Thanks.

try doing a battery pull to free up a little bit of memory, if that doesn't work backup the pearl and delete bbm and install the new one fresh then do a restore. I had to do that to my wife's curve.

I updated my blackberry for updates and now my video camera wont work....





I want to thank you xiwellsx for your suggestions, they were sincerely appreciated. What I acutally ended up doing and it work perfectly was on my wife's pearl 8130 o/s 4.5 was going to\blackberrymessenger and downloading it off of her BB Browser. I then did a quickpull\battery pull and it is all good. I hope this works for others as it did for me and again xiwellsx thanks for the ideas and support. BLACKBERRY IS THE BEST, #1!!!

So, if my request is still pending, it means I'll never get added as your contact, right? That sucks. I'd have felt important if I was in your contact list. :(

I don't blame you for feeling this way. When Kevin approved my request, I surely felt special. But hey, I'm almost positive that Kevin would wish to approve everyone's request if his BB ever allowed him to do so. Please don't feel bad. You're still special since you're a CB member. :)

Lmao, Kevin - yah, I'd say this poor Bold is a record-setter for "most-of" in testing the new BBM outside in the real world.

Impressive numbers, and way, WAY beyond what I think anyone could ever manage in their day-to-day activities...
300+ open conversations... Lol. Too funny.
That's a solid app though.