BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 Stress Test - Add Me as a Contact!

By Kevin Michaluk on 8 Oct 2009 12:43 pm EDT

BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 Stress Test!

* Read BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 Stress Test UPDATE Part 1 Here *

Yes, that's my barcode above and I want you to add me as a contact to your BlackBerry Messenger right now!! If your BlackBerry isn't rocking BBM 5.0 or a camera, then you can add me by pin: 207c10b9

It's time for a BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 stress test! At this point, we're not sure what the cap for contacts in BBM 5.0 is. I'm thinking it's somewhere in the 1000 - 2000 contacts range (maybe more?), but we don't know for sure and it's one of those things that as a CrackBerry addict I just need to know! I'm also really curious to see how the new BlackBerry Messenger handles the wireless backup of BBM contacts when the numbers get really big. 

So that's it. ADD ME! Just please, no sending me nude photos of yourself (unless your name is Meagan Fox, Blake Lively, Eva Mendes, Kelly Brook, Jessica Alba, Keira Knightly, Jessica Simpson, Kate Beckinsale...err... better stop there but you get the picture). 

Any bets on how my BlackBerry Bold and BBM 5.0 hold up to this abuse? I'll report back once we have some data here. This is gonna be fun.

* Update 1 -  20 minutes after post time: The requests are coming in fast and steady. Keep them coming!! Once they slow down a bit I'll go back and approve all the requests. Have patience, I'll definitely approve your request. Oh, and yes, we're recording this on video. :) *

* Update 2 - 62 minutes after initial post: As I type I'm now at 2109 Requests. So on the requests front, we've blown past 2,000. There's no "approve all pending requests" function (please add that RIM!), so it's going to take me a while to go through and approve everyone, but that is exactly what I'll do. So far there doesn't appear to be a cap on requests - we'll see what happens once I start approving everyone. I wonder if we can hit 5,000? Stay tuned! *

* Update 3 - 90 minutes later: Just passed 3,000 pending requests. I'm going to start approving them now and see how this goes. C R A Z Y *

* Update 4 - Just over 2 hours later: As it stand nows, I have over 4,000 pending requests and 400 contacts. Still lots of approvals to work through. About 45 conversations have been started too (I'll try and respond later when the crazyiness dies down, but if I don't, don't be BB is on overdrive right now). The data arrows haven't stopped moving. Even though I'm plugged in I somehow drained a battery and switched to a fresh one. Gonna take a break for a bit and head to Fashion Valley for some shopping (gotta check out the Tourneau store!) so will report back in a bit.  Keep the requests coming in... this stress test is INSANE. 5,000 requests is just around the corner... I wonder if we can hit 10,000? Still think the total number of contacts will top at 2k. We'll find out soon! BIG THANKS to everybody taking part in this experiment! *

* Update 5 - 4:45pm PST: Now at over 8,000 requests today and I've approved over 800 so far. Going to keep plugging away now at approving contacts. Let's see when it caps! *

* Update 6 - 10:30pm PST: Wow. What a crazy day. OK.... I blew past 10,000 BBM requests, but the last couple of hours have been trying. With the requests coming in at a steady and rapid pace, I've only managed to approve just under a 1,000 so far. The data flow has been constant - I've gone through four batteries today. As I neared the 10,000 requests number the device has been nearly unusable - likely due to free memory dropping so low (even after several battery pulls), so between incoming requests and trying to approve requests and just using the phone, it's been slow and trying. I just discovered I can actually disable my cell connection and still approve requests (puts them into awaiting authorization state), so am going to do that now and try and approve a whole bunch, then restore data and see what happens. Also, I'm going to unsticky this post now. Once the incoming requests slow down/stop, that should hopefully make the device more usable once again. Stay tuned for final results. So far it's looking like BBM can handle a lot. Pushing to stupid extremes might be a different story, but for normal everyday use it should be good to go. *

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BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 Stress Test - Add Me as a Contact!



thats just an app utilizing the internet to search for the product. Im sure they are out there for blackberry you just have to search.

lol that was easy! i was trying to figure out how to take a picture but then it just beeped and it now says i am awaiting confirmation.

not sure y but when i go to invite contact theres no sms option for me as the 3rd option, any one else have this problem

I cannot see my buddy's profile pic but he can see mine! (He's the only person I know with a BB). He is running a leaked version of BBM 5.0 - I wonder if that has anything to do with it?

So, i think the real test won't be just how many can be added, but how many can you broadcast to?

Kevin will now have a way to send a mesage to everyone on the list with just one message that everyone can get rather instantaneously!

It's like when we tested how many people we can get in a group chat about 1-1/2 years ago. :)

wow that is just crazy how many of us have added/are still waiting to add u, hopefully there is no limit or maybe 5k is the limit and we all get on the list, but damn that is alot of ppl

Kevin man that is INSANE man. I would have never thought that it would have even really allowed a 1000. But when you posted you had over 2000 in only an hour or so. That is a far throw so whill see.

Has adding a contact to the Home Screen always been an option? Just saw that today.

Kevin will have to do that for the people he really wants to chat with now because his Contacts list will be **crushed**.

Cool experiment, Kevin. Thanks for letting us play along. The barcode capture is great... hope that catches on much more broadly.

That is sweet as soon as I went to add contact via the barcode via computer screen, added!

This is great!


I think it's funny that when you scan someone's tag it makes the noise of scanning some groceries at the grocery store lol.

I'm wondering how the group thing works.

Kevin, you create a group with all (or just some) of us in it, does everyone see everyone or only the people that they have on their contact list? Do you have to add everyone from the group to your contact list?

Just a heads-up, confirming a previous poster's observation that scanning from farther away is better. If you have it zoomed so the barcode fills up the bberry screen the scan lines from the monitor refresh will keep it from capturing the barcode. The berry beeps, but nothing appears in the pending list. Pull back and scan from farther away, as it doesn't seem to matter what else the camera is catching in the frame. It will pick up the barcode and the contact will appear as a pending contact. I'd imagine other advice about printing the barcode and scanning the paper is also good.

You gotta try the "Broadcast Message" feature when this is all over. Just hold it away from your face in case your Berry explodes!

I cant' believe I just scanned your bar code from my computer screen and it added you as a pending user to my phone!!!!!!! This is almost scary!!! ALSO, when I tried it again and aimed the phone at the screen, it came up saying CONTACT ALREADY EXISTS!!! This is unbelievable!!!!!

Very interested to see how this turns out. Scanning the barcode was slick. I wager it'll crack the 2000 barrier. I'm going to say 5K.

What'll happen if you scan one of them barcodes on the end of a cereal box? (no not the standard type)

You'll add a cereal box to your bb messenger lol. I don't think that'll work. There's a barcode app from edocrab that's for standard barcodes. It'll give you prices, name etc...

After you've added everyone as a friend can we time a message to you? say everyone sends you a message at the same time, I would be curious to see what would happen...
Pending (Waiting for Autorization) =)

Alright, lets say we give him a little time to accept everybody, and then on Saturday at 12:00 EST we all send him a message?? NOW THAT'S A STRESS TEST! :-)

Who's in?

I'm sure that with the number of BlackBerrys Kevin has, this list is probably not going on his daily driver. Better to use a spare BB for the test. His private BBM list probably wont' grow much, but this is a damn good test!

i'm trying to scan the barcode with my Storm but all it's doing is focusing unfocusing and refocusing the image of the barcode. is that what is supposed to happen? i'm a bit perplexed. i'm running on the OS

Gee Kevin, why is it taking you so long to acept me? It's like you have thousands of other people to acept first or something....

Barcode Scanning/Pin Exchange capability = SUPER COOL

Added you Kevin, to test this out.

Will all devices eventually have this function?

It sucks cause not everyone's gonna get on the band wagon right away for easy barcode scan!

All these requests!! You're gonna crash the BBM servers and everyone will be complaining about how its broken already.

*Once you get a ton of people on your list, try to backup to the media card. (Make sure you have a 32gb card!!!)

I remember when many years ago I first heard of this new thing someone was working on, the 2D bar code. And now I see it at work. Wow. BTW, I don't know how others did it, but I did scan from the web page via my BB. Wow. Amazing.

im having trouble addin people on my BBM me and my friend try adding each other and it wont work when he sends me a requet and i accept him it still says pending on my phone
and when i send him one it wont let him add me
am i doin something wrong that its not letting me add him or that its not showing up on my contacts once i do add him can someone please help me with this. thank you.

One of the best testes or posts I have ever had orseen anyone come up with. i ma with you 2-2500 I would top.

I am not going to bust your bubble because i have a personal friend on the BBM test team and Beta as well as helping to place this app together... I spoke to him and relunctanyly he tome me with about 10 s0 i will let you know how close you came when you say what you topped at.

My best


You are a brave, brave man Kevin for even thinking of a test like this. Hats off to the Master CrackBerry!

Once I finally figured out to just hold my phone there and it would do the rest. I was trying to to take a picture of the bar code. Very cool

I went here

It makes the 2D bar codes. I generated one then scanned it!

Here is what happened it beeped then prompted me if i wanted to open the link or not! So if you have one of these (essentially)you can scan it to open the link!

Now here is where im thinking this code lead ( I know vast amount of possibility's) it could be a way of communicating info privately to one another. or along the lines of geo catching posters and fliers with these leading to sites for trailers and party's ECT.

OH the possibility's are endless to this wonderful technology!!!

woooooww way cool. Wish somebody would write an app to have easy access to it just by clicking a shortcut button or via the menu key.

thinking! make it an app so it will be on you menu and launch able from anywhere.

I have a feeling it wont be long before someone rips the bar code from the BBM and makes it an app! i give a month or so for a beta!

My message reads "pending (waiting for authorization)."

I have the Bold 9000. The scan of the barcode was very easy, almost like framing a photograph.

I'm eagerly anticipating the results of this CrackBerry experiment.

Kevin, I hope you keep us ALL as friends on your BlackBerry!!!

Thanks again.

I have the leaked 5.0 version of the O.S. on my storm, and I am unable to upgrade my messenger, could someone help me out?

Running here. No problems. Yet! Knock wood. Wish VZW would officiate this or some 5.0 release. Not gonna wait or hold my breath.

Seeing a lot of barcodes showing up on Facebook Blackberry Forums, Tried out adding a few - most are working. Adding new friends. Also using it on Facebook, Messenger and Twitter to see how many folks out there are actually using them. So far intersting but slow! So if you want - add me. Blackberry Bold running OS with BBM - Living in Lima, Peru. Looking for international friends. Scottish - International School Director. Gets to Europe and Ethiopia twice a year. Want to utilize my BBM - ADD ME PLEASE lets make friends. PIN 256CC957

Can you pick me up that white ceramic Chanel watch... pretty please? With the diamond bezel. Thanks!

thats awesome, the barcode scanner is definitely a great update. Oh added you btw, cool little project you got going on here.

Wow, first time I used it. I was moving the phone all over the place trying to get the code perfectly in the screen and it scanned it. I thought I was supposed to actually take a! Pretty slick!

Amazing don't think this has ever been done before Kevin you should call guinness book of word records. I also added you and like many others waiting for approval.

Love your enthusiasm Kevin. You remind me of someone. Oh, wait! It's me. lol

Hope you have a crew to help you. This is gonna be a blast.

You can't. That's why there's he listed his PIN...

You guys make this thing sound like your favorite actress just PIN'd you and she wants to come

Now that's a very slick feature! (yeah I just updated) No more: "ok, now that's a N110G...?" I do love my crackberry more and more each day :)

Its working great!! Want to get some adds also please! Feel free to add me!! I am 24 and very laid back! Like the ladies and dudes so anyone is welcome to add me and test this out!! THANkZ

Added not long after this was posted. Barcode scanned without a problem. Fastest contact I've ever added.

Useless, waiting for kevin to add u pretty funnie too just hoping he'll add you psh.. come on guys pretty pathetic oh by the way the code is nice.

I can't see if someone is currently typing back like on the old one where there was an "a" by their name. Also, I can't see their status without clicking on their name and viewing contact info. The old version would tell you if they were unreachable, busy, etc. right on the contact list. Am I just not seeing it?

Just an FYI: I am using a Tour from VZW. After the install and the reboot. I now have the Error(Reload Software 552) on my screen. My BB is completely non-operational. The software reload has a constant backfire. I will replace it tomorrow, but good thing that we are going to see a new BB on 09/xx!!

I have a Tmob 8900 and after the install which went well, it rebooted and there was no icon. I looked at the posts and someone said to do a battery pull which I did and now the screen is white with a ghost buster icon that says Reload Software 552. I brought the berry to Tmob and they said they couldn't help and that I should hook it up to my computer and reload the software. I had already upgraded it to so the uploader won't do anything since it says I already have that version on it. I did a downgrade to the one that was on my berry when I bought it, After waiting 3 hours, same icon. I think this is the last day I will own a BB. I think I'm going to ATT for a nice iphone in the morning. If anybody has any advice I'd be happy to try it.

Thanks, Frank

I have ATT and that happened to me. I downloaded BBM from the app store and realized I had to click "Run" after two battery pulls. BBM ran and I did another battery pull just in case and it worked fine.

i cant believe how easy that was. i tried adding a friend that didnt have 5.0 today and i cudn't even find his pin in bbm so i gave up and went to my profile and added myself on his bb. i jus added you kevin but i think your gonna hit the cap before you get to accept me. we'll see what happens.

Can anyone help me how to figure out a way to install it on a bold and a 8900 with the .238 OS thanks in advance

I started laughing when I saw this and figured...Why not?! I guess I too am one of the 10K requests and counting.

Good luck!

I'm so 5.0
You so 4.0 and late
I got that bbm, boom, boom
That future bbm, boom, boom
Better get it now

Reading Update 6 made my day! I actually feel kinda sorry for you because I know that would drive me insane if my phone was going as crazy as your is. Good luck with the stress test and don't break our BBM 5.0!

btw i noticed while testing bbm beta release that it works without blackberry services and over wifi so maybe you can try that it wll be a lot faster

These unique bar codes reminds me of Kryptonians unique family symbols. How much would one have to pay RIM to get the Superman logo as their barcode. :p

i send my request look for MR.J, and dude you are crazy if this work hands down im going to be totally amazed...good luck

over 10000 requests. He's going to HAVE to delete some to make his berry work halfway right again. Now he knows what went through with their giveaway! I really hope this is some unimportant berry he doesnt use much, because what we've essentially done is kind of a DOS attack where it's so busy its unuseable.

His phone is probably too hot to pick up!

What did you do this week?
I did my TPS reports.....
And then on Thursday and Friday just kept hitting the same button on my blackberry......

Can Guinness be called to say that he is setting a record?

I installed the 5.0 and now its not working ... i cant start a covo with anyone... what did i do wrong ?? please help

oh man this is going to be an interesting experiment to see how the blackberry really holds up. i don't think there is a limit to how many you can add but we're going to find out. authorization still pending... lol

im still pending, and i think i was within the first 50 that sent a request.. so, i think im going to delete the add. there might be more people like me who you think you have confirmed, but on their end, they are still pending. that could be the sign of too many contacts.. people just dont get added correctly.

if not mistaken it seems the older requests are put lower on the awaiting approval than the newer request. when his original post came out i waited about three to four hours until shortly after his "goin shoppin" post.

didnt have much else to do while at work on a slow night. i sent mine and was aprroved within a few minutes.

so i would venture to say those that jumped in early to help will be at bottom or the list awaiting approval.

be patient im sure he will get to ya eventually, if he can handle doing nothing else but approving requests all weekend..

I didn't see Kevin's post until 6pm yesterday, I scanned his barcode then, and got added about 15 minutes later, so I do think the newer requests are being added first.
For the test to work, he has to add as many as he can, so I'm sure he'll keep plugging away.

hahaah!!! this is great.. just sent the request.. name is eddie, just with all funky letters.. i can't wait to see the follow up thread to this!

hahaah!!! this is great.. just sent the request.. name is eddie, just with all funky letters.. i can't wait to see the follow up thread to this!

hahaah!!! this is great.. just sent the request.. name is eddie, just with all funky letters.. i can't wait to see the follow up thread to this!

open up your bbm if you have installed the new version.

open the menu.

open my profile.

scroll to bottom.

click display my barcode.

My request is one of them but I want more contacts too so my pin is 281C2B55 please people add me