BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 Stress Test - Add Me as a Contact!

By Kevin Michaluk on 8 Oct 2009 12:43 pm EDT

BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 Stress Test!

* Read BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 Stress Test UPDATE Part 1 Here *

Yes, that's my barcode above and I want you to add me as a contact to your BlackBerry Messenger right now!! If your BlackBerry isn't rocking BBM 5.0 or a camera, then you can add me by pin: 207c10b9

It's time for a BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 stress test! At this point, we're not sure what the cap for contacts in BBM 5.0 is. I'm thinking it's somewhere in the 1000 - 2000 contacts range (maybe more?), but we don't know for sure and it's one of those things that as a CrackBerry addict I just need to know! I'm also really curious to see how the new BlackBerry Messenger handles the wireless backup of BBM contacts when the numbers get really big. 

So that's it. ADD ME! Just please, no sending me nude photos of yourself (unless your name is Meagan Fox, Blake Lively, Eva Mendes, Kelly Brook, Jessica Alba, Keira Knightly, Jessica Simpson, Kate Beckinsale...err... better stop there but you get the picture). 

Any bets on how my BlackBerry Bold and BBM 5.0 hold up to this abuse? I'll report back once we have some data here. This is gonna be fun.

* Update 1 -  20 minutes after post time: The requests are coming in fast and steady. Keep them coming!! Once they slow down a bit I'll go back and approve all the requests. Have patience, I'll definitely approve your request. Oh, and yes, we're recording this on video. :) *

* Update 2 - 62 minutes after initial post: As I type I'm now at 2109 Requests. So on the requests front, we've blown past 2,000. There's no "approve all pending requests" function (please add that RIM!), so it's going to take me a while to go through and approve everyone, but that is exactly what I'll do. So far there doesn't appear to be a cap on requests - we'll see what happens once I start approving everyone. I wonder if we can hit 5,000? Stay tuned! *

* Update 3 - 90 minutes later: Just passed 3,000 pending requests. I'm going to start approving them now and see how this goes. C R A Z Y *

* Update 4 - Just over 2 hours later: As it stand nows, I have over 4,000 pending requests and 400 contacts. Still lots of approvals to work through. About 45 conversations have been started too (I'll try and respond later when the crazyiness dies down, but if I don't, don't be BB is on overdrive right now). The data arrows haven't stopped moving. Even though I'm plugged in I somehow drained a battery and switched to a fresh one. Gonna take a break for a bit and head to Fashion Valley for some shopping (gotta check out the Tourneau store!) so will report back in a bit.  Keep the requests coming in... this stress test is INSANE. 5,000 requests is just around the corner... I wonder if we can hit 10,000? Still think the total number of contacts will top at 2k. We'll find out soon! BIG THANKS to everybody taking part in this experiment! *

* Update 5 - 4:45pm PST: Now at over 8,000 requests today and I've approved over 800 so far. Going to keep plugging away now at approving contacts. Let's see when it caps! *

* Update 6 - 10:30pm PST: Wow. What a crazy day. OK.... I blew past 10,000 BBM requests, but the last couple of hours have been trying. With the requests coming in at a steady and rapid pace, I've only managed to approve just under a 1,000 so far. The data flow has been constant - I've gone through four batteries today. As I neared the 10,000 requests number the device has been nearly unusable - likely due to free memory dropping so low (even after several battery pulls), so between incoming requests and trying to approve requests and just using the phone, it's been slow and trying. I just discovered I can actually disable my cell connection and still approve requests (puts them into awaiting authorization state), so am going to do that now and try and approve a whole bunch, then restore data and see what happens. Also, I'm going to unsticky this post now. Once the incoming requests slow down/stop, that should hopefully make the device more usable once again. Stay tuned for final results. So far it's looking like BBM can handle a lot. Pushing to stupid extremes might be a different story, but for normal everyday use it should be good to go. *

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BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 Stress Test - Add Me as a Contact!



Mine won't scan, keeps focusing in and out. Trying a batt pull to see if that works. Am I the only one?

Edit: got it...I think I was too close to the screen.

This is sick! I got ya added Kevin. I wager the top of the line is about 1500! Have to think too that Blackberry expects this to be used by large corporations to keep employees in contact... or in our case, a 1.5MILLION Crackberry Community. Now Blackberry just needs to bring out OS 5.0

Oh, and I first tried taking the picture off my tv while using Wii Internet but it just kept scanning in and out. I think it has something to do with CRT monitors and TVs because they always show up weird on cameras, the whole black line thing moving up the screen. I'd say if you have one of these types of monitors/TVs try printing it instead then taking the picture.

Link Out

Kevin Kevin KEvin... you crazy man !

Something tells me it's about to get insane for you. as if you needed that.

When I try to add, I get a beep and then the camera disappears. Not sure that means if it sent a invite or not. But Kev if you get multiple invites from Danny P that's

go ahead and plug your cell phone into a charger is all I can say, I wager 2000 contacts!...PS-how did you get a clean cropped photo of your barcode off your berry!? any help!?

you get photo of your bar-code by clicking the photo of bar code in my profile where u see it at and the new bbm is the truth pppl

Yeah Im a fan of this barcode scanning thing, I just need to be friends with more people that have BBs so I can do it some more

go into bbm5 and select invite contact.. choose the scan a person's barcode option and what looks like your camera view will activate.. aim your screen at kevin's barcode graphic.. that's it.

Go into your messenger and click on add new scan contact wait for the camera to come on and view the bar code, just wait and it will recognize it automatically and it will place a pending message in your contact name.

That was the first time I used the barcode scan feature. Cool stuff. Good luck, looking forward to the results.

so while we`re all adding people, the question is, can you highlight and accept mulitple people at one time? or will it be one contact at a time?

p.s kevin ur battery will take a hammering too im guessing!!!

Did the barcode scanner always have that little animation upon start up? i seriously didnt think the jave OS was cable of such things...

I had no clue what this scan thing was, but i got it.

If you have the new messanger you go into Invite a Contact and there is an option Scan a Person's Barcode.... Just click it and point it at the screen, it will scan the barcode on its own.

Good luck.


I was talking to a co-worker who went iPhone recently and he was telling me how he wasn't too happy with it. I was telling him about how the latest BBM had this cool bar code feature and then your post came up on Google Reader. I was able to show him how to add a contact and he was impressed.

I aimed my camera at the screen and it beeped, and right away the pending request showed in my contact list. Wow. Very impressive!!

Wow....that was really easy to add via the picture on the crackberry website. One beep and it was done...didnt even realize it was completed....

This could lead to a big old Drunk texting party!!!!

Will you make us all one big group for real time chat updates?

If your struggling to get the scan to work, print out the screen and scan from a sheet of paper. That is what I did, worked like a charm. It kept focusing on the monitor, but the paper trick worked.

Sweet! Added you. Too much fun. The new BBM rocks! Now if the new OS for 8900 would get officially released all would be good in the BB world.

I'm going to add you as soon as I get out of my Psychology lecture in 15 minutes. My professor would probably get mad if I pulled out my Tour and took a picture of my laptop screen since I'm already not paying attention. :)

You will be dizzy by the end of the week Kevin, but I think it is awesome. I've got you added.

I am saying 1000 is max.

Scan worked, and to be honest, I don't think I will ever message Kevin, I don't want to bother him at all. I just wanted to test out the scan deal.
He could delete me right after if he wants, I wouldn't particularly blame him. I'm sure everyone he adds will be messaging him NON STOP!

And don't get me wrong, it is cool as hell for him to do this, but I'm sure there will be quite a few folks who don't respect someone's good graces and try to message him constantly... I sure hope everyone would be better than that.

I found that if I got closer and had the bar code filling in all of the screen, it wouldn't catch it. As soon as I physically zoomed out and had the whole monitor on the screen, it immediately pick up the bar code and added Kevin in a flash! Cool option on the new BBM 5.0! Can't wait to add more people. Kevin can blast out a message to the entire community via BBM when the Storm2 is officially going to be announced/released. Faster than posting it on Crackberry.

How sweet it is...Especially SCAN BARCODE...THANKS KEVIN!! But, there are not avatars showing which is fine! You are able to use your photo gallery to for pictures.

Hopefully your BB will not start smoking......Actually that would be cool!! Let us know as it grows.

i added you, and i added my co worker. she accpeted ;) now im just waiting on you kev! this is a pretty cool expierement.

I scanned and just waiting for approval. The day will come when the barcode will be used more then a signature.

My big question, and it's probably an easy answer, how do you get your barcode to display on the computer? I can't find a way to get it on there.

hit the menu key, click `my profile` scroll to bottom and select `barcode` when barcode on screen, select menu, save image. job done :)

Kevin, what does your memory look like? My bet is that the cap will be proportional to the available memory. The next test would be to see if the cap is different on the different models since some models have more memory than others...

Tweet us your current request number...

I am sure Kevin has mad people by now but I just wanted to try the scan feature. I LOVE IT!! You do nothing but focus!!! The only thing I do not think I like verses the leaked 08 version is the available green dot (and not available red dot) is gone. But other than that, I think it is pretty much the same and I like it!! Thanks Kevin!!! :)

When you have approved all of the requests, you should make a Crackberry BBM5 group and add everyone and see how that goes :)

done deal! im down for this large group chat! lol.. imagin the pics to be shared >.< and lists to be had.. ugh the IDEAS.. what does the iphone have on this.... lol

Accept me already! @BlackBerryRocks tried to create a bb group on there last night. It limited him to 30. That's just groups though, no word on contacts limit.

Super...Im pending.....
The barcode is the coolest.
People can't believe it..

I'm guessing it is limited to the memory....

You should broadcast a message.....that might crash it....

I finally used the bar-code scan and it actually worked...whenever i did it before, it wouldn't scan...thnx CB Kevin

This is very cool first time using BBM5 barcode and it worked like a champ. How do you make an image of your barcode to place on the net?

Go to your profile, at the bottom is display barcode. If you click the menu button, you have the option to save the barcode to the location of your choice.

Then, feel free to post that image file however you choose.

This is a great feature...and Crackberry Kevin is on my BBM list!! :-) I like the groups feature, but I wish there was a way to have the option to share the member list with everyone or to just keep it private, kind of like a group in contacts or something. I noticed that when my friends add me to groups I can see all the other people they put in the group and there should be an option to turn that off. Other than that it's great!

**EDIT** I think the "private groups" without the members knowing they are in a group is called 'Category' and the public option is 'Group'. I think that's the difference

If I understand this correctly, if you set this "experiment" up as a new group, the 3000-5000 Pins you receive will be in a group of your choosing. Now this is where it gets interesting, apparently, you can create a "group barcode" for the entire group from the "Group Details" screen. Now if you posted that barcode up on the website, would be able to add those 3000-5000 pin #'s to our phones - or are we just making the folks over at Blackberry nervous?

I thought I read somewhere the group limit was 30 contacts. Of course I may have that number confused with something else.

ya, if you create a group, you get your own barcode which people can use to join...not sure if theres a limit though

I know people who downloaded leaked versions and their BBs crapped out, so I'm glad I waited and I love it! And yes, I'm one of the now over 3,000 requests. Good luck Kevin.

Ha. I read this right after I delete BBM from my phone. I discovered I don't have anyone to IM with so I don't need this app. I need more friends.

I just added you. But wow this is exciting... never thought BBM could hold that much contacts. Always thought it would cap at maybe 1500.

Good luck approving them one by one though lol!!!

So is it wrong that I feel somewhat important that I've added Kevin to my BBM? I sort of feel like I have a celebrity in my contact list now..... "DORK" right?

Kevin, you are crazy! Folks, let's leave him alone. He is busy enough. Even if you are denied, don't get offended! ;)

this is possibly the coolest thing i have ever seen. never again will i have to type mypin into an sms while standing right next to them so they dont get my pin wrong. Possibly the best update EVER!!!! so f-ing amazing!!!!

5.0 is hotttt, scan feature is hotttt, just finished doing a conference chat and i felt like i was in a chat roomm. 5.0 is hottttttttttttt

Ya man, this barcode thing is excellent!

There are some (hate to say this) iphone apps that use this barcode feature (scanning dvd, music cds barcodes etc), hope Rim makes more use of this barcode cam.