BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 Now Available!

Update: It seems those of us running leaked versions of OS 5.0 are good to go!!!!

BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 Now Available for Download
By Kevin Michaluk on 7 Oct 2009 08:11 pm EDT

We knew it was coming as we saw this email drop to some partners earlier in the week, so it was just a waiting game. A lot of you have been playing around with leaked versions of BBM5 and never wanted to see a standard BBM version again - well now you don't have to! BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 is now officially available in BlackBerry App World for devices running OS 4.5 and higher. Check out the link below to download. As for what's new in BlackBerry Messenger 5.0, here's the quick summary:

  • Avatars can be easily set up and then populated from BlackBerry Contacts
  • Group Functionality - allows groups of friends, family and personal contacts to stay connected & share experiences instantly on their BlackBerry smartphones:
    • ongoing group chat
    • sharing pictures
    • organizing tasks and events with shared lists and calendars
  • Bar-code identity - easily add/invite contacts to BlackBerry Messenger by displaying a 2-dimensional bar code that the invitees can capture with their BlackBerry camera
  • Large Media File Transfer - up to 6MB

* Note: While BBM 5.0 will definitely work on official releases of OS 5.0, we're not sure yet as I post this if it will work on previously leaked versions of OS 5.0. Be sure to report back in the comments if you're having success or not, and back up your BBM contacts before upgrading. *

Download BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 From App World 

Visit from your BlackBerry's web browser to download without App World

Read our Definitive Guide to BlackBerry Messenger 5.0

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BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 Now Available!



Anybody want to chat. I'm out of Chicago. 28, Male half black half white. JUST LOOKING TO CHAT. No werdo's stalking me. I only have my WIFE and brother in law to chat with. BORING... If you want to see what I look like before talking you can check me out at No I'm not a striper. I sing and sex sells :)

yea bout time Rim drops this.. Hey Kevin i bet you got thousands of contacts huh, thank god for the backup option

awesome!1 i'm about to download it (was running before. Then finally i can upgrade to a OS 5.0 as well.

Downloading as I type! I loved the leaked version and I know I will love this one just as much!!! Thank you RIM!! (now hurry up with OS 5!!!)

Is your 8900 AT&T? No glitch when you installed OS5? I am very hesitant to install since I heard horror stories about unofficial releases.

Is there an OTA available anywhere? I'm on a Curve 8330 with the leaked 5.0 OS and the AppWorld won't connect on mine for some reason. Never has.

for the tour. running .230 on my tour and bb appworld doesnt work. OTA pretty pretty please :D

I just downloaded it through the App World on my Verizon Storm 9530 using .148 still...I saw an uncaught error message for a second then it went away and now my BBM is gone...rebooting now but does anyone else have this same problem?

I"m having this problem and my whole BB shut down and won't reload! I have the tour and now I'm going to have to reset my whole device!

it looks awesome but i can't send BBMs?!
unless i have to wait for everyone to update. my options are set to press enter to send, but it won't let me send.

battery pull and i'm trying again

FINALLY!!!!!! I have had this page on automatic refresh since 10 am. est. I was getting a little worried. Downloading now.

yeah.. I second the issue on the storm. All it says it Ready to Install and I've had the clock for about 10 minutes now.. I'm thinking about just battery pulling

When it says "Ready to install", click the BB button and select "Install" from the menu.

I waited a while at that step too :)

I had no problems with it downloading on the Storm 9530. Went smoothly, installed, rebooted, all is well.

Im on the version but i get "Blackberry Messenger is not available for download from APP World.

I have a Tour, running 5.0.230. It works flawlessly. Rebooted and now I am chatting away.

So happy. It's so pretty looking!!!! Much better than the leaked version. Good job RIM, now we just need an official 5.0 os :)

I DONT HAVE DATA PLAN so cannot access APP WORLD i am just using email and messaging plan
do have wifi tho

trying to download through the App World on my curve 8900 but says connection timed dissapointed :(

can some one give guidence or point me in the direction on how to back up contacts on my messenger...I cant wait to get...PLEASE hurry for I want to download

gotcha...but last time i did that, i had a bad expereince to the point where i had to re key in all of my contacts...

when i do that, what should i do....point in the direction or can you tell me please???

This just BRICKED my Blackberry Tour.

Beginning to look a lot like the problem RIM had with the last Tour OS update..


i was just checking the forums for something about this and thats all i see is "wheres bbm 5.0??" i read a few and said hmmm imma go back to the main page and sure enough!! right there at the top there it was lol im rebooting as i write this!

lol the BIS servers are working overtime, sending emails are failing and browsing is extremely slow.

Wondering if anybody has a WORKING link to the leaked os for the tour!...then one provided in the past doesnt seem to be working!!=/

When you search for "blackberry messenger" on App World, to my surprise, it was the 4th app that came up. =/

this is the longest reboot of my life. running 5.0.230 on the so anxious. can the tour running 4.7.140 run it as well?



I forgot that i needed OS 5.0 to run this, but as i finished downloading this, i realized my 8900 can run it just fine!! no update needed and im running OS 4.6

I'm soooo amazed by the new features!

You can create Groups and within that you can share calenders, appointments, pictures that are available to you and all your group (friends) members. Incredible feature.

I just created a group called "Sunday Football" for my friends ... amazed!

Does anyone have any idea how to download this when I am running the leaked os 8330, appworld never connected so I cannot download it via appworld. any other OTA?

Not gonna lie doesn't seem to be working, no where does it bring me to the actual download. And I do not see it anywhere on the appworld... Running Tour

BBM5 won't download on on BB Storm unless you update appworld to the latest version. Just found that out.

I have no BBM now.. It erased the old version and "failed to install" the new version. Now I don't have bbm at all. I'm running verizon tour with official OS 4.7

CrapWorld does not work on the leaked OS 5.x and none of the direct links work either. Any else have a direct link or can post this on their web server?

it froze my 8900 for the longest and it wouldn't turn on. after like 10 minutes it finally rebooted and it's running great. i'm in love.

Anyone having an extra long hour glass? if so how long? I pulled the battery once because i thought it froze. Giving it another shot but its been like 5 minutes...EDIT...nvm, all good

Currently waiting on reboot after downloading bbm from app world (i went to the search field, typed blackberry, and went through them all and found messenger 5.0) -crossing fingers-

I thought it was supposed to have threaded sms....I can't find a working link to download the leaked os which I know has it so I was looking forward to it on bbm 5 but don't see any access to do so :(

Can't find it on app world. get an error message when going straight from my browser. what am I doing wrong???!!!! WTF!!

I downloaded from AppWorld and got to the BlackBerry Messenger License Agreement page, but when I hit the "I accept" button, nothing happens. Even hitting the "I Do Not Accept" button does nothing. I'm running on v. Why will it not allow me to accept?

WTF! I tried the direct link w my browser and there's a download button...BUT I CANT F8cking click on it!


Now that I have BBM 5.0, all I need to make my Blackberry Tour complete is Vlingo! Wow, I never knew I would miss my Vlingo so much...........

ok someone above mentioned their's was running threaded sms, anyone know the process to access doing so...I can't figure it out lol I feel like a dummy.

If we could just get a 5.0 os leak for the 8330m to top it all off!! Looks like we are getting close!! This facebook and many other apps starting to work on 5.0 the storm 2 dropping with 5.0 preloaded coming soon!! Lookin good RIM!

Installed from App World on my 8900 running official Rogers OS and after the reboot, there was no icon. Pulled battery and now I'm hooped. Getting Error 552 Reload Software!

What's up?! Not impressed at all.

Well I am running the update...waiting for the phone to get slower and slower, then start to crash. At least that is what happened with the leaked version until I reverted back. well we'll see I guess.

tried to dl bbm5 on (2) 8330 curves, both dl'd but then got stuck for about 10 mins, did battery pulls & nothing was there, trying again

Trying on our other BB, thanks, the other finally stopped clocking after about 20 mins...crossing fingers that it works. seems to be downloading on our other BB

Just installed and working fine on OS Only issue I've seen so far is that I don't have any of the flag emoticons and not sure why.

My Bold feels complete again! This BBM is amazing.

I read somewhere about SMS merging, or something to that extent...What is it, and is it including in this?

So far, so good on my Storm 9530. I don't notice a big difference from the leaked version but it's a bit of a relief to have the official approved version. One improvement I just noticed is that the replies and received messages are separated by a light blue which makes it easier to read.

is there a link for the actual install file so I can load this trough desktop manager?

i've bneen trying in vain for the past hour to install via the BB app world and all I get is the pleasure of starging at a "installing" screen with the clock for 30 minutes

is there a link for the actual install file so I can load this trough desktop manager?

i've bneen trying in vain for the past hour to install via the BB app world and all I get is the pleasure of starging at a "installing" screen with the clock for 30 minutes

Did you guys notice that you can add a contact to your BBM list by their phone number? Then you can just SMS via BBM even if your friend doesn't have a Blackberry. Very cool feature.

Where is location sharing??? Before there was proximity alerts on the leaked 5.0.8???? I want my leaked version back.

So will this count as data or text messages? What will the "reply to" look like for someone without a BlackBerry that receives the message?


How did you add a contact by phone number? I'm banging my head against the wall over here trying to figure this out....

Chas and Kelly, I clicked on Invite Contact. You should have an option "Enter an SMS contact's name or phone number". Click on that and it will bring you to the page where you add the person's number. That's it.

It does clearly state that you "might incur SMS charges for chats with SMS contacts", FYI.

Also I read here that this SMS integration may only work with OS 5.0. Enjoy.

Took me several tries to download from the App World link, I think the site was overloaded. However, it is running very smoothly. Love the look and flow of it! So excited!!!!

its stuck where i have to pick agree or do not agree... it wont do anything... im running the leaked .238

downloaded from app world on my Tour with 4.7 and got the 552 error after install, started freaking out so i did a battery pull and it installed fine thank god!

Got it working on my 8700c running, though haven't tested it out fully yet.

Can't seem to register for remote backup. When I click on register, I can only choose between "Close" and "delete system message". Anyone else have any luck with that?

App World Is Being Destroyed Right Now HAHA
Wonder How Many Downloads Were Done Within The First 10 Mins

So Happy, Thanks CRACKBERRY!

Its a great great in fact that the only downfall i have with it is that the status messages can no longer be as long as in the BBM

woohoo!!!! i been getting my friends pumped for this and they kept calling me a liar. i told them it'll be today!!!

in a mer minute, i'll be using bbm 5.0! ah i can't wait!


Pretty soon I will add update my BBM to 5.0. I just did a .238 install on my 8900 just for this! (good to have the goodies of the 5.0 OS and now an official BBM 5.0 that actually works on 5.0) :)

ive had this thing for all of fifteen min. and im already fed up with it. i tried to send a picture and it makes me download it and rather than being able to simply send it from the camera menu, you have to find it within your files, and when receiving a picture it must be downloaded. its just a pain in the ass already

It took FOREVER to install, but after the reset it works perfectly on my 8330 running!! Hells yeah!

some emoticons missing, a few options in the "My Profile" section and in the contact list it no longer shows "available" or "not avail" under each name.

no option for "show when i'm on phone"

otherwise works well but not why remove options and features?