BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 Hidden Country Flags

BBM 5.0 Hidden Country Flags!
By Bla1ze on 19 Jul 2009 11:38 am EDT

If you are amongst the swarms of people who have downloaded the leaked versions of BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 then you will surely have noticed the Canadian and American flag that now show up as "smileys". But curiously other country flags are missing and after I had installed BBM 5.0 I began to wonder why such a worldly device would leave a lot out. I just chalked it up as maybe it's a localized thing and more will show up later on as official releases get pushed out.

Then, while checking on Twitter last night I was forwarded a message from @PatWallace by @phishgirl3 that shows how to access different country flags within BBM 5.0. Technically, the smileys are just letters and numbers and @PatWallace found by using different letters you can find different flags.

Some examples are *AM* *AN* *BZ* *BB* *VC* *SD* *MM* *TR* *UY* *RE* *GH* *LK* *CV* *BN* *IT* *QA* *WS* *SZ* *KM* *CF* *VG* aside from that there is many more listed on @PatWallace's twitter account be sure to check em out. Anyone else find any easter eggs? Let us know in the comments.

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BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 Hidden Country Flags


how to make the middle finger icon...BBM 5.0 is great, but it doesnt always like the Storm OS (running .151) Imagine that?

I've never had a need for a flag icon in my chats, so I'm not sure I'll use the ones I see or any of these new found ones.

While I see them on my phone, I am having trouble sending them. They seem to be hanging and not being delivered!?

Find the code of the flag you want, in text field type *(two letters)* then The flag will be there. Example: For the Philippines, the code would be *PH* Hope that clears it up for you.

*AG* *AL* *AM* *AN* *AO* *AR* *AT* *AW* *AZ* *BA* *BB* BD* *BE* *BF* *BG* *BH* *BI* *BJ* *BM* *BN* *BO* *BR* *BS* *BT* *BW* *BY* *BZ* *CD* *CF* *CG* *CH* *CI* *CK* *CL* *CM* *CN* *CO* *CR* *CS* *CU* *CV* *CY* *CZ* *DE* *DJ* *DK* *DM* *DO* *DZ* *EC* *EE* *EG* *ES* *ET* *FI* *FJ* *FK* *FM* *FO* *FR* *GA* *GD* *GE* *GH* *GI* *GL* *GM* *GN* *GQ* *GR* *GT* *GW* *GY* *HK* *HN* *HR* *HT* *HU* *ID* *IE* *IL* *IN* *IQ* *IR* *IS* *IT* *JM* *JO* *JP* *KE* *KG* *KH* *KI* *KM* *KN* *KP* *KR* *KW* *KY* *KZ* *LA* *LB* *LK* *LR* *LS* *LU* *LV* *LY* *MA* *MC* *MD* *MG* *MK* *ML* *MM* *MN* *MO* *MO* *MR* *MS* *MT* *MU* *MV* *MW* *MX* *MY* *MZ* *NA* *NC* *NE* *NG* *NI* *NL* *NZ* *OM* *PA* *PE* *PF* *PG* *PH* *PK* *PL* *PM* *PR* *PT* *PW* *PY* *QA* *RE* *RO* *RU* *RW* *SA* *SB* *SC* *SD* *SE* *SG* *SI* *SK* *SL* *SM* *SN* *SO* *SR* *ST* *SV* SY* *SZ* *TC* *TD* *TG* *TH* *TJ* *TM* *TN* *TO* *TR* *TT* *TW* *TZ* *UA* *UG* *UK* *UY* *UZ* *VC* *VE* *VG* *VN* *VU* *WS* *YE* *ZA* *ZM* *ZW*

one of the biggest issues I have with this release is the fact that it displays messages 1 line below the user doesn't start the message on the same line beside the user name....why waste an entire line, which is worse for multiple messages.... at least put an option to change it.... i miss my BB messenger on my Tour which is almost the same but doesn't support avatars (who cares?)

Remember this is a leaked version! The official release will more than likely be a little different than this. And that might be something that they change.

The *DO* should be Dominican Republic flag, but instead the Dominica island flag appears even though their ISO code is DM. Remember its a leak download people, let's hope RIM fixes that glitch because BB has grown more than 900% since last year introduction in the Dominican Republic on Claro (sharing GSM and ex-Verizon CDMA networks) and Orange (GSM). I think in the Dominican Republic there are more BB users that the whole population of Dominica! We should have our proud flag in BB!

has anyone notice that if your on the main page of your bbm and click on a name it doesnt start up a chat. maybe it is just my phone or that i upgraded to .151

I downloaded this new BBM and it says that its loaded but there is no icon for the program....what do I do now?

please RIM, ensure u put in an option to disable the avatars, there is currently no such option yet there is for windows live messenger, gtalk IM on the BB, etc...

Dominincan Republic (ISO: DO) is not the same country as the island of Dominica (ISO: DM) but the 2 codes only produce the country flag of the island of Dominica. It's courious and funny, because in the Dominican Republic there are more BB users than the WHOLE population of Dominica! Go figure! BTW, the Dominican Republic's BB users are the cash cow of the too carriers that offer BB service (Claro and Orange).


i couldnt found my beloved country flag despite its know in ISO PALESTINIAN TERRITORY, OCCUPIED code is PS .

need help RIM .


Can someone help me trying to add my flag *SH* st helena to my blackberry messenger and its not coming up is there a reason for this and can someone help me please.

I saw a post earlier about no flag for Dominican Republic. When I put in *do* it came up. try it again.

I saw a post earlier about no flag for Dominican Republic. When I put in *do* it came up. try it again.