BlackBerry Messenger now available for download

By Bla1ze on 20 Oct 2010 10:00 pm EDT

Research In Motion has quietly rolled out another release of BlackBerry Messenger. Previously seen in some leaked OS is now available in BlackBerry App World and via direct download. No change log has been issued for the release which, is really getting kind of annoying since Research In Motion used to be one of the few to actually issue change logs. So that said, we're sure it's just bug fixes and overall a maintenance release but, let us know in the comments if you spot anything different.



"So that said, we're sure it's just big fixes and overall a maintenance release but, let us know in the comments if you spot anything different."

Big fixes or bug fixes? Which is it?


Bug.. my bad, sorry. :)


I knew as much. But at least I wasn't that lame-o underneath me trying to be the first comment. ;)


This version came with the OS6 leak .280


☂н☺ηκ ♈♡υ!!


I don't know if this is really a new feature, but there's a "Show Text Messages from contacts linked with BlackBerry Contacts" checkbox. I didn't see that one in the last version, and a few versions before it kinda did that automatically, not allowing me to keep them separate. (It kinda costed my mom a lot of sms, since she couldn't tell the difference)


It's not a new feature. You probably just never noticed it.


is that under bbm options?
because it disappeared for me...and really kind of upsets me i like keeping them separate....and can't find it anymore


i'm lost. I just tried to dwn this and it says I have it already. When was this released maybe it came with


It did. As mentioned, it was in previous leaked OS'


I'm running and thought i should re-download thinking this was more of an "official" rollout.... Did everything normal and now the icon is gone??? Checked "show all" (of course) and all folders and no luck.

Any ideas???


Pull your battery. Duh.


Nope, that won't do it. The only fix I've found (same thing happened to me) is to go to on your phone and download it via the OTA from the BB site.


Thanks pistolpete that worked!


for posting the fix, worked like a charm, all is well again..


Of course I pulled the battery, that was the first thing I did moron. I'm looking for answers from someone a little more intelligent than a person who says "duh" after making an obvious response.


I am also running OS6 and after i Downloaded the new BBM the ico disappeared. I did reboots like 7 times and nothing. Then I thought I should go to the site and get it OTA but my internet wont allow it. It keeps telling me that I need to say something and then says download complete 1 second later. There is nothing to save. This is a first and I've been with BB for 5 years and I'm usually the one everyone come to for fixing their issues. Now I have one.. lol. Maybe it will fix throgh DM when I get home.

Fingers crossed!


Weird, I don't see the new update yet.


open appworld, hold "ALT" and press r,s,t. appworld will close. reopen app world and the new version should be there.


How did you find this out? There's so many little nifty shortcuts and secret key presses (like the 'wipe' and such), Someone should make a list of these!

Thanks, oneshortsleeve!


old shortcut....just not many know it. and yes, there are tons of threads that show unknown shortcuts like these :P


it worked! thank you so much!


Seems to have fixed the recent issue of display pics not updating as well as timestamps for blackberry messenger groups being more than 24 hours ahead in some cases.

No real noticeable difference besides that


im using it now dont see a difference ill keep playing


If you downloaded the last OS6 leak, like I might have :), then it came with this bbm version. The only difference I noted was that icons have a rounded look to them. If I notice anything else I'll let y'all know.


I assume it came with the leaked version Thanx


It's about half the size of the previous version. That's a good thing.


yeah i noticed that as well. the previous version was about 5MB but the new one is a little over 2MB.

that should free up some much needed RAM n provide a better overall performance experience


That was the first thing I noticed as well and immediately started the download to get the space back.


That's weird because .38 was always a little over 2MB on my berry & when I updated to .41 its still the same size.


there were 2 versions of .38 you could dl, one was just english and the other was multilanguage... i think... haha


For people having problems with App World, this can be downloaded at


Ever since I downloaded this today I have had an issue with emoticons on my Storm 2. I hit the box to pop them all up and it doesn't always open.
Any thoughts? Can I downgrade back to .38?


I don't have this problem on my S2... yet...


I was noticing that also when I first downloaded it. After having a small conversation with my wife on BBM, I noticed that all you need to do is touch the emoticon menu icon, not press like we had before. Doing that brings up the menu, and selecting the emoticon you want is a press input. It is a little different than it was before, but it's working just fine. Hope that helps!


-notification icon weather or not the msg ha been red or not have gone from triangles back to circles

-profile picture icons have increased in size


Got this from appworld

Highlights of BBM v5.0.1 include:
• Bug fixes to improve the overall user experience
• Simplified sending of pictures and voice notes
• More user-friendly wording and organization in menus
• Support for a simpler, one line view of contact list
• Support for both deleting an unsent chat message (Shift-Del) and escaping out of a chat while retaining an unsent chat message (Escape button)


I hate the "Simplified sending of pictures and voice notes" this Broke sending images to people with no memory as it wont allow them to see the thumbnail

and I also suspect this "feature" will cost a pretty penny to users who travel as they no longer refuse to accept images, they can refuse to save them, but the data is still sent to them!


Actually it only sends a low res image. If the recipient wants the original, the recipient can click on the image and request the original high res image be sent.


So notifications for groups aren't the generic "blue group" icon? The actual group icon is used for the specific group now?

Pilot Prop

I just went to the app world to download this and it is only showing version


go to my world in app world & do alt rst, app world will close & when you go back in the updated version should be there.


When I go into App World to download .41 it still says .38 for me as well. Only I do remember the initial .38 release being 5mb in size and this .38 is only 2mb. So while it says .38 I do believe this is the new .41 release that I have. Good thing too, becausde I have a Storm2 and doing the ALT r-s-t won't work for me. I press ALT and all my letter keys turn into numbers.


I got it a while now....
That's not a new version


Downloaded it for a 9700. No apparent changes but it is about 1.5 MB smaller than the previous release which is reason enough to download.


you can place a bbm contact as an icon on your home page...not sure if this was on the last update or not...


Nope, not new. Good try though lol


A nice change for me because if a conversation was too long, it would take a while to open into it. Much faster to open an older conversation or long conversation.


Bigger icons faster lil better


played around with it for a bit, nothing new that i can see, probably just a bug fix


Heard there is a picture sending/receiving issue? Any confirmation?


well now when you send and receive it comes up as just the pic and now you have to hit menu in order to have the save option, as opposed to the old school view, save, cancel way. I don't know if its just because of who I exchanged with because some poeple have always been like that and come end up with the 3 buttons. Still testing.

the brother

this was in the last release. your peer also must have the new(er) version running, i.e. >.38


This new "feature" is an issue when sending pictures to OLD bbm phones with no device data, as well as it causes you to consume more data as the images are pushed to you first so the receiver doesn't see them as slow to download. they don't get the image until it has been pushed to the device then you select save or not, and the image remains in the device until chat is cleared.


Weird, big, long, ASCII thing nicknames on contact list seemed to be organized.


was using (beta) and i find absolutly no diff in usage.


I was using .39 as well and it had a bug it the group chat where yu couldn't select emoticons from the icon ( I had to press the symbol key to get them). That's fixed in this version.
Btw!!!! I think I was first to break news of the upgrade on this site, I said it in a comment on the post about app world allowing purchase from the website.


What ever happened to the names in the chat being color coded? They are gone from individual conversations and group ones? Its real annoying on a group chat. Does anyone know how to restore this?


I want my colours back!!!


Mine is still color coded. I'm not sure how to adjust it though.


Did anyone figure it out??? :(


Well they are not lying. Icon is gone after update on leaked OS 6


The only fix I've found (same thing happened to me) is to go to on your phone and download it via the OTA from the BB site.


I'm tempted to try this, however, if I don't like it, does anyone have a link to downgrade to


If anyone want to downgrade :

BBM ( & 65 & 66 )

I think there's only 66 and 65


I am on the 5.0.0 version. As I am not a big user of bbm, I haven't noticed anything functionality-wise that bothers me. Any reason, then, to upgrade.....


Some users have reported a smaller file size, if that's the case for you than it would give you an extra couple of MB's of app memory.


I want the options to have more than 30 users in a group.
Anyone got some infomation about this?

Tried google, but very little infomation.


It doesn't seem to be available for the UK.


Go into appworld, hold alt and press R, then S, then T. Wait for appworld to close, re-open it and you'll be able to download


So I've been running OS v6.0.0.222 on my sprint 9650 since Sept 2010 and I love it. However, I updated my BBM on 10/20/2010 and of course I lost the BBM icon (grrrrr) and of course I didn't read the fine print before "upgrading." If I delete the current version of BBM and sync my computer with my phone, would that bring my old BBM back?


neva mind. I found an v6.0 update. It's all good now!


if OS 6.0 then blackberry messenger should be getting 6.0 ??


need blackberry 6 -_--


Noticed the group chat now takes a second or two for it to load the chata data. Before, upon selecting chat it would display immediately.


Whats the difference between the new one and the one old bbm


1. It feels better, snappier
2. it smells better, fresh scent (sandlewood maybe?)
3. its delicious

(hey we describe OS updates like this, why not app updates- LMAO)


May be I'm late observer...but what I see is: if I exchanged SMSs and BBM msgs with the same contact, they started appearing in the BBM itself...I guess its a nice feature...they can completely take off the SMS.


I still haven't gotten this update on my Torch. :( I'm sad now...


one of the new features seems to be that you can edit the display names of your contacts


Could do that as well on the .38




Regrettably the option to spam bad jokes to all contacts is still present in my installation.


wat had happen was i launched bbm without agreeing to the RIM TOS and i didnt see the broadbast thing and once i stepped out of BBM and went back in it the RIM TOS for bbm came up i accepted then the broadcast was an available option ^_^


I see you can create category's for your BBM contacts!

thats Coolz!


LOL!! You're joking right..... right?


1. dont think ive seen anyone mention that yet. Im sick of RIM flip-flopping back and forth with this featre build to build. Either let us keep the confirm close chat or don't give it to us. Not back and forth.
2. Option to have contact list with each contact on one line
3. press enter key to insert line breaks option. was this there before?

Bold 9000


Changed. Rim is having a blast playing with our psyche LOL.


Wish BBM had the feature that appeared for a short time indicating when the recipient of a BBM was on the phone. Don't know why they got rid of that.


I've been emailing RIM (via Berry Beta for example) about adding this feature back in. It was part of on of the early BBM 5.0 beta's and it was GREAT.


on my device, wont show the B) emoticon, only B-). it worked again after updating to>


Does it fix the selection issue ???


I still can't get bbm to work I've tryd the ota link and just wants me to save it. I've tryd deleting bbm and reinstalling, pulled the battery at least 10 times still nothing. I'm running if anyone could help me figure this out id really help thanx


The fact that you get group notifications while in group chat is annoying. You have to exit the chat and go back into it to clear the LED and notification. Gone back to .57


I still can't get bbm to work I've tryd the ota link and just wants me to save it. I've tryd deleting bbm and reinstalling, pulled the battery at least 10 times still nothing. I'm running if anyone could help me figure this out id really help thanx


I updated AppWorld yesterday only to find notifications of upgrades for 3 of my popular apps this morning.

New updates to Yahoo messenger, Quickpull and Urbanspoon are now available.


Did anyone find out how to change the setting to get the color of each name to change back to red and green instead of gray. I hate it! If I can't change it I want to downgrade.