BlackBerry Messenger Now Available For Download

By Bla1ze on 22 Dec 2009 05:05 pm EST
BlackBerry Messenger Now Available For Download

While some folks in North America can't even send or recieve messages via BlackBerry Messenger, Research In Motion has decided to put out a new release. Version is now available via the BlackBerry Messenger download site. Again, just a maintenance release with no huge changes expected to be in it. In any event, grab the new update. Hard to say if it will actually fix the issues we are currently seeing now but if it seems to help let us know in the comments folks.

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I've been trying to get it, but I think BIS down again =(


I'm getting it... slooowwwwlllyyy but surely.


They just keep on coming.


Yeah, i'm hoping this will fix the bbm outage. I'm downloading it right now.


Hmm just thought of something else, NOW if only OS upgrades would come this fast too lol, I think everyone would be happy...


too many on coming out


that the outage occurs and this gets released...

the brother

let's do this. bugs noticed on .56:

- when taking a pic from your BB camera and trying to send said pic to a BBM contact and instead of flipping back to the pic itself it goes to that BBM conversation!

- did this version start shrinking pics again? i liked the 'preview' option but there felt something 'buggy' about this version when sending pics in a conversation

anyone else noticed strange happenings? oh yeah and i think the issues with BBM today have been kinda ongoing since the .56 roll out...but it might just be me?!?



Just downloaded the new update. Download was REALLY slow, but no problems with the d/l or install. But BBM still isn't working. :(

Also downloaded the new 2.0.1 version of Beejive. That was a much quicker download.


with all the outages im going to try to get it now hopefully without a side of fail sauce x)


Got it, no noticeable difference though


It didn't take longer then usual for me to download,BBM still not working.


...please. RIM needs to get their act together with the BBM, this is ridiculous. Plus, there are no noticeable changes (I hear). So what gives? How about an OS update for the TOUR instead?


I agree, an OS update for the Tour is what they need to be working on. I wouldn't be surprise if there is another update for BBM next week or the following week and again with no noticeable changes.


This way, RIM feels like they're actually "doing" something. Lame.


how about an upgrade to Android :p NO BIS servers there


still getting just a checkmark with no D/R but then again i think i'm the only one who just got.57 so i dunno bleh


i am in the same boat. sent an SMS to my girlfriend to update, but she's driving...


Tried downloading this but the download bar hangs at 203kb, and eventually pauses itself and tells me to check my network settings.


Seems like they're overloaded. Can't even load download page.


do u people read? there is a bis problem also a bbm problem that means downloads dont work some places, god noones reads anything


I sure wish RIM would get the picture thing figured out. I have this program now that the pictures don't send like they used to.


Just downloaded it through App World. The download is the fastest I've ever seen, so I'm guessing it was going direct through WiFi and not proxied through RIM.


Just downloaded through Appworld too, it did go fast for being such a large file. I guess we will just have to wait and see what little changes might have been made.


mobile download link is dead on my bb....?ota anyone?


This is like the 3rd update in a matter of a few weeks. WTF, talk about poor software development!


might be time to get an iphone


Very fast downloading from my carrier here indosat ...
But not noticed the different with previous version


the download from app world was fast but it didnt work


after the last two updates... my BBM was acting very slow




All data connections lost... phone works fine - 1XEV - pointless. Outage is seems to be getting worse for this part of th world.


I got the BBM.57 a few hours ago by going to and it downloaded pretty fast, but probably because so many was not able to acces it . Doesnt matter its not working now for me either its like I am the only one on , lol no answers or group messages anymore coming tho.But I did bet the rush :p Looks to have installed fine my group and contacts still there.


i got it using the browser, not app world. downloaded fast, installed fast, didn't lose any contacts or anything. i haven't had any problems with any of the recent bbm updates, in fact i haven't had a software issue with any of my apps since i upgraded to on my tour

i'm on Verizon (in connecticut right now but normally i'm in philly going to college)


Am i the only one who has been having problems for a while now? My BBM has been trippin for months. Messesges don't deliver, but then if I ping contact or send another, it's like the first one will get delivered!? anybody got any advice?


...until they get BIS back online.

Of course I don't think I have a choice! lol


SO with this nasty outage i was able to download the update for BBM.i did it AFTER the outage via wi-fi on my 8530 and now i go to download the upgrade for Pandora again via wi-fi and now it does not work. and i know its not my router because im able to make this post.....WTF


bbm went out so i tried downloading the bbm downloaded and then it told me there was a problem installing it, then i lost my bbm completely....RIM needs to get their shit together immediately or i'm chuckin the bb


i have no internet due to the outage .. how would you like me to download this useless release?


Yes let me download the new update ohhhh wait I don't even have Internet either is their patch for that too, this really blows


The link isnt working for me?!?!?1


you are kidding right? try typing in bucs says that is a "dead link" as well.



ok, I must be seriously in duh mode but haven't gotten any emails for a week (even tho the email account IS connected), not getting any notification of missed calls and can't get any updates/downloads (says USB update for Curve not available). What am I missing here? I'm about ready to toss this baby out to the trash :/

Thanks in advance for any help... :D


Stop complaining!!! they will keep releasing updates until bugs are fix. Simple as that stop complaining if it is such a big deal then don't f'n update no one cares stop posting here!!!


I bet they keep updating and sending out because when they try and fix bbm and add cool new features it ends up being leaked anyway. So they probably figure mine as well just release it little by little with every fix and every new feature. Or maybe I'm wrong and need to stop thinking... :)


guys i have DL it and it works qiet well, just need to b patience that's all and its fixed the issued from the BBM fritz that happened last view days... give it a go...


its 5:37 here in SW Ohio and I still can't get this to DL properly, BIS seems to work bc I have web back, but I get a DL fail near the end, WTF??


The download started just fine here in the UK, but somehow I'm stuck at 3139/3161 KB for roughly 10 minutes now!!
Is that a good sign??


try pausing and resuming the download. that worked for me. :)


Downloading now....Happy days... Whats changed?


I downloaded the newest version of BBM and now once I rebooted my phone the ico disappeared........what do I do?


So I just downloaded the new BBM 5.0.33 and I LOVE IT! Then again, I didn't have 5.0 to begin with, but now I see what all the hype was about. :)


I just downloaded the ugraded bbm, took a couple trys, it kept failing.

also, now that i have it downloaded, went to remotely recover my bbm contacts and it never gets past "checking email status"

This is getting pretty rediculous.


Lost all contacts and when trying to recover just have "Checking email status..." with nothing more than that.


Well I attempted to dl the new bbm, end result it deleted ALL of my contacts! I have had better luck with the leaked versions then the actual releases. This is becoming extremely frustrating!!! Did this happen to anyone else?


Im trying to download ota with my BB but it cant connect to the internet! Ahh!

On the link to the BBM Download, all I get is this on my pc "Downloads via a USB connection are not enabled for this product. Please visit our mobile download site at using the browser on your BlackBerry® smartphone."

Can I get this over DM?


Clearly annoyed at this update as all fonts have been reduced in BBM mostly status msgs are like a size 6 font. Also to end conversations an annoying msg pops up to confirm ending a conversation. I am downgrading to the old bbm 5.33


not having success in being able to download or then install ... and BBM is no longer in view ... good thing it's a slow day ...


anyone else have an ongoing problem with downloading apps and app world saying there isn't enough memory to download an app? even just an upgrade like this?? my available application memory is up there (13.5MB). i barely have any apps downloaded but when i try to download the BBM upgrade (or any upgrade for that matter), it's saying i can't. it's getting pretty frustrating. anyone else?


Anyone seem to be missing pictures from people in your messenger list?? Can't figure it out..friend and I have tried everything we can think to try..oh well...not that big a deal, but worked fine yesterday before this upgrade.


all my contact got lost after the upgrade any idea how to get them back,
i try the remote back up from the server but it taking forever and is killing my battery every 30 minutes.


I am having trouble updating BB Messenger with the new update. It keeps saying "download failed" when I try to install it. It takes WAY too long to download the update.


I downloaded this early in the AM and all went fine. Tried to download it on another berry today but I kept getting a HTTP 500 error. I've had several issues related to outages since I have had my BlackBerry and it's honestly making me think that RIM does not have their sh*t together. I am seriously debating going to another brand.


This update bricked my Tour! I am so glad to not have a phone for two days now!


Ever since I updated to this version, my messages wont delete in the message folder! The one time I somewhat got one to delete, there was a blank space where the message was, and would not go away. I have done a battery pull, and a soft restart. Really annoying.
Didn't have any issues with .55


Looks the same to me finally got it after 12 hours I did notice my battery life got better again all day till now I have half battery. before by mid day my battery was almost dead well now let hope they come out with an official 5.0 for my bold.


whats up with all the BBM??? I cant even install .57.... its like not working at all. I get error msgs and it goes back to .56.... i'm so tired of this


just downloaded version and bbm is not diplaying profile pictures for my contacts. and i checked my buddie bbm and my profile pic isnt showing either. is there a setting i can change or is it a bug in the bbm itself??


My wifes BB just does Email and BBM. We don't have BIS or BES on it because it's not needed. Now I can't Update her device via BB Desktop Software because BB has decided that the update will be OTA only. Thanks for thinking of us RIM


anyone notice any differences with this update?


Since I have upgraded to the latest Messenger I notice that at times I cannot reply to bb chat messages, I have to close the chat and send as a new chat after waiting a few minutes. What's that all about as this has never happened on any other version of messenger. Anyone else had this problem? Or any solutions?
I'm on Orange UK.


Ive been trying to get the update for BBM and it won't let me this time because I dont have internet usage. I did the first one but now the phone company is sayin they have to switch my plan for 24 hrs and I would incur charges! BS! I just want the update to go can I get it on here!?


So my remote backup.. doesnt seem to backup with it says it does and then if i restore contacts i am missing like 10 of them...
Avatars show for 6 of my contacts and only 2 of them update when they change them.. the others just stay the way they are...

will any of these issues ever be fixed??


Has anyone come up with a fix for the ghost typing? When typing in all of a sudden I can’t see what I am typing and the only fix I have found is to pull the battery

sufyan farouk

I use bold 9700 which has a messenger version, upon down load of the latest version the messenger dissapeared and I can't find it any where in the what do I do?