BlackBerry Messenger Now Officially Available for Download

By Adam Zeis on 15 Dec 2009 10:50 am EST

We updated the leaked BlackBerry Messenger post last night, but for those that didn't see it, BlackBerry Messenger is now officially available. The update includes some small tweaks here and there, including picture previews, smaller status text, improved groups and more. The update will install right over your older version, but we highly recommend a full backup before you get going. You can snag the new version in BlackBerry App World or by heading over to on your device browser.

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BlackBerry Messenger Now Officially Available for Download


My Tour bricked after installing this update. This is after a fresh install of the Verizon "approved" 4.7 Os last week. Anyone else have this issue?

my its the verizon OS thats messing things up. not allowing unreleased verizon crap to install on it.

I tried to DL this earlier, and it DL'd no problem, but then said there was some error that wouldn't let it install... I've got .33 currently, and I think I'm going to stick with it for a while longer... I don't really feel like risking loosing my spell checker option...

Is it really a Verizon issue tho? Since I already have .33, how could they possibly block an update to an existing application that DL'd no problem?

Some people are reporting that the spell check is missing with this build? Is this so? I have the leaked .55 build with spell check intact. I won't dl the official until this is confirmed.

Tried to download it last night, finally downloaded after 15 minutes and after that i had no messenger installed. Went back to app world and the .55 version was gone and the .33 was back.


i downloaded it last night when you said it was going to be officially and i have a blackberry 8820 running os 4.5.139 from t-mobile and i did my wife's 8700g blackberry running os 4.5.139 aso from t-mobile and there both working great.. thank you crackberry keep up the good work...thank you again..

I updated last night on my 9700 and my messenger wouldn't act right. Everytime I wint into a group it froze my phone. Also, some of my contacts deleted. I think I'll stick with .33 until they make major changes because my phone was/is fine.

Installed and working on my 8900... took a while to download over EDGE but it's working w/o a back up

BBM has been giving me fits when I'm in BB Groups on my Blackberry Bold. Not sure what exactly went into this update but no more lagging.

I can do without the spell check.

Working fine in my 8120 and wifes javelin.
The only good thing is the pic preview.
spell check is working for me

Anybody had any issue after downloading this update? I reboot my tour every morning by using Quickpull. When I got up this morning, the BBM was gone from my device so I had to reinstall it.

Just wondering of you noticed any differences with new bbm overall. I'm also have 9530 storm running on 5.0 os

Downloaded this over wifi last night in seconds to my 9700 w/.296 OS. Spell check is still there also, running smooth as can be...

when i do preview a picture, it comes up really small and distorted, that i have to eventually save the picture if i wanna see anything. anyone else having this problem?

Iv'e had this problem since I DL'd the .33 version, the first day it was released. I was hoping that the new DL fixed this. Drives me crazy. I used to send pix all the time through BBM. Now i just send them MMS.

Installed this update on 3 VZW Tours (running most recent Official OS)last night and all were successful. This update fixes many problems that the .33 release had however it lacks spell check for some odd reason.

Voice notes are now automatically accepted!
-Gives you option to play or save

Picture preview is back!
-Send and receive picture is much faster and there is no lag in downloading the picture

Spell check is no longer integrated.
-Don't know how this slipped through the crack but the spell check feature does not work. I'll defiantly deal with this over the poor send/receive of pictures and voice notes of .33

this is weird. it downloaded just fine through App World. But it just sits there and say it is installing. i don't know what the issue is. I am considerind deleting the previous version and then seeing what happens.

After reading the multitude of comments from Tour owners I think I will skip this update until all the issues have been worked out. I have the newest Official VZW Tour OS and am not in the mood for a half broken BBM or even a bricked Tour.

Downloaded on my verizon tour running a hybrid 5.0. Took a while to download but everything is working fine. I haven't noticed any difference from the original 5.0 to the new version except the auto-voice note accept.

Oh yea, my spell check works fine also

spell check works on tour...also if you click on a contact's name on top of a convo, you can change their display name on ur contact list. you can put whatever name u want or keep their default contact name

I'm not seeing the spellcheck on the 8900. I purposely said "waht" and it didnt correct it or anything and no option in the BB menu to correct it.

Also, I dont know if this is true with others, but I REALLY missed the preview option, however, with this one, it doesnt show up any different then it did in the actual chat window. like i can see anything?? no.

Just downloaded, error message the first time, then downloaded again and now it works with no problems,
Only difference I can see is it runs really fast with no lag.

are able to send pictures easier and without problems, automatically brings contact your pinning to the top, brings up a better list for choosing picture sending

You know . . . I just wish that Blackberry Messenger could handle IMs and what not.

AIM, yahoo, MSN, Skype, GMail all that crap. Then they could save some room . remove the other apps. AND put a few companies out of business ha ha!

They could call it BBMPro if they wanted and sell it for $5.00 OR even free. And just OUT do all the Crappy IMs :(

… Error while installing …. GO FIGURE ! ha ha ha and I want them to make an ALL in one app .. HA yeah right!

… Error while installing …. GO FIGURE ! ha ha ha and I want them to make an ALL in one app .. HA yeah right!

I have tried installing the new update the new update but it is stuck on installing. Pulled battery and tried to reinstal but no luck It deleted my old BBM and now I have nothing. WTF!!!??!

Took an hour to install properly, first gave my an hour glass for 30 mins so I did a batt pull, then my bbm was gone completely, installed again and I got an error msg, installed a THIRD time seems to be working fine now except I have no spell check. Something else I noticed that is annoying, when I select end conversation a confirmation message comes up asking if I really want to end the conversation =| never got this message before so I feel its redundant.

that the older version .33 of bbm is no longer going to be supported by RIM and everyone will have to update their bbm to this new updated one. Is this true? anyone?

I have the Sprint Tour running, i got the new bbm and the spell check is gone, does anyone know how i can get the old bbm back or will rim fix this problem

Well i have this loaded on my tour, running os 5.0.238 and have no issues with spell check, no prob withe the install, it was slow but installed just fine.
Also backup function is still there, its just in the options now, but it is still there...dont seem to have any issues with this update at all.

But seriously folks... Spellcheck does work! I have a Verizon Storm 2. Downloaded it through BlackBerry App World.

I installed this in the morning today and since then my battery has drained at 7.5%/hour. It's never been this bad and it was just sitting in my pocket for most of the day.
Anyone else had battery drain problems after installing this?

i also have this issue since UPDATING newer version .55... WTF!? anyone know why this is???

have it on STORM(1) BTW

installed it this morning. horrible. it took awhile to install. it hangs many times during messaging. piece of crap.
i love bbm but this upgrade stinks. what did rim upgrade anyway???

Apparently there is no spell check for any operating system lower than 5.0. Does anyone have the OTA link for the previous BBM 5.0.33? Thanks.

now there is a dumb subject before msg body in my msg list and it beeps every single time rather than before when it would only beep for first unread msg in a group chat.

I have the storm 2 and am running the operating system that came with the phone and install went fine- pretty quick in fact. I didn't install from app world tho I went to the site on my phone browser. As far as spell check- It gives me word options while I am typing - I assume that's what people are talking about...

ok so now I see what people are talking about with spell check- I actually never used it but its there if I want to

Some of my friends are reporting spell check works for them on a 8900 tmobile, however I have a tour and it's not there... I don't know if to reinstall or if it's an issue. RIM! Get it right! Ugh!

I have two tours running same OS ( and only one of them has spell check, the other does not. WTF!!!!!!

I dl the offical one and spell check is gone. I don't understand that. I am still new at this what does Bricked mean? I did try to dl the leaked one and bbm vanished from my phone and it wouldn't let me install at all. So, I had to go back to the 5.0.033 and then dl the offical one. I want the back or let them(RIM) fix this one and put spell check back.How do I go back to

the tour is a piece of crap but i exepected BBM to work. Love that picture send is working now but no spell check is unacceptable!

why the hell does the font keep getting smaller??? the d and the r over the check mark are a blurr for christ's need superman vision to read that ish!! give me a break rim, most of the population can't read the bottom line of the eye chart ya know! and of course now that this version is official i can't find the original 5.0 version anywhere....nice going.


Installed and running fine on my Storm 2 (running a hybrid OS). Spell check is there for me as well. Co worker has the 8330 (not sure what OS she's running..probably stock) and spell check disappeared. She also had a new msg icon that would not go away no matter what we did.

Didn't see this change posted and can't remember seeing this option on previous versions of BBM:

Option to email chat

I originally downloaded it from the app world then once I noticed I lost the spell check, I uninstalled and then re-installed from the bbm website and still did not have the spell check, but all the other changes/'improvements' were all the same from each places.
Just downgraded back to .33 on my at&t 8900.

The little BBM notification icon is not showing up at the top of my VZW curve is not showing since I updated. Has anyone else had this issue? Anyone know how to fix this?

I downloaded .55 version from app world and it gave me nothing but a headache all day! kept freezing and was really slow downloading and then was giving me an error message when rebooted! they need to fix this ASAP!!!

For those considering this download, reconsider!! The App is very slow, I'm receiving false message notifications and most importantly the spell checked has been removed. This version is very very buggy.

just d/l'd and installed on my 9700 with no problems. response time is a faster then what i used to. but works great overall !

Well, by reading some of the comments above, I think I will wait until the next release...Im running leaked right now and I have NO problems with it as of now.. I was just about to install .55 and was reading the comments on here and I cancelled the install..its a good thing I did!!

It seam they have fixed the picture glitch... but now what the hell happend to spell check.. there is no option for it to check before you send & you cant have it checking while you are typing either.....

HuMMMMM What The F*** Happened.

Since I downloaded .55 I cannot update my contacts using my email address. I send the confirmation email, they arrive in my email box, but never show up in my BB. Other email messages I get do arrive and show up in my email though?

Anyone else with this problem or any suggestions.
Oh, it's a Storm 1 on verizon.

do you have to enable spell check some were, beause i just tried spelling something wrong and it didnt underline it or nothing. i hope they fix this. i have the 8900 curve on at&t