The Definitive Guide to BlackBerry Messenger 5.0

By Adam Zeis on 8 Oct 2009 07:07 am EDT
BlackBerry Messenger 5.0

BlackBerry Messenger has come a long way over the years. The latest version of BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 has tons of great features to make BlackBerry to BlackBerry messaging easier and more productive. Things like barcodes, groups, recent updates and avatars all add to the BBM flair and step up the game. Here we will take a cruise through all the aspects of BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 (keep in mind that some screens may vary, as this 101 is described using OS 5.0)

Where can I find BlackBerry Messenger 5.0?

BlackBerry Messenger 5.0

BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 can be downloaed via BlackBerry App World or directly from your mobile browser at, Both links allow you to download and install BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 instantly over the air. 

Getting Started

Editing your profile information

BlackBerry Messenger 5.0

First things first. Before we start adding contacts and chatting away, you'll want to be sure your profile information is correct. To edit your info, Enter BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 and click on your name on the top of the screen. From here you will be able to edit your profile name, avatar and status. You will also see other information such as your PIN and barcode. Here you may edit your profile name and avatar, as well as choosing your availability and status message.


To change your avatar, click on the box in the top left and you will be able to select an image from your device to use as an avatar. Here you will see you device PIN (so others can easily add you to BlackBerry Messenger) and also your barcode.


Your barcode is your unique identifier that allows for quickly adding to someone's contact list by simply scanning the barcode. Also displayed is your location information, and you can choose if you'd like to display it to other contacts.


Last but not least you have the ability to change you status from Available to Busy or create a custom status.

Editing Options

BlackBerry Messenger 5.0

Enter the options screen by pressing the Menu key and choosing 'Options'. From this screen you will be able to customize BlackBerry Messenger 5.0. You can choose to have messages show in your Messages Application, choose the conversation style, the number of recent updates to show, backup/restore your contacts and more.


Adding Contacts

BlackBerry Messenger 5.0

When you first start up BlackBerry Messenger 5.0, you'll want to add some contacts.  You can do this the old fashioned way by entering a users PIN or email address, or you can scan their barcode. A unique 2D barcode is assigned to all BlackBerry Messenger users (much like a PIN) and allows you to easily add contacts just by scanning the image with your device camera. 

Method 1 - Requesting by PIN or email

BlackBerry Messenger 5.0
BlackBerry Messenger 5.0

To add a contact via PIN, press the Menu key and select Invite Contact. From there choose 'Enter a person's email address, PIN or name'. Here you type in the persons PIN number or email address, and you will also be able to edit the message sent along with the request. When you are finished, select 'Send' and you're finished. The contact will move to 'Pending' until they either accept or decline the request. 

Method 2 - Scan a barcode

BlackBerry Messenger 5.0

Perhaps the easiest way to add a contact is to scan their barcode. A barcode is a 2 dimensional image that is unique to each user. The addition of the barcode to BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 makes adding contacts quickly a much easier task. To add a contact via barcode, press the Menu key and select Inivte Contact (or choose Scan a Barcode). Choose 'Scan a persons barcode'. This will activate your device's camera and allow you to scan a barccode - be it on another device, PC screen or business card. You simply hold the camera to view the barcode and once the image is recognized your device will beep and the contact will be moved to 'Pending' until they accept or decline the request.

Method 3 - Enter an SMS contact's name or phone number

BlackBerry Messenger 5.0

This works in the same manner as adding via email or PIN, however you can enter the contacts phone number to add them to your list and have the ability to message them via SMS. To use the integrated threaded SMS feature, you will have to add contacts to your BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 contact list. If the user doesn't not have a BlackBerry, you will need to add them by this method. Users who are not in your BlackBerry Messenger contacts will not show in the threaded SMS within BlackBerry Messenger, only in the native SMS app (standard on lower OS versions or threaded on OS 5.0).

Starting a Chat

BlackBerry Messenger 5.0

Once you've added some contacts you'll want to start sending messages. To do this, simply highlight the contact in your list, and either click on their name or press the Menu key and choose 'Open Chat'. From here the chat window will open and you're up and running. Pressing the Escape button will exit the chat but keep it open, allowing you to have multiple conversations at once. To close the chat, highlight it from the Chat list, press Menu and choose 'End Chat'. 

BlackBerry Messenger 5.0

You can also start a chat (or conference) with multiple contacts in BlackBerry Messenger 5.0. To do this, highlight the contact in your list, press the Menu ket and choose 'Invite to Conference'. This allows you to start a group chat with multiple contacts and works in the same manner as having a one on one chat. 

Broadcast Message

BlackBerry Messenger 5.0

BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 also adds the option to send a 'Broadcast Message' to mulitple contacts. This is a great feature for getting a message out to multiple contacts at once. To send a broadcast message, press the Menu key and choose 'Broadcast Message'. From here you may enter your message and choose the contacts to which you'd like to send. When finished choose 'Send' and your message will be sent. 

Sending Media to a Contact

BlackBerry Messenger 5.0

With BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 you have the ability to send media to a contact. You can send a file, picture or voice note. Start a chat with a contact and press the menu key. Choose 'Send Picture', 'Send Voice Note', or 'Send File'. For file or picture you will be prompted to choose the file and confirm. For a voice note, you be prompted to start recording the message. 


Creating a Group

BlackBerry Messenger 5.0

Perhaps one of the coolest new features in BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 is the addition of groups. You now have the ability to create custom groups (much like a conference) and chat with contacts, share pictures, calendars and more. To create a group, press the menu key and choose 'Create New Group'. Add the group name and description and choose an icon. You can also choose to have non-admin members authorized to invite contacts. From the next screen you can choose from your contacts to invite to the group. 

Group Details

After the group is created it will appear in your Groups list. Any message you send to the group will go out to all members. This is helpful for lists for work, friends etc. and allows quick, instant communication. In the group area you can also send pictures, lists or calendars.

Group Details

To change group options, press the Menu key and choose 'Group Details'. Here you can choose to have the icon shown on the home screen (where the icon will become an application of its own, allowing you to click directly to the group chat), group options and the group barcode. With the group barcode, you can easily add members by having them scan the barcode the same way you would add a contact by barcode.

Group Details

You also have the option to change how messages appear in the Message Application. Scroll to 'Message List Intergration' and click 'Settings'. Here you can choose what displays in the Messages list. Select 'No Activities' to keep everything within BlackBerry Messenger 5.0, select 'All Activities' to show everything in your message list (chats, pictures etc.) or choose 'Some Activities' to choose what you would like shown in the messages list. To leave a group highlight the group in your list, press the Menu key and choose 'Leave Group'.

Group Icon

If you choose to have the group's icon placed on the home screen, you will have an icon for the respective group that acts much the same as a messages icon. You will receive a notifier on the icon, as well as a banner notification when you receive a message for the particular group. When you click on the icon you will be taken directly to the group chat inside BlackBerry Messenger If you choose not to have the icon display, you're BlackBerry Messenger icon will still show a notifier, and you will see the banner icon as well. In this case you will have to open BlackBerry Messenger and scroll to the group to open the chat.

Backup and Restore Contacts

BlackBerry Messenger 5.0
BlackBerry Messenger 5.0

Maybe the best addtion to BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 is the ability to backup and restore contacts. To do this, you simply choose 'Back Up Contact List' or 'Restore Contact List' from the menu. Next you will be asked to backup/restore locally or remotely. Locally allows you to choose to backup to either the device or media card, while remotely allows you to backup on a remote server tied to your email address. When you choose to restore contacts, you can just do a few menu clicks and you're done.

Need More?

Need more information, just want to learn more or maybe share your barcode? Head on over to our CrackBerry forums for all you need.

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Reader comments

The Definitive Guide to BlackBerry Messenger 5.0


I believe you need OS 5.0 for the SMS integration. So if you dont have it i'm betting that option wont be there.

i have font size 7 on my blackberry but now that i have upgraded to the new bbm the font is just wayy to big. when i was using the leaked bbm 5.0 it looked much better with font size 7. is there any way to make the font under the new bbm extra small? anyone else agree with me? can only see 6 contacts on the screen at once (have 50+ contacts takes me an hour to scroll to the bottom) email me

You know you can type in the name or the first letter of a contacts name will take you to that contact(s), kind of like the Address book (Contacts) works.

You need to copy this sign from other person or you can buy FancyCharacters app which has a lot of different charcters :)

You positive it bricked it? It does take some time to dl and install. Took me at least 10 mins to install(that is including the reboot you have to do.) Took my friend over ten to put it on his curve.

the only problem i have is that i don't see my contacts pictures and they dont see mine, how do i solve this?

to add your profile image, go into `my profile` in the menu and click on your pic, then choose image, then crop and save

to add images for others, you need first to connect the BBM user to your contacts list, so highlight the BBM user, then in the menu choose `link to BB contact` then either use the existing contact info if you have other details for them, or create a new contact.
now when in the contact you can choose edit, then select the image and add the image as per adding your own

worth noting if you link say their facebook to your contact in the same way, then link the BBM to the contact, the FB image shows in BBM, which is quick and easy

How about explaining why my SMS's are showing up in BBM when I already have 5.0 OS installed? I do not need them in BBM.

because its THREADED. thats why they're showing up. if you have 4.5 or 4.6 or an older OS then it does NOT show up as threaded (show up in bbm), but if you DO have OS 5.0 then it DOES show up threaded (in bbm).

You don't want it and i'm looking for it =). The first couple of post's actually the very first post is about threaded sms for the leaked 5.0 os.

Still upgrading os

If you have a contact in BBM that sends you a SMS, it will show up in BBM (because they are already in your contact list). An SMS should not show up in BBM if the person who sent it is not in your BBM contact list, it should go to the standard SMS app (which on OS5 is still threaded).

Just upgraded via App World. Download was smooth. Before restart, warning came up saying problem with download. Reoved my old BM and shows that it is ready too run in the MY Apps section but will not run. Tried doing a restore via DM for Mac. Tried restoring just BM 4.7. Nothing gives. Any help out there? Thanks!

it said there was a problem when downloading and i kept clicking run but nothing happened, so i just ended up deleting bbm 5.0, which showed up in the app list in my options menu and had to re-install it. I didn't feel like waiting and asking for help, so this was the easy solution. the only thing is you will lose any contacts from your previous version. I d/l BBM w/o a hitch, but have 2 questions:

(a) Am I correct in that you don't need a BB to text someone (i.e. requesting a person via SMS)?

(b) I am on the Tour. Can anyone confirm that this SMS feature works on I am on and this feature is definitely worth the upgrade if I can SMS & BB from 1 feature.

On the os lower than 5.0 the option isn't even there. I am in the middle of upgrading my os now and will see if it works or not. It should work. Its only available for os 5.0

yeah im on tour
some texts show up in bbm...some dont but i haven't really messed around with the adding sms people they just started showing up (but mainly cause it was people texting me that i have as bbm contacts [dont ask] )

Loaded it up and it all went fine. I'm confused as to why there is only a BBM symbol next to all of my contacts now instead of the smiley face saying that they could chat. And how do I know if they are busy now?

To find out the status of a contact you have to hilight that contact, click the menu button and click on Contact Profile, it shows their status there. Pretty stupid if you ask me.

it still shows the busy symbol on the contact list, you dont have to go to their contact info. if you dont see the busy symbol, they are available.

How many contacts per group is allowed? I posted a group barcode and others get a failed message saying it timed out or is in use by another.

I'm not seeing the add SMS contact option in BB messenger. Is this something that's carrier supported? Or is BB OS 5.x required? I'm running 4.6.somehting
Anyone else on AT&T able to do SMS within BB messenger?

its been mentioned many times that you need OS5.0 to run treaded sms. If you dont then you don't have the option of adding contacts via phone number

Sorry that I didn't think I needed to read the definitive guide to a freakin messaging client (of all things). And thanks for giving me a simple answer without being condescending.
(Why do online posters think they're the masters of the freakin universe??)

They don't. They just expect you to read and try to figure it out yourself, before you go crying for help. It's so typical of people these days. Everyone wants a hand out instead of just working for it. It doesn't take much to skim the 20 posts above yours to see that your problem and solution have been mentioned at least 3 times.

I'd love to have the threaded SMS but I heard that with the leaked OS 5.0 for the Tour, some applications do not work, like Facebook for example. Is this still the case or have I just fallen behind on my forum readings? Thanks guys/gals...

WRONG---Facebook does work with as long as you then download the newest version of facebook that was released a few weeks ago. That is version

I am running this OS version and this FB version and they work fine.

I either can't do it for anyone with AT&T or specifically an iPhone. When I click on their name to message them absolutely nothing happens.

When I send a picture with BBM5, it sends the pics in full quality.
Is there any way to send a low quality pics to be downloaded faster?

This is probably the most dissapointing feature in BBM5 for me. I want the ability to send pics without having to send the original size, back! C'mon! It's such a nuisance now that the receivee can't instantly view the pics w/o having to save the FULL original size first. This is stupid.

Don't anyone else view this as a stepback??

It's a HUGE step backwards for sending images via BBM. This issue needs to be addressed. Almost makes me want to go back to an older version.

I added a co-worker and both her and I have our pictures setup on our phones but neither one of us can see each others on our phones...makes sense? They are already linked like the ealier post stated. Any help please

In the beta BBM5.0, you could request a contact's location if they allowed it to be shared. It looks like they removed that feature in the final version. Bummer. Anyone else noticed that?

Yep, I saw that too... even though that option required the other party's permission to work, maybe RIM was afraid people would freak out at that option?

before i upgraded BBM to the leaked 5.0 version when i set my status to Unavailable it would go in silent mode. Since upgrading it doesnt do that anymore. Does anyone know if this official release fixes it so when i am on Unavailable the bmm will go silent?

Do you mean have your black berry messages sent thru BBM seperate from SMS messages sent from the same user?

The only way I've figured it out is NOT to link the BBM user with your BB Contact.

For example, if you enter a PIN and they accept--they then show on your list in BBM

But, don't highlight them then scroll down to Link to BlackBerry Contact.

I think that's where the issue is coming in. I didn't do that with my friend, and now his SMS messages are seperate from his BBM messages

Highlight your name allllll the way at the to of your contact list.

Hit BB button, Scroll to My Profile.

Then scrollllll all the way to the bottom. Hit the display Barcode.

It will then show you your barcode on the full screen; hit your blackberry button again, then you have an option to Save Barcode Image


i know that the SMS will be intergrated wih 5.0, but what about Yahoo Messenger?? I noticed that the icon for a blackberry user is the blackberry symbol, does anyone think that Yahoo Messenger can be intergrated with BBM?? It's weird that yahoo messenger also had a major update and their contact page looks eerily close to BBM's??? Or did i miss something?

I see that many people see the blackberry symbol for a contact, but I get the outline of a blue person. Am I missing something?

ooooh now that you've mentioned it, would you know why My friend cant see my pic and I can't see hers? I already tried linking and unlinking.

not exactly sure on that, i guess it depends on what phone and what version you have, i have avatars that the picture the contact has, and some of my contact have the Facebook pic linked.

Definitely make sure you back up your contacts first. i didn't, so now I'm waiting on all of them ti re-add me. lol. Also curious as to how you got the BB icon in the display name...

I do not have this option for adding a contact using SMS contacts.

Is that only for some carriers or phone models?

So, I have OS 5.0 (238) and it refuses to let me enter a full PIN. It stops me a number a short and I keep ending up messaging all these random people, but when someone adds me it accepts me.

Is there anyway to delete this folder? I don't use any of those cartoon faces, and want to delete it. It will let me delete it via desktop, but it comes right back after a battery pull...anyone know how to get rid of it?

Once I find my bar code and I want to share it. Does that person have to have bbm 5.0 or can they have the older edition??? thanks

I was having trouble with the avatar pictures until I realized you have to click the menu and "Save" your choice. That fixed it.

I absolutely LOVE this new messenger. I wonder if we can add our own emoticons? I have not found the way to do so yet.

i had the leaked version, this released one is I dont get it. i feel like im downloading an earlier version

It depends, was the leaked version or 5.0.8? If the leaked version was then the official version is newer but if the leaked version was 5.0.8 then that is technically a higher version number than

Can someone please help me...?
You can PM me or explain here.

How do you get the newest version of the Tour 5.0 OS on a Mac, and then install it?

I can't find anything ti help me with this...

Adam, you SHOULDN'T have been using OS 5.0. You're using an unofficially released OS to show people how to use their officially released BlackBerry Messenger 5.0. You even explained adding a contact via SMS when it's only available in 5.0. If you're gonna create a guide use the current official OS to do it. Unless you're making a guide of the OS.

I might be wrong and there may be a few official OS 5.0's kicking around but I'm betting that at least 80% of us are using some version of OS 4. You confused people and, in my honest opinion, you fail!

I might get some backlash for this but remember this is ""in my honest opinion"".

first off bbm 5 is great im very happy with it. but what would be a cool upgrade would be if your writing a long bbm and you send it to whoever. if the message you sent would maybe be in a red bubble until the reader reads the message because otherwise you might have to scroll up to see if the message was read or not. just an idea. doesnt have to be anything more than a thought.

Why when I send a voicenote to someone it automatically saves to my blackberry under "voicenotes"? How do I get that to stop? And why can't i view a picture like the old bbm? Says I have to accept and save first to my phone

posted earlier that it worked.
now I can't click on people's names to bbm them.....
doing a battery pull to see if it fixes it.

8330 running

Doesn't work with QL!!!!
It will stop working and a BP is required.

This was exactly what I was tryna find out if someone else had experienced. I did the 5.0 upgrade, and all was fine. The minute I got this nice theme that you really need your quick launcher ( cause it uses very few buttons on main screen- Reverie HT (Tour) - Full Screen Theme‏). Added BB Messenger to QL. Go to open it from there and it locks the BB Messenger. I attempted 3 times & had to do quick pull each to get it back working. Why is this? Should we contact QL techsupport?

A great feature is having the ability to customize the alert for Blackberry Groups. With 30 people commenting on the same topic, it would be nice to limit the number of times your phone vibrates

i cannot see my contacts' pictures. they can't see mine too. after the download i was asked to reboot the phone and i did. i tried to download bbm 5 again and the same thing. still no pictures of my contacts.

How do you get your facebook picture as your profile picture on Blackberry Messenger??

I noticed someone on my contact list has their facebook picture on BBM and wondering how to upload mine....

make sure that in your contacts list, you've linked the address book contact to the facebook friend. you can do this by going into the facebook app, going to your friends list, going to the friend you want to link, hitting menu, and scroll to "Connect to Blackberry Contact". The facebook info will merge with the contact info, profile pic included, and that will show as the avatar in bbm.

When I go into Options on Facebook the option to Connect with Blackberry Contacts is greyed out and I can't put in a check mark... Any ideas?

you need to go to your friends list first from the FB app, and then you get an option to link them to a BB contact in your address book.

NEW BBM 5.0 Why when I send a voicenote to someone it automatically saves to my blackberry under "voicenotes"? How do I get that to stop? And why can't i view a picture like the old bbm? Says I have to accept and save first to my phone

ugh... I upgraded, everything went smooth even the restart, but now the BBM icon has gone missing... I can't find it anywhere on my blackberry!! anybody ideas how to restore this?

EDIT: ok, got it working again after a re-install, battery pull and about 30 minutes of waiting it just popped up again

Is there a way to remove the avatars so that you don't see them? It takes too much room up on the contact list!

Have been trying to get a picture from a peer for about 30 minutes and three different attempts. It appears in a view and when I accept it - that is as far as I get. I never get the picture. I end up canceling the download... server must be getting hammered with people trying to send 'junk'.

It seems that simply having any version of OS 4.5 on Pearls, Curves and 88xx's is not good enough. You need to have at least OS or higher just like the leaked BBM 5.

The new BBM 5.0 is great. That being said, it seems more difficult to find new messages. A red asterisks appears when I have a new message, but its not so easy to find when scrolling through my conversations. They should have made the new message highlighted in red. Any way to change this? Thanks!

I am able to use the new 5.0 BBM under (AT&T Bold) .301 OS but I had to pull the battery to get the Invite Contact function to work.

I happened to switch themes and my BBM doesn't work properly again and I started seeing java exception messages. I think it's caused by BBM 5.0 but it's possible the theme is the problem?

Thanks for yoru comments.


A lot of times I dont know if someone has a blackberry or not. It would be great if this would add the person as a bbm entry and not a sms entry after you enter them as a sms entry if they have a blackberry automatically.

I'm running the OS4.7.0.148
I installed the new BBM 5.0 through app world and it said I needed to reboot my phone before it could run. I rebooted it three times because the 1st time, both my BBMs were gone. If I go to app world it gives me a "run" option, but will not let me select it...any ideas?

Why is it that i still cannot delete empty groups? i can't seem to find the option to delete empty groups. Its very annoying.

I am listening to music...why is that not showing up? In my "options" I checked it to display but it's still not showing?! Any suggestions?!

If I download and run this - will it delete my pre-existing contacts and will I have to add everybody all over again?

I've reset my Storm 5 times to just get to agree to the damn terms screen. Then it would load BUT I can't use it at all no options work and nothing will work as in the BB Button or the ones at the bottom of the screen...

Way to go RIM another awesome job!

Seeing how many of us have it working, with no problems, I'd say the problem is your Storm and not the program itself. I downloaded via App World on my Storm, rebooted and all works fine.

Sending pictures totally blows!!!!! It only sends a request and the recipient has to click "Accept" in order for it to send. Totally unusable! How often is the recipient able to click accept? What if the person is busy? Before it would send and the recipient could look at it days later whenever they had time! Argh!!! Fix some things and really screw up something else!

This is my biggest complaint. It's going to be just easier to send pictures via MMS now which really sucks!

5.0 rocks!

I had the leaked version before, and I used to be able to go to someone's profile and enlarge their avatar shots. Now the screen just goes all white when I try.

Anyone else have this?

Downloaded the upgrade, rebooted and no icon available. Did a battery pull and no I have to reload the software. Thanks RIM.

I don't have OS 5.0 but I want the threaded SMS feature. I'm to nervous to do a leaked OS update cause I've never done one before. The threaded SMS feature is only for OS 5.0? I have a Tour running on 4.7.

So I downloaded from App World only to find that BBM had "disappeared" from my phone. IT was listed as an app only I could not find it, nor would Quicklaunch load it. So I went to App world and clicked the "Run" option which also did not work. So I sent an email to RIM who sent me an automated message to go to their mobile site. From there I tried to reinstall and BOOM! "Reload software 552"

Thanks RIM.

Brand New Blackberry User who wishes he bought an iphone.

OK, I must be missing something because I cannot understand why I would ever want my SMS messages combined with my BBM messages. I already have threaded SMS anyways with OS 5.0, and soon everyone else will too when RIM officially releases OS 5.0, so what is the point of having text messages sent to BBM? Even more frustrating is that there's no way to turn this off, except to unlink BBM contacts from Blackberry Contacts (the phonebook). This is just silly, and pretty frustrating. Now whenever a friend of mine who is on my BBM list sends me a text message, it shows up in BBM. WTF?

I have a quick question, i have some of my sms contacts in my bbm list. some of them will open a window but others dont anyone else having this problem? any way to fix it?

I cannot select anything.... battery pulls many times. I click and click on a contact but nothing, no dialog window, conversation window or anything. And why am I not able to delete BBM, just hide it?

I want the old version back this is the most retarded update ever.

I know that if u put *cu* u get the cuban flag *pr* puerto rican *us* US flag someone I know wants the IRISH flag does anyone know???

When i invite a contact via pin or email, after ive entered the pin, a dialog opens asking if i want to send using one of my many email addresses, i ignore this dialog and choose to send, but it always says that the pin entered isnt valid, plsss help, this is extremely annoying!!!

I cant believe how wicked this is! I had the leaked version and this one ( is soo much better! Also, OS is soooo wicked!!!! I love it! wifi was a bit flaky, but browser and memory card reading (for example, my pics load up instantaneously)
Cant wait for OS 5.0 to get official!

just downloaded
everything seems to work fine. lost my BBM but that should be easy to find.

the main problem im having is that my browser is only media net or hotspot browser. can anybody help me get it back to what i had before .

please email me at

is there anyway besides going through all my contacts and deleting their pins so bbm doesn't pick them up that i can stop the new bbm from threading my sms messages into it? the two should have nothing to do with each other...please help???

Is anyone else having problems "sending location"? It worked fine on the last verison. Otherwise pretty nice..

I have same issue....
Running System OS and now the new BBM 5.0.33

I also do not have the option of the SMS when I go to invite a contact..
Only options are the "enter emil, pin or name" and scan barcode...


I have set the Message List Integration option for one of my groups so that all activities will show up in Messages, but none do. In order to retrieve chats within my group, I have to go into the group and then into chats... has anyone else had this issue or found a fix? I tried changing it so that nothing went into messages and then changing it back to allowing all activities, and also tried a hybrid where I selected only chats to show in messages, but nothing has worked. Solutions?

In the 5.0 version, is there a way to tell if a contact's device has been inactive for a while or if they are on the phone or writing back to you similar to the old version?

Did you ever get an answer to this ? I've just upgraded phoones and like how the old one showed me more details on contact's status after sending a message ? Cheers.

I bricked my phone tonight, and did a search to see what I could find out.

Google "I bricked my Tour by installing BBM5.0" and see what is happening. This is exactly what happened to me.

I downloaded it from BB App World on my Curve 8900 OS 4.6. It's running great. Can't wait until OS 5.0. Good luck all.

How do I go about deleting categories? It used to have it before as an option but now its gone. Also, there used to be a category for "Unavailable Contacts" and now that's gone too. Is there a way to find out if people are available or not besides checking every individual's contact profile to see what their status is since that little smiley face is gone? Also, if it helps any, I'm using the 8900

I cannot get my group icon to show up on the homescreen. Checked the option but no icon is appearing. :( Maybe you need OS 5.0?

As much as I love BB Messenger 5.0, I think I may have to downgrade to the old version. The reason being simply that version 5.0 is much larger then its predecessor, so with the limited amount of memory that comes with the Pearl, version 5.0 is just too large a program for me to have. Once again RIM, please allow us to use our memory cards to store programs on, it would make all our lives much easier.

Just wondering if anyone else is having this issue. I went to send some pictures to a friend and instead of just sending the pic, like it used to do with 4.6, it sent the pic as a file and asked my friend to accept the file, much like msn messenger would, then he had to save the file then view it instead of just viewing it in our conversation. Anyone else having this issue? p.s. the pic file sizes were 335.38kb, 94.89kb, and 77.22kb. i thought max file size was 15kb?

that they removed the option to have a conversation icon on the homescreen (the option is only now for groups). i thought that was pretty cool!

After I was added to a group, I was not able to add a calendar entry from the Device Default calendar. it always go to the BB group calendar. therefore, it is messing up my today theme.

Is anyone having this problem?

My friends says that my song doesn't show them what i'm listening to. I don't have the option with the box to check that says "show what i'm listening to" Help!

Does anyone know how to mute BBM5? I am using AT&T 8900, OS 4.6.1. My old BBM does not make any sound.

So now on BBM5, we have to accept and download images sent through BBM in order to view them, correct? I mean before we didnt have to download and save them to see them. We got the Save option.

I don't have the new OS version for the storm. I have the 4.7 version. Haven't made the jump yet. I have been reading everyones comments about the threaded SMS to bbm. If you can SMS from bbm does it still cap off at the 160 character limit like the standard SMS? Will it allow the emoticons/smileys to go through?

One of my contacts tried to send me a picture via BBM and I was not able to receive it.

When I tried clicking on the file link, the menu kept coming up, and unless I'm just not reading right, it gave me no option to view the pic.

Running BBM5 on Curve 8330 with 4.5..138

Anyone else have this problem?

Never mind. I can see it's already being discussed. My bad.

I have tried adding contacts by barcode scanning and it never recognizes the barcode, no matter how steady I hold it or how much it focuses. More importantly, it crashes the phone. It will make the screen either display colored lines or just go completely black, and only a battery pull fixes it.

Any ideas out there??

BTW, I'm using a Storm with

Is there a shortcut to scrolling the normal/manual way in order to reach the top or bottom of the contacts list? Also, is there a quick way to identify who it is that has BB messaged you without including them in your SMS Messages ?

I know some people put *it* after their name and then there is an italian flag that people see. Does anyone know where I can find all the different options of this possible?? thanks

anyone else having a problem with group chat history disappearing? If you go out of the chat then go back in its will usually be blank. Meanwhile there are 15 people in the group and most of them are chatting back and forth. Happens to others in the group too. I hope this gets fixed soon as it is VERY annoying!!

how can you stop the BBM 5 from requestion confirmation about accepting pictures i HATE this
i want it to auto accept like before

What do I have to enter to get the BB icon beside my name on my BBM? just like in the demo of Crackberry Adam? Thanks in advance.


what restore file do I chose when i'm restoring from local memory (memory card)
i have 4 .bak's and 1 con...

can i ask i reinstall my bbm 5.0 then my friends display picture all blank no come out how to fix this i use bold

One of my contacts in bbm added her pic to her profile, however it doesn't show up on my end. But she can see my pic. Any suggestions?

Anyone have an idea why all of my contacts I'm trying to re-add are still showing as Pending (Waiting for Authorization) when I've got confirmation that they have accepted the invite? Any help would be appreciated.

Doesn't really matter, but kinda. It's a serious deal and I wish I could've minimized the context in the beginning. I know you all can relate. I'm sure I'm in a sling, so-to-speak, but just curious, but would love to edit that one down ;) - Thnks...

for some reason i can't see any pictures from any of my contacts even the ones i know also are runnin bbm 5.0 ... also under the "my profile" menu its saying my phone is not registered and so i can't use all of the 5.0 features ... how do i fix that ? how do i get registered ?

how can i get my texts to go into my text box and my instant messaging to go to instant messaging, everyone in my phone book that has a pin whenever they text me it goes to instant messaging? anyone know? i have the 9700 bold! oh and how can i get my sent texts to go to my sms outbox instead of all being on the one page! my carrier is clueless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!help

I dont have that option on my BB i have Curve 8330 running OS4.5!!! do u have to have OS 5.0 to have that feature??

i have the new bbm and so does my friend, but whenever i send him pictures he said they show up as mini pictures and too small to see. when he sends me pictures i can save them and they open up normally. why is that? is there a setting that he needs to change to get pictures correctly?

My bbm used to just send the file, now it's requesting the sender to accept the file and then send it. How can I get it to the old way where it just sent the file and the person could either view it or save it?

Is there ANY way to add an icon that I can choose / create for Groups, or am I doomed to select one of the predetermined icons?

I can send photos but can't recieve them with BBM. I am running on the new curve. I can recieve photo mail and pics through text as well. I did not have this problem until I upgraded to this version. Am I missing something?? Thanks


I see that you can broadcast a message to all contacts, but is there a way to broadcast a pic, video, voicenote to your whole contact list without making them join a group?
If not, how many people can you fit in a group?

Hello me and my friend both have the BlackBerry Bold 9000 and we are trying to make it where we can message each other with BlackBerry Messenger but it shows Pending (Waiting for Authorization) on both our phones. Neither one of us have the option to accept. Please help someone we have tried doing this twice today and we still can't figure this out.

i have a curve 9300 and i am experiencing the same problem. i've added two of my friends pins on bbm but all it says is 'waiting for authorization'. I assumed my friends would get requests but they haven't so i don't understand who's authorization I'm waiting for :S