BlackBerry Messenger updated to v7.0.0.121 in the BlackBerry Beta Zone

BlackBerry Messenger
By Bla1ze on 5 Dec 2012 02:49 pm EST

The BlackBerry Beta Zone has been busy as of late and today brings the release of BBM v7.0.0.121. It's the final stretch for this release before it goes public, so make sure you file off any feedback you have. There is a huge list of changes included as well, which you can find below the break. if you're not really into that and just want the download, hit the link below.

More information/Download BBM 7 in the BlackBerry Beta Zone

Change log for BlackBerry Messenger v7.0.0.121

  • Call stays 'connecting' for a very long time
  • In the message “Missed voice” name of the contact is not visible
  • ‘Not talking’ and ‘Not interested’ emoticons swapped
  • Emoticons appear small, regardless of font size
  • Emoticons don't match in status message and display name after changing font sizes
  • Uncaught exception or no audio when calling between 9810 and a 9981 on 7.0 OS
  • Device opening a secure connection to but the server's certificate contains a different domain:
  • The timestamp in the email text that is forwarded from BBM Group Chat is not accurate
  • Declining a phone call while in a voice chat will cause the voice chat to have no audio
  • BBM contact status not updated correctly and BBM Voice icon remains disabled after Child Protection goes from enabled to disable
  • While in a active phone call, receiving a BBM Voice Call will put the device in speaker mode automatically for OS 7.1.0 device
  • While in a active phone call, receiving a BBM Voice Call will drop the audio for the phone call for OS 6.0 device
  • After cancelling an outbound call another outbound call is placed automatically
  • Chat ended with call history added twice
  • Unable to restore BBM contact list for one-time recovery from SD card when SD card has 0 bytes free
  • User can send voice notes while on a call using convenience key and with on screen attach button
  • Device becomes frozen after receiving an MVS call during a BBM Voice chat
  • When receiving a phone call while in a voice chat, there is no audio in a voice chat when ringing
  • When receiving a phone call while in a voice chat, the message explaining that accepting the phone call will end the voice chat is cut off
  • No menu option to activate speaker phone or headset when call screen is minimized
  • Contact Voice Status appears in italics beside music symbol when replacing Music status
  • NullPointerException popped up on screen after battery pull
  • BBM still shows the Name of the song as status, even though the song is not playing and Show What I'm Listening To is unchecked

Reader comments

BlackBerry Messenger updated to v7.0.0.121 in the BlackBerry Beta Zone


You may want to consider getting a new phone. If affordability is an issue, when BB10 comes out, the 7.1 phones will be free or close to free.

Haha, good point. Why run OS5 anyway? Company issued? No wonder companies complain BB sucks.. well yeah OS5 is years old! Get on something more up to date!!

In Canada, we have 3 year contracts and I'm finally at the point where I won't have to pay an arm to upgrade again.

I can hardly wait to get rid of my 8530!

I'm on a Curve 8530 with OS 5 as well. I would have a 7.1 device by now, but price is an issue, because I'm on prepaid. No carrier subsidized pricing. Boost has the Curve 9310, but their plan at $60 is too expensive for people like me, and many other. I need full mobile data, so their $45 plan wouldn't work. That is the reason people like me have OS 5 devices, they were/are cheap, and can be used with cheaper prepaid plans. A Curve 9320 will still cost you over $200 off contract, which some people still can't afford out right. Right now my Virgin Mobile USA plan costs $35, which is really at the top of my price range to afford a plan, my phone $80, but is OS 5. It also appears Virgin Mobile isn't getting any new BlackBerry's so, looks like I'm stuck until I can get some money together and upgrade, and find an affordable BB plan. Also, sorry for the long comment.

I would have suggested koodo but you're in the states. Buy a used bb on Kijiji. I bought my 9810 for less than 200 and it's in good condition. You can find a higher end 7.1 device for 150-250, or a os7 curve for well under 200.

+1 look and you shall recieve.. everybody should know THERE ARE cheap high end devices out there via kijiji/ebay/craigslist it just depends on how hard youre willing to look. if money is an issue looking harder is the price to pay but they are definitely out there

Is there a way to turn-off BBM Voice chat while still on WiFi? Sort of like appear-offline or invisible mode? I don't mean being offline/invisible for text-chat. Just voice-chat. I want to use WiFi but don't (always) want to be available for voice chat.

Anyone else noticed that text message contacts within BBM no longer work on this or previous builds? Also you can't add them anymore either.

They have worked for me, on the previous builds of 7.0. Just downloading .121 now and I'll update if it breaks...

thanks for the reply, i just rolled back to the last working build for me....i posted it in the bugs section in the betazone tho and had alot of replies saying they also had the same problem

For some funny reasons my doesn't seem to be working, can someone please assist me with this, bb pin is 2969bb15.

my storm 2 was abandoned and never got an os 6 update, i wonder if it will ever see bbm voice, it would be a nice feature to have though i don't know how regularly i would use it. For those saying to upgrade to something with a more up to date os...if i'm sticking with blackberry, i'll be waiting for bb10. Os 6 an 7 are definite passes, 10 is where the action is. And thats a fact.

now thats a change log! Very impressive improvements. Glad to see a list of what was fixed and glad I waited for this update before installing.

BBM aggravates me. It is the biggest annoyance in . I know that it can be extremely useful to some people, but the majority of people have no use for it. That wouldn't be a problem, except that apps always ask if I want to connect with BBM (which I don't) and there is no way to get rid of it. I'm blackberry by choice, but I'm BBM by force. :(

Now can only text SOME of the people in my BBM who are set as Text Messaging Contacts via BBM. Tried removing and readding. Tried resetting ph. nothing working.

Can still chat with about half my Text Messaging Contacts via BBM. The rest I need use the Text Messages App.

Frustrating !!!

i´m deseperately looking for this wallpaper but only found the black version, do anyone have a link pls ?

Thanks a million !!!

I see that when searching for a contact and pressing the trackpad to open the convo still doesn't work and I keep getting text messages in my inbox rather than BBM.

I have updated my bbm today and also tried to make call but everytime I tried I'd get the same message as your's. I am still trying to figure out how to make it work, any advice/suggestion would be helpful. Many thanks

Does anyone know when BBM 7 will be released for OS 5? Or maybe there is possibility that they will only be launched for OS 6 and OS7?