BlackBerry Messaging Restrictions Imposed in India

By James Falconer on 16 Apr 2008 02:47 pm EDT

BlackBerry Service Now Limited in IndiaAs most of you know I've been following the whole India/RIM situation for quite some time now. While the situation has been looking somewhat positive in recent days, today news has come out that things have actually started going in the other direction.

Sriprakash Jaiswal, the Minister of State for Home Affairs in India has imposed a restriction on all Indian BlackBerry carriers. The restriction forces carriers to block any messaging detected between 2 BlackBerry handsets until a method of legal interception is determined.

Looks to me that RIM has their backs to the wall at this point, and they better come up with a solution soon.

RIM execs and Indian government officials are scheduled to meet again on April 21st.

[ BBCool via IndiaTimes

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BlackBerry Messaging Restrictions Imposed in India


RIMM is going to have to come up with a solution soon or they are in deep trouble. All other countries are watching India and will want the same solution. This could cause RIMM dearly and will make it more difficult to compete against other providers. Perhaps this is why RIMM has not been able to get its service going in China, they must have the same concerns. I am sure they are paying close attention.

Can RIM just shut off the server in India for a month or something? that way those stupid Indian government will find out that they can't just threaten any company that they want.
Let those stupid ( pun intended) Indian back to stone age communication ( desktop email or voice call) for a while till they roasted for a while.
After their economy crippled because they can't send email on the go ( have to use desktop or internet cafe) then hopefully they come to their senses.


My dear friend, It seems you dnt know the type of serious issues have come up. Althoug they are late in decsions, but the policies specialy telecom has been very transparent and fairer from other part of world. And dnt forget that india uses the best of technology and system which is used anywhere in world and still cheapest call rates.

Well I think something concrete will comeup soon.dnt worry.....

RIM can shut off their server in India if they HAD one.

Indian Government wont care less.

RIM's Partners in India & Telecom Providers will incur a loss of approximately $12500000/month.

Comment: stupid ( pun intended) Indian back to stone age communication ( desktop email or voice call) for a while till they roasted for a while

Answer : I cannot see a pun there. Even back in Stone Age, Indians had a well developed culture and a huge civilization running while you were foraging/hunting for your daily meat. Desktop Email or Voice Call is still one of the most convenient way to communicate. Try using Blackberries to attend a client's video conference. Oops I forgot you were just a Carpenter who's distant relative just lost his job to some smartass sitting in Bangalore.

Comment: their economy crippled because they can't send email on the go ( have to use desktop or internet cafe) then hopefully they come to their senses

Answer : While US markets are teetering on the verge of a COLLAPSE with just one banking institution(Bear Stearns) going down, Indian Markets have seen worse... and yet their growth rate is enviable... which is probably why Sony Ericssons, Nokias, BMWs, Hondas, Fords, Foxconns, Accentures, IBMS, HPs, Paypals, Tescos, Walmarts are setting up shop/research centres in India. And who said RIM is the only emailing solution? Have'nt you heard of emails on Windows Mobiles, P990s, Palms, Treos, HTCs you jackass?

As an indian stand-up comedian used to say : "Coming from the land of Kamasutra, we Indians can F*CK you in more ways than ONE"!! Peace

Enough farting of this guy.

This guy doesnt know a shit about economy and
in general, the US economy.

I think Indian govt should lay out general rules for all
and not wake up when some phone company comes up with
a new technology.

so long

I'm with the other guy, shut it off. Tell Indian govt. that it sucks to be them and keep them out. The best of technology, hahaha that's a joke.

Listen you jerks that leave your you think that the NSA doesn't snoop on your email messages? Why should the Indian government not insist on the same? India has been a target of terrorists much longer than America get off your high horse and get with the program. The world has changed significantly...and if RIM gets shut-off from the Indian market, they will lose...

I agree...India has huge security concerns especially since the government suspects that terror outfits are gradually moving on to using BBs....And with half a million BB users and counting(India is the second largest handheld market after China...It's larger than US), RIM can ignore this at it's own peril...They definitely wouldt want to get shut out from India.

Shutting down BB Servers for a month or so would not work, simply because the Indian Government would not care and there are no BB Servers in India to shut down. This is exactly what the Indian Government is asking for. When countries like Singapore, Japan, UK and Nederlands can have a BB server installed... why not India?

The Indian Government is NOT against Blackberry Services. They just want to be able to monitor Blackberry Messages being sent from one device to another in India. At the moment, that is NOT possible because all messages & data between blackberry devices are 128 BIT encrypted. The only possible solution it seems is that Blackberry install a server in India which would make it possible for Indian Intelligence Agencies to monitor the data.

And what I do NOT understand is why RIM would be hesitant to provide a separate server in a country with a customer base of half a million which spends an average of $22 for usage of blackberry services apart from their mobile phone bills. This is with very low or NIL advertisement expenditure on RIM’s part.

If they could install their servers, spend a calculated budget on advertisements in India and release their devices in India with atleast a third party support provider whom they’ll find dime a dozen in India, they can easily scale up their customer base to atleast 2 million in a single year. Then there should be no looking back in a country with a population of more than a billion people and more than enviable number of business /enterprise users.


I wish to buy a BlackBerry Curve 8310 mobile phone from the Unites States & use the same for Vodafone Network in India(Andhra Pradesh)
Is the device compatible with the Network here

I am providing the Specifications of the device for Wireless Network.
# Europe/Asia Pacific: 1800MHz GSM/GPRS networks
# Europe/Asia Pacific: 900MHz GSM/GPRS networks
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Please suggest