BlackBerry Media Sync Updated - now supports Album Art

BlackBerry Media Sync Gets an Update!
By Kevin Michaluk on 18 Dec 2008 11:36 pm EST

Gary (aka BlackBerrius Maximus) came across this two days ago, but somehow it fell of my radar and I didn't post right away - my bad. In case you haven't heard the news, RIM released an updated version of BlackBerry Media Sync which finally now allows for iTunes album art to be imported. Be sure to check out this RIM knowledge base article for all the details pertaining to this release.

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BlackBerry Media Sync Updated - now supports Album Art


Still not up to par for me, it still tells me that the video podcasts I have are not compatible with my device, yet..when I just simply drag and drop em onto my memory card they all work fine as kind. I still have no real use for this when the alternatives are better.

I was happy to hear about this update, and bummed to find out that it doesn't work.

I'm running the latest version of iTunes. When I run the new Media Sync, click options and then the button to import iTunes album art, it runs through about 9 of my 5000+ album art files, and crashes... every time. It's a shame.

Spend $5 and buy iCoverArt to take the downloaded artwork in iTunes and embed the artwork in the files. Then Media Sync will bring it over automatically.

I downloaded the program, but when I go to run the program it asks me to connect a BB Device. It is connected. But doesnt read that my device is connected. Help anyone???

When will they fix this to allow for mp3's that reside on a network drive? I want to use this however my playlists are all greyed out due to them pointing to a UNC path on my server for the files.

This was commented on RIM's forums as being looked into many, many months ago however still no love...

Seriously, don't waste your time downloading and trying to get this program to function the way you think it should.

How often do people sit and stare at album artwork? Personally, I just start my music, and continue on doing other things...Album art is just pictures - most of which are crap anyway.

It is far easier, and quicker, to just drag your songs onto your memory card.

If having the cover art is that important, see other posts for better programs.

I disagree. Have you used this program? It works great (other than the artwork as mentioned above.) For one who burns through multiple podcasts a day, this program is a huge time saver. The MP3s are transferred at lightning speed. I don't know how they do it, but they are transferred to my 8220 faster than dragging and dropping. This is amazing because usually media transfer programs like this seem to move things slower (iTunes + iPhone, I'm looking at you.) Plus it's just one click rather than a multi-step offer.

I downloaded the Blackberry Media Sync update. Synced my Bold. The album art does not show. What's do I do to get the album art to show with the album playing?

I recently synchronized my cellphone with Itunes trough Media Sync, but I just noticed that the songs go into the Music Folder instead of the Ringtones one, so when you try to pick one song for use as a Ringtone or a sound for an alert, alarm or message, it only appears sorted by Albums, not by Artists and I couldn't find the process to change that. I have almost 5Gb with music in the Media Card and it's almost imposible look for each song by Albums instead of Artists!! I tried going up in the Albums folders or even select the Folder Icon to change the source and nothing.. I really need some help with this. Thanks in advance and best regards!!