BlackBerry Media Sync Now Supports Windows Media Player

BlackBerry Media Sync Now Supporting Windows Media Player
By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Mar 2009 10:51 pm EDT

RIM sent out word earlier today that they have now updated their BlackBerry Media Sync software to enable support for Windows Media Player. Prior to this release, Media Sync made it easy for BlackBerry users to get just their iTunes library off their computer and onto their handheld device. Now it doesn't matter if your music resides in iTunes or Windows Media Player or is scattered across both (as is the case with me), so long as you have a BIG media card you have no reason not to carry your music with you.

If you're already a religious Media Sync user you will be prompted to upgrade to the latest version the next time you fire it up. For everyone else, you can click the image above to see a tutorial on what Media Sync is all about and/or visit from your computer to download.

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BlackBerry Media Sync Now Supports Windows Media Player


Wish it would scan to see what is already in the device so you won't end up with double of some of the music as I did.

sounds good but i have over 20gbs of music and only a 4gb mem card for my pearl so probly skip this one

From the RIM site:

"...Want a specific playlist for the gym? With just a few simple clicks, you can choose the playlists you want from your collection.

Or, if you just need a mix of tunes to get you through the day, songs can be randomly chosen from your collection. And, to make sure you’ve always got enough free memory on your BlackBerry smartphone, BlackBerry Media Sync lets you set a limit as to how much—or how little—of your music to sync...."

It took me a while to edit what I ended with in the media card, but next time I'm going to plan it better.
Thank you.

Is there still no support for network stored files. I remember the last version did not support files storaged on a server. What of course is a pain in the .....

I've been trying to find a way to make this work ever since it was released. I have the current version of iTunes and Media Sync, and every time I try to use it I get an error that says, "BlackBerry Media Sync has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience." I've researched it and never been able to get it to work.

I went through this problem also. Downloaded Media sync and it worked 1st shot like a charm. Not a mac or i anything user other than tunes. Only thing is that there`s a separate program and icon at the moment from Blackberry Sync.

Hey RIM, how about some OS X love for us mac fans. Missing sync is OK, but a port of manager to OS X would be much appreciated.

I still cannot figure out out to get my itunes on my storm.. How is it easy are the files protected by a drm or something?

Still, can't sync music that iTunes embedded with the DRM protection. Was excited to see this new update, then let down to see it is same ole, same ole.

You will NEVER be able to see DRM itunes files. That is the whole point of DRM protection. If you want to hear those songs buy an ipod, or pay the extra fee to get your DRM protection removed, or burn them to disc and re import them, OR use Amazon instead.

This app is totally junk. it will stop your pocketmac. you can only run either one of them. blackberry is so out of ara...they dont have a QA to get the USB driver fixed and allow conflicting apps to exist at the same time.

I'm so dependent of pocketmac to sync my contacts and cal. and mediasync just stopped it. after weeks of painless uninstalling and reinstalling...and numerous calls with T-Mobile supports finally RIM support told me that i need to uninstall media sync..this is so outrageous.

if you sync contacts/cal stay away from mediasync till they resolve this very critical issue.

Yeah I think this is good if you don't already have and mp3 player but do to the size of my music files and my Storm memory I would think its best left to my Zune to hold those.

I'm having similar download issues as well using the automatic update though Media Sync. It seemed to download okay if I went through

I was always too lazy to manually grab the files from my itunes gym playlist, but between this and gym technik its about to be on!

I wish I could get windows media player on my storm. Am I the only one who thinks playing multiple songs on your BB is too complicated?

Will this work if you want to transfer the digital copies of movies that only play in windows media?