BlackBerry MediaSync (for syncing iTunes to BB) Unofficially Available from RIM Servers!

By Kevin Michaluk on 22 Jun 2008 09:32 pm EDT

BlackBerry MediaSync

** Updated: As predicted, RIM pulled the file from their servers. But you can still get the file HERE. **

A BIG shout out goes to Nanu for discovering this one... it seems the new standalone BlackBerry MediaSync application is unofficially available on RIM's servers for download. Get it while it's HOT (and at your own risk of course!)...odds are if you don't have to click through a bunch of RIM legalese to get to the file it will be pulled quick.

BlackBerry MediaSync allows you to sync your iTunes to your BlackBerry Smartphone. Just download, install and sync - all your music (including album artwork) will be transferred and handled properly by your BlackBerry. Nanu reported syncing 260 songs in 10 minutes. If you give it a try be sure to report back in the comments with your findings!

  • Download BlackBerry MediaSync (31.9MB) Here >>

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BlackBerry MediaSync (for syncing iTunes to BB) Unofficially Available from RIM Servers!


Me too. It's for syncing with iTunes, a Mac program and there is no mac version. :(

Come on RIM! Show us Mac users some love.

haha!! Same here, what a bummer :(

I run Windows on a Virtual Machine using VMWare Fusion for the sole purpose of managing my Berry... (no debate needed, I do not like dealing with PocketMac and the likes when the PC is fully supported WITHOUT THE HEADACHE!)

Anyhow, I was going to try and see if my VM would be able to recognize my iTunes library on my Mac... and be able to sync! Without having to use iTunes on Windows.

Since I only use the Windows build for my Berry, that would be amazing... when I have a chance to try it I will let you know how it goes!

did i miss something? i use a macbook and it definitely syncs to my mac using "pocketmac" came with my i the only one here or did i miss something?

can anyone get it to sync the music they bought off of the itunes store? I thought this tool would do it, but apparently the itunes drm still will not allow the blackberry to play the copy protected music

Thanks for the post. I can't use the options button and also can't get it to sync. I did update the version after the installation. Any tips for getting it to work?

I did the update as well, and mine is working just fine. I'm just about done syncing 141 songs; it's been going for 25 minutes or so. No too bad. Keep in mind that the same time that I was syncing, I was manually moving the scattered audio files I had on my BB to my PC, so that could have affected the transfer rate.

Does it take up a lot of memory? can you pick n choose certain songs? i have like over 2000 songs on there and i dont want em all to go..

i know some of us mac users are overly loyal pricks but some of us like myself want a phone that not just a really shiny brick but if my blackberry cant sync to my mac alot easier i might have to ......(i cant believe im saying this)......get a iphone.

By the way i would never get rid of my BB but it would be nice to get it to sync better. anybody got any suggestions.

...from what i can tell, you can only sync playlists. if you click on a playlist, it tells you what songs are in that list. nevertheless, i'll come back and add my .02 ...syncing my second batch. 283 songs total, 42 minutes and I have 50 to go.

I took 3 tries to get the correct palylist to transferred after that it has worked great. Sweet download

lately my love for my baby (crackberry) keeps getting sweeter and stronger....Don't you just love your Crackberry.
Plus I just add my google reader on viigo...OMG!!!

The posted link is invalid. Upon clicking, I get a "404 File not found" error. Has anyone else had this problem? Is there another link anyone is aware of?

this program is gonna Completely change how use my bb! but the link that is posted just leads to a blank page maybe the program has been taken off?

I downloaded from the RapidShare site and the program is incomplete. It will not allow me to check off which playlists I want it to copy. I ran the update as well. What seems to be missing is the rectangular bar above the playlist area that has the Select Playlists check box in it. My doesn't show that box.

I'll wait for about 30 minutes and download it again.. as it says I have exceeded my free downloads for the time being. This would be nice if it worked.. .I have a feeling this is not ready for prime time by any means.

Will this allow music that I have purchased from iTunes to play or just music downloaded from CD's without protection? If it doesn't get the protected music, not sure what the gain would be.

When I downloaded again from the RapidShare site I got the first version which showed the Select Playlists check box. When I did the update the Select Playlists check box went away. I have a feeling the update is a ruse and kills the program.
So far this is totally useless!! RIM has a long way to go before this is ready for the general public.

I downloaded it last night. I had the same issue until I did the update last night. Everthing is working fine now. I love this program.

i downloaded no problem...but it won't recognize my BB. it keeps saying connect a BB, even though mine is already connected and shows my PIN up top.

any suggestions?

Did you ever get any answers on this? I'm having the same problems. I'm using a Verizon 8330 with the beta OS 4.5 installed. I get the same message you have. I've tried uninstalling and installing again with no luck.

Got the file off rapidshare but when I plug in my berry it says please install itunes and restart the app. I have itunes installed of course. Any ideas? I did the update.

Ive got to say that this works amazingly well. Although when it gave me the option to update, I didn't. I figured that it may be a trap... lol

Darn the luck...I can't get the thing to download on my 8330 or on my PC. I get an error message saying unable to find page. :(

i thought this was just going to be an itunes plug in, like the way some other older mp3 players interface with iTunes

The program will not work if you update it. After I uninstalled the program and reinstalled it and CANCELLED the update it worked flawlessly.

Works without error with my Curve (8300) with If anybody needs help I will tell you how i got it to work. Just let me know

I installed the program and it won't read my blackberry it tells me it cant find it. Also it says to install itunes even though I already have it. What do I do?

I downloaded this last night and tried to install it this morning with no luck...until I realized that I hadn't clicked on the setup icon. Once I figured out this minor detail, I opted not to do the update (as several have noted here) and it works just fine. I already had my music on my 8830, so I am only using this for podcasts right now.

One warning, once you sync new files and disconnect, it takes a few minutes for the music to pop up on your phone.

I was able to download and install the program but only one (purchased) song transferred over. None of the other purchased songs would transfer over. Sucks.

This would be so much cooler if it didn't try to overwrite songs that are on my curve every time (just add one song, copies the whole list again... takes forever)

this software apparently does not work with the 4.5 software on the 8310. any fixes for this yet ?

I had over 900 songs that I wanted to bring over....of the 910, only 178 would not copy over.....but I had a fix for that....DrmRemoval - Video Unlimited Edition. I ran those 178 through DrmRemoval & it removed the protection from 176 of my songs.

I did install the program and sync some songs onto my BB. The only problem that I have is how do I list all the iTunes playlists? i.e. recently added sons, 80s'....etc.

I'm so much in love with my BB

This is fast and easy to use. Got all my music onto my blackberry with no trouble at all!! great find and thanks for the universal link.

If you are having problems with MediaSync, give iTunes Agent a try. I just installed it, and I am now able to sync an iTunes playlist with my Blackberry. Just what I was looking for!

Any workaround for not recognizing the itunes? I have re-installed the file without updating it, so now I have the select playlist button working but is says to reinstall the itunes. I even update my itnues to the latest version with no success...

Any workaround for not recognizing the itunes? I have re-installed the file without updating it, so now I have the select playlist button working but is says to reinstall the itunes. I even update my itnues to the latest version with no success...

I only have 250 songs in my itunes, of which 200 are not itune downloaded and therefore not protected. Still I can not seem to synch all of those 200. Only around 130 go through to my BB curve.

Anyone else havingt he same issue?

any help appreciated.

thank you sooooo much for still having this posting of the "original" Blackberry Media Sync software-- it installs perfectly!! I could get the newest version to install for anything-- kept getting errors saying that I need to still restart windows or (installing through DM 4.7) it would just crash. Thanks again!!! You're my #1 Blackberry news source!!!!

Here is the official Blackberry download page for Media Sync, Mac & PC. Mac is a "Preview" version.

Mac version-

- Downloaded, installed, performed the required a reboot of the system. Running the app, it found a test playlist in iTunes, it found the Blackberry Curve, and it even Synced. When I looked on the Blackberry, no music was present. It was just smoke n mirrors.

I guess the label "Preview", which is not otherwise defined on their site, must be defined as, "We at Blackberry will Allow Users to Preview what it is like to install and use our software, but it will not actually do anything that it is advertised to do. Nor will we provide any obvious means of support, nor did we provide guidance in advance of the installation that this is a waste of time. We hope you have enjoyed your experience, seeing as how Blackberry loves U2 so much that it will not play U2's music unless you manually drag and drop the files onto your Blackberry storage disk, obviating the need for a Sync App to begin with."

This must be some form of Canadian marketing and communications that we unenlightened Americans simply "dont get" because we live too far south in a country full of violent gun toting thugs.. oops that was my outside voice.

PC Version- Not unlike the Mac version, it also does not work. A major distinction is that the site claims this is a fully functional software application, a "gold" release version.

On Vista64, which the site claims to support, the iTunes feature is very broken. I can either choose to sync my entire library of 5000+ titles, or the 90's built-in playlist, or none. My custom playlists are greyed out, along with other built -in default lists.

Workaround- Windows Media Player can be selected in Options. However, if you took time to build playlists in Itunes.. you will be peeved.. since you will now need to rebuild them from scratch in Windoze Media Player.

Having been forced to use the media player on Windoze.. I actually find it runs more smoothly, using less system resources than the itunes TSR apps that live in memory on the off chance you run itunes at some point.

Yet, I am still forced to use iTunes since my AirPort Express Network only streams from iTunes to my stereos.

Rating of the software: "D" for Vista.. since it doesnt sync to iTunes on a practical level, "F" for Mac, since it does not do anything at all to Sync your media.

These companies have been hyping for years all the fun things you can do with these expensive toys. At the end of the day, owing to their territorial marketing schemes/scams, the user is left with a only a partially functional device that simply does not live up to the hype.

They should rename this app.. "Time Sink".

Since this Sync App works well with Windows Media Player, and I buy my music in the form of a CD, not in some online DRM shackled format that will expire if the company I bought it from ceases to exist 20 years from now...

I still have a pretty cool network of Apple Airport Express WiFi units in my home that create a stereo system that can play music anywhere on the property. It requires iTunes to stream the music to the WiFi "Speakers".

DOES ANYONE KNOW.. how to direct Windows Media Player to utilize the Airport Express speakers?

I can ditch iTunes once and for all if I can accomplish this goals.

ALSO.. is there an OpenSource project working on creating media software that removes the need for these competing products that trample each other and leave users caught in the middle?


Well I have tried this a number of times and I have started up the Desktop Manager and I then go into Media and then click on Blackberry Media Sync and it then comes up with
Media sync has stopped working.

To be honest I just don't think that the Blackberry is very good anyway and was really disappointed with the look of the interface. The fact that the batter is shite, the fact that it can not use any spam filters or have any personalized mailbox folders as you would have in Outlook. It is the first and last Blackberry for me I am afraid. Next up the Iphone, far superior.