BlackBerry Media Sync 3.0 Available Today - Adding New Synchronization Features And Options

BlackBerry Media Sync 3.0 Released Adding New Synchronization Features And Options!
By Bla1ze on 24 Nov 2009 10:00 am EST

A new version of BlackBerry Media Sync will be available for users to download at Noon EST today. Since the intial release of BlackBerry Media Sync a lot of users have been waiting for RIM to make the application more user friendly and add features to it. That time has come as the newly released version 3.0 brings some great new features if getting media on your BlackBerry is a big concern. Check out the new features:

PC to BlackBerry sync:

  • 2 way synchronization, Add folders for syncing with option to optimize pictures for device
  • Smart memory management: optimizes photo size, allowing for storage of more pictures on device

BlackBerry to PC Import:

  • Media Sync alerts users when new pictures are available to import when device is connected to PC (via pop-up on the pictures tab)
Highlights of Music sync with BlackBerry Media Sync:
  • Sync Options include specific playlists or random music
  • iTunes® & Windows Media Player® compatible
  • Supports all media capable BlackBerry smartphones

BlackBerry Media Sync 3.0 just feels better then previous version, which would often times produce some errors. Plus, with the addition of support for 2 way sync and inclusion of folder options BlackBerry Media Sync 3.0 makes it easier then ever to maintain music and photos on your device and PC (Mac version I believe lacks photo sync) all from within one application. Give it a shot and check out the improvements, let us know in the comments how ya feel about it. Head over to the link below after Noon EST today to download.

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BlackBerry Media Sync 3.0 Available Today - Adding New Synchronization Features And Options


Have downloaded it several times now and tried to into on a Windows 7 Pro x64 machine and the installer says the zip file is corrupt. Anyone else have this issue with Win 7 Pro x64 ???

I'm running Windows Vista and it gave me the same message. Don't know what the issue is but all I know is that it doesn't work. Not real sure if I'm really caring now. The app sounded great but after this..........?????

As they add features to the BlackBerry Media Sync, I imagine they will eventually do away with the Roxio Media manager as a component of the Desktop Manager.

Stupid Media Synch question: Let's say I sync Playlists 1, 2, and 3. Then I add tunes on my PC to PL3. If I go back into MS and say "sync PL3", it just updates that playlist, right? It won't remove PL1 and PL2 off my BB?

Downloaded, and it's not nearly as awesome as it looks. It syncs only music and playlists, not music and photo syncing which I was hoping for (like it shows here).

So if I wanted to add 10 songs to a 50 song playlist, but I also had a 1000 song pl on there, I would still need to sync that 1000 song pl otherwise MS would remove it if I did not select it during the sync process......?

First I would not use Itunes. It sucks! I use MediaMonkey which works way better for managing tunes on the desktop and can manage my tunes on the Bold.

What RIM really needs is a desktop app that lets you manage Address Book info easily and then sync with the BB.

Better yet have a BB mail desktop client and avoid using Outlook and other mail clients.

Not impressed I would rather see updates to the phone features.

That would make me feel better. :)

jlb21 >> That would be correct. Not sure why they do not get it to work like iPod and plus any tunes that you purchased on iTunes can not be loaded unless you convert them.

I thought it was just the older DRM'ed songs from iTunes. I believe you can sync any non DRM'ed songs.

Okay so I've been waiting for this update for a lonnnggg while now. The previous version threw me in a loop-hole where I found myself searching and searching for a fix to why I kept getting the error message "Media Sync cannot detect your Blackberry device, please connect a device." (or whatever it says) The fix I found that worked the last time was erasing everything on my BB and starting over with my phone. Just downloaded the new version, got the error message again, and I am NOT settling for the "erasing/formating everything" fix again. Anyone have any ideas or know what's up with this? I know I'm not the only one because of the forum discussions on the topic. I thought the new Media Sync would have fixed or addressed this issue as it is an important one. Thanks.

try to not plug in your BB Storm until you start up the Media Sync Program, it'll ask you to connect your BB, only then connect it, and it should recognize your storm then. Its the only way I got it to work on my storm.

You are correct but any songs purchased before hand will be converted to iTunes Plus for .30 cents. Conversion tools work fine but 3 step process of deleting old with new etc. etc. makes it worth paying that small price.

Just downloaded the latest Media Sync and it is taking forever to copy new songs onto my media card. Also, am i not seeing something or what - there used to be an option to erase the media card before sync'ing. I don't see how to do that now. It has been a while since I used this, but I do remember that option being there. Any help would be appreciated.....

Its making me download desktop manager all over again. Then it wont let me install that until I uninstall my old one. Any suggestions?

BlackBerryMediaSync.exe: CRC failed in SetupExtension.dll. The file is corrupt
BlackBerryMediaSync.exe: The archive is corrupt

So it will now update auto playlists with info such as last played and play counts? God I hope so!

It's a good thing for me there are other ways to manipulate media on my BB rather than having to depend on RIM. Why no Linux luv?

I haven't been able to get media sync to see my Storm 9530 since I ungraded my phone to 5.0. Says it doesn't recognize my device. Any ideas?

I downloaded the Mac version of Desktop manager and the installer says I have a newer version already installed!

Why would blackberry put a link to a older version that is already out?
Because they are MORONS!!!!!!!

Have made several attempts to open the Zipped exe file and get an error message each time about a corrupt file. I see others are having the same problem

I commented earlier that the download for a PC from the link above would not install.
I then opened the version that I do have on my desktop and it then notified me of an update. I clicked on the update and it installed without any problem.

You've got to be kidding me! RIM creates some of the world's most technologically advanced handheld devices, but can't seem to get a simple app right! "One of these days Alice, POW!"


Is anyone else having an issue where the media sync is just stuck at "loading music library," I even left the thing on all night thinking its just because I have a large library of music and still stuck at the same part...

Thanks RIM. How about making one that actually WORKS with the Storm 9530 instead of repeatedly asking to connect and/or enable mass-storage mode when both are already done?

Ever since i got my Bold, Media Sync does not work. Downloaded the newest version and still does not work on the Bold. I have the media card in and the mass storage is on. No joy on Media Sync :(

Is anyone getting problems with this when they try to run it? it keeps getting a problem that has to shut down the program due to some error. can anyone help fix this?