BlackBerry Media Player Getting Pimped Up?

By Kevin Michaluk on 22 Feb 2008 11:48 am EST

BlackBerry Media Player Our buds at BBCool just posted a screenshot from the "next" edition of the BlackBerry media player. As you can tell from the picture, we should be seeing lots of preset equalizer options that'll help make your music sound good nomatter what you're into. This is huge news for all you BlackBerry using Gordon Lightfoot fans! ;-)

It would be sweet if this came in the new OS4.5 update we're waiting for, but it seems like we should have heard about this already if that's the case. Let's hope for that anyways! 

Also a big Kudos to BBCool for the best use of a watermark I have ever seen to date! 

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BlackBerry Media Player Getting Pimped Up?


Great news to hear that the media player is being upgraded. Unfortunately that is not the problem. Anyone who uses the media player seriously will have probably upgraded their mini SD card to 2/4 Mg. However, If you fill the media card with .mp3 files the media player takes an age to open. Therefore rendering the tool useless.

I decided to buy a media player, FlipSide. If you want to know how to boost your media player user count take a leaf out of their book. Flip, not only uses Albumn Art as the main display it leaves the application permenantly open, therefore giving you instant access to your music.

I don't remember seeing the 'Equalizer' option in earlier versions of the OS 4.3.1 betas (pre-4.5.0 branding), but it appears it is present in these last couple versions.

Well that's good. I've been looking For a New Media player But Still can't find any. So it's about time that they came out wit a New One.

I'm running the BETA OS and I have had the equalizer since BETA OS

Has nobody brought that up in any forum anywhere before? I play around with it all the time. The "Bass Boost" really pushes the bass through the music. It's one of the best built in equalizers I've ever seen! Especially for a mobile phone, but even some MP3 players can't beat it!