BlackBerry may be banned by UK employers due to time-wasting

By DJ Reyes on 18 Oct 2010 01:54 pm EDT
BlackBerry UK

We all know what it’s like to own a BlackBerry. The very reason why we have CrackBerry. The addictive nature of devices can sometimes get us in to trouble. For that very reason some British bosses are calling to ban BlackBerry devices (as well as other smartphones) as they fear that they are becoming more of a burden than a gain.

BlackBerry devices were given to employees as it allowed them to access emails on the go without being tied to the desk. Bosses think that this has now led to time-wasting and is no longer beneficial for the business. Peter Mooney, of Employment Law Advisory Services, said that employers have started to downgrade on company mobile phones. “What started as a trickle is certainly building up to a stream as more and more employers start looking at what they really need from their employers.”

Source: City AM

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BlackBerry may be banned by UK employers due to time-wasting


By the same logic Marmite should also be banned, because it is of very addictive nature and the health risks involved when consuming large amounts of vitamins and folic acid are more of a burden than a gain.

If it's true then it sounds like an excuse for companies to get cheap phones. Us Brits really seem to struggle with what could be productive compared to what 'has always been'and what is cheap. My boss won't invest in anything if he knows that Joe bloggs manages with the cheapest possible solution. Problem is that Joe Bloggs 'manages' to get by with the dross.

Cheap isn't always better. The battery life of some feature phones is so god damn bad and you want to kick blackberry out of the business sector?

Geeze, even regular phones are time wasters. Stupid bosses need to lighten the fuck up! Why not ban ALL of the phones instead? That won't make anything any better, use some common sense and don't take it to extreme.

My 2 cents.

I use a 9700 device,I can't put it down & my wife hates it so much.I might as well glue it to my palm...this thing doesn't let me sleep!!!