BlackBerry Master Control Program Out Of Beta!

BlackBerry Master Control Program
By Bla1ze on 23 Nov 2008 03:05 pm EST

Consider yourself a moderate to advanced BlackBerry user? If so sgt-d has just the application you have been looking for. Some of you may have already heard of it, some of you may swear by it and if you haven't heard of it yet, it's time you get to know this great BlackBerry tool.

What can it do for me? A better question to ask is What can't it do for me?, If you have every needed to load applications or take screenshots of your device with your PC, or even reset your device, whether it be to do a wipe or to remove an IT policy or just simply return your device back to factory settings, then you know how many hoops you have to jump through to get all these tasks performed and how many applications need to be opened. Maybe you were trying to find a way to get rid of unwanted applications, ringtones or wallpapers. All you need is this.

This program provides an all-in-one solution and all operations are performed in real time, with a nice GUI and it even integrates with CrackBerry's own Pete6's CrackMem application (more on that application can be found in the forums). The most current release is and it's ready for primetime as it has moved out of beta. I personally suggest it for users who are looking for a better way to manage their devices. Be warned though, this is not for the new user. If you're unsure of how to use this application be sure to ask questions in the forums so we can help ya out with it!

You can grab the latest version over at the following links

Standard Version (PC/Windows)
More Information

Portable Version
More Information

Stand Alone Version
More Information

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BlackBerry Master Control Program Out Of Beta!


That a product like this came out, I use to have a Nextel with this kind of program, now we have it for the blackberry!!!! Oucccccccccccccccccchhh!!!

ehh ... i downloaded and hooked it up with my berry and i wasn't all impressed. Its mainly because i have no idea what most of that does so i'm probably not the target audience :)

i love this, thanks for putting this out there! i used it just a little bit ago to upgrade from 4.3 to 4.5 everything went as smooth as it could have, thanks!

Never needed an all-in-one, but Americans always want to take the easy way out, hehe... Bring it on!

Does it do screen video capture? Rove supposedly had it with their mobile viewer, but I found it choppy as hell.

but that said, it is a grat tool and for those who are a bit more advanced, I imagine this is something to have in their tool box of resources. I downloaded it and notice several warnings around not using certain functions unless you really know what you are doing. One has to suspect this is for software engineers or those who truly understand code and how this stuff all goes together. I am sure I will use it for deleting and adding applications. The current DM leaves something to be desired in that regard.

The program doesn't exactly make it clear how to wipe an IT policy alone, like CrackUtil does. I couldn't find it in the help either.

@everyone, thanks!

@wezra, the warnings are just to scare beginners who probably really shouldn't be tinkering with it anyway :) for the most part there are only a few warnings, and only at important spots where (expected) damage will occur.

@rimbuk, it's hard for me to document exactly what the javaloader commands do simply because rim has underdocumented them to begin with. most of what i have documented in hints (inside mcp) and on the help site is purely from testing, trial and error (with some guesswork). i'm not sure, but i thought the factory reset would remove it policies. can anyone out there confirm this? i don't have it policies on my device - is this a bes thing? anyway, the only documentation i had to go on is included in javaloader.txt. :(

i hope everyone is finding this program useful!


Reset IT policy to factory settings

that's from the readme, so, the mcp "factory reset" button on the java loader page should reset the it policy. i'm not sure if it will work with all os's or not, so please if anyone can test this i would appreciate it.

reset the it policy to factory defaults... that doesn't actually remove it policy though, does it? someone let me know if resettofactory works good enough or if i need to add a new button somewhere :)

everytime i hit screen capture it brings up a message box saying like javaloader and a command line and then nothing happens

i copied javaloader.exe and it still does this am i doing something wrong?

settings -> messages - uncheck to turn off messages.

in mcp settings, is simulate checked? if so, nothing will happen.

in the java loader settings, is silent mode checked? also nothing will happen if this is checked.

under settings -> applications, click the red java loader version check. does that pass?

finally, what os is on your phone?

Simple q. If I am running a MAC, could I use this if I have say BootCamp? I know certain programs will not respond to the USB ports when using an emulator program.

Thanks, this would be amazing for doing my BB training for the office.

i just noticed the direct reply link, a better idea. i'm not sure about emulators, but supposedly running windows inside a virtual machine allows mcp to work normally.

MCP also works on VMWare Fusion with XP Service Pack 2 on OSX 10.5.5 (Leopard).  Thanks for the information Jonathan!

Hope this helps!!!

i cant figure out how to get the thundercats theme downloaded i have the blackberry master control program on here but everything else is new to me any suggestions?


very early on, one user emailed me this:

it works great on a mac running windows through a virtual machine.

i'm not sure what vm he is using, but he claims it works perfectly.

hope this helps!

some people have emailed me saying that it does work on vista.

in their case, user account control (uac) was disabled, and mcp.exe (and possibly javaloader.exe) were set to run with admin rights.

this isn't mine. check to see if it is an over the air install, if so, just use your blackberry browser to go to the ota link to install it. it might be an alx... which means you would use blackberry desktop manager to load it. or manually uploading the cod file with mcp.

i would probably say no, but it can be close to video. you can set screen captures to automatic with a specified interval. anything less than 2 or 3 seconds makes the device a little unresponsive, but it does seem to work. nothing like a "streaming" video though.

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BlackBerry Master Control Program Beta 6 Released!

New Website Launched / Added Facebook Group

All of the annoying problems from the past are fixed! ;)

When i open the blackberry master control program, it does not open. but when i click it several times it opens a few screens that are blank white and closes immediately.

When i open the blackberry master control program, it does not open. but when i click it several times it opens a few screens that are blank white and closes immediately.