BlackBerry Master Control Program Beta 4 Now Available

BlackBerry Master Control Program Beta 4 Now Available
By Bla1ze on 28 Jan 2010 12:15 am EST

If you've ever modified your BlackBerry OS a little as a moderate to advanced user of BlackBerry smartphones you might be familiar with BlackBerry Master Control Program. If not, it's a great app for your computer that can help get at some of the inner workings of your BlackBerry OS to modify some stuff other apps simply cannot get at.

After having used the app myself for a while now, I've got to see it go through some growing stages and this time Darren, has released version Beta 4 to the masses. The change log for BlackBerry Master Control is one that is always extensive, so hit up the site for downloads and more information on it's release. And remember folks, be careful with this app if you have no idea what it does, probably best left alone.

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BlackBerry Master Control Program Beta 4 Now Available


That's a VERY powerful app from what you say and what it states....
So, what neat tricks can it do?
I've seen other apps on the phone itself where it can delete unwanted and unused functions like PPT and Voice dialing, etc..besides bricking the phone that is...hahaha

I just use that program to get rid of stock ringtones and images...lawl I'm too scared to brick my bberry from removing too much

I would ove to make my Blackberry work better, however, I NEED to know what I can delete and what I can't. Can anyone post up a list, Thanks!

Would I be able to delete Bing from my phone and change the browswer default back to Google with this app?

if you didn't install bing it might have been pushed to your home screen from your carrier. when you run it does it open the blackberry browser and ask you to install it? if so then it is just a home screen icon and it isn't really installed on the device. if you can't delete the home screen icon you might want to hide it.

the default search provider, and the list of other possible search provider seems to be controlled by the carrier. right now verizon only lets me search bing. stupid. so i installed the google quick search from bb app world.

you can use mcp to delete any cod file on the device. care, obviously, needs to be taken. i strongly recommend installing your carrier's current operating system (and possibly your current favorite leak/hybrid) on your computer before you actually delete anything off the device. doing this will allow you to access the cod files that /were/ on the device before you removed them... allowing you the ability to put them right back on the device if needed.

you bet! i've been developing it specifically for os 5.0 (but also works with older os'es), dm 5.0, even beta versions of java loader 5.0 (currently beta 5), and i've been writing it on my home system running windows 7 rc 64-bit and testing it on my production system at work running windows 7 rc 32-bit.

let me know your results!

Is there compatibility issues with Windows 7 64bit?

I tried to delete the "sample pictures" but when I find the net_rim_bb file, I click on it but then the "Erase" button does not light up so I can click it. I retrieve the files and all but no matter what I click on, I can't get it the Erase button to get to where I can click it.

Also, so I'm clear, what is the right file to delete to get rid of those sample pictures? (I have a BB Tour.)

ahh, some controls are locked to protect from potential and possibly unwanted behavior which can damage the device. deleting modules is one of them. type "BrickBerry" on the settings page to unlock these controls.

Ran into this today after borking a patch with BBSAK I was attempting on my Tour.
BBSAK 1.7 seems to have issues with restoring 3rd party apps.
ragnarokx suggested BBMCP, (I had to look it up) and sure enough it was able to use the backup from BBSAK and restore my 3rd party apps.
You can tell he has put a lot of thought and work into this program and I felt a donation was in order after playing with it this evening.

2 quick questions, how do I get to the virtual keyboard and will it manipulate items on the phone such as ViaDock?

first, no, i had to buy viadock, i love it. mcp is no live remote for you bb. it might get to that point, but i haven't even started looking into that yet.

as for the virtual keyboard and other gestures (take from ):

Think of the entire area of the MCP window as the canvas. To start a gesture, touch and hold down (or click the mouse down and hold it in) while performing the gesture. I've even added a touch keyboard so if you need to touch type you now can! These gestures work with touch devices or with a normal mouse.

MCP "Touch" Gestures

Triangle or "S": MCP Settings
Square: Information
Down: Load Modules
Up: Erase Modules
Left: Save Modules
Right: Downloads
Circle: OS Installation
Shake left to right (scratch out): Close MCP
Chevron right (>) or down: Show touch keyboard
Chevron left (<) or up (^): Hide touch keyboard

hope this helps!