BlackBerry Maps updated to v10.1.0.808 to fix crash bug

By Bla1ze on 23 Aug 2013 01:29 am EDT

If you're among those having issues with the previous update to BlackBerry Maps, we have some good news for you. BlackBerry Maps has now been bumped into v10.1.0.808 which aims to correct that crashing bug and looking through some of the comments on BlackBerry World, it appears to be working for most folks.

I wasn't among those who had issues to begin with so, I can't say if it fixed anything on my end but, you should find the update live in BlackBerry World right now. If you're not seeing it, go ahead and check for updates and it should appear. Oddly, mine seemed to update on its own as it already shows that release.

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BlackBerry Maps updated to v10.1.0.808 to fix crash bug


No dumb ass the answers tends to lie that people leave your product and you you to fight to stay in business------- oh wait.

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Sorry, early morning post with errors galore. Seriously, It's hard enough for these big companies to open their eyes to the little things yet when they get legit complaints a member of the rah-rah squad says everybody is whining. Go away folks, nothing to see here!

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If an app receiving tons of one star reviews because the recent update broke it is what's considered legitimate complaints, that's why there's a rah rah club. Rah rah club?!

I imagine the BlackBerry cheerleaders will fade away once the chicken little club realizes that bugs, setbacks and financial dilemmas are not personal attacks on them.

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+1 . I am BlackBerry fan but so disappointed about BlackBerry ! They didn't fix the MR update issue! They will sell the z30 who has nothing special compare to the competition etc etc. It's because of guys like you that the boat is sinking ! Open your eyes and see what people wants and needs !

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No dumbass it means many of us are tired of the constant whine whine whine from folks like you.

This is about the fix to the maps app that came quickly after users noticed it. They fixed it. Done.

Want to whine about the company direction join the others in the armchair CEO thread.

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The interesting thing about this is BlackBerry Maps on the latest 10.2 leak is already at v10.2.0.353.

Yeah Landscape mode is available for maps in the leak. Don't know about the others because I have the STL100-1 And this is the only 10.2 leak out there for it.

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I may be wrong but I don't think it was. I am on Z10STL100-1/ and it is on the latest version without my triggering an update. It had the earlier update as well, I thought that came with it. Could they be auto updating the system apps like maps?

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Yeah Bla1ze pretending you did not have the error when hundreds did only to help BlackBerry not look bad. Damn liar

Uhm, I never had the map error either.

Mind you I am running 1047 in British Columbia. Keep in mind that just because some people have an issue, it doesn't mean all people have an issue.


You can hope, I saw that Morroco wasnt, but it is now with that last update.
The more we have the better!

Here's your review:

Not very good. Add more content, make it more stable (maybe native), and everything mentioned above x10.

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My problem with BlackBerry maps was it kept showing up on the available updates tab, no matter how many times I clicked update even though the app worked. I'd love to say it's 100% corrected but it's not for me. While it does t show up on the updates tab on my Z10, on the handle it still says 1 update available. Though it's a minor thing, it's not really that complete.

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I had a similar issue with the telus app - completely unrelated app. It was an app I could not even download for my device. Eventually it cleared up.

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Is anyone else having this issue? The maps won't load it's just a white screen and a blue dot indicating my location, iv seen one more comment in the reviews complaining about this issue just wondering if we're the only ones z10 Verizon

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I had a similar problem, and it wouldn't even allow a restart. A battery pull solved the problem. App is working fine now. I suspect it would've opened properly if I had waited a few minutes to let the update complete, before opening. It was probably indexing the contacts, history, and favorites.

I find it really surprising that India is one of the biggest markets for BlackBerry and they don't have maps for India in BlackBerry Maps.

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Do the majority of streets in India have names? May be difficult to do if a lot of the more rural streets don't have names...

I trashed them when it crashed. Now it loads and seems to be working. So props for the resolution.

Addict for 10 years, but it may be time to get off this drug.

Finally works now I had to clear the history and it automatically shut down and when I started it up again it works!!!!

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In location such as Thailand, in BBOS7 I used to be able to search for locations in English, such as "Thai restaurant", but this version I can only search in Thai which is very not useful at all, I can say the app is useless for all Thais because we do not search locations in Thai language. This is pure customer insight, but I am a BlackBerry fan so I'm being patience, hopefully BlackBerry realize this and improve ASAP because map function is essential for working person like me who commute a lot to meet clients in different locations.

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Strange that you have that problem. When I search in Thailand with the language set to local, it shows the places in Thai but then if I change it to English, it immediately replaces the names with the English versions.

Which version are you on? I'm on on BlackBerry maps from the OS leak.

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I'm using th BlackBerry map in qatar even though I specified prefer language as English it still shows the map locations in Arabic

Posted via CB10 perfectly for me in Doha and surrounding areas. when the language set to "local" everything is in Arabic and then when I change the language to "English" it immediately changes.

I'm on version of BlackBerry maps and of the OS leak.

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I never had the last update, and like Bla1ze this has updated itself.
Interesting to know that BlackBerry World can do that.

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I was surprised too and I don't like it!
Doin that sort of install on background isn't that good imho, at least without the option to chose to let the thing update by itself...If not why all that "Check for upsdates" and things UI?
And that BBmaps is a good exemple, imagine if everyone get updated with the culprit bugged update (there with .1047 I already had it backed in), more and more user complains...

Have updated, but there is a long way to go in order to be compared with Google Maps. I just tried to find the direction to my new dentist and the street address in Stockholm, Sweden, the street address (including number) could not be found. As I see it, the map data isn't detailed enough. The BlackBerry Maps functionality is good, but that doesn't help if you don't find what you are looking for.

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I also have come away with the impression that the search results are very limited (in the San Francisco area). I wonder what service the app is hooked up to.

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Man, this is still trash. I've been lurking on CB since I got my Q10 but I had to sign up and voice my complaint. I look up a restaurant by name and include a zip code. The first option is 3 states over.

Worse, when I try to look up contacts, under the helpful contacts tab, I only see the top alphabetical entries. Everyone else requires an endless, and hence useless scroll.

I guess sideloaded Google Maps will continue to be the choice.

I hope whichever Android handset co that is going to buy BlackBerry does it soon and doesn't crap up the blessed keyboard too much. These guys are too smart by half.

I recently used Blackberry Maps in conjunction with BeMapsPro on a trip from Toronto to Myrtle Beach and it worked out very well for me. The highways get a little confusing around West Virginia but with my Blackberry getting there and back was very easy. I also appreciated that it informed me of the heavy traffic heading into Myrtle Beach, alerting me with how much of a traffic delay there was going to be, and it was very accurate (which unfortunately added about an hour to the trip). Nothing worse than being in traffic in an unfamiliar place and not knowing how long before things clear up. With my Blackberry, at least we knew what to expect so we could settle in and not stress too much over the delay.

Didn't know landscaped mode works until the other day..Sweet!

But I noticed that the directions are messed up sometimes. Then voice is correct but sometimes the display says my next turn is the final destination. Hope this update fixes it.

- aBBuser

It's funny how on BBOS, I never had issues that everyone else had. Not once. But come to BB10, I end up with many of the common bugs/issues.

Maps works for me now.

Let's hope the MR doesn't delete my texts. Especially since I cannot install Link and it seems there is no solution coming anytime soon.

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Thanks for the heads up!

My issue was that the last update caused the maps app to hang on a black screen.

It's fired up now so I'm hopeful everything's backk to normal!

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Though BlackBerry maps works fine for me, I actually use Bemaps Pro since it is more accurate and then uses the navigation feature in the native maps which works perfectly around Cape Town so I'm very happy with the Maps! Kudos BlackBerry!

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The OS leak came with this version of BlackBerry Maps. The problem I encountered yesterday using the maps is when I was using the turn by turn navigation the voice was telling me the right thing to do but on the screen the arrows showing the next turn was messed up and also showed me with 4 turns before I reachd the destination that I arrived to destination :( Luckily the voice guided me the right way. So I'm ready for the next update :)

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Kudos to the BlackBerry Devs that have been working on this app. It is improving with each release. I especially appreciate the quick release of this bug fix.

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It is working again, but it's not showing the traffic or night mode. Not sure how night mode is supposed to look though...never used it before.

Damn strange, it updated at it's own too here, without notifing or something, just checked appworld to see which revision I had, and found it already updated!!!!! No BlackberryWorld notice, nada!

Yea!!! Working now for me as well. My compliments to the BlackBerry employees who were responsible for getting this fixed so quickly. Thanks for your hard work on my behalf. I really appreciate your efforts here!

STL100-4 OS10.1.0.2039 Verizon 

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Any please. Why does traffic fail to show up until the screen is so enlarged that one really can't look ahead??

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Had the same issue with the June update. Blue dot. Delete your data in the settings and it should work. Did a 6 hour reload with BlackBerry support and same blue dot. Deleted the old data and the app worked great. Only thing is you lose your favorites. Good luck. Quick fix

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I've been one of the lucky ones and have never had an issue with BlackBerry maps. It works exactly as it should for me and has gotten me "unlost" on quite a few occasions.

From the mind of a MaNiAc

Worked for me. Maps kept showing as update even after I updated it many times. It has now disappeared.

Posted from "Bush Whacker" Z10

Yeah it was not opening at all in the one I had with the previous update. Hopefully this one fixes it.

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The traffic information still has issues. The traffic data often does show up and if it does it is only available if I am zoomed into a view that is less than about 7 miles wide. If you can't see the traffic across the city it is useless for planning the best way to go. This is just basic functionality that they can't get right.

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I didn't update to the broken one, but this update makes BlackBerry Maps much smoother and faster. Scrolling around the map isn't a headache now. Keep the updates coming!



I mirror Bla1ze's experience. Maps has never given me any issues, except bringing up some US addresses when searching.
Also updated auto for me. Lucky me, I guess.

Also, please verify that application settings are fully allowed, in order to have full function.

It should be set by default, but some folks 'lock-down' their phones accidentally, so big brother can't 'spy'! ;)

Disappointed that they didn't catch this problem sooner then took so long to fix but I guess that's what we have come to expect from the computer world. I get spoiled in my field where the standard is no failures in the field.

Posted from my most awesome Z10

I'm still having the same problems with my mas. Had to download bemaps'
Disappointed loved my BlackBerry maps


I've never had a problem with BlackBerry Maps and I've had my Z since day one. It's a great program. Every device has their problems from time time with updates. People stop being so harsh towards BlackBerry. All the negativity is why BlackBerry is having trouble. You don't see the majority of Apple or Android users focusing on the negative all the time. They love their device and praise them even if they are crap.

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I have 808 on I think I had the later one with previous leak. I restored from backup. Could that have replaced the newer maps with this older one?

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Latest Maps Apps is working...
..but it looks that it lost the integration with my contacts.

In fact they are shown in search list but did not bring up the destination address when selecting them.

Same if I'm tapping the address directly from my contact, it open Maps, but no longer brought up its address.

Using MyPlaces>Contacts alternative is working, but became useless when having important amont of contacts; swiping down thru the endless list is the only option :(

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OK. I updated BlackBerry maps. Now it doesn't work. When I try to type in the search bar it won't type. I would like to uninstall it and reinstall it, but can't do that either. How do I fix this?

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Hey Guys, I need some help in the same topic. I was one of those who had problem with the v10.1.0.805 update. Following this description ("Is the updated BlackBerry Maps not working for you? Try this fix") I restored the previous version and that was working. I tried to install the newest v10.1.0.810 and I have the same problem again. Reinstalling it from the BlackBerry World does not help. The update shows up continuously and the application crashes on lunch. In addition there is a similar problem with the BlackBerry World too. It does not crush but the same update shows up continuously. Do you have any idea what can I do with it? Thanks