BlackBerry Maps gets updated with stability fixes for BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry Maps
By James Richardson on 12 Feb 2014 11:20 am EST

If you're a user of BlackBerry Maps you'll want to hit up BlackBerry World and grab version which is rolling out today. While the update may just be addressing a few fixes it's still encouraging to see BlackBerry doing their best to make their native applications for BlackBerry 10 as perfect as possible. 

New in v10.2.1.778:

  • This new release includes defect fixes dealing with stability and performance. 

BlackBerry Maps is pre-installed on all BlackBerry 10 devices and if you ask me it does a pretty decent job. In fact - I use it to save lives but that's whole different story.

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BlackBerry Maps gets updated with stability fixes for BlackBerry 10


Agree, on the 10.2.1 version I can see some great difference, especially when searching for location, it's instantly trying to predict what you are searching.

Catapulted from my Z10.

I struggled making BlackBerry maps my go to travel map. In countries where I don't speak the language or recognize the characters I struggle reading the map because it is not in english. I like seeing the proper way places are named but I don't speak every language. Perhaps a translator would help.

Need some POW? Follow POW on BBM channels C004634C3 and find all the big snow spots.


Usually the names & language of places are in native language to that country.......therefore is the "normal language"

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Google Maps has this in many jurisdictions. As a transit user, it's why I don't use BlackBerry Maps :(

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Too bad tom tom sucks at updating their maps. Stoney Trail in Southeast Calgary has been opened for months now but tom tom would have you believe that it's still fields.

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Great, but how about support for countries other that the "major" ones. Barbados would be a start, so we wouldn't have to resort to Google maps etc.

Even India is not supported. I'm pretty screwed right now in fact. Google Maps app works like ass and the web Google Maps is not fast enough.

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This is an amazing map app. I use it all the time for my travels as well as business. Great to see the updates still coming.

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Would be great if the US carriers released OS 10.2.1. But alas, my carrier, AT & T says they do not have the OS yet. Sure they don't. BlackBerry should work to get all carriers to get the new OS out to the user's then work on new app updates.

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I have more issues on 10.2.1. It never diverts you from traffic jams and sometimes routes you to streets that don't go in the direction it directs you to take. Must be a Toronto issue?

Live,it gave me info on an accident in the right hand lane about 1.5km from it,that's where the traffic started.I zipped over to the far left lane,freaked out my aunt,and saved the day.We were on time.James would have been proud of me ,haha!!!What a guy+_+

I once followed BlackBerry maps from Keele and Steeles to get to Lawrence and Don Mills it failed to mention the 401 ramp along Allen Road is under construction (won't be done for a year). Let's just say I was royally fucked.

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Now you know you have to write another piece telling us how you use it to save lives. Don't tease us like that :)

I'm also a Community First Responder with the East of England Ambulance Service. My BlackBerry gets me to the locations I don't know off by heart. 

As a paramedic in BC, I occasionally have to pull out the phone as backup when the computerized GPS built into our ambulance is less-than-helpful.

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Numbers 6:24-26

24 The Lord bless you
    and keep you;
25 the Lord make his face shine on you
    and be gracious to you;
26 the Lord turn his face toward you
    and give you peace.


P.s. Thanks for taking care of others.

Have I just accidentally come across the Bible Channel?
How do I plot the route to heaven in my BlackBerry app

I want a turn by turn facility, showing any traffic and alternative routes to take

Catapulted from my Z10.


Since you asked for directions you can look this up and let it be your guide.

John 3:1-21
John 14:1-6

But be careful of alternate routes though as there are many hazards ahead...

Matthew 7:13-14

Take care friend.

@James..Now I know where you get the time to find and play all these games you seem to have skilled.It,s nice to have 2 passions,1 saving lives and the other saving CB members.Keep up the great work.I thought Chen was our latest hero ,congrats.

I have it on bluetooth on my car stereo, and it's preeettty good.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Still waiting on this in Canada. Still shows .597 for me.

Update: now available and downloading .778 now.

I'll throw out a wild guess... part time firefighter? That would be awesome! Picture James on the next BB TV ad in full fireman gear!

BlackBerry need to do a hell of a lot more with Maps to even come close to be doing their best because if this is their best, they're pathetic.

What's so bad about Maps? My experience has been good. It gets me to where I need to go and I also use it to search local businesses / restaurants.

No its not 3D but that's not necessary. The point is to do get you from point a to point be on time at the right place.

Other than biking and walking, what else would a native map app need?

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Better, clearer lane navigation. Anyone who ever used Garmin Mobile or the Garmin standalone can tell you that this app can be 100X better. Edited to add Navigon also had the very nice lane assist with Junction View, OR
Start with navigation view. A little more 3D might help. Something like'Real View' for lane navigation exits and turns would be really helpful.

In route navigation. You are headed to a job site, picking up a first date, whatever... You look down and notice you are low on gas. Being able to now find gas 'on route' without exiting current navigation is key. Same for being hungry on route and wanting a quick snack or cup of coffee.

Voice command within the navigation app. "Change Route" "find ATM" etc..

Show current speed. Show posted speed limit. Option to buzz if you exceed posted speed limit. Show train or bus schedules when tapping on the shown stations (see Google Maps)...

I could go on. There is lots of room to improve. And I say this because I used Garmin Mobile on my BB Storm 9500 and Storm 2 9550 and it did many of these things. So BB instead of using the lowest possible bidder to write their app, should have found the best app and negotiated to have them write it. That's in the past, but trust me, there is plenty of room to improve.

Mireo Don’t Panic does pretty much all of that, and native too. Knocks BlackBerry Maps dead.

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Not in my part of the US yet either. Probably later today it'll show up.

I just wish it would just use the GPS feature of my Z10 instead of my data connection.
Any chance this is in the update for those that have received the update already?

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A lot of the time when I go into BB World to check for an update (which CB has informed us of) the update isnt listed under My World / Updates... I have to manually search for the particular app, and then the download button will be an update button... Does this happen to you guys as well?

It happened to me on 10.2, but now that I'm on the 10.2.1 leak, my updates are listed in My World.

Edit: Never mind. My World said no updates. I went to the Maps app in the store and sure enough, the update button was there.

Sometimes I get the updates in my notifications and some times I don't. I wonder why BlackBerry doesn't always just push the update notices through.

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I never use BlackBerry Maps. I use Waze and Google Maps (Android apps) exclusively.

There is no use for BlackBerry Maps when you have them.

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I have to agree with you. Waze does an awesome job on the traffic and the turn by turn directions. Google Maps (Android) just finds stuff. As soon as I updated to this version of BlackBerry Maps, I typed in a search for a relatively new restaurant in town called Hogtown Smoke. Nothing came up. Google Maps brought it up right away.

Recently, driving in Vancouver with an iPhone friend we each ran our nav on our phones (Z10 & 5S)... he was stunned to find that the BlackBerry was marginally faster consistently than his phone.. but both were accurate & able to find the out of the way difficult to get at location amongst hi way construction etc.

We both left that 2 hour experiment impressed with BlackBerry.

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Maps for India is going to be a tough one for BlackBerry.
So many little side streets and unofficial roads, especially once you get out of city centre.

Hope BlackBerry maps recognise how to swerve away from all those cows roaming along the roads.

Catapulted from my Z10.

I'm only assuming that's it's down to licencing of each jurisdiction maps.

Also I'm assuming that unlike Google, BlackBerry does not produce it's on maps, so is reliant on third party.

Now I maybe wrong and it's been proven on many occasions on Crackberry ;)

Catapulted from my Z10.

The dude said on legacy the map data for Ghana was provided!Why hiring some other company to a job you were previously doing fine??.....Sir?

Incurable Q10 Syndrome

Google maps is superior to BB Maps in almost every facet. I want to give up Google maps because of the privacy issue but I have not been able to pull the trigger yet. My biggest gripe with BB Maps is that when it is in navigation mode, you can't look ahead on the route. It makes you stay at your exact location.

I struggle with having no 'via' option. I would like to do routes with one or more mid-points...

Posted via CB10 on my Z10.2.0

its so bad map haha always geting lost using it lol ,, now i use waze which is perfect ,,,

Quit calling me sir, unless you intend to pass on that information to my employers which may prompt an automatic pay increase.


Catapulted from my Z10.

I don't trust BB maps since the last "update" broke it and I had to do a work-around reload of the older version. I will wait a few weeks and read the comments before making that mistake again. Plus, can we get mass-transit stops (ie. subway platforms, bus stops, etc)? Please?

I've always liked BB Maps over other apps, I much prefer the graphics, finding them much easier to read and it's always been accurate and never let me down no matter where I've been. I prefer it over my in-car GPS also driven by Tom Tom.

My problem with it lately is that it's been giving me different directions to the same address, even if starting in the same spot. Gets me there, but sometimes kind of out of the way. Hopefully this fixes that.

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This is great news! The current version is horrible when searching. I unfortunately use Google maps in browser as backup.

Did they fix the issue where it will allow navigation to run in landscape mode?

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I miss the function you get with BlackBerry Traffic that let's you send a text to a contact letting them know the expected time of arrival. I'm hoping this function will come to BlackBerry Maps sometime soon.

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Even though it's not as rich as Google maps POI-wise, it's my all-time favorite when it comes to navigation. Very easy to use and I love the UI.

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Good app. Use it all the time. Hope they keep upgrading although I'm not sure what else it needs.

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If they would make the app completely working in offline mode it would be really amazing, like sygic for android or nokia maps. And that we can download the maps we want from bbw and store them on the phone memory or sd card.

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The app search doesn't do a good job with heuristics though. "Brushcreek school" and "brush creek school" show results from totally different states - after first I thought it didn't have the address for the one I was looking for at all, just because in one I had a space and the other I did not.

Search could be more forgiving.

I wish they would fix the Compass app!! It's totally embarrassing if someone looks at it. It shows the correct GPS coordinates, but the needle is loony at best!

I m from Pakistan . when I open blackberry maps , it says map data is currently unavailable for that country. why ?/???

No support for Iceland either..
Which is why I use Wisepilot when overseas.


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It doesn't make any sense that after all this years and so many users BlackBerry Maps still doesn't have Maps for South America!!

Juacas posting via CB10

The navigation feature is nice but the maps themselves are aweful, they load awkwardly and I always have to be zooming in and out just too get it to show the street names.

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Got it, Vodafone UK. Not a prolific user of BlackBerry maps myself, but this string of upgrades this month is impressive. I will of course download and take a look.

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

Will we ever see more map detail, as well as street view? That, or give me the map like on a Curve 9320.

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I love this app, I spend 60% of my day diving for my job.
But for the life of me I can't figure out how to plot multiple points and have a route crated for me. Any ideas.
I know Google maps can.

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How does it matter. They still don't have the maps working in India and that just boggles me!

Posted from my SuperHuman Q10

If the car is already moving at say 80km/h, and I suddenly turn the app on to get directions to a place, the app cannot keep up with directions and is delayed. However, it works perfectly fine if you are stationary then you start driving.

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Hei! BlackBerry Maps. Rocks!!! It's awesome app far better than any GPS I've owned. But... you said you use it to save lives??? WE WANT TO READ ABOUT IT, pleeeaaassseeee!!!

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Why it is not working in India? I was hopeless with this app. However, after seeing the updated, thought of something better but all it seems is another 10 MB of storage has been occupied by this useless app. I'm unable to use any maps on my z10 as it is asking for Google play services. Not only on my BB z10, almost everyone in India is facing the same issue. Is BB is working towards fixing it? Isn't 1 year is more then enough for BB to fix this issue or is it a non-fixable for there engineers?
I was proud to have my z10 but now a days getting ashamed when traveling. My friends with Samsung Dous (the cheapest android phone) can show the direction whereas, I'm just forced to carry my z10 as a dummy piece in that situation.
I read all the threads regarding the BB Maps and almost every users in India facing the same problem and they are doubtful to even go for Bb as navigation, GPS and maps are the most useful apps in day to day life. A master map app is required. Can't rely on GPS for Google maps app where Google map itself is not installed on my phone.

I don't have half the issues some of you have, I drive for work and look up the address quickly while going through the paperwork and know how to route myself. I like to stay sharp so I don't have the volume up on the gps ever. My built in gps + newer garmin nuvi can be hopeless and in those instance BlackBerry maps has been a life saver.

As for the lady who had issues in downtown toronto, it's been over cast and the buildings are high it's very normal for the gps to be "lost" momentarily, it happens to any one I have ever had and I drive over 200k in a year.

On a side note I love this app in the summer for riding on my 600, with my wired earphones on the turn by turn is awesome

I flick!

I don't know about anyone else but mine is running rubbish since that update. I use it most days and since the update it running terrible. It keeps freezing and loosing connection.

Anyone else managed to try it out yet since the update?

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Why still no maps for india....why don't you have gmaps why so stubborn when u can't satisfy BlackBerry lovers..don't lose crazy BlackBerry lovers like me

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Maps should be installed in the application. I mean the fact that it need the wireless connection to load make the experience clumsy not smooth at all. It should be loaded as soon as you open the app

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To be honest - It still sucks back here in India. I can't rely on it. Google Maps which is usually free, BlackBerry is charging for that and for that too the interface and usage is like OLD :( any suggestions??

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