BlackBerry Maps rolls out to Scandinavia and Eastern Europe

By James Richardson on 16 Aug 2013 09:27 am EDT

I totally forgot that BlackBerry Maps for BB10 wasn't a global thing yet. But good news for you folk in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe as it looks like you can now take advantage of the native application - which for navigation does a sweet job if you ask me.

Thanks to forum member JPVJ, he can confirm that Denmark, Sweden and Norway are now live and I'm hoping that there are more out there we don't yet know about. It's kind of odd that Maps wasn't available to everyone at launch bearing in mind that BlackBerry teamed up with TomTom for the partnership. Anyway, it looks like they are getting things up and running now so hopefully everyone can soon enjoy the app. There are a few alternatives available, but for basic navigation I always use BlackBerry Maps for its simplicity.

So grab your BlackBerry 10 smartphone - fire up BlackBerry Maps and if you didn't have your country available please let us know in the comments if it now works?

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BlackBerry Maps rolls out to Scandinavia and Eastern Europe


It is still not available in India. A strategically very important market. Should be made a priority.

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BlackBerry developed the 9720 for Latam because they have a lot of market here. Why the hell they don't upgrade the maps for LATAM? I hate his situation. Damn!

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Absolutely, no use for BB maps in my the 'No map data available for your location" message is still glaring...shame though.

WAZE it is.

Morocco is not available neither (north Africa in general), I can't do fb check ins, and couldn't open locations sent via Whatsapp (this was fixed with the latest update which let you choose between BBMaps and Google Maps). It's odd because in my BOLD 9900 maps were available!!

When I open BBMaps it gets the city I'm in, but doesn't show streets or anything. I'm not complaining since GMaps does the job pretty well.
So if you're travelling better have another app to not get lost!

Scratch that! Forget what I said.
Morocco is available too, starting today! Yeeeey
EDIT:still no FB check ins

BlackBerry Map is completely blank in China. There is simply no map data. Can u believe it?

Google have China covered. Waze works in big cities. Even Here is exceptionally good there. But no map data at all in BlackBerry Map. Really?

Fact that BlackBerry are not selling actively in China is no good explanation. Parallel traders bought truck load of iPhones in Hong Kong and shipped them into China well before they were officially introduced there.

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BlackBerry maps is okay... but I'm using Google maps 7 on my 10.2 os...

I'm in Germany and no problem with map apps here, but no BlackBerry maps, no be maps, or other maps for BlackBerry are so good like the Google one.. it runs smoothly on bb10 and I hope I can choose it in future as my standard map app in the phone..

WhatsApp let me choose it... I hope BlackBerry will do it too...

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Basic is very much operative word with Blackberry Maps. It's only passable if you don't have particularly demanding needs.

BlackBerry map is handicap anyway. Not supported in my region. I have been using Google map since I got the phone, and I didn't expect much from BlackBerry anyways.

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I know peops are getting bummed about BlackBerry maps not bring in their market.

I wouldn't sweat it, BlackBerry maps aren't all that anyway. Bemaps is where it's at and three on Google maps so I'd be surprised if it wasn't global.


Hmmm, when will they roll out with offline capability? That would be great :). Maybe partnering up with Mireo Don't Panic would make an awesome map application ;-)

Eastern Europe support still sucks. It's a bit better than it used to be, but still far from good enough.
Macedonia and Albania don't seem to be supported at all.

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I simply can't understand why BB is still losing market share and not thought of as a top smart phone maker. Oh, yeah right - this kind of stuff.

Albania isn't cover either and it us biggest producer of marihuana in Europe. How I can gat now to the city Lazarat

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Yes, new countries appeared but baltic countries still not supported (I mean Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. I hope they will be added too...

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"and if you didn't have your country available please let us know in the comments if it now works?"

Isn't this a nonsense question because every Maps user can examine it by himself on his BB? You can see the white areas and the mapped ones on each BB for the whole wold. Correct or not?

Bloody hell. The lack of global support has plagued me since I bought the Z10! There aren't ANY decent alternatives in the app store. Only decent maps app is Google Maps and that isn't there! Everything else is a rip off.

It's completely ridiculous that BB10 launched with a maps application that doesn't support the entire globe. How can you consider this a business phone if you can't rely on it for travel directions when abroad? Good for them for updating it, but just another example of how BB is too many steps behind to compete.

I really like native BB Maps, esp. because I can use Invokation Framework.
But here in Germany the Map in some regions is very slow - sometimes have to wait 1-2 minutes to get rendered. And BB Map misses many details like metro stations. And BB Maps has no layer for Bikes. And I can only navigate for Cars, not Pedestrian, Bike or by Train. Compass is missing and if using Compass sensors in custom maps, Street Name labels not rotating - only at deepest zoom level.
Users are expecting those features today - so I really hope that all these things will come to native BB Maps soon.
In the meantime I'm using BeMaps Pro as native app providing Google Maps. So as a consumer: ok, as a developer waiting for the creators of BeMaps Pro to provide some CARD functionality using Invokation Framework.

Nice to hear progress. Hopefully the other ares that aren't covered as of yet will be coming sooner rather than later.

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10!

I was in Turkey in May and BlackBerry Maps worked perfectly, both in Istanbul and in the SW area around Bodrum & Izmir. It gave me excellent directions including our drive from Bodrum to Ephesus. Really cool.

I'm impressed by the number of people complaining BlackBerry Maps isn't available in their country yet. But you know what, Apple didn't have a problem releasing their map app on the iphone5 for the whole world all at once. They just didn't care that it contained so many errors it was pretty much useless on launch.

So I guess BlackBerry could have done what Apple did. I am glad BlackBerry decided to release Maps in stages to be sure it is all working. Let's not forget that the Australian police released a warning for Apple maps users not to use it after tourists died after becoming lost while following Apple Maps into the outback.

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Of course now that I am back in Canada (after spending 18 days in Denmark with my Z10) the maps will work there. Of course :P

Couldn't work when I was there, haha

Worked in South Africa from day one. Although noticed updated version on 10.2, however the voice guidance has disappeared with only the tone guidance available.

Any ideas if we will get an option to change the voices. It was pretty cool being able to make Darth Vader your personal assistant

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For Croatia, yes I no longer have the message that country is not supported but the map is still blank with just the blue dot. Please help

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Odd how people don't see Croatia, as it was supported in both native BlackBerry Maps and on BB10. And I can confirm. Every samll village is fully mapped. Serbia, however, still one big white field, city names and international roads being shown only. It's been like that since, well, ever (since I had curve 8300).

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Also, the new maps placed Kosovo few hundred kms to the left from where it actually is :))) it has finally left the Serbia!

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It's nice to finally have maps but there are two-three more problems remaining :
1. Croatia maps are outdated. A lot!
2. No voice navigation in Croatia. Not even in. English.
3. App is really slow with downloading data. It should be vector based and provide option to download whole country in advance like Nokia maps do.

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LyoobaBerry LOL! I needed to tweet that, it's totally funny how incompetent these guys are.

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@ZvjerOPC check out Mireo Don'tPanic. Their croatian map is awesome and they also have great (in-app purchase only) map of Serbia. Trivia: tomtom maps devs for our region are primarily working from Novi Sad, my city, yet BlackBerry maps which heavily use tomtom's data are far behind for us all. I know lot of great Cro GIS devs too, I'm certain their maps are far superior to bbmaps.

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I doubt there was any development or "magic" that they added those countries to BB Maps, my guess is that they simply didn't license the maps data for those specific countries until now, most likely as a money-saving measure.

I also have a feeling that the success of BeMaps 10 Pro most likely pressured them to up their game with the native app's coverage. ;)

For those of you in Eastern Europe, Balkan or CIS states without maps coverage, there is an app called Navitel Navigator which should help, it is specifically targeted to that area and has a 30-day free trial.

Other options include BeMaps 10 Pro which uses Google data in a BB10 native app and gets great reviews, and Mireo's "Don't Panic" also gets good reviews and is usable without a data connection. (offline map data)

Also take a look at the Navigator app by Obj Studio.

I make these recommendations because searching for maps apps in BlackBerry World is a horrible pain, due to the fact that they refuse to filter out the thousands of "apps" from the same companies that are simply map data for a single city.

Just checked and BlackBerry maps are still not available in many European countries like Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia etc. It's so annoying and disappointing for personally since I now have to use some sideloaded app or pay extra.. I mean it shouldn't be that hard to add at least Europe on map?

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Not available for Cyprus... I did prefer Google maps on my old Storm2 though. Might even make my first purchase as the browser version of Google maps is painful.

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I am from India and BlackBerry Maps don't work in India....Can we keep some hopes to have India Maps on BlackBerry Maps?

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"..rolls out in Scandinavia"
More that a year since this news! Well don't know what that means because it doesn't work in Sweden. I had high hopes of BlackBerry when buying my Q5. Was tired of Android after many years.

Was going for a trip the other day and to my disapointment - the Maps app don't work. I had to go to my computer and search for Google Maps instead, to get an overview of where I was going to drive.. was really angry I have to say. I felt really handicaped with my new BlackBerry Q5 because of this.

A phone that doesn't have a native Maps app is bad, really bad. BlackBerry - You need, and want people to buy your phones, right, then fix the apps so that they work for all buyers.

There is other navigation apps to download.. but BB has a Maps app and that should work.. that's my oppinion.