Is the updated BlackBerry Maps not working for you? Try this fix

By Adam Zeis on 21 Aug 2013 10:21 am EDT

An update to BlackBerry Maps was released just a few days ago that was supposed to fix the app as far as upgrades, stability and performance. While many users downloaded the update and are running BlackBerry Maps with no issues, just as many seem to be experiencing problems with the app now. Reports are flying in that Maps has gone down the tube and won't even start for some users. 

Thankfully forums member fbf2012 has come to the rescue and posted a workaround for those that are having issues. The process involves heading to BlackBerry World from a PC and installing BlackBerry Maps, however this method should push an older (working) version to your device instead of the new "updated" version.

So if you're having issues, swing by the forums and give it a shot. You'll need a Windows PC to do it but it looks like it has been working for most users. Be sure to leave a comment letting us know if it worked for you.

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Pretty sad for the need for a work around how about blackberry just fix the damn problem. Just saying.

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I think it’s pretty safe to say they are working on it. After the Apple maps disaster, I would have to assume this fix is a pretty big priority for BlackBerry right now.

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It's pretty safe to say nothing... stop believing blindfolded, the update should have come on day 2 tops... BlackBerry priority now is to find buyer unfortunately.


confirmed. they are working on a fix

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How dare you post a response that is fact-based, calmly written, and non-inflammatory, and which doesn't insult the commenter to whom you're responding? This is the internet; get with the program!


Good. but they Should just post the old working one in the meantime. The old one worked for everyone..


Blackberry has confirmed the issue in KB34927 and provided the same workaround till permanent fix is released.


I have no problem with mine ..... but why don't they verify this stuff before releasing an upgrade?


More people need to be fired for incompetence.


The app runs fine if the device's other software (the OS) is up to date. The problem is certain US carriers, they are preventing their customers from having the up to date OS. Its a bit like trying to run the latest version of Microsoft Word 2013 on a PC with Windows 95.


Enjoy that workout at Equinox Adam ;)

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In typical "Lack"Berry fashion they take one step forward and two steps back...



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It would be great if they would just fix the update immediately. I'm among the many dealing with the app closing directly upon activation. Not happy. Not interested in going out of my way to fix their problem.

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It was a surprisingly easy fix. With my Z and PlayBook I don't take a laptop with me when I travel. Went to the hotel's public PC and was good to go in three minutes. It's still a stunning lack of QC on BlackBerry's part but a very easy fix until the update is debugged.


Knowing I'll need to use this app tomorrow, I just followed the directions, and you're correct. Easy fix. Still disappointed by this set of circumstances. Maybe I'm just disappointed overall by all the bad news lately. Some good news would be nice. And I don't mean that of an easy fix...

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I did find mine closed immediately after trying to launch the app. But it only did this the first couple times and now seems to be working fine. I use this app daily for a delivery service/ pharmacy deliveries. I like the GUI better than my Garmin Nuvi but I do think the response time on BlackBerry Maps needs to be improved. I run into occasions where I pass my destination by a minimum of 20 meters before the app realizes. I originally thought the issue was because I updated my OS to But, so far so good with the OS update except for having to reset all my accounts linked to the hub. Only issue so far (knock on wood)

Blackberry WILL survive

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Absolutely, these work arounds are asinine. The crap needs to work....period

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But honestly, even if it runs, do we WANT to use it??? I am using a side-loaded version of Google Navigate. I tried to like BB maps, but seriously, simple things like putting exit numbers on the highways are neglected. I hate having to scroll around to see what street a route is telling me to exit on, I'd much rather have a freakin exit number right on the highway itself. There are other little things that annoy me about the maps but that one really pisses me off...

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Update works fine for me, no issues. BlackBerry World tells me there is an update available still after already downloading and installing it though.

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Andy Fenn

Same with me.

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Check your version. It'll be the previous version still.

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Why does this App not work by GPS?

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Do they not test these updates before pushing them out to the public???

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This is very irresponsible from Blackberry. Disappointed.


I don't know why they haven't yet launched a BB10 Beta Zone other than just for BBM.
As far as BB Maps goes, is it BlackBerry who is working on this app or did they contract it out to 3rd party dev?


3rd party dev. And like everything they do - they farmed it to the low bidder. They could have used Garmin or Telenav who did great work on the legacy BB platforms, but, you know.. blackberry.


Actually issue is not impacting all OS versions, only the old ones which do not have current MR version official released by BB last month.


My app won't start at all... ugh.

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What OS version are u on? Let it crash a couple times and it should correct itself by the 3rd time you launch the app. Worked for me.

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Correct. I have a Z10 (OS10.1)
I upgraded. I clicked the BB Maps desktop icon. The program does not load and the desktop restores.
As a native app there is no way to delete and reload from appWorld.


The update is blocked for me...

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Maps update won't work if your OS is older than

If your OS older than that you are American and you should be asking your carrier why they are still holding this update that the rest of the planet is happily using?

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I wonder if this is actually the case? If so, not sure why it would show up in BlackBerry World for those that don't have compatible OS version

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This sums it up.
There should be a mechanism by which BlackBerry World checks your OS version and only loads those applications updates that are applicable and compatible for your device.

I thought this is how it already works but maybe that process failed at some point on this particular application update.

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That is some sad, sloppy dev work alright. And BBRY doesn't review apparently? And just pushes the shit live to demonstrate some small measure of momentum? Are individual app updates considered a separate app in the count of total apps available to BBRY?

That explains the BBRY app store alright. Sorry... meant the BBRY Map store.

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Sorry Americans, needs 10.1.4xxx to work. Another case of U.S. Carriers causing headaches for BlackBerry and it's customers.

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I am not American, using, and it won't even install.

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Don't believe that to be the case, as here, on VZW, works here.


On Z10STL100-1/ it's working with no issues, and it's super fast even in 2G!!


Work arounds? This is exactly what new customers want to see, might be fun for cracker members but not everyone wants dysfunctional products.

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Tell me one manufacturer who has not faced similar issues and provided workarounds till permanent fixes are provided. For sure, BB should have acknowledged it little faster.

Peter Lee4

Updated maps yesterday and have no problems at all.

BB Adict

How do I get to my PC when I am on the road, 600 miles from home and had to spend $150.00 on a GPS unit because BlackBerry Maps crapped out last week?

BlackBerry is doing a great job in slowly alienating it's loyal customer base.

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You could try BeMaps pro for $3.99, just a thought. Or a regular map, they still have those around.

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Blomsternisse is even better (for being web based). They even have navigation with voice support (does not require flash).


LOL you're so full of it. If this is true you're such a sucker.


Buy a better car. Muhaha. Or maybe a paper map. Cheaper.

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Any PC will do. Just sign into your BlackBerry World account, click BlackBerry Maps and the download is pushed to your phone. Worked amazingly well and fast.


I'm not sure what's going on, but I've been trying to install the update unsuccessfully. After each round downloading and installing the update, it still keeps showing up as a new update that's available for download and install. Anyone else experiencing this issue? Any work around suggestions?

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Same here but why do you want the new one when it doesn't work? I'm grateful I couldn't install the update.

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I fixed maps on my z10 by going to the blackberry 10 apps website and logging into my account. Locate the map app on the site and choose download, this will reinstall the Maps app on your phone and overwrite the problem.


Good catch! Worked here too, z10 on vzw.


Viewed app in blackberry world on phone, touched support, then download on device. Takes you back to world and installs again. Make sure at top of web page your correct device is set.


"Red Button" that was easy....


Poirots Progeny

I updated this morning and maps won't open now - just a black screen, then flick up and hit x. Annoying.

Am hoping a restore from my backed up info, via link, will sort this out.

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I haven't had the chance to install the update.
I assume BlackBerry pulled it?

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Yes same here, tried yesterday too but in vain.
I'm on 10.2.1047 btw.


Mine works fine (Z10, STL100-3). In fact the mapping is more accurate than Google maps; it shows my home location bang on, whereas Google maps is usually half a block or more down the street from where it should be. When I asked it to map from home to work, it mapped out the exact route I use in my commute. While it's too bad it doesn't work for a few people, it seems to work beautifully and accurately for me.

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My maps now works. It didn't before. Guess I'm the lucky one? Nah. I use my trucks QNX navigation system to get where I need to be. Phone maps are nice when I am walking, but that is about it.

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Funny how this Maps screw-up isn't the front page of the NY Times

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I think the volume of people using BlackBerry Maps is like a speck compared to the volume of drones on the iPhone platform using Apple Maps.

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Apple coverage will slowly die down as their market share continues to fall. Tablet market share down to 40% in China....


This fix worked great. Shouldn't of happen in the first place though.


mine is not working, I'll just wait for a fix because I have google maps sideloaded that works fine


App works great and I'm taking fantastic. I've got lots of BlackBerry friends (z10 / q10) and not one of us has had an issue. This is 13 phones on Rogers, MTS, Bell and Telus. Something ain't right.

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Can users of BB not use Google Maps ?


I am a Blackberry fan and use the map app often but I'm not going to do their work for them to fix this issue.

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Menno Kortekaas

I have installed the update many times and Blackberry World just keeps telling me there is 1 update and it's Blackberry Maps!
Reboot doesn't help.
Hate this bloody Q10, I had an iPhone before that and nothing works on this thing.


You don't need to go to a Windows PC. I was able to do it from a Mac. Granted I was using firefox as my browser, and not Safari. Q10 Running, in the US of course.


I did the same on my MacBook Pro, using Firefox, based on a tip someone posted yesterday in the original thread. Worked fine.

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Pretty sad... blackberry really need to step up. I'm going to switch to android in no time if they continue like this.

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BB World says, there would be still an update, even I've downloaded / installed it just a few seconds before...
I've tried it several times, but the bug is still there.

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I tried. Says not available for my device. I am using the Q10 and it shows the device as supported device. This is messed up! BlackBerry needs to get this fixed!!

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Prior to the update I found the application unacceptably slow to respond, after the update it just does not work at all. Nothing
Not sure if it is an improvement or not, but not much different.

I would go to another at form of I had the choice, but I assume our firm will make the en bloc move soon if this nonsense continues.

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where is the proof blackberry is aware of the problem? If it wasn't for crackberry we would be stuck in the dark. Why isn't the media all over this? What a shame

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Some customers are experiencing an issue with BlackBerry Maps We are investigating, and apologize for any inconvenience caused.

This was tweeted by them a day ago.

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Its working just fine for me.

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I haven't even shown there is an update available yet. I'm on the leak so maybe it's already installed? Either way I'm not having any issues with Maps.


Just another example of how utterly inept BlackBerry has become. Honestly, that Samsung is looking better and better.


BlackBerry needs to fix this asap. Unreal they would release such a bad update. Did anyone actually test it first???

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Solar 77

Good thing I don't use it that often, I installed Waze and I think that's better.

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The work around fixed it for me. Sad to have to go through the process, but at least it is working again.

I emailed them through the support link in BlackBerry World. Hopefully if enough people report it, they will work on getting it fixed faster.

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Try this fix: buy a Samsung galaxy phone.


Have Google fixed the malware problem yet, then just maybe I might consider.

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How stupid can they get! I mean really! That CEO is focused on his USD 54 mio, dont blame him

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Just open your phone browser and go to blackberry world. Then search for maps and hit download. It's as simple that and you do not need a pc to do it


Thanks; worked great.

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Wish I had thought of that. I used a PC and it was super simple but using the phone's browser is even more elegant. Nice.

bb race

Just go Internet browser on blackberry world log in & download will fix. I on OS

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The fix might now work as BB Maps still shows up as version on App World.


After updated the software, it crashed when open. What I did yesterday I connected the USB through PC and my Z10 and goes to BlackBerry.Com. Click on the Apps folder and look for BlackBerry Map. When I click on BlackBerry Map for download, it gives me some kind of message about it has sent something to my Z10. Please check it. When I checked my Z10, I saw the software installation open. I click on the Open of the software, it opens the map and it works fine. I don't believe I have click on the download page yet, but it works without downloading and installing.


I'm using Verizon Wireless' latest official OS release, have upgraded the to the latest map app and have NO problems using it.

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BlackBerry Maps is not working after the upgrade. It just closes itself.

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This also happened with the Twitter App. I needed to access the BlackBerry World via PC to install it again.

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so when I went to do it, it pushed the bb world app on my z10 to open up, it I then went to the open option for the application and it opened the program, and now it works fine, in blackberry app world it says the version on my z10 is the updated version from June so I guess it's the old one.......


Try this fix....

If all you can do is Bitch and moan about how you should move to iPhone or Android, then go with that feeling. I'm sick of the complaining. For those of you that have your life "ruined" by one little app not working, on behalf of BlackBerry and all BlackBerry users everywhere, I APPOLOGIZE! iPhone totally crashed their version of maps with one of their updates, people complained about that too. iPhone finally put out a fix and everybody LOVES them again. If all you can do is be fickle and love BB when everything is hunky dory, and complain when it isn't perfect every second of every day, then I'm sure iPhone or Android would love to have you as a customer.

Personally my visits to CrackBerry have declined hugely in the last couple of weeks because of all the complaining that is going on.


Yep. This site has pretty much always been frequented by a large component of whiners and cry babies.


It works! Thank you!

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Much appreciate the work around. Now I have my maps again. If the carriers weren't holding back the MR updates we wouldn't have had this problem.


Where the hell is BlackBerry on this? My maps app hasn't worked for days now.

Just like old times, I guess. BlackBerry is unreliable. I was hoping BlackBerry 10 meant we were in a new era.


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I didn't need a pc, used my z10 browser and it worked and fixed this issue.

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they should just scrap this maps altogether and pay google to bring a bb10 google maps app (even though the sideload works fine) ....... just sayin'


This, not long after IOS app testing revealed to be vulnerable to security issues. Wondering how the testing process is actually verified??? How many devices/os versions are used in the tests? Does BBRY understand the consequences of a blunder like this? How many people were inconvenienced by this while on a business trip or vacation? Do they (BBRY) really care?

Would be interesting to poll CB for update failure percentage. Maybe by carrier and or os version.


I did the same thing, but I went to the BlackBerry website on my Z10 and re download the map app that way and it works fine...



My PC was broken. That'd be great if there are workaround by using the phone itself.

Dave Green1

I guess I am one of the fortunate ones. No apparent problem here!


Quick fix: use Waze. Worked for me...

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I've had no issue with it so far, though, I must admit that I mostly use the side loaded Google maps which works well for me.

Sorry, but it's what I've been used to since when Torch days.

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Just keeps saying update on mine after uprated it

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Weird. Works perfectly for me.

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Very simple, took me a minute and now my maps are working great!

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I'm being patient although I need maps. Will try this fix.

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Download waze in the meantime..i always had that app even with the native one working

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Mister Sir

Is there anyone left at BlackBerry who is even around to fix it? By the way, if any laid off BlackBerry employees are reading this...

DO NOT ACCEPT the severance package they have offered. And do not worry about the language where it says you only have 7 days to respond otherwise they will give you the bare minimum according to law. This is just a scare tactic. Seek out an employment lawyer. Guaranteed you will get more than what the Mighty Thor has offered. FACT.

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The update worked for me but is now BlackBerry World. I am continually told I have a pending update. Why can BlackBerry not get things right? It weakens confidence in them when even app development isn't done right.


Work fine for me no issues

IROC-Z10 But Mostly She Rocks Me!!


Works even better with the update for me. I feel bad for those it doesn't work for.

9700 > 9900 > Z10


Didn't work until I did the PC work around. Saw that in the forums! Thanks.

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The cr@ppest navigation application known to humanity just got cr@pper. Despite carrying out the update I am now constantly being notified that an update is available and around we go in circles. Thankfully my old Nokia is at hand for when there's some grown up, big boys navigation to be done


Nonsense. I've used BlackBerry Maps right alongside others using iPhone maps and BlackBerry performs great. Turn by turn is actually a little better than iPhone's.


I'm not comparing it with the iPhone. That's like choosing between dumb or dumber


Mine works fine for me, What exact OS is it broken for? I'm sure a lot of us are running leaks and forget that


It's definitely more widespread than the leaks. I'm running which is Verizon's latest official release.

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Why hasn't BlackBerry fixed this yet? That is the question.

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Exactly. Lets see how long it takes them. My guess is q2 2014.

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I don't have a windows pc so this work around is useless to me. I need blackberry to update this app ASAP. This is just giving me another reason to make use of my upgrade.

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The work around worked for me!

On VZ official OS.

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Accountability is the root problem of all. When Apple had map problem Steve Fallstall and the head of the map were let go.

Here is a check point we can see if BB will survive. If no one takes responsibility for this map disaster, BB is going down the drain for sure. If those who are responsible get fired, then we know BB will turn around regardless its current state or next product.



What a joke. I have a Mac, nonetheless I don't want to have to use a "workaround" to get the app to work. They need to get their shit together.

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No BB Maps in Colombia so I couldnt care less!!


It is time to get rid of TCS and those RIM acquired from DashNav. Failures after failures. And those who made the decision to acquire DashNav and use TCS should be let go. BlackBerry cannot be saved without accountability.

Hire out of Canada and do the map again from ground up, or source it from a partner that is much better than TCS (CRAP).


Is TH in control or just sitting to get his 55 millions. Can you share holders do something about this.


All right. This is why TH wants to go private. Share holders will vote against it, and fire TH without paying 55 million. Come on, TH take responsibility, exercise disciplines, otherwise the company is following apart. You know what, you won't get that 55 million because it is going to bankrupt if you continue to do things like this Map release.


Boosting quality by firing those who are responsible for the map fiasco.


I upgrade went fine without a glitch. I was nervous after reading about not being able to start the program. Luckily my started no problem. All my searches were still in-tact. Phew. And then I noticed the version number was the same. I then headed back to App World and it still says "Upgrade" instead of "Open" Hmm...I went ahead and installed it the second time. Swoop. No problem. However, the version was the same and it still say "Upgrade". LOL.


Without quality people you won't have quality products. It is time to act swiftly before it is too late. It is probably the last chance.

Folks, the Map has been the single worst problem of BB 10 since / before its debut. We had numerous problems developing apps using the map. We sent feedback to RIM. Our feedback all fell into cracks. RIM cannot even fix a bug that can be done in a few hours. They said at the time - 3 months. WTF. Now, after almost a year, it only got worse. How do you expect BB to turn around this way. I think it does need external force to rescue the company. But going private is not the way. I am lost. Any suggestion?


Wow - that was very inconvenient (the update failure) but many thanks to fbf2012 for the suggestion of using the online App store - it pushed a working version [] to my Z10 super quick - I'm back in business!


I'm one of the lucky ones. It's always worked just fine for me, before and after the update.

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Fire TCS and fire the person/people who hired TCS.


The update has caused corruptions throughtout my phone. Even the browser is jacked.

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It shouldn't considering how QNX works. It should actually be impossible for the map app to corrupt the browser which is a completely separate and self contained process. Should there be some kind of odd artifact affecting operation, a simple restart should fix everything right up.


Updating to OS on Telus fixed the problem for me. Had to "Check for updates" twice before it showed up. Hopefully, this helps some of you.

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Get on BlackBerry World on my PC is what worked for me, I'm back to the older BlackBerry Maps that worked.

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I had upgrade it with the phone couple of times but still shows that there is an upgrade available!!
However the app still works fine for me!

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Has anyone mentioned the fact that blackberry protect doesn't work on z10.
How nuts is that, good thing it's not a popular phone, if someone jacked it, it would be gone
I love my phone. Come on BlackBerry

A Z10 Post on CB10


I have z10 and its working great ;)

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This happens on all smarts phones... For me the worse phone I have had is the iPhone. I find I have very little issues with my Z10 and it is much better then other smart phones I have used. BTW... I have no problems with the update.


After updating, my app would crash when loading. I've tried the work around and now all I get is a white background with the blue dot for my location. When I try to type in a location, it shows up with the address and points it out on the white non-map and then I press the button for getting route. It begins to calculate the route then comes back with the error "Your GPS location can't be found. Move to a location with a clear view of the sky and try again. (1013)" I'm getting this error, but when I pull up my GPS apps, they all work without issue. I've even tried this out in a field with no power lines for about a mile and full 4G strength with the same result. All of my location services are turned on and I'm still getting this error. So the work around didn't work.


I wish they would atleast work in eastern europe. Right now its just an useless app:)

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I have installed the new version when it was made available and never had a problem. I am running the maintenance release with BB10.1.something on Rogers network on my Z10.

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Integration between apps are critical for smartphones nowadays .

If blackberry does not want to do a good job on maps at least allow users to choose a new default map app for address related links....

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Oops, my previous comment about the update working was somewhat premature. Looks like I'm stuck in the perpetual download/ install loop.

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I'll stick with the sideloaded Google Maps for now. It's not perfect but more than gets the job done.

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Same. Although I liked using BlackBerry Maps better back when it used to actually work.

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I spent 45 minutes last night with a tech from Verizon trying to figure out why maps would not launch starting yesterday. His information said that BlackBerry was working on a fix in a few days. I went to Crackberry afterwards, followed the advise of fbf2012 and it worked like a charm. Thanks Crackberry community! Now can you do something about the terrible traffic in DC?


It fixed it. Sad that we need to do it ourselves.

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Love BB, been using them a Long time. Many years. Android starting to look better n better....the proper android phone will do. I'm sure I can find one.

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WTF I can't take it anymore!!! Everything updated messes something up.

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Well s**t, I updated mine with out a thought and just tried it and it doesn't work. I had planned on using it on a trip this weekend, come on BlackBerry how about a fix please.

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Well, after the update it did not let me open BlackBerry maps, but now after Telus let my q10 update to 10.1.4181, and restart. It works now! (yes the updated BlackBerry maps) weird..

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Worked great for me

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I can't even download and install the update. I have tried through the wifi at work and at home, but it just fails every time.

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Wow we sure have become a spoilt "me" world. In my early days Maps were made from paper and folded up :-)

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What a bust, I had to downgrade after upgrade. Lol

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I shouldn't have gave a windows device to fix maps. Your company is looking weight. I'm headed for a Samsung soon I think.

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It works! Great! Thank you!

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My problem with it is I have downloaded it and it keeps telling me I have an update for it.

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Using Google maps until they get this fixed. No way am I going to do this workaround for an app that came straight from BlackBerry. This is a joke.

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I'm not on the 10.1 MR and I downloaded. Yep, crash city. Thankfully I tried the work around yesterday and got my maps back. Cmon Verizon, where's our MR release? About ready to install the 10.2 leak, but then I can't play all my Gameloft games, and I have a couple! They play awesome on the Z! All that I need is BT support for a BT gamepad and I'd never get any work done! :p

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Honestly, stuff like this should not be happening at this stage of the game! What pisses me off is that the BB10 OS is soo much better than the iOS. I finally managed, months after, to bring myself to unpack my iPod Touch...and boy after just a few days of using the iOS 6.whatever I'm already sick of it.

Stale, static and unimaginative are the most charitable words I can come up with!

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Why BlackBerry is quiet about this issue and let us user finding the solution ourselves? I guess they lacking competent programmers.

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Byron Birkett

Really wish that blackberry would have waited, before releasing the q10 to fix all the problems with the maps... I'm not complaining about the fact they are updating these fixes but, comparing the iOS and other platforms they have everything done before the release. (for major bugs...etc).

That would have affected them for the first quater but atleast form a consumer view they would be happy. Right?

Cant speak for everyone but that my opinion.


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I'm not even going to bother, I have BeMaps working fine

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I thought my update was working fine, but the app just crashed on me. Thankfully I have another nav system in my car.

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Work around worked for me. They should quit firing testers and teach their developers how to test their code before they release it.

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My maps will pull up and instantly close. But I don't want to have to fix with another computer. I want a patch sent down to correct.

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Not working. The app does not open after the update.

Running on from my carrier.

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Keep Moving..LOL..

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And this is why I don't update when I get a notification. I come to Crackberry and see what everyone says first. Y'all are my Guinea pigs LOL

Phillip Young

Oh thank you CrackBerry community. As a realtor, I use BlackBerry maps every day and am pleased the workaround worked.

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Confirmed that they are working on a fix to fix what was supposed to be their fix of other things that needed fixing!!!!
What would we do without Crackberry?
Where is BlackBerry Support?

Anybody know how to change the language displayed on the BB Maps? I'm in Hong Kong, the maps only show Chinese characters of the English street names!!! Magic from BlackBerry!!!

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So the Web workaround actually installed an older version. The original article about the update was for .805 and the workaround installs .790.

Was .790 the previous version that VZ would have been running?

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I did a device software upgrade and it's working fine now.

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Worked for me after the upgrade on AT&T.

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Honestly there should be no need for a work around of any sort for a native app. They obviously don't review the comments section on app world... An update should have already came down! hopefully once it is up and running again the bugs are actually fixed..

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Workaround was quick and easy. Thanks for posting.

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Update ur OS. It's working

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Installing through the phone's browser on desktop mode didn't work (the browser is asking me to download the blackberry appworld plugin).

I didn't realize I could install/uninstall apps if I connected my q10 to the computer via USB/Link. I wondered if it was because I was on a Mac.

Thank you to everyone for your help!


I made a comment that I have tried to update it both from the PC, but it still shows update available for the map it just will not install the update no matter how many times I have tried ,
I wonder if there is a way to remove maps completely from the phone, I can honestly say Blackberry dropped the ball on this ,



Hey just installed it from my pc and works great

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No maps for my country.. is there a fix for that?? otherwise, BB Maps is still a useless app in Dominican Republic


I just use the Android port which works flawless for me. Don't care much for this one

omar munoz1

Man wat an inconvenience just fix the update so i wont have to do all that

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doxa sub750T

Work perfectly. Many Ty.


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This worked for me. I noe have my Maps back!

John Valverde

Did exactly what was recommended and my BB Maps app is working again...appreciate it!


Is there any reason to bother with the native maps app when GMaps runs so well sideloaded?


App World just released another update. Working fine now.

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Thanks for posting this- it worked like a charm. Pretty sad BlackBerry couldn't help. As a loyal user for about eight years, I am losing patience with them.

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There's another update for BlackBerry maps now. I just installed it and the app works.

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Brand new update works great. I did it from the pc so I am not sure if it will update directly from the Z or Q.

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BBMaps works fine for me with

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Nanker Phelge

Keep moving. We at BBRY just won't help you with a map app that works.

Jay Nayagan

BBMaps is not working on my Q5. The navigation function just wont work. It gives me Error 1013.