BlackBerry Maps for BlackBerry 10 updated with performance and stability improvements

By Bla1ze on 3 Jun 2013 11:24 am EDT

Although I've not really had much to complain about while using BlackBerry Maps on any of my BlackBerry 10 devices, improvement updates are certainly always welcome. A new update to BlackBerry Maps is now appearing in BlackBerry World with a short but seemingly important change log which calls out improved performance and stability improvements. If you've had any issues with BlackBerry Maps in the past, then you'll certainly want give this new version (10.1.790) a go to see if it happens to correct any of them. The update is live now, so there shouldn't be any wait time for it to appear.

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BlackBerry Maps for BlackBerry 10 updated with performance and stability improvements


...but there wasn't anything wrong with it... I used it a few times very well, and when it contradicted my friend's directions, it was because my FRIEND was wrong, not the app!

I had no problems with BlackBerry Maps before, but if you did I hope the update fixes the issue for you.

Posted via CB10 v1.4.2 on my Zed10 on Rogers

They do. I got mine. Just pressed open in the notif and that took me to BB WORLD and I pressed upgrade and done. 10.1

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D

Haven't had any ETA issues on current version as it's usually accurate to within +/- 5 mins.. They can only be so accurate given unpredictable traffic situations and different speed levels.

Updating mine as we speak, though I have never had a problem with Maps. It's been quick and efficient!

Updated the maps. Will have to test it later. It was 8.5MB download for me ( Q10) and if the whole app size is 20MB, that this is very interesting update.

Posted from Q10 on CB10

Must admit to really loving this app. In the middle of a 3000km road trip through the rocky mountains and it has been bang on the whole way. Should be interesting to see if there is any improvement on the back half of the trip after this update. Would love to see a more accurate eta as well, but that seems to be an issue with all nav apps.

Posted via CB10

Depends on how fast you are driving. GPS is based off the speed limit posted on the roads.

Posted via CB10

How about updating it with data to support other countries. I don't use it at all because I simply can't

Posted via CB10

Come on BB, got your finger out and implement ALL TomTom's mapdata. How can you hope to get international success with half arsed efforts?

it was an 8.5 mb update for me also, on the Q10 - that's a hefty update! Will have to test it tomorrow!

Thanks for the heads up!!!

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10

If only it worked for the country I live in. As of now all updates on this app are useless for me.

Posted via CB10

Wonder if this app would ever be updated with maps for my country Trinidad in the Caribbean which is part of Latin America...who happens to purchase BlackBerry devices more than others and they still leave us out sigh.

Posted via CB10

Just got back from a week long trip to southern California and found it much easier to get around with BB Maps. Once it was loaded up I can't say of any problems that I had other than being off by two houses at the in-laws (maybe I should have taken that as a warning!). Looking forward to getting 10.1 and this update.

I can definitely confirm that right off the bat, when zooming in and out and panning the map, it's MUCH faster to render the map. Very happy with it so far. Haven't had a chance to test the navigation but I will do that later this evening.

I get the message 'unavailable for this device' - Q10.

I've had one problem with Maps - when I clicked on an address in an email, Maps automatically took me to the same address, but in a different (closer) city, even though the emailed address had the city and the postal code. I hope the update fixes this problem, and Maps looks at the city first, then the street name.

Posted via CB10

I had the same issue, almost drove to Milton instead of Mississauga on Saturday for a friend's wedding reception. Luckily I caught the ETA as double than what I expected and stopped on the side of the road before I went any further, and fixed the city I was going to.

I was recently in Hawaii and Maps was such an amazing experience for me and my family. It was able to find the places I needed, even when some were on the other side of the island.

Posted via CB10

Frustrating to see this update and we're still waiting for the 10.1. I hope we are not waiting this end of the summer or end of the year to have the OTA update. Tsk tsk tsk

Posted via CB10

Me too, and it baffles me that it takes them so long to implement already existing data. They promised world wide coverage, but then again they promise a lot of things.

Posted via CB10

Another example of BB and the carriers not working together. We are still waiting on 10.1 here so of course we can not load an update to the Maps. BB and AT& T need to pick up the phone and talk to each other and solve this problem. I love my Z10 but with each passing day of delay after delay I am wondering if I should have grabbed the Z10 on the morning of it being released here in the US.

Can someone do a review of Google Maps vs. BlackBerry Maps vs. Apple Maps?

Also, does the Google Maps sideloaded work well on BB10?

Who needs Google Maps when BlackBerry Maps is just working fine! This updates is sure a welcome sign!

I do, as BlackBerry maps are currently a waste of space for the reason above your comment.
I don't know why they don't convert Navigation over from legacy as that was great

Posted via CB10

I have used it a few times and it has worked well here in BC. No need to buy a Tom Tom. I have been impressed with the GPS sensitivity. I am sitting down below in my boat and it can show my exact location where the dock is located although it does not show a dock structure. The new update does seem to zoom in quite fast.

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Maps works great in the US but overseas there isn't any map support... i wud pay for that functionality... Let's get it going BlackBerry

Posted via CB10

I've used BB maps at least two to three times a week now and haven't found anything to take issue with. Seems to be a good, solid maps and directions solution.

Posted via CB10

The app worked fine for me while I was on vacation in Florida. Directions were just fine. Double checked it against google maps....turn by turn they were consistent.


I personally have not had any issues, but who can argue with performance & satiability improvements? :)

...I would like to eventually see feature improvements though....transit directions & being able to modify the proposed route being the 2 biggest ones.

I wish I could get BB Traffic back. Yes I know the app will "avoid" traffic on new routes, however, if you run into traffic, it doesn't give you an alternate routes by ETA (like BB traffic did). Miss that the most.

Love my Z10. And my Q10. Hate the fact that there is no map data available for it in my country. Useless app before maps in southeastern Europe are available

This update was around when the official 10.1 was released, right? I would really like the option to turn off all notifications from this app.

Posted via CB10

Ok i see i got a new version update button. But i still have only the option for tones, not none for audio.

Posted via CB10

I have never had a problem with the maps - work perfect every time. I am in the UK and will be going to Portugal soon, does anyone know if they work out there? Thanks

Posted via CB10

I am updating right now, but I haven't had any problems with blackberry maps so far. It has worked 9/10 times. The one it didn't work was because I couldn't get a lock on GPS signal. I figured since I was already moving with the car in the Autobahn. But ever since I did it before driving, it has worked. So yea, no problems here.

10.1.0. 2342 leaked
STL 100-2
T-Mobile Germany

Posted on CB10 on my Z10

I agree. Just add the traffic line across the top of the map so I can see if I need to take a different route long before I get stuck.

Posted via CB10

I am in US with Verizon Z10 (STL-100-4) and running leaked 10.1 (2354) and maps update did show up in Blackberry World. Downloading now.

There is still lack of maps for CEE, Poland in particular. I hope next update would sort that out. At the moment I use google maps via browser as a workaround.

When will this update be available? As always with BB there's an anoucement, but I am still waiting for the 10.1 update. Nothing has changed with BB.

Never had an issue with the previous version. Only comment i will make with this new one as well as the previous. When the voice says "getting route" it sounds very much like getting rude. Seems no way to change voices

Posted from my Z10 with CB10

I have a GPS in my car and really don't need to use the one on my Z10 when driving. But today I decided to use it on the way to a business meeting even if I already knew how to get there. I did not know that the GPS on the Z10 gets updated with traffic conditions (the one on my car doesn't). It saved me a minimum of half an hour getting stuck in a traffic jam. Even traffic radio was not covering this jam. LOVE it. Will be using it a lot from now on. Good job BlackBerry.

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I am running 10.1 (unlocked phone) in Houston TX with T-Mobile. I have now received and installed the BlackBerry Maps update.

Haven't noticed much different but it does find my location and show the map much quicker.


Posted via CB10

Never had a problem with the app. I've used it a few times with no glitches.

But, if performance can be improved on top of the stellar performance, I'll take it!

Posted via CB10

I have it in the US. Have not had a chance to use it. Previously, the search on Maps has been challenged. I hope that they might hook the search engine in Maps to multiple engines, so that it comes up with more relevant results.

Still no map for Qatar!##?! Crackberry (Kevin, et al), can you please help us call the attention of the blackberry developer regarding this problem. Qatar should be an important market for BlackBerry10 but this situation is a big turn off.

Posted via CB10

I welcome updates. I wish one would include at least satellite view. I know street view is unlikely since it's proprietary to Google.

Posted via CB10

Love the navigation in BlackBerry maps. Works fantastic when paired with a car's audio system over bluetooth.

Map screen drawing could be faster though as it sometimes lags a bit. Wonder if the update improves that.

I don't see the update yet in BlackBerry world. I have a US T-Mobile Z10 still running 10.0.

Posted via CB10

It seems Blackberry is geared to be a global players in the smartphone market. However, there focus is limited to certain markets only when it comes to their map application. And the best example to illustrate my point is what is being or not being done to the Blackberry maps. I do not think the maps are that bad, but the problem is that it is not covered all markets around the world as Google is. That is the crux of the matter. I for example do not use blackberry maps since it is not available to my location.Even though I live in an area, which is located in Arabian Peninsula, A lucrative market for blackberry platform, yet not well served with the basic need of any smartphone user.

Does anybody know when the maps will be available in central and eastern Europe (Poland)? I got the new version hoping for maps for Warsaw and Poland but unfortunately they arę still unavailable:(

Posted via my BBQ10

Much more is needed to make it usable though.
A good thing we can run Google maps via sideloading.

Sent from a Q10 with a crappy OLED screen

"Make it usable"?
I think a number of users ha e already proven that it's "usable".
There's nothing about BBMAPS that I don't find usable and it has thus far been faster and more accurate than Google Maps has ever been for me.
So it doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles...big does what it was designed for very well and hasn't let me down yet.
I was somewhat forced into using it when I found that Google Maps wasn't available for BB10, but when I found out how well it works, I never even bothered sideloading Google just wasn't necessary.

Posted via CB10 on a sexy Z10

I just updated, and my ETAs are still WAY off. It's great as a direction app, but useless if I want to plan my time. A 15 minute trip to work - it tells me it will take 27 minutes. Obviously I know how to get to work, but it certainly doesn't inspire confidence when I have to plan a trip that I'm not familiar with and need to plan my driving time. Oh well, back to Waze I guess. The original version worked much better for me.

*eye roll* why BB doesnt invest in supporting countries that support them... still no support for the caribbean...!?

BlackBerry maps needs work. It never finds the address I type in. Is this issue only isolated to London?

Posted via CB10

Stability and performance updates always welcome. With that said, I have never had an issue.

I really prefer the look of this Maps. The Purple against the Greyish background makes it very aesthetically pleasing.

Blackberry Faithful - #TeamBlackBerry

I've used this many times (before the update) and BB Maps has always got me to me destination without issue..


Very good app for me so far... helped me out big time in a couple lost situations. a few bells and whistles I'd like added, but I'm sure those will come (i.e. Satellite view).

Posted via CB10

Guess you only get it if you have 10.1. Fragmented rollout of devices and software........ nice!

Posted via CB10

Must be a 10.1 only app, because on my AT&T Z10 it is not showing up in BlackBerry World. I am going to one of the leaks, I am sick of waiting.

Posted via CB10

I prefer and use the side-loaded Android Google maps called "Navigation"
It has many more functions.

I always know about any available update here at crackberry before get to know it by BlackBerry App World...

Posted via CB10

Still using BB Traffic on a Bold tethered to my Z10. Need the current and active updates for traffic conditions for my commute, and Maps still doesn't do it. Would be nice to know if this is being worked on, or if this app is just a victim of progress.

Posted via CB10

Update hasn't changed the biggest issue for me. Loaded up, and set nav for home after work Battery temp was 32 celsius before I started. Within 2 minutes battery temp was 40 celsius and battery lover app was warning me that damage could occur.

Anybody else experiencing this?

Yes, I have used it once for a 45min trip on my Z10 and I was shocked at how hot my phone got.

Posted via CB10

It's a great app, simple, easy to use and functional.

Presented by Dr. Emmett Brown on BlackBerry Z41

This BlackBerry maps suck big time. No alternative routes and I don't think finding the shortest route is possible. After you plan your route with the purple line showing the route, try to move/zoom the maps so that u can see that it lags like Android ported app. The only improvement I can see is the gps is much better in identifying your location. It was really bad before the update. Please bring in the cached/offline navigation option plus the alternative route option.

Posted via CB10

sigh... i use BB maps all the time. Just updated the app and I get a white screen of death on the main screen. Is anyone else experiencing this phenomena? On Rogers network... tried a restart... no luck... then tried a battery pull... still no luck. And since it's one of the main apps on BB z10 I can't delete it and try to reinstall it. Any help would be appreciated.

Don't show anything for Latin America. BlackBerry maps are always a mess here. Damn! Waiting for Google maps.

Posted via CB10

I'm all the way in Jamaica and I already have 10.1 it really sucks for you guys. But guess what. There's no Jamaica map in the maps app so I guess the jokes on me. :(

Jamaican style.

I use BlackBerry Maps and Waze every day. I use Waze more often. I see no difference in the BlackBerry Map. BlackBerry should have partnered with Waze instead of TomTom.

Works brilliantly here in the UK! Would love to see additional features similar to Google Maps such as walking directions, public transit and satellite view!

Posted via CB10

Still missing map of Poland and other countries of Central and Eastern Europe. I can not understand why :(

Posted via CB10

It would be nice if CrackBerry would start listing when an update is for 10.1 and above, instead of getting people's hopes up when still stuck on a 10.0 OS.

Posted via CB10

Again, all this is fine and all but where is the 10.1 update that was promised??? All this talk about new things and all, BBM channels etc... beta this and that... where is the promised update???? great phone, great promises, but no delivery - unless you go and hack the version from some website. Even all the talk about 10.2 and all... they can't even deliver 10.1 ?!?! So sad...

Posted via CB10

I have updated the maps but it still shows needs updating even rebooted , any suggestions advised is much appreciated