BlackBerry Maps for BlackBerry 10 updated to v10.0.0.634

Although it appears to be a minor update, BlackBerry Maps for BlackBerry 10 now sits at v10.0.0.634

BlackBerry Maps for BlackBerry 10 updated to
By Bla1ze on 8 Mar 2013 08:25 pm EST

Have you been itching for some new updates on BlackBerry Z10? If so, you can now fire up BlackBerry World and check for the latest BlackBerry Maps update. Getting bumped up to version, the updates comes without a change log included so it's hard to say what exactly has been updated aside from the version number but we're pretty sure you all will tear through it and let everyone know once you get it downloaded.

If you're not seeing the update as of yet, give it a little to filter through BlackBerry World and it should appear. You can also hit the link below to go directly to BlackBerry Maps on your device, which often will show the update before it appears as being available.

Download BlackBerry Maps for BlackBerry 10

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BlackBerry Maps for BlackBerry 10 updated to v10.0.0.634


Loaded it (in Waterloo) but can't see a difference. I was hoping for it to work in Landscape Navigation mode. It's Ok in portrait though.

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It's giving me incorrect addresses. Not sure why. I wanted to un install, but it won't let me since since it is a core app. Not sure what to do at this point.? :-(

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The native map app on BB 10 really bad. It is so basic that I decided to paid $5.00 for Magellan Maps. I miss the features that were on my bold 9900 Blackberry Maps app. I know that blackberry didn't make this app but I sure hope that who ever made it gives us some serious updates and soon.

Not sure why everyone was so upset about the maps. I've only had glowing success with the application.

I was in a car with an iPhone user and their maps wouldn't work while mine popped up nicely and got us there.

Pretty impressive for a brand new ecosystem and map software.

Derek from my Z10!

Yeah I agree. I think people just want it to be pretty. Just look at some older phones android was being put on. The motorla flip?!? My old droid x?!? Pretty yes, worked right, ocasionally. But people still bought them. No function necessary

Not so the case with me in UK. The round abouts exist in UK and exit number is navigated after you are into round about.
2. if it is left & then a right it does not give an indication, you are unlucky if it is within 100 yds
3.remaining distance & time had it once !!!! but then never again
4. Traffic with green, Amber & red indiactor at bottom was great not to get stressed on my DESIRE htc, rmember!( i used it till 15 days ago)
5. Lack of land scape mode , na na na na na is not acceptable.
we pay so much money for device to make life easier not for us to show loyalty to brand, after all you are not gettign it for free.

My iPhone user wife has map envy when I am getting reliable turn by turn directions from BlackBerry Maps. I don't know why anyone thinks this app is bad. Basic, yes. Feature packed, not yet. But stable, reliable, easy to use and does what it's supposed to do, yes, yes, yes and yes.

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I'd have to agree. Any complainers need to relax a little.

I used Google maps on my bold and this is 10x better.

3d view, directions are precise as is on my garmin GPS unit, voice navigation.

Address lookup is fast. Rerouting is fast. I'm happy. Would like to see more features down the road but I still give this a 5 star.

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When I go to my contact and lookup a specific contact and choose the Map it icon, it take me no where near where it should. But if I enter the address with the postal code it finds it right away. Really weird and I can not figure out why?!? :-(

Got the clue from pepe68's comment below. Tried search my work address in a couple different way and eventually BB MAP found the address... The trick is I had to use Ave instead of Avenue!?

Hopefully BB will eventually smarten up the search function in MAP so it tolerates fuzzy keywords.

I just tried with 4 different contacts and each time it found their exact address within seconds of opening the Maps app. Not sure why you're having difficulties. Have you tried contacting the developer?

Also, how detailed is the address? I have full details in mine, house number, street name, postal code and city. Not sure if that is making a difference in find times.

OK, I reentered the address and realized there was a word missing. Works perfectly now! Good cath!!

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Don't know about other city's but here in Auckland, New Zealand its not showing up suburbs in the address lookup results,

Eg: 66 Clyde Road, Browns Bay, Auckland

BBMAPS: 66 Clyde Road, Auckland, Auckland.

Wonder if this is happening for other people.

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Any idea if thé Facebook app will be updated. Every time u try to log out it asks if you want to delete the account. Haven't tried maps but will update.

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Every time I've deleted the Facebook app it reappeared like herpes. I don't have a FB account and I don't want the bloody thing on my phone.

You cannot delete the apps that came and are baked into the OS. Make a folder called "Not Used" and slide all your non essential apps that came with the phone into that folder. Your welcome.

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Can someone confirm if we can use the maps without data and only gps?

Just wondering as I will be going to Asia and won't have data

Black is best Z10!

Hello! No, the BlackBerry maps app pulls the maps using data. So unless you are connected to wifi then you will not be able to use the app. There used to be an app for the PlayBook(actually it was an Android port but anyway) that you could download maps for certain areas ahead of time so if you did not have data then you were still ok because the maps were saved to local memory. Not sure if the app has already been ported for BB10.

No, it does not work offline. There are a few other options to have offline maps:
- sideload google maps,
Apps you can find inthe app world:
- nogago
- navigator
- magellan
- osmand

Will this app ever get transit directions? Or should I just sideload the Android Google Maps app?

Side loading works. What's missing is Street View and the ability to log in so you have access to your favorite locations. (as far as I've noticed) .

Overall I'm fairly happy with native map app. I was a big user of BlackBerry traffic in the early days, but near the end it stopped being accurate. My one big beef with the current maps is its inaccuracies when it comes to the traffic.

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Very bad news, here in Italy (on Vodafone IT) the maps App doesn't have turn by turn navigation nor 3d mode. Can anyone confirm that carriers might be blocking such features?

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The map program is great. Simple to use and fast. Very accurate. I also have Megallan app for more details and preprogrammed routes via wifi for those times when cellular is not available. There is nothing wrong with this map. Thanks BlackBerry!

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Did the update and no difference. Still not available for this country (Qatar - Middle East)

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@yvpan1 All you have to do is read the posts for the complaints
No Landscape
Lack of Features
No Vector based
Not available in my Country
No Transit directions
Traffic not accurate
Italian maps buggy

Are you "sure" now?

^ This et al. I downloaded Google Maps for Android. BlackBerry Maps isn't where it needs to be. I miss the OS 6 Google Maps. I liked being able to log in and have my favorite points load up.

So did Google. Just more information for them to make money off of. :) The way I see it I just need a point A to Point B and an easy way to click an address from the web browser and get an option of take me there now and opens up the maps app and starts giving me directions.

Need to infuse good ol blackberry traffic into the maps app.

Thus I can time my arrival accordingly, and send an eta text as well.

Great job none the less.

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The blackberry maps app is completely useless in Qatar, it just says unavailable for this country. This was very disappointing for me so I've had to download wise pilot which is made for the UAE.

Considering there's such a huge customer base in the middle east for BlackBerry I would of thought they'd consider us when making the maps application. The most confusing thing is the bb map works on the old BlackBerry's but not on the Z10 :S

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Since I don't have a car and tide the bus Google map Sideload is good for me but tried it once when riding with my paps n it directed us home.

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Sad to say, that it STILL cannot read UK addresses worth a damn. I'm in the centre of a 400,000 person city and it can not find where I live, or %90+ of my contacts either!

One amazing feature is the voice! I'm in Quebec so there's English and French street names all around, and the woman's voice speaks the french names perfectly, all the while speaking in English in an equally perfect tone...she's perfectly bilingual, it's awesome! Honestly, super impressed.
The only complaint, is that it still sucks for searching for places. Tried searching for a Japanese isakaya, never found anything no matter what I wrote. Google found it after only typing the first 4 letters of the name. In the end had to Google the address then feed it to bbmaps.

It's still absolute garbage as I use it here in the UK. Worse than a beta version. Some of my contacts appear and some don't even though the addresses are full and complete. When I do tap on a listed contact it doesn't recognise the address and shows a question mark on a globe icon. Best of all it doesn't even recognise my own address when I tap in the search bar! It comes up with two suggestions both of which are nowhere near my actual address. Absolute garbage. And a embarrassment to what is a great new OS. Very very disappointed if this is the best blackberry can supply as one video their built in apps.

It's a new day, it's a new day, and it's a new Blackberry!

Should have read "Of Their" instead of "Video " damn you auto correct! :)

It's a new day, it's a new day, and it's a new Blackberry!

Ok now this is just weird now. So if I go to a contact via the contacts app and tap on the contacts address it takes me direct to the map app and locates the address. Just like that. It even did it when I tapped on my own address listed in the contacts app. However in the map app the same contacts, including myself, are not even listed. What's worse when I try to tap in my own address in the search bar it doesn't even recognise it. Even though it did via the same address in the contacts app. Grrrr...

It's a new day, it's a new day, and it's a new Blackberry!

Good app, but missing some stuff still. Overall, great for use in the car.

Posted from my BlackBerry Z10

I'm in ne UK, maps works fine for me. Was slow at first but this upgrade speeds things up nicely.. I also very much like the ui on maps.. user friendly unlike many other sat nav apps

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Terrible app the colours and graphics look like something from the 90s whoever is the designer should really find a new job. Man, that washed out grey and purple route is just stupid.

Routing algorithm is also very strange compared to any other system I've used. Some very weird routes it is coming up with.

It needs to mature very quickly, or even better if the excellent Waze would come to BlackBerry10

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Working quite well for me in Canada although I had a few freezes at inopportune times with the previous version. Voice navigation doesn't play nice with bluetooth in my car although I suspect that's mostly the crappy bluetooth implementation in the VW car radio.

For those who do not yet have maps for their countries, I expect it's just a matter of time. The map data comes from Tom Tom so it's not as if BlackBerry has to develop it from scratch.

Are you saying that Bluetooth enabled vehicles should play the directions through the vehicle? If so it doesn't work in my 2013 car.

I've noticed in loads faster now. That's about the only thing I have noticed for now. Please can anyone confirm if the Z10 vibrates when pinged even if you have vibration turned off for all BBM messages. Legacy devices had the options of turning vibration on when in holster or always oe even never but in all conditions, a ping always results in vibrations cos it could be enabled and I love that feature. I can't seem to find that on here and would like to know if there's a way around it which I prob haven't figured out.

Well to me the weird Thing is that i do have the maps and The App does calcolate the route but it just shows a 2d route without 3d rendering and without voice nor realtime navigation

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Ok regarding maps in the middle east.. my friend who works for BlackBerry Waterloo.. said they are still Working on it.. this update was just for small fixes.. and faster rendering time.. end of march people just wait and see. Most of the things some are unhappy with will be resolved.

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I agree. BlackBerry is pumped and working hard. This platform is going to be so awesome within the year.

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BlackBerry World, Apps, Maps and Navigation : then look for what you need. Search your city, then country. Find a map/GPS app that works for you. The list there us overwhelmingly long! The current BlackBerry Map is great and simple in my country, but perhaps not so in others. I know BlackBerry will improve on this in time, but really there are great alternatives. I use Megallan as a full blown option. Good luck

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Get over Google Maps and android people. If you don't like the BlackBerry Map and it doesn't work for you, pay $5.00 and get Megallan Maps from BlackBerry World. In the settings you can choose Google, Mapquest, Bing, etc. There are 14 choices in the settings for the Map provider. You can have turn by turn driving/ walking directions. I bought it for the PlayBook and downloaded it for free on to my z10. You can search for shopping, restaurants etc. It is really good. Besides you can cash offline maps and Navigation. Just remember to use a car charger for longer trips. All GPS devices need power to function. Don't blame the phone. No I don't work for Megallan. Just offering up a viable solution. Please support or critic Megallan to help everyone out. Let's work together to make the z10 as awesome as possible. People get set in their ways. There are many great apps on the z10, they just have different names. They apps I pay for are better mostly than the ones I don't.

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Kevin. We need an edit feature for our comments on CB10 mobile without having to go to the browser.....why because I make mistakes lol. Really enjoying the new CB10 on my z10. Keep up the good work. A lot of people around me are switching to the new z10 from the other platforms. My BBM is growing every day like the old days. I get the new users the CB app right off the bat. Also show them the help app on the phone with the 48 videos on how to. The z10 is so discoverable its entertaining daily. PS the bubble tap side to side and up and down was an awesome suggestion by a fellow CB follower yesterday.

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It's nice to know, that BlackBerry is working hard on it's new BB 10 system and that they are pushing several updates and improvements out in such a short time!

Needs to be infused with BlackBerry traffic.

And to those who want their Google Maps, just go click more, click maps. BB10's browser is so powerful it displays almost exactly as my OS7 app did.

Save the page to homepage and violas, your very one Google Maps App free of charge.

As for me, when biking and busing in #HamOnt its Google Maps. When I drive its BlackBerry Maps, and it is fantastic.

Z10, PlayBook, 9810, 9000.

On my 9810 I always used Google map and not BlackBerry maps because I heard BlackBerry map was bad. So after reading everyone complaining about it (I seek out bad reviews on the z10 and see what the issue is) and decided to give it a try.

Bye bye Google maps, BlackBerry maps is what I'll be using.

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If only it'll give me bus routes, I'd be more than happy coz i don't really know how to sideload an application. I hope google maps will be available to download like my torch before.

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Did BlackBerry map update on March 8th
Now have ghost image of app where logo should be, unable to activate app or delete app...any ideas

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Used it last weekend and the turn by turn worked flawlessly. I was extremely impressed and like it better than my Tom Tom.

I had an iphone (hated it went back to a 9870) and it couldn't get me 3 minutes away without messing up.

Nothing fancy but it works well.

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I love my Z10, but I can't cope with the misleading stuff on Blackberry world, especially when some is so expensive.... try getting an offline gps navigation for new Zealand. I feel like throwing the phone away, I'm so disappointed as I was hoping for some useful navigation help. Guess i'll have to buy a Tom Tom as well. I've spent ages, and dosh, buying GPS navigation apps all to no, or little, avail. I live in New Zealand and both New Zealand GPS (which was expensive at $11.99) and a complete waste kept saying the NZ satellite was down, as did another cheaper version. They both had me in some strange outpost in Eastern Europe. Yet another specialist one for NZ which was a couple of dollars, and which is meant to have offline maps, just says New Zealand has stopped. That's nice to know! It's meant to be a 2014 map, but it's useless since "Unfortunately New Zealand has stopped." These were all bought from Blackberry World, and I feel that I have been conned. I haven't got money to burn and even BBmaps got me lost in Auckland. I must say I know that city quite well now, but after driving in circles for over 2 hours with a 9hr drive ahead of me, I was not impressed. I would like my money reimbursed, as this has been a complete shambles and perhaps you could suggest a map that might work in this country. BB maps are OK for local driving (have some strange routes though), but chaotic for major city driving when you don't know your way around said city. This is the reason for navigation help, which I didn't get. If your maps aren't going to work, why advertise them at quite a high dollar value. Then rort us into buying them. I thought Blackberry was worth something and have always been a loyal customer, but this sort of misleading advertising is against the law and you know that. I will be bringing this to the attention of the New Zealand authorities as it is plainly misleading advertising and illegal, and indeed illegal in many countries. I would appreciate a reply and any help members can give. I was actually in tears trying to get out of the city. Please help me if you are able to. I would be so very appreciative.