BlackBerry Gains While US Consumer Mobile Sales Decline

By Kevin Michaluk on 20 May 2008 10:01 am EDT

BlackBerry Sales Rise Anybody who pays attention to the BlackBerry World would know that the BlackBerry brand is rocking right now and that sales are on fire... but for those of you who want more than fanboy rhetoric just take a look at the most recent findings by the NDP Group.

While US consumer mobile phone sales have declined by 22% in the first quarter of 2008, RIM's BlackBerry sales have maintained steady growth and have propelled RIM past Sanyo into the position of 5th largest handheld manufacturer, capturing 5% of consumer mobile sales. It seems that while overall mobile phone sales have declined in comparison to the same time last year, smartphone sales have actually increased by 10% up to 17% of total devices sold. The top 5 ring in with Motorola at 27%, Samsung at 18%, LG at 17%, Nokia at 8% and RIM in 5th at 5%. And with RIM really beginning to focus on the consumer market (think KickStart) I wouldn't be surprised if we soon see them make the leap up to to #4. For more details, click here.

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BlackBerry Gains While US Consumer Mobile Sales Decline


They're definitely cruising for #4. Nokia's been on the slide in the US for a long time and doesn't look to be able to turn it around. Frankly, given their dominance in the larger global market, I don't think they even care...

Nokia USA does care. In fact, the launch of the e series (E61i, last year) was created to compete in the valuable Unified Communications crossover in the mobility solution market. Now, they will never reach the popularity, and saturation of the Blackberry, to say that you think they don't care is realitively irresponsible.

(I am not affiliated with Blackberry, Nokia, Cisco, Nortel, Microsoft or

Does anyone know the specs for the Nokia E71, aside from the 3.2 mega pix camera. I'm sure the BB-Bold is going to give an over-all better preformance as there are already gripes about the keyboard on the E71(the keys are supposedly to close together). But I am interested in seeing how they compare to each other side by side.
Especially as to whether or not this device will have 1GB of memory or more.

First of all, only a person with shorty's complex would write (I am not affiliated with Blackberry, Nokia, Cisco, Nortel, Microsoft or at the end of his post.
Like someone was going to think your info is so deep that they're going to make some big investment based on your nonsense.

As for this BB being #4, big freakin deal. If you haven't noticed, the Curve is the free phone that's been given away for the last 3 months. Of course it's going to move into the top 5. It's FREE. Duh....

Just imagine if the iPhone were free, I'll bet you everything I have that the iPhone would become the #1 phone in 2 days.