BlackBerry Magnum rises again from the ashes

By Bla1ze on 6 May 2014 10:44 am EDT

Remember when we did up our top 5 BlackBerry leaks that were never released? On that list was a device called the BlackBerry Magnum, it was essentially a mix of the Bold 9000 and a BlackBerry Storm. It had a SurePress screen that clicked, full QWERTY keyboard, and no trackpad. As we now know, that device was never released and arguably evolved into the Bold 9900 but it seems apparent, thanks to some new images, that BlackBerry kept testing and evolving that device as well.

Judging from the images, it looks like BlackBerry scrapped the 9000 design and in this case built out a Bold 9900 version of the Magnum with a bit of BlackBerry Q10 flavor by removing the tool belt for testing purposes. In any case, it's cool to look at and cool to think of the life this device has had. However, I wouldn't go expecting it to land on shelves anytime soon.

It looks to be running BBOS and is almost certainly what is one of the likely many unseen prototypes from earlier days at BlackBerry. I suppose you could say this is what Q10 evolved from? Sure looks that way.

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Looking good :)

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No, it's really not. lol

Denny Keo

For real, it's not haha

Plazmic Flame

Exactly, lol. Not looking good at all... unfortunately.


It looks good!

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Come on, for the time, it looks great. Not sure how that surepress would work out though lol

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I hate surepress on laptops, IDK about a phone screen... Eeesh :\


Huh? SurePress is a patented technology by BlackBerry used in the Storm models. Not sure what you're confusing it with :)

Dr. Philf

He's thinking about the new style mouse pads on laptops that are just a big clicky square. I think...


That's how.

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Once you go Blackberry...


You leave for WP and then Android where you belong.

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That's what she.....
No! I will stop myself and not stoop to that level!

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The blackberry Girth?

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Common twin brother... that's..what..she..SAID!

Zee coolest flicking smartphone ever


That's... what... THAT BITCH LOIS... said!

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Swiped via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing)  ‎BlackBerry Q10...oh wait a sec....its my new Z30, son! The holy grail of phones!


TR. Where's your TR code?


ohhhh... This would be interesting to see if it makes the light of day


Looks like it's smiling, too happy for a device that would be a nightmare to navigate.

Not to mention that widening bottom bezel,
This phone should have a constant frown!

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Note the gently curved keyboard.


If this device is to see the light of day, I will have to consider moving to the dark side of the moon.

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'it's cool to look'. To not too

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It does show a bit of the Q10 resemblance!!

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Wow! BB10 has really come a long way.....I remember how I couldn't stand that kindle looking portion of the old OS

Elvis Salvador

It's not thick at all. In fact it's the same exact gerth as the 9900. The only difference is that the 9900 back cover is indented on the sides

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Actually I think it has the thickness of the 9000 which was at least double the size of the 9900...


Like the curved keyboard and the old red paint on the number keys, and besides it a BlackBerry!

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Why such a pathetic title? Why the need sounding so "epic" or the need to be "funny".

Why not being simple and informative and report about a device that should never see the light of the day? FFS!

Anyway, nice device though. You can see the BB10 way. No tool belt. I wonder how that could work out in 2011.

I can't wait for the Q20 though!


The lack of the tool belt would probably work the same way as it did on the 95xx series (with a clickable screen)...


I couldn't get down with that SurePress screen. Always seemed like a horrible idea to me. Make the screen a giant Hope they avoid that like the plague.

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I had zero issues with the click screen with both Storm models over 3 and a half years. I still have a 9530 that works perfectly and it's been through 3 people.

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If it has SurePress, I'll just keep walking.

Cheers. :)


SurePress sounded like a good idea.... but it wasn't.

Would like to see some tactile feedback on BB10, no not to the level that SurePress required.


Hey. Surprised to hear someone say that.
Please do elaborate.

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The Magnum... *giggles*

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It has surepress, kill it now, rite now.

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I miss the Red Numbers.

arTie's berry "Q10"


I feel like a just stepped into a time machine and went backwards. Maybe they'll bring back the side wheel.

While we're at it. Let's bring back cathode ray tube televisions and Archie Bunker.

Epic, EPIC fail.


I miss the killer edge banding and the smiley keyboard. I like my Q10 but the 9000 - 9900 were much nicer to look at and hold.

Give me the Q10/OS/screen with Q10 back (maybe 9000), the edge banding and charging contacts of the 9900, and external access microSD and 2 convenience keys from the 9000 and I'd be a very happy camper!


Wicked! Let bring Surepress back!

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Keyboard seems kind of odd, but aside from that if one didn't know better I'd say it was the "original" Q10.

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I agree that that's where the Q10 evolved from.



It looks like a cheap Curve with AIDS

Did Seacrest invent that keyboard?


I love my Q10, but I wish it looked like that from the front. Just appearances, I definitely don't want surepress!

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Stupid decision

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We really have to appreciate how beautiful and timeless the 9900 was. That device was an absolute fluke.


The thing about this device, which is NOT really in line with the "predecessor to Q10" thinking, is that I would presume it was designed to have a "virtual belt", which the Q10 obviously does not have.

In other ways yep, definitely seems like a predecessor.


What's the battery life like ?

I'd have that for my collection anytime.

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No thanks. This is so old school. BlackBerry should be moving forward not backwards. Fail!

BlackBerry should take the Xotica concept that was posted here a few days ago. Now that's a phone I would be rocking any day.

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Big deal....... Slow news days lately I notice???????


Dude! I know you've been posting since I've been on CB (the 9000 era) and this is a cool nod to the history of the time (remember when Blaz1e was publicly calling for BlackBerry to make an updated 9000? Guess this would have been it) and your handle - love it.

Btw - I always assumed that the 9900 was the hybrid?

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It's looks alright, it should have been release at the same time as the Bold 9930. Oh well.


I'd love to get the device, being an avid fan of SurePress. While the design of that phone leaves a lot to be desired, the concept is nice. Although I'd rather see SurePress embraced and not dialed back in favor of a physical keyboard.

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Prem WatsApp

Not sure what to think about that one...

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....


I'd just love to see all the unreleased prototypes they've got stashed up in Waterloo.

Joe Clean

Is this what the Q20 / Classic will look like? *gasp*


So whats the point here? The article headline should be: "Look What the Q10 came from". This sounds like BlackBerry is planning to bring the Magnum back into reckoning. Page Hits?


Reminds me of my bold 9900 and q10's long lost baby cousin! :)


Those were the days.

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