Magnum, Onyx, Pearl 3G and Gemini Headed To ATT?

Blackberry Magnum, Onyx, Pearl 3G, and Gemini Headed To AT&T?
By Bla1ze on 24 May 2009 08:28 pm EDT

Let some of the speculation come to an end, the slew of new devices we have been seeing (and going hands on with) now has some carriers behind them and AT&T customers you should be pleased with the following images. While timeframes/release dates are still unknown at this point, it does give great insight as to what to expect in the coming months and from who.

Magnum, Onyx, Pearl 3G and Gemini are all slated for release on AT&T according to the images which also include some specifications while device images except for the Onyx which we know is not 100% correct are not present in the slides, if I was an AT&T customer I'd sure be excited just by the fact they are showing up at all, and the fact a new 3G Pearl which has been rumored for a while is once again showing up is big news for anyone who was not interested in the 82XX series devices.

This is not to say other carriers will not be picking up the devices as well, we all know how some devices get exclusive carrier deals for a while but this is the first time we have seen any carrier names associated with said devices.  Read on to get a look at the full specification sheets direct from AT&T courtesy of Engadget Mobile.

BlackBerry Magnum!
BlackBerry Pearl 3G!
BlackBerry 8520/Gemini!

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Getting all the cool phones :(

But I am still super-excited for the TOUR!!!!


Well the picture of the Onyx just looks like a blacked-out 8900 to me...


The others are clearly just placeholders, but compare the keyboard on the Onyx here to the keyboard on the Onyx Crackberry reviewed, they're not the same. I actually really like the keyboard on the 8900, so itd be nice to keep that, but I've not spent a lot of time with the Bold, so I could be wrong.


I get the impression these slides are a little on the "older" side, back when R&D still had the devices.


The keyboard doesn't look identical to Curve 8900, looks more like a total hybrid of Bold and Curve 8900 keyboard. Which I think looks nice actually. I wonder if it's a rejected concept.


If they're going to be on AT&T then we're getting them as well here on Rogers ... Awesome !


I find it interesting that the Onyx looks the same as the one reviewed above with exception of the keyboard. It seem's Curve-esque in this photo.


WTF? has at&t gone mad?? VERIZON !!!!!
Who cares about at&t Verizon has the TOur, the Aries 8530, the Unknown Atlas & the Storm 2.


Storm 2 in NOT exclusive to Verizon


Well I guess this will put to an end to everyone that said the Magnum was supposedly a full touchscreen phone.


Interesting that these devices are slated for the common UMTS/HSPDA frequency bands I,II, V (incorrectly shown as 1,2,5) but not the T-Mobile US band IV allocation.


At least of the Onyx, I'd thought T-Mobile were getting a version with UMA support.

Pilot Prop

thats why im wit at&t...we get all da good shit


Except the good service lol


and you get overpriced service and bad coverage


Can Blackberry make a phone that looks a little different? I mean 95% of all RIM phones look the same


try to retain the king of the qwerty...


Hey Verizon users i got 2 words for ya, BE JEALOUS! AT&T=WIN!


"At&t: More more places."

Or how about: "At&t: Fastest 3G...just not where you are...ever."


-It's not like Verizon isn't getting its own set of unique devices: pearl flip, storm 2, Tour, Atlas, ?8530?
-We don't know if any of these phones wont have a CDMA variant... yet


AT&T, the company with the MOST BARS, AND THE MOST DROP CALLS. Can you hear me now? Oh, I'm sorry you have AT&T! You can't hear me!!!!!!!!!!!


Why are people such haters?

Stop fighting over ATT getting phones prior to Verizon, except the storm, you should not get surprised.

Anyway, Im shocked these phones are getting released so soon. With the Storm2 coming out, and the Curve 2 already out. I see no reason for these NEW phones to come out, until like 2010. And 3g should be a standard, then, the next phones they start working on, need to use LTE


What is the bizarre fascination with LTE? It is so random that folks are calling for LTE phones:

1) The Verizon LTE network is still a year from operational, and even then it will be spotty at best. New networks take years to roll out. Don't expect decent LTE coverage before 2012. Where exactly will one use that desired LTE blackberry?

2) Battery life on 3G is still marginal. What do you think it's going to be like on LTE with today's battery technology?

3)Even on 3G or WiFi, the Blackberry browser is slow. The browser (or tethering) is really the only thing you need 3G for. With the current browser, LTE is not going to do a damn thing.

While I too am excited about LTE, I'd rather see it in laptop datacards first, while RIM sorts out how to make a stable, long lasting 3G HSPDA berry (since they already have good 3G EvDO berries).


Kevin, I just love it that you are getting these scoops. Sure Engadget got the AT&T releases, but you've scooped most of the folks on these devices. You're putting the smackdown on BGR (maybe his ninjas deserted him after all his slandering of the latest berry's!)


black berry is one of the best phone in the world.i like black berry phones.

Mr. Orange 645

The above comment should be deleted as SPAM


what about the 3g flip, the 3g flip!! haha. that's what i really want. that and OS 5.0 for the flip.


Wow! RIM wants to flood the earth with BlackBerry smartphones!!


'bout time ATT gets the new releases. Kevin has really outdone himself. After reading about the new Berries last night, I couldn't sleep at all. It is like having Christmas in May. Decisions,decisions.... Which one to buy. I feel more sleepless nights ahead!!!


why does it seem that at&t always get the best stuff. are they the largest distributor in the country or something? look at their blackberry selections, then their iphones, then other things that other carriers don't have. verizon is good and all but it seems like they think the service is good enough that they don't need new devices. at&t is getting 5 new blackberries while verizon is still sticking with old curve, pearl and their "new" storm. sigh... i wish verizon would wake up and get more stuff.


Is the Blackberry Magnum going to have a larger screen than the current Blackberry Bold? also when is the "projected"
launch on the Magnum??


Anyone wants to call photoshop on these?


If I was in US, I must purchase one of them!


Based on the specs I see above, the Onyx looks more packed than the Magnum? Any idea what the camera on the Magnum will be? I'm sure that 3.2mp/AF/IS should be the standard on the new top end phones.

I'm defo considering jumping from my 8900 to the Magnum/Onyx depending on final specs, but have no idea when it'll hit in the UK. You and your US/CA carriers. :(


The poster below is right, these are just placeholder pictures. The Magnum has a touchscreen and wouldn't need a trackball.


"Magnum, Onyx, Pearl 3G and Gemini are all slated for release on AT&T according to the images which also include some specifications while device images except for the Onyx which we know is not 100% correct are not present in the slides, if I was an AT&T customer I'd sure be excited just by the fact they are showing up at all, and the fact a new 3G Pearl which has been rumored for a while is once again showing up is big news for anyone who was not interested in the 82XX series devices. "

Wow. Worst run-on sentence EVAR. I'm not even sure what it's supposed to be mean.


You are not even sure "what it's supposed to be mean." How about you learn how to write correctly before you correct someone else?




bk0 is right; that sentence amounts to an assault on the English language. I reread it five times and I'm still not sure what exactly he was trying to say.


I hope it has wifi and a better camera. I love the Pearl and SureType!


running the storm now on ATT was going to go for the bold but may wait it out for the Onyx or Magnum..both should be out by the time im able to upgrade..i work tech for ATT, cannot wait for the training on the 2 will be the only phones worth paying extra attention to


why no 3g for the Onyx... UGH


That's it!! I'm getting the Magnum, can't wait!!


The company with the most bars, you get the most drop calls!!!!!! I love it!!!!!!!


yea that isn't the onyx in the picture above, thats a javelin with a black bezel, mine looks exactly like that one, go check the pictures of the onyx, and you'll see the difference


When I saw the Onyx that Crackberry looked like a scaled-down, sleeker & sexier Bold with a Bold-esque keypad and some real improvements. This picture of the AT&T Onyx looks more like a Curve/Javelin hybrid than what the original pics showed it to be. I don't like it at all...if this one is the real deal.

I said the Onyx might be my next BB...but if this is what the Onyx will look like...I'll keep my Bold.


this phone so luxury,cant wait to have one, but in the near future.


Please can you make a list of all the new blackberry devices that you write about so that i can compare them and help decide whether too buy one now or wait a little


These blackberry releases are becoming identical ones now !! i prefer N-series than this!! I agree it makes our lives easier but then again they are making it a mess!! Please let me know the best out of N 97 and and any Blackberry!! I checked for prices it seems cheaper!! So would like to go for the really good one! Thanks