BlackBerry Made Simple Thanksgiving Sale Get 35% Off eBooks And Videos

BlackBerry Made Simple Thanksgiving Sale Get 35% Off!
By Bla1ze on 25 Nov 2009 12:36 pm EST

The CrackBerry forums are great for new and old BlackBerry users alike but let's face it, not everyone has the time to set aside and search through the forums for information at all points in time. Some people would prefer a book or a video to learn more about their BlackBerry devices. This is where BlackBerry Made Simple comes in. With ebooks and videos available for all your BlackBerry training needs, you can take the time to learn about your BlackBerry when ever you want.

Made Simple learning is having a sale from today up until November 28th on all digital media (eBooks and videos) where you can save 35% off all purchases. The process is simple as well, head on over to their website, click on any item you wish to buy and during check out use the coupon code 29833EDA32 and you should now see the discounted price.

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Would like this app!!

tony bag o donuts

what contest?
it is just a sale.


Nowhere does it say contest lol...


Amazon will not accept the coupon code! Whats up with that?

Gary Mazo

Take a look back and you will see that Blaze mentions it is for "Digital Media" only. We only sell that on our web site. The coupon is good for any digitally delivered product from
Sorry for any confusion - Amazon never honors the coupon codes.