BlackBerry looks to block U.S. sales of the Typo keyboard

By Adam Zeis on 23 Jan 2014 07:22 pm EST

Things are starting to heat up now. As the Typo keyboard takes the iPhone world by storm, BlackBerry has now asked a California court to block sales of the device in the U.S. BlackBerry has accused the Seacrest-backed accessory of patent infringement (with good reason) even though some of the design elements differ slightly than those on the physical keyboard of the BlackBerry Q10.

BlackBerry alleges that the Typo infringes on two patents covering the design elements of a "handheld electronic device" and "an electronic device with keyboard optimized for use with the thumbs." They've asked the court to prevent Typo from "making, using, offering to sell, or selling within the United States, or importing into the United States, the Typo Keyboard." The motion also notes that Seacrest directly mentioned the Typo keyboard was inspired by BlackBerry, of which he was a long-time user.

The whole deal is getting a bit interesting so we'll have to wait and see just what pans out between the two from here. We're behind BlackBerry all the way (well Kevin is a bit in the middle) and think they have a solid case against Typo. 

What do you think? Should Typo go back to the drawing board? Hit up the comments!

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BlackBerry looks to block U.S. sales of the Typo keyboard



How the hell is Kevin in the middle on this? Makes me doubt his allegiance.
Iphone Kevin? Really?

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Do you think a master craftsman painter only paints and never tried any other forms of art? No.

Keven is the master of the BlackBerry but in order to continue to be a master of this craft, he most also know what else is out there in order to build his mastery.

Unfortunately, that's the wrong comparison.

Imagine someone COPIED that artists work and passed it off as there own

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BB10 dude, you need to read CrackBerry more. And listen to my last podcast. Your comment is uneducated. Pay closer attention.

"If you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles... if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle."
-Sun Tzu

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! 

Ha! very nice. I will admit that I didn't see such an aggressive move from Mr. Chen. I like it, very "Art of Warish". Ryan and the rest see that the game is Chess not Checkers.

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Actually, most people with an iphone don't care to have a keyboard (particularly one that makes your phone look like a remote control) on their phone. As a former bb user and a current iphone user, I'm rooting for bb all the way on this.

Yes. Get 'em and nail them to the you know what. BlackBerry's been quiet for far too long. Time to protect their products and reputation.

Hopefully blackberry will stop this keyboard from being sold. It's a rip off of BlackBerry's iconic keyboard simple as that.

Go BlackBerry go!!!

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This is just par for the course. It's a necessary step in the process to precede any out of court settlement.

Won't be that easy, not the same scenario but imagine Barcelona fc suing Arsenal for possession football or vice versa. For the record, I'm backing BlackBerry ;)

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Personally, I'd rather see them have to pay royalties to BlackBerry on every device sold. Increase the price of the Typo keyboard to cover BlackBerry royalties, then sell 20 million of them.

Face it: those buying a Typo keyboard for an iPhone aren't BlackBerry users: they're iPhone users that want a decent physical keyboard. If Typo isn't available at all, BlackBerry sees no revenue (no, most of those iPhone users aren't going to come back to BlackBerry to get the keyboard) but if it is available, at least BB gets some $$$ to fund further development of products that really CAN win back iPhone users.

Yes. I would like an accessory like this for other phones. It gives us more options. And BlackBerry could make some money off of each unit sold if they negotiate some terms. If Typo is unwilling to negotiate, BlackBerry has a right to fight back.

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This could very well have been on bb's drawing boards as a way to capitalize on the iPhone while still selling units at a premium. Definitely stop sales of this thing and put out a full on BlackBerry keyboard for iPhone. It's a total win-win.

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^Totally THIS! ;)

I of course have the feeling we'll be getting some iPhone loving Judge who won't see the big issue about the infringements and will overrule BlackBerry's requests. I can totally see this scenario happening.

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Thanks for throwing me under the bus, Adam. Lol.

Look, when it comes to keyboards, I'll walk the straight path and call it as I see it. BlackBerry keyboards are best. Typo is a well-executed band-aid solution for the iPhone that looks extremely similar to a BlackBerry keyboard and delivers a BlackBerry-like typing experience. The Typo isn't perfect. Because it's third party, and working via bluetooth, there are certain restrictions they work around and users will just have to deal with. But if you want a BB-look-alike and Type-a-like experience, it works, and the benefits outweigh the limitations.

That said, I'll leave the lawyers to do their thing. BUT, I'd be happy to be a subject matter expert in the court case. For a fee of course ;)

If you can be an SME in court then we all can. The more the merrier and provide much more evidence to win over Typo...Oooops I made a mistaje. I did it again.

I think that BlackBerry should have offered this already. Case closed and Typo never existed. :)

That said, BlackBerry is in the right here. Even if the Typo is a great bandaid solution, I still see it as a copy of a better solution, the Q10. :) but I'm biased.

Posted from my CB10 via the power of "Q"

Hey,Kevin you definitely are an expert witness and deserve what's coming to you,HA HA.$750 a day should cover your fee.Let's not break the bank, after all BB has to watch their cash.

$750 a day? LOL - you don't know how much EW's are paid. $250 per hour would be on the extreme low end.

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The other day I read that the courts had appointed an auditor to periodically review Apple's books to make sure they don't start overcharging for e-books again. This guy, a former assistant attorney general, or something like that, charges Apple $1,100 per hour. Even Apple finds that bit steep especially as they say he takes his time.

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The way I see it, BB needs to have this typo keyboard annoyance stopped cold. The potential loss in revenue on unsold devices that might otherwise have been sold to certain consumers who still desire that feauture could well be very financially painful to Blackberry.

Want QWERTY? Go BB10

Re: "benefits outweighing limitations" - does that include the fact that your sample of the Typo broke after 2 days??


The Typo is a blatant attempt to leverage RIM/BlackBerry's intellectual property and market goodwill by making a copy-cat product that Seacrest himself PUBLICLY BOASTED was SPECIFICALLY designed to try to replicate a BlackBerry keyboard experience.

IP theft does not get any more blatant than that.

If a judge rules against Blackberry in this case I would be inclined to question his/her sanity.

It looks like Apple is taking a page from Samsung[/BlackBerry] in more ways than one. According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple not only plans to release iPhones with larger screens but it plans to release two such models: a 4.5-inch model [Z10]and a 5-inch model [Z30].

With a little help from Seacrest, you [Kevin] may get to test drive an Apple Q30 sooner than originally thought... ;-)

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Why? It's a stupid idea. I'd feel like an idiot typing on that.

Sent from the future on my  Z10

Here's a reason, cause they can make money. You can make a ton of money selling those for $100 a pop.

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I'll be surprised if that device takes off and continues to roll. From what I've read, it sounds like a gimmick you'd get bored with quite rapidly.

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Hey the same was said about the apple phone and yet it sells like crazy despite its limitations.

Sent from my iPuh-lease-as-IF

having a physical keyboard is a gimmick? Why is BlackBerry holding so tightly to their keyboards then?

Apple consumers are not average consumers. They would pay top dime for this. BlackBerry should absolutely look at this as an opportunity, get Typo under its wing, then make an improved version that is truly worthy of the BlackBerry name, and sell the heck out of it.

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If BlackBerry makes their own version of Typo, they will themselves, have a lawsuit thrown at them. Do you not think Typo has patent protection on their idea? Only segments of the keypad were copied, not the entire concept.

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No trolling, Gator, but have you found or know the registration number of Typo's patent or any other details, if they hold a patent at all?

Did anyone else find anything or knows more? I'd be really curious.

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

No, I don't have an answer for that, however I would be extremely surprised if it was not patent protected. Although I personally think the product will eventually flop, I'd like to think the creators had not only the financial backing, but also the sense of mind to protect the concept.

Sent from the future on my  Z10

I agree Real Estate Appraiser. I will go a step further in that Blackberry should provide a similar option on the future BB10 all touchscreen phones - I will be the first one to buy it.

Hope Blackberry is listening!

Block it. Release their own version of the product for iOS/android (might even be able to draw down existing keyboard inventory of yet-to-be-built Q10s), make sure it auto installs BBM and has decent integration but not amazing. Then later this year release a z10 with full keyboard combo (e.g. Q50 concept) with amazing integration and win the keyboard lovers back.

Agree. BlackBerry should come out with their own version of typo and sell it to iPhone and while at it, build similar design for androids.

And of course, with a tag line on the merchandise packaging, 'Nothing beats the original, Get A BlackBerry '.

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The only problem with this approach is that Seacrest could possibly counter sue as the idea for the accessory itself seems to be his and not BlackBerry's.

I think that BlackBerry's best solution is for this particular model to be stopped dead in it's tracks.

If Typo were to develop their own unique keyboard design that is nothing like BlackBerry's, the product would still be a success. Typo's mistake was to blatantly rip off BlackBerry's design.

The idea itself seems to be a valid one which sadly could still have an impact on keyboard phone sales. It is in BlackBerry's best interests to demonstrate the advantages of a phone with a built in keyboard over a phone needing an additional keyboard accessory.

I personally haven't used a BlackBerry keyboard phone, the Z10 is my first phone from the company, prior to this I owned an iPhone 4S. I like the Z10 and it's keyboard but the ecosystem could do with more native apps.

I bought my Z10 on January 31st 2013 on it's UK release, based on my ownership of a PlayBook (my first BlackBerry product).

Posted from my regularly used 64gb Wi-Fi only PlayBook.
Pity there is is no BB10 OS available for this product or the option of buying a replacement new BB10 Tablet.

That is it right there, if BlackBerry just releases their own version for its, android and even windows phone, just corner the market on keyboards and squash all other competitors. That should discourage anyone else from thinking about infringing on BlackBerry's turf.

Posted via CB10

The more I think about this, the more I think the BB team should be at the Foxcon factory right now getting these built. Imagine the sheer number of units with a serious BB keyboard for these phones. Perhaps even enough new revenue to help keep BB afloat, allow the BB10 ecosystem to mature more and then win back the keyboard fiends (who would have now come to remember just how productive one can be on a phone). I also really like the idea below of the dedicated BBM key!

It shows blackberry's desperation. They need to get these people back on blackberry

Posted via CB10 for Z10

It's not about desperation. It's about infringement. Plain and simple. If BlackBerry was trading at $100 and this happened, do you think they would sit by with their thumbs up their a**es or sue? I go with sue.

Posted via CB10

Disagree. Making a statement they're going to protect their brand, trademarks and IP vehemently under the new leadership team, even if that means throwing Ryan Seacrest under a bus.

Just had a thought,Seacreast could end up doing more for BB than Alecia Keys did as creative director,he actually is promoting the Key board,and being quite creative at that.

Publicity will be good. It will also show how many iPhone users who say keyboards or old and out of date secretly desire one, at least those who defend Seacrest.

Throw Seacrest under 100 busses. The guys a wanker. If Crapple can try shutting down Samsung for "rounded corners ", surely this would be easier to see as a blatant rip off. Then again all these patents and court dates are getting very tiresome.

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Yeah. Protecting years and millions of dollars of research and testing into thumb keyboard ergonomics is desperate.

They should let anyone and everyone copy their products for free. In fact, they should have given Typo access to all of their keyboard blueprints to make the job easier for them.

CB10 : Z10 STL100-3

I think BlackBerry is smart here. Not because they're going after a small company like typo, but because of the presidency this would cause. Who's to say if this keyboard is let to grow that an android device doesn't adopt it and makes a Q10 clone? Or apple or the like make their own accessory. It's important for BlackBerry to fight (and win) this case because if they don't, what makes a BlackBerry a BlackBerry will also make any other phone a BlackBerry like experience.

I'm personally stuck on QNX for the for se able future, but less dedicated users can use a keyboard on another device as a reason to leave, and that's the real fight happening here.

My 0.02$, thanks for reading :).

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

Presidency? Precedence....

Not a grammar nazi, but that's a funny one, LOL

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

Good. Hope BlackBerry gets all the earnings too!

Posted using the best phone ever, the white Z10!

Agreed, funny how the masses flock to iOS devices while denouncing their Blackberry devices as irrelevant, yet somehow they are still left..ugh...unsatisfied. I think Blackberry is on to something with keeping keyboard enabled devices, so thank you Seacrest for saying what the masses have been quietly thinking all this time. But, please don't copy BlackBerry's ideas because you are incapable of anything original yourself!

Posted via CB10

This is all just advertising for typo, the more BlackBerry asserts typo is "too similar" to their own keyboard, the more typo can say: "miss your BlackBerry keyboard? Here's one just like it, even BlackBerry says so!"

Best bet is to settle with an agreement to provide BlackBerry design/manufacturing advice to actually make it good in exchange for prominent BlackBerry branding, association, and licensing fees.

Oh... and add a built-in "BBM" shortcut key.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry starting to grow some fangs.
Love it.

Enough sitting on the side lines.

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A laptop keyboard is optimized for 10 finger typing. (I guess that's dumb too)

The BlackBerry keyboard is optimized for thumb typing. Try typing with 10 fingers on a phone or with just your thumbs on a PC keyboard.

Or are you one of those guys that types with his index finger on a phone lol. You guys take FOREVER to respond to any messages.

CB10 : Z10 STL100-3

BlackBerry should buy this company.

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Go BlackBerry don't let anyone push you around,no one pushes around a Canadian lol

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Drop the gloves and jersey them like a good Canadian. - C00012735/ Mike Garson Photography - C00471EA8

Good luck bb! You're gonna need it. The US doesn't like to ban the sale of American products if the suing company isn't American.

I hope they don't go in there thinking it will be a slamdunk. I hope they going in there assuming it will be a tough fight -- because it will be!

They are likely to lose unfortunately.

CB10 : Z10 STL100-3

you obviously know very little about IP laws. They are very unlikely to lose, but what do I know, I'm just a lawyer

Posted via CB10

So do I. Anything can happen realistically, but if I was a betting man (and I'm not) and BlackBerry's legal council is competent (which it is, very), this one should be a win

Posted via CB10

I'm not a lawyer, but as I stated earlier here, I agree that this looks like a slamdunk in BlackBerry's favor.

Kevin loves that fence. Of course they should go back to the drawing board. Kick out some third rate POS like they are supposed to like every other startup. Copying someone else's idea isn't the way to get ahead: intellectual property rights and the copyrights to match them are a bitch.

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

BlackBerry should be able to shut down this rip-off company. Go after Blackphone next and make them change the name.

Posted via CB10

Based on how Americans seem to treat BlackBerry I wouldn't be surprised if the courts made BlackBerry pay typo

Posted via CB10

And there it is not even one full page in and the America hates BlackBerry card.

Posted via CB10

Get a high percentage of royalties or shut them down for good. Blatant patent infringement deserves to take a loss on their investment.

I'm very glad that BlackBerry is taking action against typo so in two way suiting them & blocking there sale before they making money for them self no one should make any copy of the Blackberry & get a way with it blackberry will rise to the top of smartphone & Automobile technology why listen to hater that hat BlackBerry cause they never use BlackBerry before like AT&T CEO

Posted via CB10


I just posted something along the same line, before I saw your post.

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

Block them until they cave to your licensing fee demands, and in the meantime, secretly manufacture your own BlackBerry version and hit the market suddenly with it at 5 dollars cheaper. Seacrest will fold.


Well, if you can't reasonably expect to be able to defend your patent in court in a such case that is pretty clear (even right down to the design), what's the whole point of patents in the first place?

I hope it's not anti-BB hate or iPhone-sheeping that will decide this case, but a rational, fact-based decision by the court.

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

Calm down guys they will be back!!! Believe it or not, all it takes is people actually trying bb10 and I'm sure they will be back (good advertising will help allot) but from my conversations with teenagers that only know apple and believe they invented the phone... most that have a brain and think for themselves are very bored with it is now on blackberry to step it up and get these kids trying bb10 and trust me (both my son 12 and my daughter 8 ) don't ever want another apple device nor do there friends that flock to them on the bus admiring how good there z10s are

Posted via CB10

Not at all!

The concept if the device was great, but the assumption that they could rip off BlackBerry without repercussion was folly.

Who wouldn't love the BlackBerry Keyboard experience on an iPhone or Android???? :)

Magnificently composed using CB10 on my BB Z10!

Who wouldn't love it?

Someone who doesn't like ugly things. And that combo is definitely ugly.

Someone who doesn't like impractical things. Try to type on it one-handed. Try to find a nice looking and practical case to fit it. See whether it pops off on a regular basis. Deal with the limitations of Bluetooth. Deal with the monstrosity that that combination is.

Someone who likes reliable things. Kevin's sample broke in 2 days.

Someone who doesn't like to support sleazy ripoff products.

Someone who dislikes Ryan Seacrest.

Shall I go on?

My only concern is the lawsuit is in the states we all know how powerful apples lobbing can be (lawyer should ask judge what device he /she uses!!!

Posted via CB10

Typo is not affiliated to Apple, so how does "powerful Apple's lobbying" come into the equation?

Interesting, that there is small demand for a keyboard for iPhone's. I think BlackBerry should come out with an Android version with a physical keyboard. People may like the BlackBerry keyboard but might not like the OS. Just a thought.

Posted via CB10

Definately looks BlackBerry has a case. That keyboard looks way too much like a BlackBerry keyboard. They should stop sales and then buy them out. BlackBerry can go on to make BlackBerry keyboards for Android, iPhone and even Windows phone.

Posted via CB10

Well, if the US hates BlackBerry as much as everyone says they do, they won't stop it.

Posted on my BlackBerry Q10, because I'm so Bloody Special.

They should come down hard on these stupid fûckers. If the courts allow this kind of rip-off then it's clear they're on the apple payroll.

So they all hate on the Blackberry, but then again, they want to steal design aspects? Why not just get a blackberry? Then again, I do admit that Blackberry is kind of slow at releasing new (variable) designs.

I love my Q10!

Posted Via CB10 by Q10!

You need to understand the hipster mentality.

First you need to establish that something is so old-school that no one wants it any more.

Then you run out and get that old thing yourself, to assert yourself as cooler than everyone else because you've got someone no one else wants. The older and more backwards the better.

Then all the other hipsters do the same thing, claiming their "unique and creative snowflake credentials".

Prices rise on the old stuff until it's more expensive than new stuff.

>>> Hipster Nirvana.

If BlackBerry played their cards right, they could capitalize on that themselves. :)

In the middle? LOL, how's that possible. Nobody's going to accuse KM of "fanboyism" if he's on the side of BlackBerry, it's pretty obvious BlackBerry has a case. There's no real middle unless it's forced by politics.

Posted via CB10

That gadget doesn't make the iPhone better either, in fact, it's cheap looking, just like it's performance. A 'clip-on' keyboard doesn't look anywhere near as good as a properly implemented legitimate Q10 BlackBerry keyboard.

It's like a fisher price keyboard.

Posted via CB10

Look at every tech blog site who reviewed the typo and they all mention BlackBerry as a good comparison. Not Nokia, Samsung but blackberry.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry has probably been too nice over the years and not really going after patent infringements as other players in this game do. Perhaps it's time to play some hardball that way.

Posted via CB10

Typo concept, good. Copying BlackBerry design so closely, bad. Turns out the dog was sleeping, not dead. Wonder how many billions the Typo company has in the bank.


Magnificently composed using CB10 on my BB Z10!

@Buckwylder I agree, the "P" key broke on Kevin in less than 24hrs. I never broke a key on any of my Blackberrys.

Posted Via CB10 by Q10!

Fund my start up, I'm making and iJackGerry with a physical keyboard. I just needed funding for the clear tape I used to tape an iPhone 1 to a Bold 9000.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry should offer a coupon for getting a real BlackBerry to Typo users who would need a better and a true keyboard that could last.

Posted via CB10

I'm pretty sure if it was American company suing blackberry it would stop the import. Guess we will see. I hope BlackBerry wins

Reg leaked Q10

A truer story. Every smartphone company wants to build a BlackBerry, they always have tried to strive to make something comparable and never could. So, they used 'apps' to 'applify' the Internet and made shiny touch screens as a distraction to the fact their productivity, security, and communications always seemed inferior to how all BlackBerry's have functioned since the start. This is the direct result of BlackBerry inventing the smartphone. Now they have little computers running BlackBerry 10. Yay!

Posted via CB10

Funny I read an article today stating blackberry is the original gangster of the smartphone world (the true original) couldn't put it any better

Posted via CB10

Now I'm just babbling. "Charles. Sorry. Your toothbrush is currently receiving an APIPA. You will have to manually brush or restart your toothbrush to proceed." - Internet of things toothbrush.

Posted via CB10

It's a cool concept and all...but come on, it's identical to BlackBerry keyboard!! I have both an iPhone 5S and a BlackBerry Q10 (specifically for keyboard) and after looking at the typo case it's just trying to make an iPhone a Q10!! LoL

Posted via CB10

Boy, that Apple bunch are sneaky types. So quick to jump on everyone else. I hope Blackberry can make this stick.

Maybe seacrest could have just upgraded to a Q10 and donate the million dollars to a beneficial source, like hungry people in his community. Nope, the spoiled brat wants a BlackBerry keyboard on his iPhone. What a chump.

Posted via CB10

LoL, I don't know, just jokes eh. Who cares how he spends his loot, but still though... a little dooooooshy

Posted via CB10

If Apple can sue Samsung over the rounded corners or whatever they argued in their case, I'm fairly certain BlackBerry can sue Typo.

It just shows that the sheep will follow.... stick it to them blackberry!!!! and especially Seacrest!!!!!

Posted via CB10

Unfortunately, that's the wrong comparison.

Imagine someone COPIED that artists work and passed it off as there own.

Posted via CB10

I want one for my Z10, I was use it for a long time, when I had my curve 9360, I thought that I couldn't manage touch, but I finally did, is no a bad idea to create a device like Typo!!

Posted via CB10

Ok, so the majority on this thread are rooting for what, exactly? That Blackberry, with almost zero presence, relevance, support or plans for the US consumer market should prevent Typo from introducing a device that consumers want. Kill the chance to get royalties- and alienate the remaining core of keyboard enthusiasts?

Scorched earth. And the US consumer loses. Because either way, Blackberry isn't going to make or sell a similar product- nor will we see a new keyboard device from Blackberry anytime in the next year. All while our Q10's languish on 10.1. Ridiculous and spiteful.

Posted via CB10

It is clearly a patent infringement. Having that said, BlackBerry needs to piggyback off this and state the obvious. "Why try to make it a BlackBerry. When you can have. Well. A BlackBerry"

From Z10

Posted via CB10

Okay, so typo had to expect this. While it is a copy their lawyers surely must have the defense ready after the first one made

Posted via CB10

Fair conclusion would be 70% of proceeds for BlackBerry and 30% for Ryan and his copying team for daring to fund a BlackBerry offspring for iPhone.

Posted via CB10

Yes, BlackBerry, protect one of your crown jewels - the best physical keyboard in the industry. Ryan Seacrest needs to stick to American Idol where he makes a very nice buck, about $60 million.

Posted via CB10

They will probably have to go with a different shape for their keys, if they want to continue manufacturing their product. #TeamBlackBerry #TeamCrackBerry

Kevin is a bit in the middle?? But this is a blatant copy of the BlackBerry keyboard!

Posted via the super amazing BlackBerry Q10

Anything and everything that is a BLACKBERRY impersonate shouldn't be legal to sale!!

Chew his a$$ off... More power to BLACKBERRY!!

It's about time that we earned back some RESPECT!!

I'm MongezaurioBerry

Buy them out, improve the design and function, and sell it under the BlackBerry brand.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry better win if not they are going to look worse I personally can't go back to physical keyboard cuz I'm stuck on my awesome BlackBerry Z10s keyboard but still I don't want it out unless you own a BlackBerry

Posted With The One & Only BlackBerry Dime.

How come BlackBerry didn't sue Motorola for their keyboard phone that looks very similar to a BlackBerry.

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

BlackBerry is right to sue them. They should be taken to the cleaners! When it's all done, BlackBerry should OWN the company. "Typo by BlackBerry"- featuring a new, improved design...

Keith H. Posted via CB10 on Z10.

If I had an iphone I would want to be able to purchase the typo keyboard. That being said I believe BlackBerry needs to stick to their guns with trying th block the sale. You saw the battle that came between Apple and Samsung you could bet that if the roles were switched Apple wouldn't back down against BlackBerry.

Posted via Q10

I'm sure that lots of iPhone users would be willing to buy the Typo keyboard. I have no doubt that consumer demand is there. The issue is that Typo is infringing on BlackBerry's patents, which is illegal. Maybe it'll be resolved through some sort of a license agreement. This issue hasn't got much to do w/consumer demand.

I do agree that Apple would aggressively go after any patent infringement, as should BlackBerry.

I understand they are infringing on their patents and I also feel BlackBerry should fight them to the bitter end. I do feel that it's going to be a hard battle to block the sales but hoping they follow through.

Posted via Q10

We need to admit that Typos idea is perfect if badly executed. But it infringes on BlackBerry and it has no choice but to sue. In the life cycle of technology companies, new companies often steal or build on the ideas of those before them. Typo could have been lucky if BlackBerry had since deceased or had given up its keyboard. But BlackBerry is back and this court case could further cement a turn around. Better still if BlackBerry could also capitalise on its work to develop the best keyboard experience. If it wins the case, what should be it's next move? Keep its keyboard on q10, or buy Typo and perfect the idea further. Imagine being able to use a q10 to remotely write on another device for example, such as the ipad or Android tablet. A BlackBerry bridge of sorts?

Posted via CB10

I agree. My guess is that if BlackBerry went under, their stockpile of patents would have been sold to another tech company, so Typo may have ended up being sued by someone else. In the end, it's never a good idea to blatantly steal a patented idea!

Well we shall all wait and see what the courts say. I am glad that BlackBerry is staying the course. When you can't design, steal. Isn't that apples way.

I see a lot of people agreeing that BlackBerry should have made this long ago. Why would BlackBerry be giving all the good things? They would make more selling devices than a mere keyboard.
Are you guys saying that the bb10 is not worth it?

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry devices aren't selling all. Androoid and iPhone devices are selling like hot cakes. If they made their world class keyboard available to those Android and iPhone users, they could make $100 per device (minus the $5 or $6 production costs, of course).

I see the point about focusing on selling BlackBerry devices exclusively, but based on how poorly they're selling, maybe it's time for plan B. If BB10 sales took off, I'd be more inclined not to have BlackBerry put out a typo like keyboard. The ironic thing about BB10 is that the full touch devices have dramatically out sold the QWERTY devices, based on the last earnings report.

I' m with BlackBerry! If I am was BlackBerry, I blocked the sale on the whole world! Inacceptabile what do Typo!

Posted via CB10

If this doesn't get blocked for patent infringement then I don't know what will! Such a clear rip of the Q10 keyboard

Posted via the CB10

I hope that typo is closed down and is forced to pay BlackBerry a hefty penalty. Possibly an apology from Seacrest?

Tim Smith from my Z10 on Rogers

BlackBerry should make a prototype of their Q10 keyboard and attach it to a Z10 by blue the courts their version and the Seacrest version...bam...Game over Seacrest...maybe/maybe not helpful...I know MATLOCK May try that...hehe

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Don't let the hyenas eat a living cow. Grab your rifle.
They bet BlackBerry will die, therefore blatently stole their signature.
They lost : Pay or die, your turn.
That simple.

Well done, John.

Put on every typo package, "Inspired by BlackBerry" and have commission sales per unit. Or....just buy typo and sell it as a BlackBerry product knowing that expansion and adaptability is key in this world.

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Monetarily yes if patent rights are breached then yes cease and desist. Patents protects financial loss, and blackberry has the corner on this one. BUT another note isn't copying a form of flattery? I say we are on a bump ride up and up! Kudos to Blackberry and this is the reason I WILL always be a loyal BlackBerry fanboy!!

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Tis fun, that people are still making iPhone something other than it is...jailbreaking, attachable keyboard...and still call other platforms imperfect.

There's a reason all the other keyboards out there DON'T look or feel like word, patents.

RIP Typo 2014

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This keyboard is trying to copy BlackBerry, should they just pay blackberry for each unit? No that would connect BlackBerry with them and they are not BlackBerry quality.

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Put an end to this Circus, Blackberry needs to settle this quickly out of Court and move on. If not, sue TYPO .Plain and simple . Ryan Seacrest needs to buy a Blackberry 10 device and get the latest stable leak of BB10 ( installed, he can have all of his apps .
That way he can have the best of both worlds ,and keep himself out of court!

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This has probably been suggested before, but Blackberry should release a new 'Q' handset with a larger screen, and they should go all guns blazing and pull out all the stops to stop these thieves.

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I don't really understand the business logic in naming the thing Typo to be honest. Unless the thinking was you'd make "less" typos - but then shouldn't it have been called TypoLess or something? TypeRighter?

I have no problem with a keyboard for iPhone, but it's not okay to copy exactly the BlackBerry design.

What would apple do? They would start a War.

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Get rid of the Q10 and offer a similar keyboard for the Z10 and possibly the Z30. Get the same quality and BlackBerry keyboard experience and allow the consumer to choose to be modular or not. Save on hardware costs of building a Q10 and increase sales of the Zs and additional sakes of keyboards. Sounds like a win win as long as they don't get counter-sued. and never going back.

Blackberry should sue Typo for a bunch of money and then let them pay BlackBerry a percentage of each sale. That way BlackBerry doesn't assume any start up costs or operating costs. Just a thought..I'm sure BlackBerry already has a plan that they discussed in motion.

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I will be shock and angry if BlackBerry loses this court case given how Apple was able to win the "square with round corners" case against Samsung. Here, Typo's copyright infringement is so blatantly obvious, only an idiot can argue otherwise.

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BlackBerry should own this new market. Best keyboards on any device. Sooner or later someone well find away around BlackBerry parents or the 20 year rule well come into affect and the parents won't mean shit . The way I see it it's a market. The R&D is done on the best keyboards out there. So let own this market and let everyone else play catch up.

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So... what... I'm a little confused here: is litigation still pending through the court for the case of BlackBerry vs. Typo?
Last I heard, they were suing Typo and that was several weeks ago. When did they all go to court? And what was the verdict?
Is this article just stating something BlackBerry is doing in the meantime or did they lose the case and are considering this as 'plan B' of attack?
Have I been missing something with this whole Typo/BB story lately?

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