New battery and homescreen for upcoming BlackBerry 10 devices spotted

By Bla1ze on 31 Aug 2012 11:20 pm EDT

Just in case you been wondering what type of batteries the new BlackBerry 10 devices will be making use of, we're now getting a glimpse of them. A new blurry-cam video has appeared showing off how to go ahead and insert one exactly and is noted to be packing 1800mAh. I know, it's not the most exciting thing in the world but there is more as well aside from the fact that is clearly not the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha being shown there.

An image of the beta BlackBerry 10 UI came along for the ride which shows off at least one interesting tidbit -- StoryMaker. As I understand it, Story Maker appears to be what RIM made of their JayCut acquisition and will offer a sort of onboard video editing solution for BlackBerry 10 devices much like how the photo editor we demoed previously will work as photo editor for pictures. Based off of that, Focal Point could also be the photo editor as well but the icon is blocked so that's just a wild guess.

The video indicates the battery will be used in the BlackBerry London as well as the BlackBerry Liverpool. In total, we know there will be six new BlackBerry devices rolled out under the following codenames but one appears missing - London, Liverpool, Nevada, Nashville, Naples. The missing one could potentially be Wynton, which is part of the Curve series. You can check below to see a shot of the battery as well as the beta UI.

BlackBerry 10 UI
BlackBerry London / Liverpool Battery

Source: BlackBerry Italia

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New battery and homescreen for upcoming BlackBerry 10 devices spotted


I guess I'm the only one disappointed.... really hope that battery is bigger than it looks, hopefully thicker. That is a HUGE bunch of wasted space if the battery is only as big as half the device in width. Given that the London is going to be the size of the Dev Alpha, which is 4.2 inchs in screen size, they could have put a massive battery into it and still make it removable.

Plus, given the size of the device, you still have to remove the battery to get at the SIM slot?? Really, they couldn't have put it somewhere else? Like how Apple has done with the iPhone or something...

Just so much wasted space it seems... wondering what's going on underneath the other side of the device.....

How would you know whats wasted space and theres a lot of room for a bigger battery?
Just because it's not any bigger than 1800 mAh doesn't mean it won't last a day on a single charge.

"hot swappable" SIM cards are usfull in developing countries where people switch SIMs depending on where they are.

Dual SIM card phones are also popular in these countries

Is it me or did that battery look like the same one as the 99xx except waay longer? I can def live wit 1800MHz

no, it isn't only you thinking that ;)

I'm fine with 1800mAh (;) )

but only if it is lasting long enough.

I know we will not see 3days+ in the near future but 2 would be very nice.

At least one day heavy use should be garantied.

That SIM Card tray that Apple has is Patented. Both for Micro & Nano SIMs

Why do you think Apple pushed so hard for their NanoSIM design? (MicroSIM with plasic cut off)
Apple has even agreed to license the NanoSIM Patent for free in order to get it prounounced the "new" standard.

......They didn't say anything about not charging for the required Tray to hold it THAT Patent they expect people to pay through the nose for

You should send RIM your specs for your version the new BB10. Maybe you will persuade the execs to adopt it. Can you envision a day where a V6 will outperform a V8?

This IS Crackberry - if you don't like it, Dave,then you don't have to come here to play.
Also, Dave is my dogs name and he's a much better person than you, so I resent you using the name. Put it back.

I dont know if this is serious or not... But since Crackberry is a trusted media member, they get to see things builds that are not available to the public.

If they saw the newest build this morning, and then posted on CB "hey look what we saw today" you can be sure RIM would not give them a preview again for a long time...

Im sure some of the CB team has already seen battery/SIM card already, but can't talk about it.

CB could only post a leak that came from someone else, or else they would be breaking the confidentiality agreement between themselves and RIM.

I suggest when Crackberry posts a leak that surfaced on another site, you read between the lines on what the CB team says. I'm quite sure I've seen them subtly confirm/deny things that are leaked without directly saying something.

Go RIM. We really need you to get it right. The next 6 to 12 months is going to be very exciting in the mobile space.

/Device agnosticism or bust!

Nice to see the home screen. Im concerned it looks a bit archaic compared to the diversity of Android and bold colours of WP8 but alas personal preference is a fickle thing. This certainly does have the conservative nature appropriate for many work phones.

As soon as my employer has access to BB10 devices I'll be sure to fall into a pool of water with my 9780 haha!

Isn't the solicitation of comments the purpose of the "comments" area haha. I will continue to judge because reserving opinion until something is complete seems ridiculous. Further I want RIM to do well - I am Canadian and a lot of my pension dollars are sitting there LOL!

Dude. WP8 is complete garbage as a finished product. How is it you don't understand that what you've seen is not a final product from RIM? Being Canadian doesn't mean you shouldn't pay attention.

I noticed that. I also noticed that the SIM card is the same size as a micro-sd card which means... Micro-SIM!

Yups i spotted the lil fella. Good news. .. Bla1ze i know your gonna keep me very happy till 2013.Good work

Nice find Bla1ze! Finally able to see some Research In Motion. Can't wait for BB10 to be released :)

Bla1ze, I think Focal Point is a memo/diary type of app. It shows a lifted corner of a page the same way as on the calendar.

Yeah I also wonder how the OS will scale back those live Tile. If its the last four to be ran imagin that last one was a background app like a screen grab app.

I am really looking forward to BB 10 and I wish I read Italian. Looking good so far. Love the removable battery. That alone makes it better then many modern phones on the market. Sometimes function has to trump form.

Some good news here all round...was hoping the battery would b larger (2200mAh at least and especially for the all-touch), but we really don't know how the performance will be with all the power-saving enhancements BB10 will pack...

im very disappointed with this battery 1800 mah come on RIM dont you guys learn anything i do hope that this batter is able to last a day it would be such a shame im angry right now . but as someone pointed out lets see how performance goes damn u rim

You do remember that RIM delayed 4G because the current 4G chipset wasn't good enough? To be exact, it used too much power. I believe that RIM were telling the truth about this.
The battery size isn't that important; what matters is the power consumption. RIM's USP has always been power efficiency and data efficiency, and I can't see why they would give that up.

Disappointed? RIM should learn? You're not qualified to make that statement. It's a lot more complicated that it appears at face value. Stop judging prematurely and go learn something yourself.

You didn't even use proper punctionation and nobody will take you that seriously either. Don't you have any appreciation? Get the fuck out of here if you assume everything and are quick to judge.

Got your attention:) I'll also make a suggestion as well, using "fuck" doesn't make your stupid ass come across any more intelligent than my typos.With regards to the battery as i said in my original post time will tell.Have a great day.

I hope the keyboard version doesn't go too much smaller than this! That was the number 1 reason I went to iPhone! But sure missing that 9930 keyboard!!!

The keyboard can't get any bigger or smaller than the current bold 99xx or curve series. Either you appreciate it, or move on if you cannot.

For those who are complaining about the battery, there are devices without the advantage of the battery being removable that are only 1800mah such as the one in the HTC One XL which has a larger display than these new blackberries.

The reality is likely to be that this battery will be enough for a normal user to comfortably get through their day, but if you are a heavy LTE user then you are going to need to swap batteries or carry a charger, just like with any other current smartphone.

Normal, who defines what is normal? These devices are marketed at business personnel and other professionals (including media). It will get used a lot. Not to mention all the SUPER APPS that RIM wants users to use. I could care less for a removable battery if they had given this the battery of the Droid RAZR MAXX.

For those complaining about the 1800mAh battery, remember BB10 can be a lot more efficient on battery than typical android phones thus the need for a huge battery is not necessarily required. The iPhone 4s for example has a 1420mAh battery and manage to last a day on heavy usage.

This is just brilliant! I'm very excited to see this! I know there is always going to be extended batteries on ebay, it's just we'll never know what the capacities will be once the blackberry 10 smartphones are in store shelves.

I'm waiting for research in motion to surprise me!

The larger the battery,the better! I would have ideally preferred something close to 2000mAh, but then again considering the puny batteries we were getting with OS7 devices it is still a step in the right direction.. for example this would still be nearly 1.5 times the battery capacity of the current 9860 that has a 1230mAh battery!

As others have mentioned, RIM is working their asses off to squeeze out every bit of efficiency through the OS!

There most likely will be in the near future.. The current M5 went from a V10 S85 with 500-odd hp to the V8 S63 that pushes 560hp. The current V8 S65 M3 engine delivers about 415hp and in two years it would have an I6 that should (hopefully) generate 450hp+
Yes they have now resorted to turbocharging but your point being?

I would still prefer a larger battery any day, as would most CB users based on a poll recently run and I am a tad worried now that even the high end motorola's are coming with 2500mAh monstrosities.

If RIM can win the efficiency game, good on them, which IS what they are working on atm, they are also looking at the more efficient processors (if rumours hold true), etc. etc.