BlackBerry Live Executive Press Q&A Live Blog!

By Kevin Michaluk on 14 May 2013 11:37 am EDT

Following this morning's BlackBerry Live 2013 Keynote, the BlackBerry execs are sitting down with the press in attendance to field questions. We're live blogging it. Watch below!



So where's the PlayBook update? It's all that matters to me personally...information would suffice, you know, a table scrap or crumb of information for their current users would go a long way.


The fact that there was no information given should be all the information you need. The Playbook is all but dead and Blackberry has moved onto greener pastures. I still use my Playbook but I think its clear that Blackberry wants to distance themselves as much as possible from what was, and is, an unmitigated product disaster for BB.


Well I am going to give them until the end of the Jam to make my final decision. But it's not looking good. I hope to be wrong...

I love my PlayBook too but I'm going to dust off my TouchPad and play with Android once I figure out how to install CM9 or 10. I'll be able to BBM on it apparently but not on the BlackBerry PlayBook...LOL!


I tend to disagree with this statement. Financially it might not have been justifiable to BlackBerry, however, as a platform to test QNX in real life application it was an amazing success and set the platform for the BB10 devices as we know it.

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thats kind of overshadowed by the fact that BBM is going multiplatform


This is a VERY valid point. Why should 2.5 million PlayBookers wait for Skype, Netflix, etc when they could get BBM and every app under the sun by switching platforms to either of their big competitors?


Great move BlackBerry...

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Someone ask about a PlayBook update please

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More info on BB10 on PlayBook will probably be during the BlackBerry Jam session

CB10 on Verizon Z10


Totally wicked news out of BB Live this morning. I've NEVER seen a company announce so many things at once. It was an onslaught of posts and even the newswires were buzzing as they picked up the news.
And the stock is down 4.35% last check.
Should have traded BB for TSLA last week...


When will I get the z10 update on T-Mobile?

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BlackBerry is taking the tech world into a new era with this news.


ask about the Q10 speed dial. we want the speed dial like OS7.


"They won't give an update until they have one" which, according to my "bs translation app" really means, "For the love of God, stop asking us about the Playbook, we're all trying our best to pretend it doesn't exist".


Dissatisfactory answer about BB10 on PlayBook. Can they at least say that they're working on it?


"Dissatisfactory", adjective, meaning something that is disappointing and unsatisfactory at the same time.

I would have gone for "craptacular" myself ;-)


Just imagining Hamilton busily BBMing down Hangar straight or Senna corner at 200mph!


How does releasing BBM on iOS and Android benefit BlackBerry? Will they make money?

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Yeah, gonna wait till contract up then selling- or donating- my 9900 and Playbook. Since my life revolves around Google calendar and contacts, that's where I'll probably head. Broken promises.


Yeah, gonna wait till contract up then selling- or donating- my 9900 and Playbook. Since my life revolves around Google calendar and contacts, that's where I'll probably head. Broken promises.


How about a Damn PlayBook update announcement. BlackBerry has royally ****** all the loyal bb users who bought the PlayBook with hopes it would get bb10. Damn disgrace.

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RIP Playbook. Daddy doesn't want to know anything about you now. Kinda remind you of a story by Mary Shelley a little? Perhaps the Playbook will catch up with Blackenstein one day and send both creator and creature down into the Artic wastes.

Sorry Thor, couldn't wait for you so jumped shipped & replaced my PB with a Nexus 7. Just hope you don't ditch the Z10 like you did the Playbook.


Any info on instagram?

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Extremely dissapointed about no playbook news. Hope the Z10 won't share the same playbook's fate!