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BlackBerry Live Conference App now available for download

By Adam Zeis on 10 May 2013 11:08 am EDT

If you're heading to Orlando next week for BlackBerry Live (or even if you just want to check things out) you'll be happy to know that the BlackBerry Live Conference App is now available for download in BlackBerry World

The app is available for both the Z10 and Q10 and features session catalogs, conference maps, schedules, NFC check-ins and much more. If you're going to be on-site for the conference this year then you definitely need to have this app. It's beefed up over previous years and will truly act as a helpful tool for the whole conference. 

Don't forget we'll be on the ground next week brining you all the news as it happens. We'll fire up the ol' live blog Tuesday morning at 9am EDT for the keynote and follow up will plenty of goodness during our CrackBerry Live show.

More information/Download BlackBerry Live Conference App



Will we have some streaming news from the event through craxkberry?

Posted via CB10

Adam Zeis

Did you read the post? :) 



Don't mind Nexus - was too excited to be the first commenter and so missed the X mark ;)

Posted via CB10


Sorry my bad.

Posted via CB10


Can't view any content unless you are registered for the event. Lame.


Also available for the PlayBook, but not mentioned in the post.

Posted via CB10


I live in India as a result of which I have no opportunity or chance to take part in these celebrations of the joy that is BBRY. Is there no way to bring these events closer to people across the globe either on YouTube or through a deferred live video. I'm disappointed that in spite of being a loyal customer to blackberry and among a vast number in India, we r yet to receive the update to 10.1 and have been left to our own devices to get the updates. Worst of all is the fact that me and others like me have been patiently waiting for the Q10 but no news at all about what's happening. This is ironic considering that buying the BBRY in India is a brand loyalty thing since there are no carrier subsidies like in the west. The z10 which I own for instance costs about 800 USD (market price) yet me and others like me have brought it in the face of the marketing and creative pricing onslaught from apple and Samsung. There's only so much we can take BBRY better get with the program or lose loyalty like ours forever. (just to tell u how much loyal I've been, chew on this right now I have 6 BBRYs - z10, 9900, 8520, 8310, 9220 and a 9981 and have evangelized the brand to countless adopters among my friends, colleagues and circle of acquaintances)

Posted via CB10 from BB Z10


Good bye.

Posted via CB10


I am in Canada and I am waiting patiently (although I've hit the software update button in my Settings three times in the last 24 hours) for 10.1 . I spent 150 but locked in for three years paying $65 per month. So these things are expensive no matter where you are. BlackBerry is not playing favorites. When it rolls out here I'll get it. Q10 is only out in a few countries right now, as volume production ramps up it will show up.

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D

Plazmic Flame

1. You ask for live video... did you read the article? CrackBerry is doing a liveblog and a live video feed wouldn't be fair to the people who are paying thousands of dollars to go there.

2. You complain about not receiving the 10.1 update, get mad at your carrier, not BlackBerry. 10.1 is out, your carrier just hasn't deployed it yet.

3. BlackBerry thanks you for being loyal and spreading the good news so just hang in there and again, talk to your carrier about when the Q10 is coming out.


I know crackberry is not blackberry but I'm hoping that someone BBRY sees my rants and acts proactively. That's all

Posted via CB10 from BB Z10


there is no action to act upon in your rants. the conference is always held in Orlando, and to have it held elsewhere other than North America would create T&L budget issues with so many other partners and enterprise customers. Crackberry is doing a live blog of the event, therefore you can follow that. Since there are multiple breakout sessions, YouTube streaming of all of them would be asinine.

As for 10.1 and the Q10, you're in the same boat as other markets in the world. Some countries may have received it, and others haven't. Ranting about it won't achieve anything. A loyalist remains loyal in the face of adversity, otherwise you're just a fairweather fan.


In the face of adversity? U don't know what that word means. None of the providers in India support BB10. Anyone who has bought it has taken a risk by plunking their money believing that BBRY would support adopters. I have put my money where my mouth is. Unless u know what it is to go through what we go through to keep the BBRY torch burning u know nothing. I don't mean to be harsh but ur tone didn't sit well with me. It's my money and if BBRY wants they better start earning it because there are other options. I'm just saying BBRY listen to us treat all ur customers equally not ur American customers as gold and ur brit customers like platinum and ur Asian customers like crap. With the slowdown in those countries u hope for growth and revival comes from us, so humor us not by doing us a favor but by treating us as equals.q

Posted via CB10 from BB Z10


I'm confused. Did you not attend BlackBerry Live Jam in India last year? I'm sure BBRY will continue to reach out to the world.

Posted via CB10


Textmint2013 even I'm from India and what you just said is bizarre when was the last time a carrier pushed out updates for android phones and why are you worried about 10.1 it hasn't even been even 6 months with the new platform and by what you mean just because you paid 800$ for your Z10 doesn't mean blackberry has to take your nonsense if you don't like the phone just move on every other other platform an Os update is pushed out maybe twice a year you seem to want it every 2 months from blackberry

Posted via CB10


Seems you can't properly spell "You" or "You're". That excellent keyboard should serve up the proper grammar.

Tomas Carrillo

Downloading, oh wait I cancelled my trip u_u.

Posted via CB10


I still think this would be a great app if you could import or create your own events and share them with others.


Those attending the event will get this application pre-installed on a free Z10 handset when they check-in (all courtesy of BrightStar who you might recall purchased a million BlackBerry10 devices).


jojo beaconsfield

I can see some really big news coming,in regards to, BB live.It's been almost 6 months since BB10 arrived and feel something is cooking.What a great Canadian company!!


I'm confused. Were there no live jam sessions in India last year and all over the world?

Posted via CB10


No love for BB7 devices LOL? That's one way to get everyone onto the new platform...


What a bad app to publish!
Slow takes a whole till contains loads!
Sounds like BlackBerry designed it 5 years ago...!

Posted via CB10


delete....this can't be for the average person...



See you guys in Florida? I'm flying over from London on Monday as part of BlackBerry Elite. See you there?

Posted via CB10


Nice omission that the conference app is also available for the PlayBook not to mention that it's a sneek peek of BB10 action on the PlayBook.

But nonetheless this conference is going to be one of the most important ones for PlayBook users, as the real tablet future will be discussed.


Looks interesting should be a good event. The only thing annoying is reading about this Indian guy crying like anybody here can help him.

Buy a ticket to Florida like everyone else or gtfo.

Posted via CB10


It has attracted ur attention though. That's enough. Maybe more of us will be vocal and blackberry will realize where it's true market is like Samsung did.

Posted via CB10 from BB Z10


Oh yeah forgot one thing though. BlackBerry is on the block for sale and it is highly likely that an Asian company will buy it let's see how things work then. If Samsung's strategy is any indicator, the tide will turn and then let's see how it feels.

Posted via CB10 from BB Z10

jojo beaconsfield

Every day I see new events coming,this was supposed to happen for the launch Z10 and it didn't ,now we will see what tomorrow will bring ,I'm sure there will be more good news.Fore play is what I'm talking about.


Awesome! Can't wait to be at BlackBerry Live next week!


Looking forward to see Torsten Heins foe some hot infos about the future of BB and a few cocktails, of course! ;-)

Posted via CB10


I'm looking forward to the event as well, as it will be my very first BlackBerry Live conference. I will be flying in from Toronto, Canada and I am hoping to see some of you there as well.


sadly I had to read your rant half of it was off topic and has nothing to do with the event.

You didn't capture my attention at all i just know to avoid your post.

Posted via CB10


Yet you r still responding :)

Posted via CB10 from BB Z10


Sorry for being pissy. Am genuinely frustrated. Just took it out on the first point of focus. So I'm sure u r a good guy and u love blackberry maybe as much or even more than I do. So truce. For now live long and prosper. Also in the meanwhile have a good weekend :)

Posted via CB10 from BB Z10


Flying in Sunday evening from California. This is going to be awesome. Really exiting announcements rumored.

Posted via CB10


We should schedule a CB Meetup at the Opening Reception at the CB Live broadcast center. Maybe the CB team can bring small CB stickers we can put on our badges to identify us as CB members.


Just met Mr Crackberry, don't forget to wish him happy birthday in the morning :) btw he is zero cool w00t

Posted via CB10