BlackBerry Live 2013 Keynote Live Blog!

By Kevin Michaluk on 14 May 2013 08:55 am EDT


This is it! Tune into our Live Blog coverage of the BlackBerry Live 2013 Keynote right here. Comments will be automatically approved before and after the keynote, but will go into a moderation queue while the action heats up (only really good, on point comments will be published). Enjoy the show!

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BlackBerry Live 2013 Keynote Live Blog!


Trying to launch the webcast on my z10 but error message states that the file type is unsupported.

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I love Blackberry. It's exciting! Thorsten doesn't make it exciting though. I wish they'd get Alicia to do these keynote addresses. Or least someone a little hipper than this guy.

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I'd expect the announcement of a lower priced BB10 phone, the release date of Q10 in US, and the phablet roadmap. Anymore would be nice. Any less would be disappointing. BlackBerry FTW!


He just announced that they're concentrating on the Mobile Platform only. I'm not making any assumptions but does that sound like the Playbook has been put on the Back Burner for now? Does this mean that the Playbook is done for good? Or does this mean that the Playbook is going to get a total revamp? I'm hoping for the last. I would hate to see my tablet just get shelved to collect dust.

Yes it is. But you can't help to wonder what he REALLY meant when he brought up the topic of tablets and mentioning that it didn't work out so well. I would love to see my Playbook get the OS10 update. Not only would my Z10 be the bomb, now my tablet would be the bomb also?? It would be business all day everyday for me.

Sooo, what's the Q5 spec?? It must me lower than Q10 as the name suggest. But we need the spec...! :D

Like the Bentley, but probably would have made an even better presentation if used with a Mercedes.....y'know BEFORE the MERCEDES guy came on stage.

Glad he's taking about what market they are actually in. Mobile only. Stick with what works and don't try to be something that you're not.

Smart move.

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Wish I could watch what's going on. My work doesn't block Crackberry, but the liveblogging element is being stopped by the firewall...

A lot of honesty and frankness displayed by the CMO...They were all over the place and unfocused. BB10 and becoming BLACKBERRY changed that. Very refreshing to hear.


Never been sooooooo excited since I firsted used bb when 950 invented, and worked from rim, and then consulted for bb customerssa ,,usere. , please execute my typing, so exited, cannot contorl

Was the word "PlayBook" uttered even once?
slight disappointment, but I don't think the hardware will run BB10 as smoothly as they would like. I'm not sure we'll ever see it...

Its almost like BB was just throwing skype a bone at the beginning of the presentation, only to rip it out of their mouths and throw the world a steak ;)

Wow BBM going cross platform and BBM Channels smh in shock and excited #TeamBlackBerry

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Do they remember that there are still people out there owning a PlayBook??? Unfortunately no word on this... :-(
I want/need OS10 on my PB!!!

I think cross-platform BBM is a bad idea... BBM is the one thing that was keeping BlackBerry alive... to lose that exclusivity even if the other versions are a bit watered down is going to usher in a loss of customers who can now get the pretty Android or iOS device they may have been secretly lusting after and still keep BBM... I know a lot of people that passed up a galaxy S or iPhone to stick with BlackBerry because of BBM.... We'll see how this one goes...

Great product - Innovative and Exciting!

With that said, marketing, advertising, PR, presentation, etc. are as bad as they come.

Hopefully we can dig out of this hole via "word of mouth ".

BlackBerry FTW!


10.1 already out for O2 UK. Seems like they learnt their lesson and have decided to keep up with Vodafone this time around. Itching to get home to download it :)

Q5 - Nice!
Cross platform BBM - Nice! If it comes to the UK I might get one for each daughter (assuming price is right)
No BB10 for PlayBook though - sniff (but hey, BB10 on Z10 is awesomeness itself, so I can live with that)

They should do it right and support BBM on Windows Phone from day one. Of all companies, BlackBerry should know very well that there are more than two platforms (iOS / Android) and they should show WP users the respect that BB users would like to receive in situations where a developer only releases for iOS / Android and passes over the smaller platforms like BlackBerry and Windows Phone.