BlackBerry Live 2013 Keynote now available for viewing

By Michelle Haag on 15 May 2013 09:44 pm EDT

The keynote at BlackBerry Live 2013 truly blew some minds I think. With announcements such as BBM going cross platform, the BlackBerry Q5, and BBM Channels, I think it was one of the best keynotes I have seen from BlackBerry in quite some time. If you missed out on watching the keynote or just want to relive the moment, you can watch it all via the magic of the internet. The whole keynote session clocks in at around 99 minutes, so it has been conveniently broken down in to 4 segments for your viewing enjoyment.

What was your favorite part of the keynote? Let us know in the comments below.

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BlackBerry Live 2013 Keynote now available for viewing


Posted previous comment too quick. Good if I had a Bentley, but I have a f*'king PlayBook. BBM for ios and android but not PlayBook. Damn, my butt hurts.

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People bitching about bb10 for PlayBook is hilarious. Want a brand new OS that NEEDS 2gb of ram to run at an optimized level on 3yr old hardware.

The original beta Z10(not Dev alpha's) were only 1gb, and it ran terribly. Could only have two apps open, browser would crash if flash was enabled, bbm video would not work, time shift would not work, and many other problems.

If you want your PlayBook actually bricked, then by all means keep complaining about something so ridiculous as this. I seriously hope they never release it for the legacy PlayBook because if they do, they will have to strip it of all the features that actually makes the OS great. If you installed BB10 on your PlayBook right now, you would be botching about how terrible the experience would be.

Seriously give it up. I know they said they hoped to bring bb10 to the PlayBook, but I hope it's on new hardware and not the 3 year old hardware I have now

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I don't disagree. The problem is that BlackBerry has been saying for months that bb10 was coming to the playbook, and now it's not. They keep breaking promises, blowing release dates, etc. They already have a major credibility problem from their RIM days and this kind of thing just pours alcohol on the wound.

Well they've been stating at their events since Sept 2012 that bb10 would come to the PB 'sometime after the new phone launches'... heard it with my own ears. And we all know what 'sometime...' means to this crew... close to never. I'm not holding out for any big improvements.

Another company from Ottawa used to do this as well... launch products and then sunset them after a product cycle or two and a big 'fuck you' to any early adopters. Corel. Google them.

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I feel that the reality of the situation is that BB10 will not run on the Playbook as it stands...maybe there was a time that BlackBerry thought it would but they now know it won't. Also, as these videos clearly state, one device 'mobile' computing is where BB is headed. I don't think they feel the tablet market is one they want to be in or one that has a future in their vision. Sure tablets are great for playing games and keeping the kids entertained but that is not BB's focus.

I am a Playbook owner but I have moved on to the Z10. I can honestly say that after spending almost 3 months on the Z10 I do not want BB10 on my Playbook. The PB is so slow (OS-wise) in comparison and I am sure BB10 would make it even slower. I feel that the Playbook was really a test of whether QNX could actually run a consumer device. A 'proof of concept' so to speak. I bought into it and now I have moved on to the real end result of this test.

I would imagine that the majority of people who are pinning for BB10 on the PB have not gone out and bought a BB10 device. Once you have done that I feel that you will see there really is no need. The Z10 and Q10 do it tablet required.

When OMAP was sold to BlackBerry, Texas Instrument would have said that they will be with them in all coming future and support all future OS versions on that chipset they were selling. But now as you know TI has given up on mobile sector and it does not support OMAP anymore. If BB tries to put BB10 on Playbook how will they bring up thsi OS on a chip which is no more supported actively by its own makers.. kind of tough to keep the promise when everyone has broken promises which they made to you :)

I totally understand and agree. You made a good point and people don't realize it.

CB10 on Verizon Z10

1- 2 years is a long time in the tech world. 2- I don't know about you, but my PB lags in about half the apps and the app world. Perhaps BB10 is more optimized, who knows... 3- It's probably possible but if it wasn't perfect BB would get blasted *again*. So either way they lose. 4- 2 years is still a long time in the tech world.

I totally agree with you. Bringing BB10 to existing PlayBook hardware would be a disaster, it's the sort of thing that all the anti-BB "analysts" would love to see.
I'd rather wait until a PlayBook with upgraded hardware that's been designed to work with BB10 is released.

Meh. The anti-BB people have lots to talk about. Maybe BB should release it at the same time as 10.2 is released so everyone will be busy dissing the OS 10.2 and nobody will even think about PB with BB10.

My favorite part was seeing Alicia Keys sexy self on stage and the announcement of BB Channels :)

CB10 on Verizon Z10

I just want a PB browser update and some new fresh looks. F#@k call it OS 2.2 for all I care.
Throw me a bone!
Just something so we can all shut up and be almost satisfied.
My PB isn't new but...

CB10 App, Z10

I want the 5 minutes of my life back from reading the last 12 useless posts. Bitch bitch bitch - BlackBerry is storming right now and Thor has resurrected this company we love! broken promises aside the good being done here far out weighs the bad. If your that unhappy go buy an iPhone or a droid and go troll their forums and keep your bad blood out of ours. As for the PB receiving BlackBerry 10 couldn't agree more that it's a recipe for disaster with the current specs.

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Not even close to 1st and don't care lol. Downloading it now. Will watch in the morning. Looking forward to it.

The automotive integration looks really cool.

I wonder how far they can take it? I guess with qnx on both phone and car they could integrate/network allowing all the car's apps to run on the phone and phone apps to run on the car. Angry birds on the dashboard!!!

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in that second video, at 11:46 Kevin McConnell from IBM talks about BB10 and BES10 usgae in IBM, but they have a wrong information card which says he is a manager with QNX. They should get it fixed.

I'm the first to admit I haven't watched all the videos yet.... but does anyone else think that the "button" on Thorstein's left breast pocket seems a little suspicious? Could it be a "wearable" device, or at least a peripheral for a wearable device? It would be just like BB to do something like that, sneak something out to give it a trial run without telling anybody.
Does anyone else think this might have something to do with all his cryptic comments about the future and direction of mobile computing?
Ok, so it might be all just a conspiracy theory..... but maybe not?!

I noticed that too,it should be on his lapel,cld be a fashion statement,cld be something else? who knows? I would love to have a remote camera accessory available ,you could put it on your baseball cap or just about anywhere,let's get an app for that.

My favorite moment would of had to been the Bentley. I'm not a car guy by any means but I do love the idea of fully syncing my BlackBerry to a car.

I'm tired of hearing a notification and waiting for a red light to stop and quickly see what it is. The ability to pair your BlackBerry with your car and answer bbms, sms, emails ect with voice will be awesome

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After thought :
BlackBerry / QNX should pair up with the dev that makes Say It. That is a brilliant app and works wonders. Say It combined with the on QNX concept Bentley would be amazing!

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So those of us that invested in PlayBook should just cry.

I should be given option to stay with what I have or have BB10 on my PlayBook.

The specs aren't that bad considering the q5 can run BB10 I don't see why it can't run on the PlayBook.

Perhaps certain features won't work but I definitely want a better Bridge App that is currently just file sharing.

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Stop whining and focus on what was announced. BBM multi platform first bbm channels second. This could be the foundation for an unbelievable services opportunity. Forget tablets. All blackberry can be in that space is second or third best and that is about it. If you want blackberry to succeed help them to cut their losses on tablets and move on. I think the bbm announcements were hugely bold nd risky. That is what a great leadership teams needs to do to make a serious comeback . I am impressed. Anyone remember ipod + iTunes store from a company that made PCs? Talk about bold.

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Agreed,the creator of BBM seems to be extremely happy,about going multi platform .This is going to be huge and he knows it.BB Reinvented,I like it!!

New market message for the Q-line:

"No one Integrates a keyboard and touch experience like Blackberry."

What I love about my 9900 is not that it has a keyboard, it's that it has touch and a keyboard. I gave up on the trackpad after a couple of months.

When those Android or Iphone users notice these superfast replies from BB users on BBM, they think there must be something wrong with their keyboard ;-)

Here's what I want. A damn phone. I've been watching, reading and mostly waiting. Sitting with Sprint waiting - waiting for anything. I've played with the Z10 and now I'd like to have the opportunity to do the same with the Q10. Then - I would like to purchase one of these phones!!! Doesn't anyone want my money?