BlackBerry Live 2013 - Day 1 wrap-up

The show isn't even started, and things are already hoppin'. 

BlackBerry Live
By Simon Sage on 14 May 2013 12:36 am EDT

The CrackBerry crew just wrapped up their first day at BlackBerry Live 2013, and even though things don't get officially started until tomorrow, there was still plenty to do. I didn't get in until the late afternoon thanks to a missed connection on Sunday resulting in an impromptu roadtrip from Tampa to Orlando with some nice guys from BlackBerry and BitHeads, but from what the guys tell me, the morning had plenty of attendees coming in and getting ready for a busy week.

By the time I got to the World Center, CrackBerry's show floor presence was already well-established.  We had tables set up across from registration with all of the power and fat internet pipes we would need for our dozen team members at the show. TVs, a backdrop, and stage were already set up, and before long our buddy John Pozadzides showed up with an arsenal of video equipment.

CrackBerry Live

After the cameras were all in place, Kevin and Adam took to the intertubewaves with CrackBerry Live - our biggest, most ambitious video project to date. They went through the usual pre-show banter, but also pulled in attendees from BlackBerry Live. These included many recognizable faces, though there were new friends made too. All-in-all it was tons of fun and we're totally pumped about keeping things rolling throughout the show. Don't worry if you miss the stream, we'll be chopping up the good bits and uploading clips shortly. 

BlackBerry Live showcase

Enough about us - what was everyone else up to? Well, there were a few sessions going on already, and folks were eager to crack open their brand new BlackBerry Z10s being doled out by BrightStar. The evening reception gave us a peek into the Solutions Showcase, where we got some time with some BlackBerry Q10s from T-Mobile and Sprint. It's looking like AT&T is going to be showing off theirs tomorrow too, since there's a big banner for it on the way to the showcase area. There weren't many surprises to be had on the device front though, especially since the units being shown off weren't proper retail models. With any luck, we'll get some more information (particularly on release dates) tomorrow. 

Now, I've been to a few BlackBerry events in my time, and I've got to say that the turn-out so far is looking really good. The welcome reception area was way busier than I remember it being, and there were a ton of exhibitors to take in. Between the keynote tomorrow morning, more CrackBerry Live goodness, more exhibitors to scope out, and lots of sessions to sit in on, it's going to be busy here on the blogs. To match all that activity, expectations are high - folks are hoping for everything from BlackBerry 10 on the PlayBook to an R10 announcement to Instagram support.  Get ready for the rest of the week guys, the ride's just starting. 

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BlackBerry Live 2013 - Day 1 wrap-up


I hear ya! I'm very tempted by the Q10, but I would've got the Z10 off contract and outright just like I did when I got my 9930. Now I just don't know what to do.

We want to know when we will get Skype and Shazam. What the heck is taking so long. I've had my z10 for a couple of months and this waiting is ridiculous.

Posted via CB10

Skype works in 10.1 so when the Z10 gets the update for that, then it will work.
I don't know about shazam, though.

Shazam has said they're not developing for BB10 yet.

Their competitor, Soundhound, has their app coming... "soon."

Supposedly Soundhound can show lyrics too, so sounds good to me.

This is how you CB10, son!

Why are you asking that question here instead of asking the developers of the apps? Is this kind of thing still this hard to comprehend?

Would love to see:

-Jelly bean android runtime
-Signal light indicator
- Application lock apps (native, port or whatever)
- Headless API's
- BlackBerry Protect app like legacy devices (backup alternative to link)
- upgrade / alternative to link

Just a small wish list.

Great job so far CB Team!

Posted via CB10

Wow, you aren't asking for much, are you. Jelly Bean won't be there (though I guess we might at least see it on the roadmap).

In fact I don't see much more than headless apps coming this week.

But one can dream. Lol. Headless apps is a giant step forward though.

I would love to hear that the rest of the items on the list are at least in the mind of a key blackberry staff member.

Sad about the jelly bean thing. It would satisfy my app craving(free apps only) while we get more apps in BB world which I'd be willing to pay for even when they are free on android.

Posted via CB10

I agree that Protect should include the backup features from the legacy devices I feel a bit naked, knowing that I don't have Outlook 2-way sync with Link, nor a very robust application in Link as a whole, and also no OTA backup in Protect. Actually thinking of switching email providers to get something that does everything OTA to make up for this gap in features in BB10. That's the world upside down, to have a hugely innovative phone / OS that is a step backwards in a crucial area, prompting me to abandon a provider that I've had for 10 years or so.

What I would like to see?

- R10 official reveal: I won't buy it since I love the Z10, but it'll be good for BB sales especially in surging markets
- BB10 on the PlayBook. The PB is getting old fast with competition improving their products (New Nexus, Galaxy Tab 3, Ipad Mini Retina etc.).

I also hope to see a new tablet from BB, but I know that is not going to happen.

All i want is an update to bb10 that gives it the old bridge functions, fixes the landscape app lock bug, improves performance in areas that aren't that important to the actual user but will at least shut the reviewers up such as improved screen rotation speed and app launch speed etc. so really just give us a software update and ill be happy.

10.1 for Z10 and SKYPE who cares about new stuff get us the stuff thats already been promised, its liek the Q10 comes out and no one cares about the Z10 already, Blackberry are dropping thier ball :( and where was this landscape orientationn and the Z10 charging dock?