BlackBerry Link for Windows updated to version

By Adam Zeis on 20 Aug 2013 09:50 am EDT

Just last week the Mac version of BlackBerry Link received an update, and it appears that its Windows counterpart is getting the same. The latest version sits at and while no official changelog is available, it looks like mostly small tweaks and fixes.

This version fixes up things like device sync, backup/restore, contacts and calendar sync, remote access and more.

Windows users should see the update within BlackBerry Link but you can grab the update free from the link below as well.

Download BlackBerry Link for Windows

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BlackBerry Link for Windows updated to version


stupid thing still wont go full screen in windows 8. Bottom status bar blocks the bottom functions of the app. Also cant shrink the window down to a smaller size properly, so retarded

Windows 8 is a disaster period for almost everything.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Hope this fixes remote access for me. Would really like to use this feature

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Remote access has never worked for me. I can see the computer but no files.

Link also does not see my Z10 when on wifi, but I can access it from explorer.

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Me either. The loading would take too long. It would show my Pc but when I click on it nothing shows. After about 20 mins it shows bits and pieces

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I had the same problem, however I was able to fix it. Problem was...Mcafee firewall. If I switch it off, all the files show up on my Z10. I still haven't found a was to make it work with it on.

Turning off my firewall did not help either, so I decided to wait for an update

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I had this problem until I figured that you must rename the computer name without any nonalphabetic character like dash, underscores, etc. In Link rename the PC to EdmoPC all together. Reply here after.

Same here. I haven't been able to access my files unless on wifi since moving to 10.2. It isn't devastating which is why I haven't downgraded.

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same here. I had it working perfectly on 10.1 but it only works when I'm at home now on 10.2. it's not a huge deal right now but I would rather having it work in case I ever need it. I can wait for a fix.

BlackBerry for life. Kick'n it with my Z10.

How to reinstall? Uninstall old version and install new or install new version over over old one?

I have it set for automatic updates, but since it's still at, obviously it's not working. Will download and install over top now.

I have never really used link. I never had any success in connecting. It always wants to wipe and reinstall my phone.
I will try again with this update. Hopefully I will be able to back up my phone.

Via my Commodore Vic 20

but will it stop the bsod from occurring in win8? I have to keep bb link on an older win7 machine because of that so annoying.

Are you talking about the "Watchdog" error that causes the computer to reboot? That is the most annoying thing about either Windows 8 or BlackBerry Link (not sure which one is the culprit). Anyways, until they fix this problem, I will barely ever be able to use Link.

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dpcwatchdog yeah, I've isolated bblink to being the cause, I can't even sideload or drag and drop files without removing sdcard on my main machine because you need bblink installed for computer to recognize the device.

You can install just BlackBerry Device Manager and it will add the necessary drivers for charging / mounting volumes / side loading / etc.... You do NOT have to install Link. There is a separate package available on the BlackBerry website

I've had a whole bunch of issues that for the longest time I thought was something else or a combination of things on Windows 8. I finally realized it is something to do with BB Link. I've had a few BSODs but usually the computer just locks up and I have to force it down. I hope this update fixes it.

I had this problem in Windows 8 too. But it hasn't happened for a long time now. I presume either the link updates or Windows updates resolved the issue. Have you performed a windows update recently?

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OK. Gonna do it. Have not had Link installed for a long time since the last version I had could literally not do ANYTHING without freezing.

Was never able to complete a backup even ONCE (I once left it overnight after it seemed to stall at 99 percent... next morning it was still at 99 percent).

Gonna give it one more chance... fingers crossed. However, I will be *shocked* if it actually works.

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I 2nd this!!!! My Link stopped connecting to itunes and haven't found a way to restore the connection.

My link always says there is an update. I click update it does somethings and then tells me I still have an update. It's done this since I loaded it in February.

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Hope this is more stable than - that one would just randomly hang when I started it.

The black BlackBerry logo would start up and then it would freeze - would need to go into windows task manager to get rid of it.

Here's hopping!!!

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Does anyone know if this release fixes the problem with calendar sync and duplicate contacts? I have never been able to sync my calendar with the desktop version of Outlook since BB10. Thanks.

Getting used to my birthday Q10! Thank you my WOFC fam!

Clear local contacts then sync and clear local contacts again. I had a similar issue, looks like getting rid of local contacts solve it

Go to forums and search for duplicate fix- the answer is there. Syncs and backs up perfectly if done correctly. Sync contact and calendars has to do with different contact lists and calendars being turned on.

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Worked for me, I had calendar sync errors after upgrading the Z10 OS. The new Link update seems to have resolved that issue.

I hope they fix the problem with switching device. I went from Z10 to Q10 and could not complete the switch because of the different OS.

Well this version is now seeing my Z10 on Windows 8.1 preview. The previous version could not see the phone at all even when attached with USB.

Why is BlackBerry Link the worst program I have ever used?!?! Hopefully this update improves it at least a little bit...

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Never, ever have had issues with BlackBerry Link.

Works precisely the way it's supposed to. The remote access is my favorite feature.

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If I am the majority stock holder i will fired TH, put someone who actually can do a job in then have him fires all the link team and the os 10 development team.. put Men in to do the job this boys are incapable of doing

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This finally fixes the issue of connecting to your BlackBerry ID and also downloading from behind a proxy server so I can at last use Link at work

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Did it really fix the sign in problem? Mine doesn't even try.... it just shows the retry button I have never seen the sign in button yet on this computer. always had to use xp for it to work. Grrr

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Call me when I can back up remember notes to outlook. Or at least move them to evernote without taking a week off work ;)

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I don't know what you guys have done to your phones/Pcs for Link to behave that way. I have a Pc and have never faced any of that^.
Updated and works perfectly!

I suggest you do a clean uninstall of link, clean your registry using ccleaner and then Install link.

Posted via Z10 STL100-3 using CB10. Fido, Toronto.

Just installed and then removed as it would not load the driver for my Z10. Back to previous version.

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Wow, this version won't even let me sign into BB ID at all - it keeps saying I should confirm I'm connected to the Internet & then retry. This is what I what call an epic fail, & RIM/BBRY really never cease to amaze me with their half-baked, non-working OS & software updates.

Way to go, Waterloo! Show those amateurs from Infinite Loop how this business *really* works!

Thanks, but this isn't the cause here as I'm not running Link from an account with administrative privileges. It is in fact the very same standard domain account I had been running Link under for several months before.

Nope didn't fix remote file access. My wifes Z10 works(has always worked), but mine still doesn't (used to work before had wipe because phone magically forgot its apn). BlackBerry Link still thinks my Z10 device isn't s BB10 device.

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Pointless update. Still can't connect or do anything. Worst piece of software ever written.

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Oh its a tie. They both have major problems. At least Link hasn't made windows service pack fail to install so far.....

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F***. Still cannot install due to the mysterious roll back issue. Besides not being able to back up, I can't install any leaks because of this.

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something's gotta be awful wrong with some win machines out there...
I backed up with Link before, then again, installed 10.2 and restored with Link without any issues.
The only drawback I find is that it doesn't allow for partial restores...gotta do the whole thing.
Will upgrade tonight...

Dang it!!!! Twice today, CB has directed me to updates that have goofed things up for me. I wish I would have left well enough alone. The first debacle is the Maps update. It was working and I followed the link on here and now it won't even start. Second, I downloaded the update to BB Link - it was working fine - now it won't refresh and see my BBQ allowing me to Link. I think I'm through with updates after this...

Hope this installs... period. Previous versions keep rolling back during install with no support on why... anyone???

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i need a copy of BlackBerry Link for Windows updated to v1.0.1.11 does anyone know where i can get it?

Can someone please provide me with a download link. Can't get a decent link from my z10. Please help.

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BlackBerry Link has failed to install properly on 3 pcs. I sort if got it to work partially on a laptop. All the pcs get almost through the install, then get a mysterious "operation could not complete" pop up. The "BlackBerry peer manager has encountered a problem and news toncloaw". Then it says install completed. It starts up, but always repeats the "peer managwe" message, and rarely recognizes a connected device. Horrible. Just deleted the existing version and loaded the latest, exactly same symptoms.

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I can't even successfully download Link. I have the old desktop software, wonder if it's clashing.
I have windows and its so annoying. No one can answer why this is.

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It is generally recommended that you remove the old desktop software before removing link.

Just to be sure.... run CCleaner after as well. And do a fresh install of link using admin privileges if on a domain)

I run DM and Link on the same Windows 7 Pro 64-bit PC with no issues. I wonder if issues plague 32/64 bit systems differently or whether Home or Pro versions make a difference. The underlying OS is different for each

Just to clarify I go to the BlackBerry site, click download for Windows and it starts, then nothing happens. No reason why. No warning. Just doesn't work. And likewise it has once said it couldn't complete installation.

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I will try the tips guys, thanks for help.
I would remove the old BlackBerry desktop software but need it for the legacy devices in the family. Surely they shouldn't clash though? I will do a cache clear too.
Frustrates me as haven't been able to back device up and nor was I able to do a simple transfer of data from my 9900 to my Z10. Yep, had to do it all manually.
And when my Hotmail account went kaput last month, lost about half my contacts due to no back up. :(

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I also had to manually transfer everything over from my 9810 to my Z10 since Link has never gotten beyond the splash screen on my XP PC, then an error msg comes up stating that it needs to close. I have also tried all the suggested uninstalls/reinstalls, removed BBDS, ran cc cleaner, shut down security SW until it is installed, etc. with no luck yet. No problems with any other software on my PC though..

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Wow...I find it amazing all the hatred for Link. I haven't had any issues (except a few BSOD which I attributed to windows 8 issues after upgrading from win 7. This has been resolved with updates.) my z10 has always connected fine, backed up fine, restored fine, sync any of my files and music correctly including contacts. Bizarre there are so many issues. It has always done what it needed to do. Sync files.

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Agree with rennardd. I sync media and files commonly without a problem. Now running on Z10. After this Links update, just synced contacts and calendar with Outlook. Since my recent data is on my Z10, I initially did a one way sync device to outlook. Added a contact and calendar item to device. Then a 2 way sync to make sure no issues. Worked fine.

hsmithc, so 2 way sync with MS Outlook (the desktop program) for contacts work now?

Thank you in advance for your kind help to confirm this!

I am known as the Blackberry guy with my friends and colleagues. What others could not fix, they bring to me.

After more than half a decade of using Blackberry. I would say that Blackberry Link is the weakest point ever. The worst piece of software ever created by Blackberry. At it's current stage and quality it should be considered pre-alpha.

I use the word 'hate' for iOS. I am using the word 'hate' to describe Blackberry Link.

I am used to working with limitations and work around. But there's just no work around with Blackberry Link impotence in restoring backup.

Blackberry Link - Rubbish!

As difficult it is to agree with you, I honestly have to. BlackBerry Desktop Manager worked fine for OS 6 and 7, but when changed to BB Link, God... your words exactly. Also in my work, I'm known as 'The BlackBerry' :)

Just to muddy the BSOD dpcwatchdog issue further... I have two machines both running Windows 8. The desktop machine runs BBLink just fine. The laptop will BSOD with my Z10 connected via USB even if BBLink isn't running! I suspect the low-level drivers are at fault here and something is taking a little bit too long to process. So this could also be related to machine speed...

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For people with windows 8, make sure you have 2 Local Area Connections. One is Blackberry Device and the other one is Blackberry Virtual Private Network. Mine stop crashing after uninstalling the old version and cleaning the registry with ccleaner then installing the newest blackberry link. I only had Blackberry virtual private network before.

Green_ember I would agree with that view. Must be a kernel driver issue. Anyhow it still occurs with the new version (just in case they updated the drivers) I really should submit a bug report...

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I have never been able to back up my blackberry with this software. At least now the sync is somehow working since someone pointed out you can't use special characters when naming your device so at least the pictures are backed up...

does any one have the filehosting link or torrent of blackberry link as i am unable to download it due to resume feature is off ,i have a bad connection :(

I am using a Toshiba netbook with Windows 7. The new version of Link installs just fine...but then on the very first screen, I am unable to click 'Next' to continue putting in data into the forms. 'Next' and 'Back' appear to be just dead links. Does anyone here know how to get around this ? It is greatly appreciated.

In this world of mega communication, I don't remember where I saw that there was a BlackBerry Link Version TWO (2) coming out... God, I've searched and searched, but to no result... Did I dream? Or can you help me solve this mistery? (I have to stop researching after 10 pm- that's my sleepy zone) THANKS!