BlackBerry Link for Windows updated to v1.0.1.11

BlackBerry Link
By Adam Zeis on 19 Mar 2013 08:42 am EDT

Good news for Windows users - BlackBerry Link for Windows has received a small update that brings one-way sync as well as some other tweaks and fixes. The new version allows Windows users to sync contact and calendar data from Outlook on a PC to a BlackBerry 10 device, but sadly not from the device to the PC. It's a step in the right direction but certainly leaves Outlook users wanting more. Thankfully two-way sync is expected down the road.

Some various fixes and UI tweaks included in this build as well. Head to the link below to grab the latest version.

Download BlackBerry Link for Windows

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BlackBerry Link for Windows updated to v1.0.1.11


Thats great but this story leaves us hanging. When will the other way work too ? Im sure we want what we had. An idea when we get new functionality would be great. Roadmap ?

I use office 365 from Microsoft. As soon as any changes are made from any device, all my other devices are updated instantly.

When i first added my office 365 exchange account on my Z10, everything was on it within a few seconds. Not a single problem yet.

Posted from my Z10

Dennis, how can I use office 365 with my z10 to sync contacts and calendar. i have a website with office 365 that I pay monthly for.

Can you sync with Link via Bluetooth like you could with BlackBerry Desktop Software, or does it have to be with USB cable?

Why would anyone need to sync with outlook? Whenever I add an appointment or contact on my phone it is synced with my Hotmail account and then outlook syncs with that. Much more convenient! Let the machines do the work for you...

Posted via CB10

OMG... ok, I think this is good news, don't get me wrong, but it kind of is really important to have 2 ways sync. Will wait up on that but I have to admit, I take this as a sign and practical proof of "we do care" from BB.


Wifi is used for syncing files so my guess is that it is also used for contacts.

BTW: I've used Bluetooth to sync my contacts from Android as I wanted to avoid having to use cloud services (had cloud sync deactivated on Android). Worked fine.

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I am trying to update phone software through Link. The help in Link I can do it through settings but can't find it anywhere. Any ideas? Visit to optician maybe or IS IT JUST NOT THERE???!!!

So if you create a calendered event on a BB10 device, it will not show in an Outlook Calender? Or is this only for Outlook NOT running with Exchange?

This is just for people using Outlook without Exchange. I honestly don't know how people can deal with manual sync instead of wireless sync. I suppose no sync is even worse though.

Link sucks compared to the BlackBerry desktop software. Link is prettier but less functional and it takes forever for music. It keeps giving me doubles of some my music and sync it incorrectly so right song but wrong title and album art

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Does BlackBerry Link only work for BB10, or will it also work for the current PlayBook OS?

Update: clicked on the link to see that it is for use with BB10 devices. Will just have to wait on the promised BB10 update for the PlayBook!!!!

Currently, the BlackBerry Link only works with BB10... temporarily, that's OK I believe... what really weird is the BlackBerry Link Version 10.0.76 don't have option to upgrade the installed OS in your pc... you have to go the BlackBerry site, download the updated version and install it...

Kinda funny that the screenshot in this article shows the Mac version of Link. :)

But more on topic, with all the cloud syncing options now I don't really get why anyone still uses desktop software for syncing mail, contacts or calendars.

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The answer is simple: security and it just works (on old BB and Symbian anyway)
The probability that someone sniffs my emails as they travel through the Internet and learns something is really low. Reason is that you need to go through *millions of garbage messages to catch one interesting (dangerous for me) email. That costs money ... quite a lot of it. On the other hand Google, MS and others with cloud service would already have all my mail on servers and could analyze them at their leisure ... and they do as they make money by it.

thanks Adam,,, does this fix the sign-in bug??? i always get,"unable to sign-in to your BBid, confirm that you are connected to the internet, retry"...

simple sync all phonebook with an email adress...
sync music files and pic's over wlan and Link

I was disappointed when my Z10 would not sync with outlook and even took it back and still using my 9900 so I was delighted to hear BB has now updated BBLink so I downloaded it to see the improvements and can't see on the settings anything mentioning Outlook, which is definitely on BB DTM-maybe by the time the Q10 comes out BB will get it right and have the BBLink on a 2 way sync with Outlook-there still are millions probably who want this regardless of the other comments on CB

Hey Kayak50,
If you double-click on your device on BB Link, it will show a list of options: "Backup Now," "Restore Device Data," "Import from Outlook," and "Remove Device." Obviously choose the relevant one to import calendar and/or contacts via USB.
Mine worked like a charm, making me very happy as I needed this and didn't want to upload my work calendar into the ether.
This is a good day.

My link does not recognise my BlackBerry 10 device... need help, i want to update my software but i can't, and the link its up to date... and i can not do a back up so i can restore it to the factoring settings... :'(

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Same here. The previous version would error out during the backup process. My Z10 finally had a successful backup after upgrading to this version of Link.

Still getting installation errors and I can't repair or uninstall BlackBerry Link. :(

CB10- BlackBerry Z10

Does this fix the issue that prevents backing up if certain apps (PC Recipe Box, World Of Goo) are installed?

It's 2013 people, can we get a piece of software that can update itself and not make us download the entire file again? [insert joke about 1997 calling and wanting something appropriate back]

I'm happy that they have finally added one way Sync from Outlook since I still use this. But my question is how is it you can't transfer your e-mails? This is the first BB that I will have that doesn't transfer your e-mails. SMH. Vz stated I will have my preorder by the 29th and I'm hoping this gets fixed by then. Was also hoping for some big time apps for the U.S. Launch or at least Vz.

The file is not avavilable for download - When you click the link it says
"We're Sorry...
Sorry, the file is temporarily unavailable, please try again later or contact the webmaster."

I don't care about the freaking Outlook crap.

When will it be able to back up & restore SPECIFIC items?!?

Wonder if BBSAK will write anything for the Z10? Sure was nice to have it back in my 8310 & 8900 days...

I hope so. That was one handy program. I'm installing Link right now and don't have my Z10 yet. The damn program takes a loooong time to install!

This doesn't work. I have hundreds of future appointments and the only one that gets pulled from my outlook calendar is a recurring old appointment. Keep trying BBRY, buy no cigar

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I have installed Link on my PC Windows 7 32 with Outlook 2007, but I can't find how to sync my Outlook contacts, calendar and tasks wit BB Z10. Can you please help me?