BlackBerry Link for Windows and Mac updated with contact sync improvements

By Bla1ze on 6 Jun 2013 01:15 am EDT

Well, that didn't take long. Just as we posted up the Mac download, the official versions went live on the BlackBerry Link download page. The Windows version is currently showing as v1.1.1.26 while the Mac version shows as v1.1.1.13 and both updates include improvements for contact syncing between your device and your computer when running BlackBerry OS 10.1 or later.

With that having been said, there aren't a whole lot of options to choose from should you opt to sync your contacts, but for basic transferring, all the components are there as far as I can tell. Power users will likely end up wanting more but at least the updates are still rolling out and BlackBerry Link is gradually improving. If you happen to spot any other changes, let us know in the comments.

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BlackBerry Link for Windows and Mac updated with contact sync improvements


Just one more feature USA customers can't take advantage of without loading a bootlegged os. Can anyone tell me if there are big differences between 10.1 for the z10 and q10? I thought it was the same but if so why are they releasing the q10 phone and not updating the z10? This delay makes no sense

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I've got "automatically download updates for your device software and blackberry link " checked but see nothing. Wasn't this the idea or do we really have to download this "leak" manually?

Likely hasn't filtered out to desktop yet, just grab it from the BlackBerry download site if you really want it now. Clearly you're sitting there surfing the internets anyway, lol. smiley

Any update is welcome as BlackBerry Link is really broken. I have been struggling to use it to back up my Z10 before updating it to OS10.1 without success. Link always hangs at like 3% and then time out. Frustrating. Luckily the update went well without a hitch.

And I thought the old BlackBerry Desktop was no good but at least it works even when not super users friendly.

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I may check this update out. The last version of link I used would properly back up maybe 50 percent of the time, and would often totally freeze for minutes at a time if u tried to switch views (e.g.: if I switch from 'music' to 'pictures').

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I had this same issue with backups until i deleted Six Guns. haven't had a backup issue with link since then.

Isn't that why you're here? To tell me what I did wrong and point out all mistakes? if you don't quit slacking, I'mma have to let you go. Dawwww... who am I kidding, I'd be lost without you. <3

How about fix the 'restore' funtion? Every time I try to restore a back up it fails! Useless program!

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Every time I try to update mine it gets an error. But then again I don't use it that much.

Canadian Z10 owner on Telus

What's th point? I downloaded this new version but I still can't synchronize my calendar and contacts because my OS 10 version is not up to date. An I cant update my BB because thw OS updates are not available from my carrier. This is EXTREMELY frustrating and I really think Blacberry should make all the updates available in the downloads site. Please help Blackberry

Will try this later today. I was getting so frustrated with the calendar and contacts sync that I loved everything over to exchange accounts. Still, would be good to see selective backup and restore, as well as 2 way sync for pim.

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I think the best way to deal with contacts is to put them in the cloud using (my current choice) or Yahoo or Gmail. Then you simply sync there and have your contacts on all mobile devices as well as your computer. Even if you lose a device you can quickly recover them just by signing in.

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I would agree but the contacts app seems to randomly merge unrelated contacts if done that way. It merged my Dad and my Boss so I almost accidentally sent my Boss a text meant for my Dad!

I've reported the contacts bug to BlackBerry.

I'll try syncing from my account to my Mac then loading the contacts from my Mac to my Q10. Perhaps the random merging woun't happen then.

National Rail Times App for BB10 (Q10 and Z10) -

I hate Link. When will BlackBerry just give us a back-up application based around device manager? Just need a split pane explorer view where you can choose what device folder to back-up wherever, not just the desktop but my NAS or even a server folder. Also need to set the frequency of back-ups to a calendar (options for daily, weekly, monthly and also scheduled back-up time). Each back-up into its own subfolder time stamped for version and history control and archiving.

If we are going to get real clever I should be able to encrypt the back-up for off site storage and definitely NOT with the AES 256 bit trojan.

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^ huh ... although I'd want the same ... are YOU willing to pay for the IntelliSync licensing and keeping Nokia afloat?!???

BlackBerry Desktop Manager - amongst many other platforms desktop sync software licenses IntelliSync from Nokia - formerly owned by the company of the same name.

If there is no notification for update, go to the BlackBerry Website as on there they have the updated version, so just re download it.

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Works like a charm. NOT.
I connected, chose "sync contacts". It finished immediately and says that I synchronized "0 PIM contacts". Amazing.
OS X 10.8.4

I'm convinced that BlackBerry has not addressed the well known BUG that coursing this nasty crash issues...
BlackBerry-Link (even the latest ver: starting up with the very familiar crash during the startup process... what a peace of crap !!

EventType: clr20r3
P1: Blackberrylink.exe
P3: 51af9b47
P5: 3.0.50506.1
P6: 6be34b3a
P7: 35f
P8: ad

I seriously don't know what was wrong with Desktop Manager? It was easy to use and effective. Change for the sake of change is never a good thing.

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Here an external link for BlackBerry Link v1.1.1.16 MacOS & Windows v1.1.1.20 direct link from BOX.NET

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After almost an hour I got it to work. Calendar and contacts synced. BUT, they are both filled with duplicates. Just like Desktop Manager several years ago. What a screwup! Now I'll need to delete them both from the Z10 and resync. Hopefully that will fix it. Not impressed.

BlackBerry Link made my Imac take almost a min to get in sleep mode, I uninstalled it and it works just fine of course this happened before the last two updates, Amy other mac user had this issue or it got solved?

So no calendar sync? That's surprising. I'll give or try anyway

Presented by Dr. Emmett Brown on BlackBerry Z41

Does it synch your local Outlook calendar? Have a friend using Outlook and wants to synch her calendar, the same way Desktop Manager used to.

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Make sure you are on the latest OS before using the updated link. I know a lot of z10 users who have not updated for some reason or other. Most didn't know, or haven't taken the time. This is important. Honestly, as a user experience the z10 has been great for me. I did have a very hard time with BlackBerry Link and even my Desktop with my PlayBook at work. Yet they worked flawlessly at home. I finally called on the IT guy and he resolved the issue. One issue was my desktop was running 64, not 32 for Windows, but the bigger issue was my set permissions. At work I have administration rights, yet there was some little hook that wasn't right. It's not always BlackBerry, sometimes it is other settings and if your not an IT type of person, the hand ups are hard to find.

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After deleting the Calendar and Contacts on the Z10 and rebooting the phone the sync worked okay, adding all of the data from MS Outlook on my laptop. That is what I was looking for in this update. Might have been best if I had deleted these at the beginning but there was no indication that it was necessary to do that.

God some people are just so miserable on here. It's an update, get over it. Go and complain on a WP or iOS forum!

Link works fine for my needs.

Thanks for the heads up Bla1ze

Any update to Link is welcome. Really long-winded Outlook sync the first time with the new version even though I have been syncing with the previous version. Don't know if it's 2-way this time - hope so.
UPDATE: No, still just 1-way. Sigh.

Well, it has taken a while for me to fall in love with BlackBerry Link I find it, at the beginning, very unfriendly. But lately it's being turning to be better with such improvements. Once again, it's a matter of time...

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Any one having problems syncing calendar one way to outlook. Works great with contacts but refuses to copy my calendar into Outlook which remains empty.

The media sync has in the previous versions caused duplicate files on my Z10 and PlayBook. Have any improvements been made to it?

I've got the new Link running...plugged in my Z10, and it starts synching. Synched 2 ways, but only my contacts. None of my calendars synched....well, in Outlook anyway. My calendars updated something on the Z10 but not in Outlook.

Well I finally got my contacts to sync with my Outlook 2007, but as far as my calendar entries on my Z10, not a damn thing happened there. Nothing transferred from my calendar to outlook.
And the issue I had last time, with the older version of Link, where it tells me there is a software update to 10.1 available, where I already have that version installed, is getting very annoying.. I thought that would have been addressed with this newer version ........ Nope... !

Didn't update through the app so I had to download the file. Noticed at the initial install screen that they removed the option for UK English :( I prefer my words spelt properly. :)

Still no outlook calendar or contacts sync for MacOS as far as I can see - more unfathomable software from BB. The old OS 6 with BB Desktop synced Outlook fine. How can they possibly have lost this???? Is there a death wish at RIM/BB??