BlackBerry Link for Windows and Mac updated

By Bla1ze on 3 Dec 2013 09:16 pm EST

Still having issues with BlackBerry Link working properly on Windows or Mac? You're not alone, I assure you. That said though, new versions of BlackBerry Link have made their way to the BlackBerry downloads page so I suppose now is a good a time as any to test them out and see how they run compared to previous releases.

You'll find the Windows app sitting at v1.2.2.13 while the Mac app has now risen to v1.2.0.17. We're not sure as to what all has changed as of yet but if you get them downloaded and up and running then give us a shout in the comments if you spot anything new. One thing that is known though is that on the Mac version at least, it's sporting a fancy new UI.

We suggest downloading them directly because it might take a while for them to show up under the auto updates.

Download the latest BlackBerry Link for Windows and Mac

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BlackBerry Link for Windows and Mac updated


BlackBerry LINK is more than sucks. It is stink. The worst PC client software I have ever seen.


Posted via CB10 with Q10.

BlackBerry, please do not release more LINK updates. Just simply release us an installation tool to remove it from user's PC. This is less painful than continue using that garbage.

Posted via CB10 with Q10.

I dont know why people dont like LINK.. it seems to work fine for me. Does what i need it to do. Is there something it should do that i dont know about?

If it works, great. If it doesn't there's little you can do... but try another PC. That's why people hate it. The client is fat and slow. That's another reason. But put it on a Linux machine and connect via mapping to an IP address and it works every time. Cumbersome but reliable. Compared to Link which is easy if it works and impossible otherwise. It can backup but you can't restore partials e.g. try restoring just one app like Password Keeper. While I don't hate it, I can understand why people do.

Mine stopped working to.

I couldn't even sign in with my blackberry I'd for a while had to uninstall and reinstall it. Now I can sign in, I also see my device in the RFA but on my device my pc looks always offline.

I also can't believe Blackberry Link doesn't synch notes and tasks with Outlook yet.

Also missing "categories" in the Contact app and in the BlackBerry Link synch with Outlook is another annoying missing feature I used to enjoy in BBOS. Looking through more than 1000 contacts without categorises is practically impossible sometimes.

Posted via CB10

Really ??? A BRAND NEW CEO is responsible for software they have been working on for months????? Yeah right. It takes months for a new boss to have influence on changes like this.

Posted via CB10

Thanks for the heads up. I haven't had any issues with link on recent builds, and RFA has been quite stable.

Updates to link are often coupled with updated os releases as well "leaks"

Posted via CB10

Installing at the moment last update was much better no major issues but needed to be faster

Posted on the best mobile device Z10 10.2.0. 1809

You mean like Remote File Access more like Remotely File Access?

-STV on Z10STL100-3/ TMO US

me too....Though for me it usually works fine. And the times it doesn't connect I have to remind myself that none of the other Phone OS's have anything like this.

Having zero issues with update. File access is still working. Every time. (today. Lol). Link loads in lightening speed now. Liking the ui for this and last updates. More options. Sweet. I'm psyched no matter who is responsible.

Posted via CB10

Does anyone else have a problem with Link NEVER updating itself when the "automatically download updates for your device software and BlackBerry Link" option is checked? And why do the developers not include a simple "check for updates" function? And why is it so fiddly to find what version of the software you have? That shouldn't be under "preferences", it should be displayed on the main screen. Oh I could go on and on and on..... gah!

Why is it that some companies that produce a Mac binary..choose not to produce packages for Linux. Sure you don't want to release the source.. fine. Just release a compiled binary for some of the more popular Linux distros. Why be asshats.

Posted via CB10

Only an asshat would assume a Mac binary is close enough to a Linux binary that the producing company could whip one up effortlessly and is choosing not to.

Why not make it at least be compatible with Wine I'm getting a Z30 in a couple weeks and it would be awesome to be able to sync with ubuntu

Should be more similar than Mac and Windows. You're selling QNX which is posix compliant, you're providing development tools for Linux which is posix compliant and you have link available for Mac which is posix compliant. The only reason link is not available for Linux is because they don't want to release the source. This is cool.. but I'll be damned if they can't produce a Linux binary. To think otherwise is nonsense.

Posted via CB10

You mention QNX and developer tools, neither of which have anything to do with Link. Link is a completely stand alone product, so one thing has nothing to do with the development of another.

Linux desktops just aren't that common, so you would have to make a strong case to get BlackBerry to turn it's attention away from fixing issues and adding features to Link to make a version that runs well in the hundreds of Linux variants out there.

Posted via CB10

Lots of gripes with BB Link and I don't get it. Does what I need it to do, back up my phone and restore it. That's all I need or want it to do.
What's everyone's complaint with it? Especially you Bla1ze... Just curious more than anything.

Agreed. ITunes is The Worst Software Ever. And they continue to make it worse with every update.

Posted via CB10

It's a POS app that doesn't work. I can't even login to my BlackBerry ID. They've had 3  different versions of it released now since this bug appeared and that bug remains. Someone clearly found the time to update the UI but can't fix a basic function such as being able to login to your BlackBerry ID? Link is worse than iTunes and that, speaks volumes. I won't even begin to complain about the resources it uses just by being installed. Not open, not running, just installed.

LOL - iTunes is horrible

I had some problems with Link and being able to sign in to BlackBerry ID in the past, but I was able to resolve those issues on my side.

Posted via CB10

Crazy... I have none of those issues. signs into BBID perfectly, syncs great. The only thing I have to whine about is that restore takes way too long but Meh I have my android device to play with while that's happening.

Posted via CB10

I concur. I have not had any issues with Blackberry link on a Mac (Snow Leopard) even. From the comments it would see it never works. I generally do what I need to do to transfer files from phone to external and also backup...and then I'm done close app, and back to Infinity and Beyond!

Mr. Bla1ze, can you please take one moment to follow-up on how you said to me a few months ago that you never had issues with Remote File Access and you couldn't fathom why people did have issues with it, if you are saying here that Link altogether is a POS? I'm just legitimately curious. I'm not trying to call you out.

-STV on Z10STL100-3/ TMO US

I'm still running a version from 3 updates ago. With every new release, which most people are on as they arrive, I download it, try and see if the issue has been fixed. It has not. So while I am able to use a version from 3 updates ago, I'm unable to use the latest 'improved' versions.

I reinstall my old arse version each and every time after I've checked the new version. This is the pain I go through for you guys, haha! And if I recall correctly, I said Link was a POS then to and the only thing that DID work was Remote Access lol.

While I think BB Link needs some overall performance and functionality improvements, I do find it does what it says on the tin.

If you're having problems with logging into BBID I think you need to look elsewhere on your system for problems.

You say that as if I haven't already. Along with the countless others having the same issue. You work in IT? When in doubt, blame the end-users machine. lol.

Look at the comments even on THIS very post, after updating people can't log into their BlackBerry ID and can't get Remote File Access working.

But I digress. I've already gone back to my old version and things are working again.

What I'm saying is that the environment in which the software is installed can have just as big of an impact as the software itself. It's hard to call BB Link a POS if it's something on the PC itself that's causing the issue.

That doesn't explain why an old version works while new versions do not. That to me, indicates that something has changed in BB Link itself and not for the better.

Remote File Access rarely works for me. Sometimes a phone reboot gets it working again for a while but then it dies again. But many people have it working too so I don't know where the problem is.

I have used the various versions of Link and have never been able to use the Remote File Access function with my Verizon Z10. I had a problem with my BlackBerry ID once, but everything else seems fine. I am not sure if my RFA issue has something to do with Verizon or not.

Posted via CB10

I have the exact same issue. I've actually given up on Link now. Blaming 'something on the end users machine ' is ridiculous. ITunes doesn't have as many complaints.

Posted via CB10

Bla1ze, could you print the working version you're using please ?
Not sure if allowed by BB, but maybe a DL link may ...

Don't try running it in the background like I did.

Posted via Z10 STL100-3 using CB10. Fido, Toronto.

RFA has never worked for me on my Verizon Z10STL100-4/

Also backups don't complete. Ever. Always get an error. Completely useless and prevents me from getting a Z30 since I can't backup and restore to the new phone.

Posted via CB10

Bit of a tangent here, but depending on you're upgrading from, you could have some upgrade issues. I had a Z10 and when my wife's plan expired, she got the Z30 and gave it to me. However, the Z10 was running a newer OS release so it was a challenge to switch devices. I managed to do it though. There was a helpful article in the forums that explained how to edit the file information. Of course it came with the usual disclaimer, but it worked.

Posted via CB10

I'm on Verizon and it didn't work for me on 10.1 either. Sometimes it worked if I turned off the radios and only used wifi. I recently upgraded to** and it works perfectly now, radio or wifi. At home or 10 miles away at work. Don't know if it was the link updates or my own OS update.

I have a hard time just downloading link... just stalls and never actually downloads...
And rfa doesn't work on the version I have on my mac... very frustrating

Posted via CB10

I just used Link to back up, wipe and restore a PB. Works well but I hope it can back up and restore faster.

Posted via CB10

Meh. I'm fine. People asked, I answered. *shrug*

Honestly, I wouldn't even use it if it did work however, it's crap like this that looks bad.

The CB forums are full of people with the same issue as well as the official BlackBerry Forums yet, the BlackBerry Knowledge base has no time frame for resolution.

When the latest build doesn't address a longstanding issue then you know something is not right. -

LOL, don't worry Bla1ze I was expecting a typical Bla1ze answer from you. But agreed it does look bad and sucks a$$ if people are having these issues. I'm just lucky I'm not one of them.

You sit behind a Proxy server Bla1ze? I find it hard to believe people are still using Proxy servers that prompt for authentication these days, they don't really scale well and create problems like the one cited in the KB article (which is an issue above and beyond BlackBerry). I agree they should provide a work around given how long it seem that article has been there, but still I think prompted authentication based Proxies are rare.

No proxy. No router. No firewall. Not that it makes any difference either way. It still fails.

It does matter a little in that the KB article you posted speaks to a specific issue where the BB Link client is behind a Proxy server that prompts for authentication. I.E. It doesn't apply to your scenario even though there is a basic common thread that you can't sign into your BB ID.

Have you tried a PC with the same connection as your Mac? It would be interesting to see if it was an issue with the Mac client versus your Internet connection (assuming the issue is on your end and not BBs).

I had this issue after Link 10.2 Tried many things & nothing helped. Finally I reset everything to 0.
I uninstalled BlackBerry Link.
I then logged into BlackBerry Protect & removed all of my devices from there. Once that was done I set my phone to factory defaults & set it back up. (BBID BB Protect ect.)
I did a clean install of link of my computer & was FINALLY able to log back into my BBID. I haven't had issues since. I even did a restore & got all my data back on my phone. I believe that the issue was someone connected to BlackBerry Link being confused with the devices associated with my BBID. Maybe you (or someone else who is having this issue) can try that & see if it resolves your issue. All I can say is that it worked for me.

That's because the Mac version sucks the donkey's balls. I can't believe this garbage was ever released. I keep trying to properly sync my videos and music and it keeps failing. Again. and Again. and Again. and Again.

Do you or your ISP use a web proxy? That's what that KB refers to. Some ISPs run everything through a proxy for bandwidth/traffic management.

Also - re: your RFA issues, first and foremost, RFA requires IPv6. If that isn't working properly on your machine it won't work. Second most likely issue is if there is a firewall blocking things. Don't forget the possibility of your home networking equipment being part of that equation.

I find its slow but it has always worked for me. Hopefully a few more updates and it will be great. Sorry blaze nothing is worse then iTunes lol

Posted via CB10

Link has worked pretty well for me all the time, except for it not being able to upgrade itself when new version is available or find a suitable upgrade for my factory unlocked STL1 Zed 10 whenever it's out.

No other issues - I have Win 7 by the way.

The CB10 Experience

It's funny because I used it recently on a Z10, my Z30 and my daughter's Q5 to do the 1055 leak and it went perfectly. No issues at all.

Posted with my gorgeous Z30

Wary about downloading this update as the current version is the first one that's worked at all/properly for me. Don't want to ruin a good thing.

This is the only comment from the Readme File which is pretty worthless:

New in this release
• General performance improvements

Where you store your music on your computer, is there a folder for your BB music that Link created? If so, do you have to have any files in it to make the sync work?

I personally like the new look. And it works perfectly for me on windows 8, no issues, sucks for the others that have issues, but mine works flawlessly.

Posted via CB10

Link has always been wonky for me. It doesn't work on my home laptop but does on my work one. Same os on both laptops, same phone, same link version, same anti virus and firewall. One works the other doesnt

Posted via CB10

If I am Mr. Chen I would fire the entire Link team. It wiped out my 600+ address book yesterday. It never worked properly for me. The old BlackBerry desktop is much better. I am not going to try any new version until the team is rebuilt. Garbage in garbage out. Of cause the people in other related teams have problems as well. They just played politics to see the Link team to get trouble. Mr. Chen have a hard task to pick these bad ones out and fire them all.

I'd like for him to keep the UI designer though (unless of course, he/she was also involved with the development of the RFA module)

Posted via CB10

The backup needs to get more specific. Application Data and Settings is not good enough if I need to only restore one apps data, or if I need to export my contacts only.
Link would actually be useful if it let us manage the data on our device.

Z10STL100-3/ | CB10

Just came back from the Telus store, had to send Z10 away after updatiing to and the phone bricked. Asked the sale guy how's the Z30? Reply's sold two so far and one came back because it would connect to Win 8.1. And said that he's pretty leery and stays away from blackberry, why go for a blackberry when other phones builds are better and can do everything a blackberry can and more, even for buisiness people. (To hear this really SUCKS!!!) But blackberry should seriously consider interviewing experienced sales people and see what it would take for them support and recommend a blackberry once again.

Sheep my friend. Most secure phone on the planet is a BlackBerry. Ppl in business only use one secure phone. The rest.... well they lose info and can't do work properly unless they pay and/or upgrade their phones.

I would ask if it was a corporate Telus store or one of those "partner" stores. We have a partner store at the mall here in Sherwood Park and the people there are completely useless. They have little knowledge of anything and just parrot meaningless blather. On the other hand the corporate stores have knowledgeable people. I will drive half an hour into the city to go to the corporate store on 34th Ave so I can get the service I expect and cannot get from the partner store. That being said, not all partner stores are bad, but you have a greater chance of getting a dud representative there than at the corporate stores.

Posted via CB10

Windows 8 has known USB issues. That's not BlackBerry's fault. It's Windows. They claim that they have fixed the issue with 8.1 but some people are still having problems

(trying to clarify) general case : do not use USB3 ports. Locate USB2 ports, more likely at the rear of your computer if recent.

Just found this out this morning, bought a new win 8 machine that has nothing but usb 3 ports. If i just plugged in the blackberry cord (nothing attached) it will tell me that my device malfunction -__- but when I connected my Q10 with my Kindle usb cord it worked fine *sigh* guess that's what's I have to do for now.

I tried. It said something else was already using this file and did nothing. Do I delete it first?? Wierd downloader also

Works well for me given what I use it for. Remove file access works great.

MUCH better than older versions, which I loathed!! :O

Question: should I uninstall my current version of Link before installing this???

Posted via CB10

Works with my phone okay but regularly crashes my laptop (some kind of "watchdog" error). Don't know if it is a Windows 8 thing. Hopefully this version is better.

Posted via CB10

I used a couple versions on Mac, but it was just ridiculous how long it took, if it even worked to transfer photos at all.

I just stopped using it. Really wish BlackBerry had an iCloud equivalent.

Posted via CB10

I get the same Watchdog Violation crash if I'm connected to the laptop via USB cable with Outlook open. If I unplug the cable and stay connected to Link via wireless connection, (and then start Outlook) no crash

Posted via CB10

Would prefer it if it were like the old BlackBerry desktop (I was using OS6) where we could select which particular thing we would like restored.

Posted via CB10

I had no issues with the link software...
Only beef is it takes a long time to backup your phone...
I hope they keep improving it like I see they are doing now....
Good job....

White Rogers Z10 10.2 Dark Theme

And of course now Remote File Access doesn't want to work anymore. /sigh...

Posted via CB10

Link works well for me. I only use it to backup my phone and to remote access the files.

I don't sync outlook with it. I downloaded hotmail connector for outlook. All my contacts and calendar are synced via hotmail and show up on outlook in real time. My laptop uses the windows 7 mail client that logs into hotmail too so all contacts and calender are also synced. All good.

The remote file portion is the best feature. I have forgotten manuals and clients t files in the office computer. Just pulled them off the BlackBerry file manager all all good.

Posted via CB10

I also use Hotmail (now -which is kinda confusing, but whatever). I think Google can sync too, but you have to pay or something, idk.

Posted via CB10

No issues here. In fact I only use for back up and updates. I don't need it to wipe my a$$ or anything.

Posted via CB10 with Z10

I can't sign in; this is the first time having this issue. Prior to upgrading I was finally able to get RFA working too :( The RFA solution was to use Windows firewall instead of the firewall that came bundled with the free Rogers Online Protection service.

Posted via my Z10

Mac version seems to work fine for me. Automatically synchronized music and backed up when I connected my Q10.

Posted via CB10

I did a full backup on my Q10 with a 2GB micro SD card in it with all my pictures/music/documents etc. I was updating to a 16GB micro SD and Link will NOT restore my back-up?? Any ideas?? I lost everything. The back-up file is still there in case I figure out the issue with restoring. I should point out that Link says the restore is complete but nothing (no files) on my phone?? I am running

Not approved by the NSA. My personal Q10

So far I know backup only copy internal memory content ...

Plug your 2Gb SD in your device, wire it USB. Type the device PW if asked. You should have 2 new drives in your computer folder. One for the SD, one for the Flash memories. Just copy/paste drag/drop you files (look into 'camera' and 'photos' folders) into a temp (or your 'pictures') folder.
Perform the same backwards to copy files in temp/images folder back to the 16GB SD.

Of course, if you have an adaptor for your microSD, you can just use it to copy directly to your new 16GbSD in the device.

The back-up was created with on my Q10 and the restore was attempted with the same version of the OS on the phone. Nothing changed! Just want to be clear that I didn't back-up with one version of the OS and try and restore on a different version. I know that can cause issues.

Not approved by the NSA. My personal Q10

Hope there's a lot of changes. It never works. I can never back up my phone. It's ridiculous. All it does is sync pictures and videos.

Posted via CB10

I'm going to pass. This past weekend Link for Mac failed to restore anything to my Z10. It's going to take me hours to fully rebuild by hand. I had problems with Link for Windows, too. Outlook contact images didn't sync. Also, RFA had a security issue (since fixed), but the server for RFA had a service that failed to start. And BTW, why was that service hidden? I should have been able to set it's run condition to manual. So I'm not sold on Link's value proposition . I've been using BlackBerry Desktop for years without things being so goobered up.

Posted via CB10

The last version of link works on a - Win XP centrino Laptop - Vista Laptop - Win 7 ultimate Laptop - RFA is working on all PC for me, iTunes Sync works, Backup etc... Never had a problem on them, there is one Firewall that don't like the ip6 Connection at the beginning and on one Laptop i had to do a dns flush but after that all works ok..

And others are saying it stopped working. The magic of software/coding.... always so many test cases.


It works fine for me all the time. The only issue is that it takes time to restore back up and I wouldn't see as an issue cos the back up restores applications and all. These applications and back up are always as high as 2G or more so I guess that's why it takes time to restore

Posted via CB10 on my white Q5!

My RFA works perfectly. Just wish or have to figure out how to prevent hidden files from showing up in the RFA. (.mta from my Samsung DLNA software appear so its annoying)

Now for itunes, *facepalm* Any one have the itunes music sync working? Any solutions to get it working?

One of the things I've noticed! Synchronization is now much faster without any lags.

Posted Via CB10/SQN100-3 luvn leak

Lucky me, won't sync my music at all :P
I think I got to excited when I saw a link update.... as usual.

[URL="bbmc:C003653FF"]Wallpaper Channel[/URL]

I don't know what's up with you pussies. Last update had new UI, fixed high CPU issue on Win8.1 and backups/restores a lot quicker.

Man, if BlackBerry Link is the only problem you have you are a damn lucky human being!

BlackBerry, keep up the good work.

Posted via CB10 with my ultra cool Z10

Don't be an arse. My problem with Link is that it seldom properly does what it's supposed to actually do - sync files and data from my device to my computer and back again. It's an atrocious piece of garbage that has been sitting and looking at my phone for the last half hour and not synced a single goddamn song I asked it to.

I've never been able to do a backup and I've had a Q10 a Z10 and now a Z30

I'm guessing it has a problem with windows 8?

At least it does sync my pictures and videos. Although that being said a lot of days when I reboot my computer the program just never starts.

Posted via CB10

Never had a problem with Link. I use ITunes on the other hand to sync my kid's IPad and find it to an incredibly restrictive piece of garbage. Any bugs with Link are to be expected... it's less than 2 years old. ITunes has been around for over 10 years.

Posted via CB10

I too am one of those that has not had any issues with BlackBerry Link with my Q10.

I'm wondering what the common threads(s) might be for those that are having trouble with Link.

I have a Win7 PC

Posted via CB10 from my Q10 (SQN100-3)

I haven't had any major issues with link personally. What I would like however, is the ability to customize backups.

Why is Application data the entire phone (more or less)!!! I just want my messages and my contacts and my accounts backed up FFS!

And people do not forget Link is the same as Desktop Manager (for playbook).

I seriously hope there is some serious work being pumped into it that will also allow us to manage our homescreen/applications as well similar to iTunes in that regard. But just focus on the more advanced backup functions please and thanks)

Just installed this morning and so far so good. RFA Is working and 2 way outlook sync worked and ran a backup just to try it and that worked as well. At the moment windows resource monitor doesn't show it hogging up resources either. I'll Let it bake for a few days and see if it continues to work.

Posted via Z10 STL100-4 v10.2.1.1055

Wow, link works well with my Z10 and Playbook. Only issue is that I would not have known about the update with your article. Thank you CrackBerry and at least fore, good job BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

I came for the article, I stayed for Bla1ze's comments. I agree with pretty much every comment and rebuttal he made following the article.

The new version seems to be working fine for me (Win7 Pro) and no issues with RFA either. It seems a bit faster syncing contacts and calendar, but it's still pretty slow. As bad as ActiveSync could be on WM back in the day; when it worked it was way better than this system. Can't get my account to sync with my Q10 so I'm stuck with USB sync for calendar and contacts. Hoping 10.2 will help on that front.

Good. My link will not uninstall the old version because it couldn't find some MSI file. So I could never install the update either!

Posted via CB10

You need to reinstall one of the first versions of BB Link if you get this error. Then you will be able to load the latest link. Hopefully you kept an archive of the older link builds.

Otherwise, you will be left doing a complete registry cleanup to delete all occurrences of link. And hacking your registry is a dangerous thing unless you know what you are doing. And be sure to backup your registry before attempting any direct changes there.

Just a quick note, when I opened my Blackberry Link with my Z10 attached, it would go through a process that Link was being updated, but never actually was. I followed the link in the article above, and it updated without issue. In fact, I haven't had any of the issues with link that people report. I will count myself fortunate.

SOLUTION: After WEEKS of working with a RIM techie, I finally solved the uninstall problem with LINK 120.
Thanks to this RIM techie who did research and stuck with the problem, calling me daily at all hours, we located the OLD PRIOR RIM install files for both the Desktop Manager (DM) and the LINK 120 on the InterNet. Apparently RIM does not keep the OLD stuff around, and he found them on them on an old third party web sites that even GOOGLE could not find.

My issue:
I had a functioning LINK 120.... an unpredictable dog of an app... but it worked once you learned its idiosyncrasies.
I did have DM prior, but could not UNINSTALL it, and it just sat there cluttering the Windows Registry and folders in AppData.
When I tried to take LINK 121, I could not UNINSTALL LINK 120, getting a Windows 1714 Registry error.
Not only that, but it screwed up the Registry entry for LINK 120, and I was dead in the water even using LINK 120! An embarrassing situation for RIM as evidenced by the suppression of this issue in their forums.

Why RIM would be so intrusive into the Windows Registry with FREE software is ridiculous... It is not 1995 !
However, I learned a LOT about the Windows Registry, and being a UNIX/ZOS IT nerd, I was grudgingly thankful that I finally bit the bullet and learned this so called scary 'black box'. Ha.. I was shocked at simple and vulnerable the Windows Registry was, attempting to be a legit database!

RIM should just 'Go Green' with non-Registry installations of future releases of LINK.
Using the Windows Registry for FREE utility software like LINK is just plain stupid hubris on the part of RIM.

The trick is to INSTALL/UNINSTALL DM cleanly..
Then INSTALL LINK 121 cleanly..

My LINK 121 is now functioning better that LINK 120 (thankfully)... more stable and faster....
I am not sure if I can legally post the OLD PRIOR RIM LINK Install files here, but if anyone is interested I can send them a ZIP of the RIM files I used...

NB: The RIM Techie continually warned me that he could not recommend this procedure (wink wink), but I was confident enough after a week with the Windows Registry and the CCLEANER software to try it, especially after trying the 'Nuclear Option' of manually deleting all references to BlackBerry and RIM and Research In Motion from the Registry. That took hours with the constant Registry sync point backups. Eventually I hit a security issue trying to delete an 'owner controlled' OEM entry owned by a specific RIM Install.

I hope RIM officially posts this fix, and rewards the RIM techie who was amazingly responsive in going the extra mile instead of just saying it was a "Windows Registry Problem" like a lot of the other techies did.
NO, this time it was NOT Microsoft.
It was a RIM problem in letting LINK install mess with the Windows Registry of prior releases, and then still removing the OLD needed Install/Uninstall files on a failed Install of new software.

I hope I can help others here, as for some weird reason not shared by other techies in Silicon Valley, I really LIKE and PREFER my BlackBerry Z10, and it proves itself repeatedly when traveling a lot as I do. When my colleagues cannot get a stable connection in say Australia or Germany, my Z10 works beautifully.

Gene Dermody

I'm disappointed. The last Mac one looked visually great. This one looks like they said "screw it", lets go to what we used on BB 7 devices.

Ok, so it looks a little nicer. Everything seems to work fine except the syncing of itunes playlists. Same issues as every previous version.

Posted via CB10

I guess I'm one of the lucky ones, downloaded the new update and works great. Seems like it's a bit faster too ( not so laggy) ! Running it on Winows 7.

Posted via CB10

People just want something to complain about... I don't use Link that often, but when I do, I don't have any issues... Remote File Access works fine for me.

Posted via CB10

I'm actually pissed off about this for Mac. The old one looked great. One of the reasons I bought a BB 10. This one looks so boring, like a microsoft product. They just got lazy. Looks old.

The first version worked fine for me, now it gets worse after every update. Won't recognize my phone, remote access doesn't work, trouble with wifi etc etc. This latest release refuses to remote access completely, I just get a blank interface from my device in the File Manager.

Mmm had major issues with Link, the last two updates it made it so my desktop wouldn't come up, I had to do system restores ....obviously some kind of compatability issues with programs I have I use Zone alarm suite? And another thing it does is disconnect from the drives of my BlackBerry desktop manager for OS7 worked flawlessly, I will wait for yet another further upgrade/update before I will download and try install again..I am running win 7 Ultimate with 8g of RAM + quad core and even with that it was painfully slow to open and connect etc.

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Bla1ze- Thanks for the heads-up!

My Link is now working again for backups. Okay BerryLeaks and SirJes... BRING ON THE LEAKS!!! :D

VZW Z10 Rockin'

Works fantastic on the Mac. I had big sync problems, and with the new, appealing update, the issues are gone.

The new design looks sweet, and the ability to view what was added to my computer is a big addition, and much needed.

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Continued LINK woes. I like the new UI fine (many tasks are easier, IMO), but it's still a piece of garbage that regularly gives me "this video/song didn't copy" for random unknown reasons. It still is flaky with WiFi syncing. It still randomly fails to find my Z10. And it has regressed to the point where it is not displaying my album art on most songs.

John Chen, if you're listening, I cannot believe this atrocious piece of garbage keeps getting updated yet doesn't ever fix its bloody syncing problems. It's one of the absolute worst pieces of desktop software I've ever used on my Mac. And I say this as someone who generally likes BlackBerry 10!

Oddly enough (for me anyway) I opened my laptop this afternoon to finally get around to the latest update for Link and it was already done. It was a little slow to begin the backup but once it got going it did it pretty quickly. So far so good.

Bought my new Q10 tonight but it's going back to the store tomorrow for an iPhone because the idiots at Blackberry couldn't figure out that their new POS software needs to be compatible with FAR MORE than just Mac OSX 10.7!

Morons!....I waited MONTHS trying to figure out if I should stay faithful to BB, I finally do that support for a very reasonable OS ( I'm running OSX 10.6.8....should be plenty fine).

Bye-bye forever Blackberry. Thanks for utterly wasting my time for a year!!

Hi all, I am now using the latest version of Link. I am trying to initiate Remote File Access. However, Link tells me that "Remote File Access is not supported for the software version on my Z10 device. Update to BB 10 OS 10.1.0 or higher to use Remote File Access feature."

It doesn't recognize my Z10 as running 10.1.4200. OR is there a typo here, and it wants 10.2? NO, I'm not impressed with Link on the Z10. My Bold 9700 and the Desktop manager worked better than this.
Comments welcome!

I continually have problems with link in as much that the backup doesn't do a complete one and I can't see my files through explorer, so no drag and drop facility. Obviously doesn't like Windows 8!