BlackBerry Link v1.2.0.28 now available for Windows

*UPDATE* - Full change log can now be viewed here as a PDF file.

By Bla1ze on 17 Sep 2013 06:54 pm EDT

Although we saw an early version of BlackBerry Link 1.2 arrive unofficially, folks waiting for the official release can now go ahead and grab it from the BlackBerry website directly or through the BlackBerry Link update system. Sadly, it seems as though the Mac release hasn't yet been made available so this one is strictly for Windows users though the good news is, it's a later revision than what has leaked previously. At this point, there isn't a readily available change log to go through but just as with previous releases, the UI has been updated and overall a lot of general improvements have been added.

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BlackBerry Link v1.2.0.28 now available for Windows


If Mac users were any smart they'd install Windows on their Macs.

--Q10 and Canadian all the way! Posted via CB10 on

I've been using windows 8 since my purchase of a new laptop (came with windows 8) back in March and having a pc has been no benefit over a mac when it comes to BB Link. It has never worked. Will be trying this update shortly but my expectations are quite tempered.

New PC = probably USB3 ports under 64bits environments. My personal experience demoed this is not working properly (before this latest version). Try to use an USB2 port if available.

Yeah, I'm all too familiar with this issue. Would get random BSOD whenever plugged into 3.0 (and I have the additional issue of my phone not being recognized when using the usb 2.0 port, although it does receive a charge - complete mystery) but my issues with bb link go beyond what port I connect too.
I've never been able to sync or back up.....ever (regardless if 2.0 or 3.0 usb).

Okay, I just downloaded this update and it says I'm connected (I've enabled wireless connectivity) but yet down below I see the dreaded yellow caution sign with "connection error".
Just disabled wifi and connected with usb and same condition - says connected but below states a connection error. I don't get it.
Anyway, in spite of the connection error, I'm currently trying to do a backup (phone states that a backup is in progress). Fingers crossed.

All in all, I'm not sure who to blame more.....BlackBerry or Microsoft. Perhaps both deserve my wrath?!? :P

Sorry for the delay......actually had to do some work.....but I'm back to what's important. :)
Have tried legit bb cables in both 2.0 & 3.0 usb ports. Still get BSOD in 3.0 and device still not even seen by computer in 2.0 (but does receive charge).
Will try what you suggest in your subsequent post shortly

Ok, had some problems too with the update (W8pro) with my devices recognition. Solved it by doing the following :
1/ delete devices from Link
2/ restart computer
3/ Start link and plug device (+ redo settings if needed)
Link kept most parameters, but have a speed review in case you need special parameters.
That'll be all here ! head up to the forums for more :)

P.S: improvements noted = faster and drag and drop enabled (never been able to do before).

OK, did what you suggested and began a backup (even though bblink was STILL stating a connection error) and managed to have it complete....just before bsod :(
Haven't tried to sync yet but one issue that is still prevalent since day one for me is my music does not show in bblink for the computer. It shows what's on my z10 but bblink is still telling me that it couldn't load my music library and that I should close and reopen bblink.........yeah, been there - done that.
I realize the 2.0 & 3.0 usb issues I'm having is on Microsoft but BB Link not able to find my music on my computer? Don't think I can blame Microsoft there.
Guess I just have to put up with loading music onto my z10 from the usb mass storage option. I say, "put up with" because I lose the ability to move my playlists and custom genres neatly.


Seems quite stable so far.

Synchronisation with outlook works much quicker for 3,000+ contacts

Posted via CB10

Not really - it still doesnt sync outlook tasks and it doesnt sync categories for contacts and calendar plus shitty restoring options.

OK level with me cuz I'm confused... What Squircle was removed? I keep seeing this everywhere lmao the boot screen squircle is the only one I know of... I think

When something is loading on your BlackBerry you get that spinning circle. With 10.2 BlackBerry played with 2 squircles spinning on top of each other. It made a really cool effect. Unfortunately BlackBerry then took the Squircle to focus groups who said that they were very confused as to what it was & what it did as they knew & understood the traditional spinning circle....Personally I think those focus group people were Apple spies who were placed there to wreck anything cool that BlackBerry came up with (a-la tin foil hat) lol

Posted via CB10

Sounds fantastic, I must have missed that build... I think I would like that and agree with your Apple spies theory lol

They should have the squircle as an optional feature you could turn on!!

Posted via CB10, from my DarthBerry

Personally I think the squircle was pretty cool and something innovative blackberry could've called their own instead of the Microsoft ripoff the blue circle is

Posted via CB10

You should be happy that they didn't stick with the hourglass on bb10 OS... :-)
But seriously, they should bring it back.

Posted via CB10

Seriously? I restored my Z10 last night after playing around with some leaks... it took just over an hour to restore my Z10... that seems a little long... am I doing something wrong?

Posted by my Zed running via CB10

I love not seeing any stupid First or murst or 1st things first or first of all. You guys are great marauder1432 and henrickrw

Awesome. Hopefully it doesn't make my computer have a ridiculous boot time like the last one. I had to uninstall I was getting so annoyed at 8 minute boots (1-2 without it installed).

Under "Settings" you can disable Link to automatically start when your computer boots up.

Posted via Zed 10 Oreo running with Camera Hybrid

I'm wondering why Link itself takes 5-10 minutes to start when you click the icon. Any one know the answer to that?

Posted via CB10

Link is accessing your data on your PC and configuring and populating it's fields, i.e. new videos, pictures, documents, and music. This use to annoy me until I figured out what it was doing. There isn't stuff like this on the Galaxy phones.

Posted via Zed 10 Oreo running with Camera Hybrid

first time starting up Link my computer only took 30 seconds to opne, second time 8 seconds.
I do not see any way to sync contacts. it must be the ver. of Outlook I am still running 2007.
I use Google for my Contacts and Calendar I uses 4 different devices so it updates them all at once.

Remote connection works with this version. It doesn't tell me I don't have permission to access my PC files. Way better, I'd say...

Another Version whitout Sync to Outlook 2013... Such a shame and its enough, BlackBerry!!! Let it be and sale your Business!!!

Posted via CB10

BBlink give only sync to "Windows contacts" in the dropdown menu. This is the reality... Now and before bblink 1.2!!! The only difference: under 1.1 shows "Windows 7" in dropdown menu.

Posted via CB10

Sorry, after many reset and reinstalling - the Horror goes on: Sync with Outlook 2013 NOT work under Windows 7 ultimate!!! I`m sure its not a userfailure!! Just many other People have the same Problem - i read in different Forums. Thx BB - Incompetence in Motion!!!

Humour me and do the following:
1. Disable UAC (Google it if needed) and reboot PC
2. Unplug bb10
3. Turn OFF wifi on BB10 (whether it's connected or not) OFF!
4. Make sure outlook 2013 is configured in Windows to be default for contacts and calendar ( can be done in control panel or IE options)
5. Plug in and sync

dear drizzt09, thx to you :-) But all of your Facts i have permanetly done... and nothing of this are usefull. I everytime set UAC OFF and Outlook to be permanent MainProfile, when i install Windows. Turn OFF Wifi, okay that was new aspect. but not working for this Problem... no help, sorry!!! The only help is to Change far away from BB. Its enough and frustrated since October 2012... :-(

And have you tried calling BlackBerry support. They either need to solve it or escalate the bug for resolution. Either way you have a ticket. If people all over world post on forums they have the same issue but Noone calls. They can't look at logs and determine cause and repair it. Both link and device produce logs that they can read and determine cause.

you are right and thats also my opinion... but exactly this was the next Problem with BB: The lack of Support for the most users, they will be not part of a big Company or they take the phone as privat!!! I´m from Germany and freelancer without BB-Supportcontract (= too expensiv for 1 phone). In Germany are no real Supportways to BB... only Forum, Forum, Forum. :( thats the fact... and the reason why i will leave BB offers as soon as a suitable alternative for me = at the end of my phonecontract! Good bye BB, certainly !!!!

You can call your provider support to transfer to BlackBerry support. Or if you do not want to go through the route you can call directly without a contract and pay $50 uSD per incident. Or you can submit 1 free online ticket which will start out as email support but can change to phone support.
Although in order to read device logs you need to go to tier 2 support.

contact my Provider (Telekom) for me not possible, thats why i bought the Z10 by myself and not over Telekom. Are you sure that all of the other Options are possible in Germany??? I cant found any Information about direct email or changeable phone Support ?!

thank you so much for your efforts. So I called +49800-181-6530. but it’s the hotline only for playbooks. the supportassist gave me the correct number for BB-Smartphone-Support (+498003504220). an now hold you tide: the supportassist on this line told me that BB-Link in the current Versions together with Outlook 2013 will only supported the MainProfile “Windows Contacts”. The Support for Default Windowsprofile “Outlook” will only come soon in the next versions of BB-Link. That’s silly and against the systemrequirements on the BB website ?! So I stay confused and lost my faith…  Still waiting to the next… like since Oktober 2012. Incredible !!!

I just confirmed internally that 2013 is 100% supported. Also as you can see in my screen shot i can select "Outlook" or "windows contacts" and i am using outlook 2013.

there are some rules though.0
- BBlink will not synchronize if the contacts and calendar on the device are part of an OTA database [gmail, hotmail,, exchange...etc]
- will not synchronize if outlook is setup for online contacts/calendar [outlook connector for hotmail, live,]
the first option would not be your issue as we have not gotten that far. the 2nd would could be though as if its outlook connect, it is not local... if its not local, bblink will not see it... hence not give the option.
you now have a ticket so call back and ask for tier 2 escalation, they know it is supported.

also if your outlook 2013 is not a full version and not whats called "click to run" or trial version it wont support as it does not use a local database. [yes it shows 2010 and DTS but same issue]

also found the following which will force bblink to reregister with the outlook translator... if it exists [doesnt exist in trial or click to run or outlook connector]
Manually register the XCPCRdmptn.dll file (or XCPCRdmptn64.dll if Microsoft Outlook 64-bit version is used).

These files reside in one of the following directories:

For 32-bit Windows: C:\Program Files\Common Files\XCPCSync.OEM\SyncSDK.209.604\Translators\MSOl
For 64-bit Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\XCPCSync.OEM\SyncSDK.209.604\Translators\MSOl
To manually register the file, complete the following:

To register the DLL, run Command Prompt as administrator, from command prompt type:
Regsvr32 “C:\Program Files\Common Files\XCPCSync.OEM\SyncSDK.209.604\Translators\MSOl\XCPCRdmptn.dll”

To register 64-bit MS Outlook on 64-bit Windows SO – run Command Prompt as administrator:
Regsvr32 "C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\XCPCSync.OEM\SyncSDK.209.604\Translators\MSOl\XCPCRdmptn64.dll”

To register the 32-bit XCPCRdmptn.dll on a 64-bit Windows machine, open C:\Windows\SysWOW64\cmd.exe as administrator, and type:
regsvr32 "C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\XCPCSync.OEM\SyncSDK.209.604\Translators\MSOl\XCPCRdmptn.dll"

basically you need to check to see if your outlook has a local PST or OST. you can check this in file-accounts-account settings-data files

thank you very, very much :-) But all the issues you wrote are not relevant in my case. i use Office Prof. Plus 2013 (64bit, local Fullversion) and the file XCPCRdmptn64dll existing in the correct path. I dont know and will wait for the next Versions coming soon. Maybe it will work with this ?!

Once again many, many thanks to you!

no amount of updates is going to solve your issue.
Microsoft Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010 - 32 bit, 2010 - 64 bit, 2013 (BlackBerry Link version 1.0.1 or later)
2013 is supported, this is a communication issue between the 2, something is causing Link to not see that outlook is installed. getting link update is just gonna have the same issue... either something is blocking it, or there is something missing in outlook. you mentioned you reinstalled Link, have you tried reinstalling outlook?
XCPCRdmptn64.dll needs to exist but the steps were on how to re-register the dll, not just check if it exists.
also did you check for pst or ost?

Thank you. So i check that Outlook use PST. What i dont understand is the way to reregister the dll. Can you explain, please. BBlink just 4 or 5x deinstalled incl. Erase all items under C:/ and than reinstalled.

And sorry for my insufficient english :)

Posted via CB10

To register 64-bit MS Outlook on 64-bit Windows OS
– run Command Prompt as administrator and type the following:
Regsvr32 "C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\XCPCSync.OEM\SyncSDK.209.604\Translators\MSOl\XCPCRdmptn64.dll”

After run this way than comes the question from Windows about the programm to run / open with this file? Must i select Outlook exe or bblink?

Step by step instructions would be as follows, there should be no window for asking you to run or open with a program.
1. right click CMD and run as administrator
2. it will prompt if you want to allow, select yes
3. a black dos window opens
4. type: cd C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\XCPCSync.OEM\SyncSDK.
5. then type: regsvr32 XCPCRdmptn64.dll
6. click OK
7. then type: regsvr32 XCPCRdmptn.dll
8. click OK and close CMD

Now i repair, de/reinstalled Office and de-/reinstalled BBLink. No way to fix the problem. There will only Windows Mail into the Dropdown Menu - i finished my trying. Its Frustration pure. Thanks again to you and goodbye

i am sorry its not working, i wish these steps solved it but every environment is different. only ones that could solve it then are tier2 at BlackBerry as they can read logs. you still have a ticket, i would advise to call back and ask to be escalated

Thank you again for your efforts.. great :)

Now i will contact the Hotline to become a Ticket. Suprise, Suprise :)

Some of us are still livid at the lack of a sync channel for Lotus Notes. (Please, no tiresome "Notes is dead" responses. That got old 10 years ago, and it's no more true today than it was then.)

Oh Nice, the leak has so many great improvements (despite being an old build), it will be nice to have 10.2 without the missing features & bugs :)

Posted via CB10

Man, I've just check few minutes before on BlackBerry Web site hopping to get an update for BlackBerry link.
My present version is giving me hardtime.

Hoping this will fix the irritating issues.

Posted via CB10

no because that's a problem with your computer. Specifically to do with your MSI installer. Fix that and suddenly BB Link will work wonders.

Anyway to force BB Link to check for updates? Or do I have to delete the program and download/install the new version!??

Just head up to BlackBerry site and downloaded it. It will replace your present version.
See hyperlink given by Bla1ze

To be safe, uninstall the previous version on your pc using the control panel/programs and features/BBLink--uninstall. Then run CCleaner if you have it, and reboot the pc-- load the new version. No issues from old files that way.

Well another BlackBerry Link update and RFA still doesn't work on my Z10, but works on the wifes Z10. RFA worked when phone was new, but stopped working the same time the phone forgot the APN setting; which required a wipe and reinstall to fix as told by BlackBerry. BlackBerry has yet to figure out why it doesn't work anymore. Tried link on three different computers and one of them was on a fresh install.

Posted via CB10

I think it makes a difference whose bbid is signed in to Link. I know I have to be signed in on both the phone and Link for it to connect. If your wife's is working, I'm guessing she's the one who is signed in on Link. If not, I dunno wtf is going on lol

Does it actually work? It has never been able to back up my phone. All it does is put my pictures and videos on my computer. I would really love to be able to back up my phone!!

Posted via CB10

The fact you've never been able to do that with this software is really, really sad. There's absolutely no excuse for it.

Downloaded and working...

But wondering what changes are, other then revision of the UI.

Posted via CB10

Still crap. Sorry, but the BB Link window shouldn't go grey and spawn an "Application has stopped responding" box when I click Music -> Ablums.

Does anyone else find this official build a lot slower then the leak?
This build is a lot more robust & has the features that were missing in the leak, but it's also a lot slower :(

What I really liked about the leak was how fast it was....Now link is slow again grrr

I believe your right.. I just backed up and restored today and did some music transfers, def slower...

Posted via CB10

You know what i want out of Link...?! I want a granular backup like what we had with Desktop Manager... The ability to restore certain things like SMS or MMS, or email, or ringtones, etc... A more granular restore...

That has been suggested in the Beta Zone and besides BlackBerry Link actually working, I'd say it's the most requested feature that's not currently available.

Posted via CB10

Hey don't forget for you guys that have BBM Channels you can go to the Squircle of Trust channel and see what the Squircle looks like.

Just say'n

Owner In_loco_nomen Squricle of Trust Channel | Channel PIN C00120C87

Thanks for the heads up! I visited it today and finally got a chance to see what BB fans have been clamoring for.

Posted via CB10 from my Z10 or PlayBook!

It doesn't open Link, it just disappears. Have to reopen Link via Menu icon. Another epic fail by BlackBerry software engineers.

Posted via CB10

I suspect we will all be running 10.2 soon and hopefully some surprise app announcements!

Posted via CB10

Has anyone had trouble getting a Q10 to sync with Outlook 2007 (desktop version) Contacts and Calendar? Current version of Link doesn't sync Outlook desktop Calendar.

Loving my birthday Q10! Thank you my WOFC fam!

Had not be able to back up my Z10 since getting it two weeks ago, downloaded update and after changing folder location it works great. Best phone I've ever had.


Much better UI interface than the original, thank god they listened to the consummer :)

Posted via CB10

Everyone in the world must be downloading, at this time. It is very sloooow!
(The site, that is.)

Great update so far. Faster sync. Better recognition, better interface. Now trying the backup. Certainly better settings.

Posted via CB10

Wondering if there was a mirror or alternative way to download as I believe the site is getting so much traffic at this point I can hardly even get 5kb/s.

JaJa I just installed the leak and finished backing up z10 and PlayBook now to download again

Posted from the best mobile device Z10

For the people who can't do backups, have you tried making a new folder in explorer and then changing your backup folder to that one? Default security settings on my mom's laptop were preventing Link from accessing the default backup directory and would make her backups fail

Connects ok to my phone (though not over wi-fi) but then refuses to sync music etc.

I'm reverting back. I'll never understand why something that is so relatively simple has always caused RIM problems.

I noticed a little padlock on the folder icons for each of the Libraries folders. Turned out that Link didn't have the authority to create the sync folders in Music, Pictures, etc... When I made directories in the Libraries using an Explorer window and changed the settings in Link, it started almost immediately. hope that works for you too. It was only a problem on my mom's laptop but not on my desktop. That's why her Z10 wouldn't sync but mine did.

I had the issue wiyh music until i found a forum post about a conflict with Garmin Express updater, if you have it try uninstall and then reinstall bblink and reboot

Does anyone have the slightest idea of when this update will be available for Mac users?

Posted via CB10

Mac users generally get an update within a month of Windows users. But, something tells me it may not be as long this time. Welcome to CrackBerry, btw.

The new interface is interesting. I'm not sure if I like it more or not. Neither is better, I suppose. It's definitely faster though.

Finally!!! With this updated versiion I can sync from itunes to BB link and from BB link to my Z10. All I needed to do was update my Garmin Express updater along with updating BB link.

Posted via CB10

How are you getting iTunes to sync to your phone? I cant figure it out or yet make it work. And I do have it checked off that "iTunes is my selected source of music" under the computer tab on BB link.

If anyone is getting a message that says "Unable to find itunes library or windows player library" in their music tab in BB link, they may have to update a program on their computer. It just happened to be the Germin Express program for my GPS device. In the music tab of Bb link, it should prompt you to what action needs to be taken. Dont ask me why. All I know that i was prompted to update this particular program and once I did that, my itunes library began tp show up in the music tab of BB link. I then highlighted a playlist and clicked sync to tab. Now I have that playlist on my Z10.

Posted via CB10

Does this have more options on what to restore? We need to have options like the old way please blackberry

Posted via CB10

Does this version fix the back up-restore problem? It's really a pain in the arse..

Side note, I have another friend that has her contacts wiped out for no reason.. her bb just hanged, when it is restarted boom all her data is gone... cant restore from her old back up also.. she is the second person I know to experience this, both are on a Z10.. to think that thorsten said os 10 is unbreakable will not hang bla bla bla what a load of S***...

Posted via CB10

When installing a new OS it can take TIME for that OS to "bed in". I've noticed a delay of about 20 minutes in some cases before all contacts are restored.
I don't consider this to be an issue AT ALL. Part of being a BlackBerry user is about the fun of being able to upgrade your OS (officially or through leaks) instead of being stuck with the same features that were baked into the phone from day one.
I usually install a leaked OS within hours of it leaking and so what if I have to wait a while for it to settle down. It's not like I can do a better job.

CB10 on my Z10

Fuck sakes. Typical blackberry. Don't update if your previous version finally fixed the backup and restore problems, 1.2 is back to square 1. Can't back up or restore worth shit. Don't know why I bother with blackberry anymore.

Posted via CB10

Link works fine for me. I've been very fortunate not to have any problems. Sorry to hear those of you who have problems with this software. I always un-install my previous versions, clean my registry and waa-laa, no issues.

Posted via CB10

The leaked version wouldn't install for me so I'm glad the official release has launched so soon.

CB10 on my Z10

I don't understand why so many people that have problems make a negative comment about BlackBerry with the insinuation they go with another phone. You have no idea how many problems we have had with backing up my wife's IPhone4. On one of the updates she lost all her pictures. A friend of mine lost all his contacts. It's not like BlackBerry only has some problems.

Posted via CB10

On recent machines, USB ports are USB3. Yet, you'll often find (look at the back of the desktop if HP, as mine) an USB2 port available. Check your computer description, should be clearly indicated.
P.S: you're very welcome :)

Still no selective restore. However, this was the first time I was able to do a sync that actually worked properly or at all for that matter.

We are getting there :-)

BlackBerry Since 2006. Z10 Rogers, Halifax NS

Anybody else not able to connect to link via Wifi. Worked fine on the previous version. Z10

Posted via CB10

Mine is the opposite. I can see PC but PC doest show mounted drives anymore

BlackBerry Since 2006. Z10 Rogers, Halifax NS

After the up date my Z10 does not see my PC, how do you add the computer to the device file manager?

I definitely don't want to lose WiFi transfer of files. OS is on the Z10, 32GB micro sd card.

This may not be the fault of the Link update as i was making changes to my Z10 & may have inadvertently self inflicted this on myself.

It's f'n garbage and I'm back to not being able to sync my wonder BlackBerry is in the mess it is in.

Posted via CB10

Works as advertised! Love the new UI. Others here say they are unable to back up or restore with any version of BBLink, much less this one. Always performed as expected for me except in 2 cases where I'd installed 2 incompatible early leaked versions of 10.2...all other leaks (after have worked and played well with BBLink. Curious...

stl 100-3, Z10, OS

My BlackBerry drives no longer show up on PC unless connected via usb. They used to be there all the time. I can see computer from BlackBerry.


BlackBerry Since 2006. Z10 Rogers, Halifax NS

When are BlackBerry going to listen. I have no interest in syncing my contacts. They were and are already synced to my Gmail contacts. I simply want them backed up nothing complicated just backed up. Don't want or need them synced to windows contacts. Also dear BlackBerry I and many others don't use Outlook.

Posted via CB10

Just downloaded it now and I am still unable to backup my device. This has been the case since I had my Z10 and the problem still exists with my Q10.

I really hate to bash but come on......

Posted via CB10

I'd fire the whole team that came up with this software. It's never been able to back up my device and if I click custom backup the "backup device" button greys out and there are no checkboxes to check

Useless piece of software

All I need to even back up is my settings not any pictures etc as the sync part actually does work

Posted via CB10

I recently upgraded to the version and also am having the issue where the "Custom Backup" causes the "Back Up Device" button to gray out. It complains I have not selected any categories because there is no where for me to select them...

A "Full Backup" fails with "Backup did not complete". "There could have been a problem with the device or connection during backup. Verify that the device is turned on an connected".

Creating the log file export doesn't really show my anything useful so I am at a loss as to what to do.

Also it's either "backup" or "back up" not both... Sloppy...