BlackBerry Link updated for Windows and Mac - Brings sync enhancements and remote file access

By Adam Zeis on 25 Apr 2013 03:52 pm EDT

Today BlackBerry Link has received another update for both Windows and Mac. The new version includes some small tweaks and fixes to get things in line with BlackBerry OS 10.1. Sadly there is still no two-way sync for Outlook as many were hoping however. 

BlackBerry Link v1.1 allows you to remotely view and download files on your computer using your BlackBerry 10 device. You can sync and share media files, such as music and photos, between your BlackBerry 10 devices and computer. You can also switch from a previous BlackBerry device, backup your data, update your device software and more!

This brings the Windows version up to and the Mac version to 

If you fire up BlackBerry Link you should see the update available or you can just go download it on your own.



It's great time to update, especially with the leak out and I beat ya'll to it and now you cant and I will hound the site and make sure you cant do what you do anymore.


Do what? :)

Good luck with that. I wish you godspeed, good sir!


You mean 'no' two-way sync...

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I will check this out when I get home from work. Question it just may be me not knowing what I am doing. Can you delete files off of your BB10 device from BB Link? I have not been able to do this


Yes you can. I had this problem and it drove me crazy. I couldn't delete or add. I had to go to windows firewall setting and include BlackBerry Link into the allow list.

After doing this, the built in storage finally pops up in my computer.

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Thanks for adding that. I was wondering what to do.


Is this access dependant on being on the same wifi network? I'm assuming is it....

If it's not and you can do this while on LTE and away from home, its a game changer...


+1 this is functionality that I'm looking for.

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Brandon Gingrich

you can do it OTA, I'm able to view files remotely...did it from work the other day.


I could really use that feature!
.......been waiting for it for years


Anyone else have issues with BB Link just not showing the update? I've set it to automatically check but it never shows for me. I wish they had a check for updates option like in BB Desktop Manager. It's really frustrating knowing there is an update but if the software doesn't work there's no way to force it to check, BlackBerry really needs to add that in as an option.


Anyone else have issues with BB Link just not showing the update? I've set it to automatically check but it never shows for me. I wish they had a check for updates option like in BB Desktop Manager. It's really frustrating knowing there is an update but if the software doesn't work there's no way to force it to check, BlackBerry really needs to add that in as an option.


Go and Take it from the website


What is the holdup for two-way sync?


Maybe the license of the software used for syncing? I remember it was an optional (and PAID) add-in to the Desktop Manager back before this crazy thing we have now for legacy devices.

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Greg Woitzik

Really need two way sync with outlook. Disappointed.

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This lack of two-way is going to drive people NUTZ!


You mean, I can finally restore the data from my original Z10, which I lost when I sold it and got my LE Z10?

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Mister Sir

They can update all they want. Blackberry Link is still an absolute piece of crap. Still trying to figure out why it duplicates songs and photos when I sync. Come on Waterloo nerds, fix this isht!


okay, noob question: Would I be able to save files on my home computer, and then access them from my phone using BB link? (Kind of like Dropbox, but without the cloud storage, just C:\ storage.)

EDIT: Thanks Brandon Gingrich.


I don't see anything new in this software. But i hope 2-way sync is in the timetime otherwise many users will be disappointed including me.


If two way sync is not out in weeks BlackBerry will loose a life time customer. It is driving my office crazy and getting into trouble for missing appointments for lack of coordinated agenda as we all had before.

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Can you actually name another phone that actually offers that synching, most of the people whining about its absence have had to go back to an older blackberry since it wasn't offered by ios or android either.


Hopefully with this update I will actually be able to sign into BlackBerry Link on my Mac

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Ivan Bonilla

Ah wireless syncing. Either I couldn't do it before and it was already available or that it's included in the update. Either way I'm glad I updated it!

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This is a big tease - need to have 10.1 for the remote file thing. Too chicken here to load leaked OS versions so I guess I'll have to wait.
Same comment as everyone else about 2-way syncing. Is it that hard - surely not.


I've downloaded and tried this new version - I can say that it improved backup/recovery (in that it actually works for me, now).


Cool, now all I need is a way to eliminate whining from comments and I'm set!


Nice...we are getting there folks!

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I think the lack of 2-way local outlook sync will generate another round of outcries once all the legacy BB users who were waiting on the Q10 finally get them. I'm still on an OS 6 9800, but I've been keeping up with issues on the Z10 (which I will get in the next two months), so that I'll know what to expect and have to deal with.

But, if BBRY is to be believed, they said we'll have 2-way syncing before the end of the year - so... we still have 8 months.


I think the vocal minority that actually need that functionality are horribly overestimating just how many people use that functionality compared with the vast majority that will be synching with exchange instead.


Finally! I couldn't do back ups since February 5th and this work!!!
Now let's set this up so I can use the 5 TO of my home computer as "cloud access "
;) safier than box if you ask me

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Still won't allow me to do a full backup of my Z10!

Dennis Kearney

I was just wondering if android and apple have 2 way sync using iTunes or whatever android uses?

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Have they figured out the email bug when using and icloud email account? I haven't been able to send a proper, readable email from my z10 since switching to BlackBerry. VERY annoying. They need to fix this ASAP or all the people with icloud email addresses will be switching back to the iphone to send email.

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Does the restore allow you to specify what you want to restore? Rather than just "Application Data" for example.

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ty for the heads up...


Hate link... it's slow as hell even on my i5 machine....

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i have to agree with the negative comments on desktop link. not as good as the old desktop, not functional at all. really needs some help on music, calenders and general folders.


Complete junk. This and iTunes are probably 2 worst programs I came about. Discussed.


For some reason I have never been able to back up my z10 on link. It always says 'backup did not complete '

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Same over here, it is a piece of........

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On the prior version there was a bug that would prevent you from backing up if you had certain apps installed ("PC Recipe Box" and "World Of Goo" are the ones I know of). I don't know if this is still the case.



Sent from the Mother Ship...


I don't find the gap as far as others, but that may be do to my personality which is very adaptable. Anyway, I found that when I copied a CD to iTunes for some unknown reason it won't read all the songs as one CD forcing me to have to go hunting for the Album Art etc etc. Well, when I open Blackberry Link the songs show up like this as well and this chaotic experience continues once I Sync the files to the Z10. I am forced to create Playlists in order to group my artists and not go insane! Now, get this, I also Synced my music to my Playbook and guess what... IT ORGANIZED ALL OF MY FILES! Album Art and all! So my question is this: What is the Playbook OS doing that Blackberry 10 can't!?

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When I try to install link I get a message saying my install had been interrupted and no changes have been made. Anyone with some insight on how to fix this

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What is two way sync and why would I want it? I already get all my email and calendars from Google, iCloud,, and Exchange over the air. The only stuff I sync is my music, movies, and docs.

What else is there to sync?

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Some people use Outlook in standalone mode and want to synch their contacts and calendar with that.


Now how about some love for us Linux users! Come on, BlackBerry, we've been asking for years. Right now BlackBerry Link is the only reason I still have Windows on my desktop and laptop.


Actually it's probably a good thing that there is no bi-directional Outlook sync yet.

Why? Because the contacts app on BB10 is such a buggy disaster right now it would probably permanently hose your PIM data in Outlook if Link allowed the phone to update Outlook.

For example, I just discovered that the visible phone field order in a contact record is represented differently when in "view" mode, than when in "edit" mode!

(IE, the first or "top" field in "view" mode, becomes the second-from-the-top field in "edit" mode. UGH.)

Bikram Kochar

I need official update 10.1 for z10 :( :'(

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When does it come for Linux?
Oh, I guess never...

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I hope 10.1 come out soon. I updated the not so user friendly link and realized that the Remote Access needs 10.1.

Oh well, I don't need it. For now. I just hope contacts transfer from 9900 gets easier with the OS update. And maybe, just maybe, the landscape view in BBM and other Apps.


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Showing an update but can't download an update even though my Mac on for 24 hours?

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Having trouble loading up date. Not a good sign. Says can not complete update. Then shuts down

Jason Phillips

My BlackBerry Link is shutting down during sync. Ahhhhh why? I updated now I have problems

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hi good day. Can anyone help? When I link computer with z10 mainly to transfer photos from my photo gallery; not all pictures are shown in the link. Some pictures are from photos, scanning and load from web. All are in jpg format or equivalent already. Any ideas why ? Thanks.